The Vita hacking scene, a community in need of fresh blood?


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134 Responses

  1. Topjohnwu

    Great article, much useful information!!

    • boriswinner

      I think we should ask for making a forum on XDA.
      We can to it there:

      • Demonbutter

        THIS! I remember when I first got my one x. At&t had the bootloader locked down and no one could figure it out… The community started a bounty to unlock to boot loader. After awhile some guy came along and made a program to unlock it….. If I rem correctly he walked away with well over 500 bucks for unlocking it….. Maybe the vita needs something like a bounty to get the ball rolling…. Nothings free in life so I wouldn’t see why 10 bucks would bother anyone. We should all deff start suggesting a thread at xda and start a bounty.

        • wololo

          If not for the legal concerns I would have started the bounty myself ages ago. I actually already have money secured for that sole purpose, and am just lacking the legal visibility on how to make this happen while not stepping anywhere close to the DMCA (or its local equivalent in France, DAVDSI).

          • Demonbutter

            Ahhhh good point…. I always forget about dmca… Hopefully someone can find a loop hole or just start a fire under some new hackers….. Time will tell I guess

  2. Narles

    This statement is incorrect: “And with the exception for jailbreaking phones revoked this year in the US.”
    Unlocking cell phones became illegal but jailbreaking is still legal. There’s a huge difference. Unlocking relates to a carrier’s ability to ensure that a phone only operates on their own (and their licensed partners’) networks and usually requires some kind of baseband exploit or modification. Jailbreaking allows users to have root access to a device that would not normally allow it.

  3. NakedFaerie

    The problem with getting more people is the scene is full of ***, i was kicked out even before i started as there are just too many ***.
    I had hacks for the PSP i never released as after all the abuse i see no reason to give them out to the *** and people that abused me.
    I then left the PSP scene and went to the PS3 scene. Im still active there and doing well. Ive released a few things OF COURSE not under this name but a new name thats not linked to me at all. Nobody knows what ive actually released for the PS3 but im betting some of you use what ive released. I usually release it anonymously and others steal it and put their names on it. Depends on what forum you go to depends on what name is linked to them.

    Ive told everyone if they are scared of releasing anything then email me and i’ll release it as im not scared of $ony and will happily release anything under my name and let them try to come after me.
    The problem with this is people are after the fame not to help the public. Im here to help everyone and i dont care for the fame thats why i say i will happily release whatever they want my to release.

    • tysovsky

      You sound like a 14 years old boy.

      • misun

        Chill out bro!, his argument is sound.
        Disagree, provide your own sound reasoning!.

        • pirate city

          NakedFaerie is a well-known *** and troll. Back in the PSP scene, he used to troll the forums about GEN-D3 not releasing faster and basically everyone hated him.

          Just ignore him. Everything he says is 100% BS.

          • NakedFaerie

            See YOU are the reason why I was forced to change my name and release under a different name. YOU are the troll.

            Back in the day I had lots of tweaks and hacks and needed help on a few that I couldn’t do and got abused when I asked for help. Thats how it all started, me asking for help.

            Now how is that being a troll? Just because I asked for help on a few forums hoping there wouldn’t be *** everywhere made me find out there ARE *** everywhere.
            thanks to you I never released anything I did for the PSP. You all missed out. I had some great things and some even better that I needed help on finishing.

            As I never released anything you all say I was a troll and 100% fake. I can see that, its like these days when the devs show you videos and dont release it thats also fake. Fake as the public will never get to see it or use it. Thats the same as my stuff. It was made but never released thats why they say its fake.

          • Aces

            You NF are full of ***, always have been, and always will be. MaxMouseDLL gave you an opportunity to prove yourself, and you failed. You have not released any hacks or tweaks because you do not have the knowledge to write a simple hello world as MMDLL asked. I can dig up countless posts on maxconsole. I will post your 10 most *** posts here if you wanna keep living in your dream world. Wake the heck up.

          • fivezeroniner


            seems like you made a bad history…
            you are quite famous for not proving yourself worthy.

    • DS_Marine

      So you are not scared, but still you release with different names and let ppl take the credit for you?
      That sounds like scared to me…
      The scene full of ***, true dat… but there are many good ppl also, you just need to ignore the rest…

      • NakedFaerie

        I’m not scared but everyone knows my name and everyone abuses me for it so WHY would I release anything just to get abused?

        I release everything anonymously and others STEAL it and put their own name on it. I’m not scared just like to do it for the public so if its with my name or not doesn’t bother me its out there and the public use it and enjoy it enough to steal it and say they did it.

        It also shows you I’m not in it for the fame, I’m in it to hack the PS3 and *** $ony off.

