The Vita hacking scene, a community in need of fresh blood?


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  1. Yuu says:

    Always a pleasure to read your articles Wololo :). Thanks for sharing all that you have.

    I agree about the XDA forum, lets get this started :-).

  2. Aurizen says:

    I agree I think we do need fresh blood hackers. iphone and all those other devices are hacked and tweaked like clock work. iphone 5 has been hacked within months. whereas the vita still in the same position as it was in a year ago. we need a strong vita hacking community. XDA i agree with. but anyone think the reason behind the lack of hacking is in terms of legal reasons?

  3. plinkerfly says:

    We need coders!! Please help us with our PSP! I want to see the PSP and PS VITA running alternative OS.

    Isos are cool but we need to mature sooner or later. Imagine a PS Vita running Windows 8 RT, Ubuntu, Android Jellybean. PSP running Windows CE..

    Remember the time we got so excited with our PSP running Windows and Linux in DOSBOX?

    That is why we need to hack our PSP and PS VITA. If we cant put a alternative OS, Then we will run our emulators.

    Coders are staying away from the PSP scene only because they dont approve piracy. Not everything in the PSP scene is about piracy. We buy our games and want to play it anywhere. We buy our apps and want to run it anywhere too.

    I’m quite surprise that after the homebrews getting signed, nothing really fruitful ever turned up.

    We can run anything from XMB. Start from there. PSP go has bluetooth, can’t we make an app to run my gmate other than my ipod touch? I want to turn my PSP Go into a phone. Nobody even bothered to make a signed youtube, facebook or twitter app. Nobody bothered to make a more useful Web Browser app. Coders should see these opportunities other than just the piracy side.

  4. icyheart says:

    Great Great >>>>

  5. Spite says:


    Well, Of Course I don’t.
    However the example of “End Users” supporting devs (either with donations like you say or like SKFU with Hardware) would align with Wololo and his “Making Money” statement.
    To sum up.

    Wololo states that only a company or other parties that look to make a financial gain will put forth the time and effort to unlock a device (Vita, 3DS..n)

    And you (@capcomlegend) are more than willing to donate and convince others to donate, So it seems to follow that the community should support the community.

    “Save our money, Do like the mob.”

    • wololo says:

      By the way, the amounts I am talking about are very different. In my experience, donations that were driven through the hacking community on sites like here would drive a few hundred bucks if the dev is lucky. When a company is involved, I am talking of a regular revenue stream of several thousands of dollars a month, for at least a year or two.

      Think of the manufacturing price of the True Blue dongle (about $5, probably less), and the price they sold it ($70). Now imagine that 0.1% of PS3 owners bought that device (I don’t have the real numbers), that’s 70’000 people, which is a very realistic number if you think of the traffic underground sites like ps3hax or psx-scene are getting.

      Yeah, somewhere in the chain, a group of people made about 5 million dollars with True Blue. Now of course, you’ll have to remove the cut from resellers, the price of developing the exploits in the first place (they probably paid a few thousand bucks for it) etc… but overall we’re still talking of millions of dollars here. So it’s not really the same world as a dev asking for donations 🙂

  6. w7y7a7t7t says:

    int getRandomNumber()
    return 4;
    //chosen by fair dice roll.
    //guaranteed to be random

    ^hahaha oh boy did i laugh at this.

    • svenn says:

      It did to, but I have to say that for most non-elite hackers this part was about the only thing understandable from the entire presentation. These guys where not the lets show-how-cool-we-are-youtube guys. But experts in security, math and statics.

      I fear Wololo is right, the hobby hacker is out far on the VITA, mainly cause Sony has allot more juice to protect, and compared what cpu juice they got now, they don’t have to save on security layers.

      I think that the ways of PSP-hacking is over, there is not going to be a easy way of getting a kernel hack and from there out be open and free to do whatever you want.

      And in a way Sony has made homebrew possible, using there dev kit. Its just to expensive and VITA customers are small, if even paying. Its the same way Android would have failed if it was closed source and locked to 1 type of mobile device.

      Apple can pull it of cause of there guts to marketing methods.

    • wololo says:

      This is from xkcd by the way. Highly recommended if you didn’t know it already

  7. Josh says:

    Its not sony that wants all this locking down and super tight security ya im sure they want to protect there source code and IP but the main reason for all this lockdown is the GAME DEVS

    they are the ones who pretty much force Sony to lock down there system or they just wont make game for that platform…. in there mind why would we spend 100,000$+ to make a video game on your system just to see it pirated and having no one buy the game yet just get the game for free….

    Games need to be cheaper 60$ is to much for a game but with shareholders and board of directors and greedy *** CEOS it will never change unless people take a stand and just stop buying there *** then maybe they will wake up….

    Im happy with my vita right now because i can play PSO2 so ill be busy with that for awhile but i do hope more games come out for it would be great

    so dont always put the blame on sony the game devs need to take the blame too

  8. gunblade says:

    haahah i was thinking in the old day u needed a hacked psp to hack a psp or atleast the battery n memory card wy not the same rule with the vita jus use a hacked ps3 heard it was tweak out wen the vita first came out that it was showing up as a phone or sumthing…

  9. Timberack says:

    I wish I could get my money back, Vita has a worse game collection than dreamcast.

  10. Speaking of the legal side, I had to appear as an expert witness for the Defence in a DS/Wii hacking trial late last year. What struck me was the inherent bias in Prosecution evidence concerning technical statements from Nintendo experts littered with (deliberate?) inconsistencies and inaccuracies. However, the problem is proving your legitimacy to comment; my own CV, expert witness statements and personal/professional life were raked over the coals just to get me to Court. If hackers would open themselves up (just a bit) to those researchers who are interested in the field – we do exist! – it might help them if/when they are threatened with legal action. As it was, my work prevented this person going to jail. That was a good day!

  11. johnny says:

    I think PS Vita is dead alright. And with the upcoming PS4, no way hackers are going to waste their time hacking a dead platform, when PS4 is new and has a bright future ahead.

    Wish we could just stop with these PSP emus for PS Vita. I mean they are nice but really? if you are a gamer and havent already bought a PSP (it’s out since 2004!!) then be aware that there’s a PSP emulator for PC too.

    This PSP emu for Vita has become the beating of a dead horse. Someone should make a meme btw.

  12. Private2Public says:

    I think we should try on hardware.

    Maybe an audio file with some special audio frequency can effect the hardware , show us some amazing.

    I’m so sorry with my poor English.

    • Private2Public says:

      You said “The Vita is made to play games, watch movies, and listen to MP3s”

      Why not do make a trick on movies files or MP3s?

      Also we can try on Background program switching?

  13. quidnunc says:

    I think the Vita community in general is worried it will hurt the games that get released on it. If it was doing fantastic in the market place then it would be less of a tradeoff for homebrew. Some games are selling decently despite the small user base which is making it a more inviting platform for developers but it depends on a high attach rate from a more hard core audience who would buy fewer games if there was an opportunity to pirate. I don’t know about you buy I’d rather have some new games than better emulators. Maybe someone out there wants to make a nice 3d game using the full Vita functionality but it’s still throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  14. Haze7 says:

    I think the hackers would become more interested when the upcoming cross-play games come out.

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