        • wololo

          @NakedFaerie you always come up as the same broken record. People won’t believe you until you start showing actual proof. If you use so many hidden identities, I’m sure you wont mind pointing people to your actual involvement in some major PS3 hack? In my experience, the truth about people’s involvement in hacks always surfaces, at least to well informed people. So show stuff instead of claiming all the time.

          As we’ve discussed before, if you were that good you wouldn’t ask constantly for more releases. The “good” hackers I know already have access to the hacks they need, either because they know people, or because they came up with the hacks in the first place. These people don’t beg for releases, what they discuss about is how/when they will do them.

          • gtfo

            rofl, this guy should be completly ignored wololo.

            he’s like a peasent version of math, just a complete idiot, can’t believe he’s still around saying the same old story.

            what a pathetic loser.

          • DJGodmanDJ

            Hey!! stop flaming my buddy nakedfairy

          • Mr. Shizzy

            Hahahaa. Speaking of bullshitting, trolls from the PSP days, here is another infamous idiot coming out of the wood work: DJGodman…

            What is it a full moon tonight? LMAO!!!

        • Mr. MaGoo

          Damn boss, u sure u got abused? The way your making it sound, It sounds like you got molested.

    • Chipokomon


      Where have you been baby i missed you!!!

    • Matt Damon

      Woah, cool story bro!

  4. NiK

    Give Vita a forum at XDA Developers, I bet some devs with their PSVita lying around will try to play with it, and maybe even get good results!

    • Boriswinner

      Yes, making a forum on XDA is a good idea. I think we need to ask for that.

      • hgoel0974

        Yeah, but will they be interested?

        • Demonbutter

          They might if you start a bounty on the vita…. I’ve seen plenty bountys over there get good results

          • Mr. MaGoo

            That is a great fourm as well. With those minds, I am sure that we would be able to see an android based vita some day with a modified romfrom perhaps the xperia play.

          • aerinas

            PLEASE, don’t let it be android 😛 That would be sch a waste of the Vita’s capabilities…. I’m all in for some version of linux.

  5. Dockotis

    First, this is a good article, and very long read! Kudos!
    Second, I have had many thoughts fully submersing myself into the psvita scene by taking some from psp, and android… The things that has kept me from that are simple… Life and knowledge.
    I still require more knowledge first and foremost to be of real use. I will gladly learn, but require someone to be there to explain when just text alone cannot…
    Also, with life I’m dealing with College, Military and Personal things…

    I won’t mind adding learning what I don’t know into the mix, but I have yet to find someone who could help as explained… Besides, some things are not really documented in a way thats more understandable to those who are not experts already…

  6. rafael707

    long time i seen a good read from wololo.. thanks

  7. Deagle275

    Nice post . Wololo , some people say that when the vita is fully hacked it will be able to emulate gamecube . Will it ?

  8. MarSprite

    I feel like you hit the nail on the head with this article.

  9. capcomlegend

    im just gonna put my vita back in its case and be patient

  10. gregdaleg

    I have lost hope. *** YOU SONY!!!!!

    • SONY

      then dont BUY our CONSOLE!! *** YOU TOO

      • gregdaleg

        i bought the *** console because nintendo makes platforms with *** graphics and sony at least makes them great for a portable. I was hoping it would have cfw the day it came out and all the fake youtube vids and articles had me thinking it already did. i was hoping to play full speed n64. But sony finally stopped shooting heroin and decided to step up security. The only reason i also bought the vita is because microsoft dosent have a portable console but if they ever make one the vita will be used to wipe my *** until sony makes a new portable system and then ill buy that one too wipe my *** with. I appreciate everyones hard work here at the scene and i hope the vita will soon be hacked.

      • DS_Marine

        Haha good one SONY.
        Will you take a few request from your users while you are here? 😀

  11. William A.U. (NeonAera)

    Really great article, wololo! Good interesting long read.

  12. NNNRT

    Now that’s what I call a useful understandful article! 😛 Thanks Wololo! :)

  13. Miotepx

    This is quite the wall of text…Besides that though, I feel as if a different approach to this should be thought of to solve the problem at hand..

  14. Josef

    “Additionally, with the release of Playstation Mobile (formerly Playstation suite), Sony have made it less “acceptable” to hack their device on the ground of interoperability and homebrews.”

    Sure that’s really nice if you live in Japan, Australia or the USA, but what about the rest of the world where PSM isn’t avalible yet. Yeah, sony is working on bringing it to us but, when?; and with the advent of the PS4 I don’t think it’s going to be a priority.

    • hgoel0974


      I would gladly pay the $100 to get a go at the SDK, thing is, it isn’t available in my country! :sad:


    a wise man once said, forgive your enemies but never forget their names.

  16. jlo138

    Funny you mention Datel. I never owned a gamecube until recently and have been interested in playing backups on it (I have a wii). I had to spend $30 ($20 + $10 ship to U.S) for Datel SD Media Launcher to make that happen. Didn’t want to do the solder method.

  17. AyeGuy

    Indeed hacking a device as complex as the vita proved to be a little difficult for those acoustumed to the simplisity of the psp.

  18. ivo

    hi i disgress … unix as psp has no virusses only programmers

    yet on the other hand my tiff colection shrunk when i connected my 2.71 tiff psp to any pc with a virus scanner
    thank u mcafee

    • hgoel0974

      It seems there were two:

      Once downloaded the virus Trojan.PSPBrick leaves the PSP inoperable. F-Secure has also identified another virus, EXPLOIT 2G PSP Team V1.RAR, which deletes necessary files on the Sony PSP and apparently the process is irreversible.

  19. johnny

    Wololo, how about helping with the 3DS scene. Right now that’s one device that needs some cracking. I remember it was announced they had something up their sleeves, but not an update since.

    • pirate city

      Why? I think it’s around same state as the Vita right now.

      The 3DS can play DS, GBA, etc games just fine right now with a flashcart last time I checked. Haven’t really been keeping up with the 3DS though…

      • Kyu

        The 3DS can only play DS games perfectly with a flashcart.
        There are issues with everything else.Which get bigger the newer the console is (GBA emulation works better on the psp/vita right now…after all,they “work differently”).

        On a theoretic level,the 3DS is in a better state;there is native kernel access involved.

  20. Hellgun

    maybe too hard for ppl alone. And i doubt company will release anything if they can not make some money from it.

  21. Yes

    “I would claim that Sony has no interest in their customers’ security in general (did we mention some of your credentials on the PSP are stored in plain text?)”

    Is it only based on the PSP example? Eventhough i agree that this shouldnt happen, i’m not sure how much it means in the overall scheme regarding Sony and how they view the security of the consumers today. The PSP was designed in 2003/2004, how are things on the PS3, Vita, Sony phones and tablets?

    I think that Sony are very aware of the security regarding their consumers’ information, especially after the PSN hack. That was a big shake up for Sony i believe. I dont know how Sony were i.e 2-3 years ago, but what matters the most is how they are today.

    But overall a good article, i enjoyed reading it :)

    • hgoel0974

      6 years ago, I believe that normal people didn’t know how to open a file which doesn’t have a .txt extension (WinXP)

      • Yes

        Hehe, yeah, i dont think that the PSP stuff was really a big security risk (if that is what you mean?). People needed to get their PSP stolen or hacked remotely somehow (using a virus for example), and then the person who did this would have to be knowledgeable on how to find the PSN login information.

        But as mentioned, stuff like this isnt necessary and it should be protected better regardless, but the security risk in this specific case was probably very small at least.

    • wololo

      At this point, this is mostly a matter of personal opinion, but the PSP is not the only example I have in mind. Of course the hack from 2011 was the “best” example of Sony’s lack of care for their customers’ security, but another example is the rootkit scandal in 2005. I would also mention how they threatened Aibo hackers in 2005 on the ground of the DMCA, only to stop supporting their robot-dog a few years later.

      More recently maybe, the content manager assistant on the Vita, or the Blu-ray security specifications tell me that they care much more about protecting their own intellectual property than they care about protecting their customers. Which would sound “normal” for a company, but is completely the opposite of what successful hardware/software companies do today. Think of the customer service at Apple or Amazon, and compare it to the Customer service at Sony. Good luck getting a replacement unit if you broke your PS3 or your Vita, while getting a replacement unit is a fairly common “happy ending” story for iPhone, iPad, or Kindle owners.

      Sony are stuck in the paradox of being a content owner (movies, music), a content distributor (PSN), and a high quality hardware manufacturer, all in the same company. They don’t know if they should have their customers pay for the service, the content, or the hardware. In doubt, they make us pay for all of them, which is the wrong approach. And this shows in the way they treat their customers in general, not only with pricing.

      Again, lots of this is personal analysis, but definitely, no, I would not say Sony has evolved in terms of having their customers’ interest at heart.

      • aerinas

        Customer service at apple??? You mean having to pay 20 bucks just to replace a piece of hardware with a new (overpriced) one? Don’t make me laugh.

        • wololo

          I’m not an Apple supporter and never owned any Apple product, but you can’t deny that they are lightyears ahead of Sony in terms of customer service.

          • Yes

            Doesnt this variate from country to country, depending on how good warranty laws are? Will for example Apple give you a free replacement if you damage your iPhone, and the warranty has expired?

          • gunblade

            think warranty good for two years by then think ill get a new phone apple been making new ones like every two years