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Sony To Bring 4k Movie Service To PS4….. But one downfall…..


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  1. sage says:

    100gb doesn’t exist…

    If you meant 100 Gb, I wouldn’t be shocked at all! That’s quite small;

    So, I believe you wanted to say 100 GB? That’d make more sense.

  2. Steve edel says:

    I would need a 2t drive at the moment. Hopefully the ps4 will be AC wireless at least for speeds if streaming from a medai server PC. Thanks for posting this topic, really puts a new perspective in.

  3. JonathanH says:

    If you think you will be gaming at this resolution you are misinformed. PC’s could handle 4k way back in 2007. They will only let you play movies at 4k. The detail will set you back too lol, it’s like 90 gb. Unconventional.

  4. jvhellraiser says:

    But I believe Sony Has this technology Already is call BD-R XL and it can hold 100 GB in 1 BD-R XL So I do believe it
    can happen.

  5. Ah-Chai says:

    Well, for you to be able to watch content in 4k, you’ll need a tv capable of doing so. As of now, I think these TVs are over 20,000 USD so if you had that much to spend on a tv, you’d probably have a pretty decent Internet connection with a high/unlimited data cap and would probably be able to throw away money on 2TB hard drives or whatever.
    It’s just Sony future-proofing their device, for when 4k becomes normal in the average living room. This just means they expect the life of their next gen console to last another 10 years or so in which most people probably will have a 4k tv.
    As well as this, they’re also adding to their list of devices able to play 4k content. It’s better than needing another box to play 4k movies.
    You’ll have more people buying ps4’s than people buying 4k media players. This helps 4k become more accessible.

    • gunblade says:

      i want the 3d holograopic progecters not two demention tv jus saying one picture can move as fast with as much color as can but now days u want to be like walk around the tv and the look from lieing on the ground with out have like a werd dark screen filter shi.. thing gong… like iron mAn…!!!

      • gunblade says:

        or atleast a tv thats a projecter and a tv so u watch and the projecter is dojng a 3d thing but its coming off the tv like digimon.

        • gunblade says:

          so atleast if ur tv is (small the progection should cover the room) u still can have like a 180degree angle view.

    • ? says:

      being rich doesn’t mean you can have unlimited/super fast internet.
      where I live 16Mb/s is as fast as you can get ,and there is no unlimited data plans (although the $1 per Gb over the limit wouldn’t matter as much if you were rich)

      • edward sedward says:

        Dude where i live 1.6 MB is as fast as you can get, and that only ever happens at like 3 in the morning when no one ells in the street it using the interwebs

  6. E says:

    I would need like a 100TB drive because I download a LOT of movies.

  7. XDarkMario says:

    Downloading a 4k movie……..kill yourself…….

  8. del_inf3rno says:

    I love how when people complain about size of files. Its all relative to the current tech. Remember when it was unbelievable to think you could download a full playstation one iso? That was only 100-700MB! Now that is stream able. Technology will catch up and movies will eventually be 1TB and then 1PB and so on. All relative numbers.

    • Sheep detected!
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      Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law.

    • svenn says:

      Sadly our internet connections are pretty old, even so that current human genomes are faster transported over hard drives then over the internet, so when movies are “to high-res” it will not be good to download. (or to stream)

      Technology will catch up, but not within the next 6-10 months, and that is the plan for ps4.

  9. kera says:

    @del_inf3rno ***!!!!!

  10. ZippyZig says:

    Remember there is gonna be a new codec called “H.265.” H.265 reduces file size by roughly 39-44% to current H.264

  11. GOD_of_LORD says:

    LOL what Sony is thinking ???? We all do have optical fiber at home or what ??? I do have 2MB adsl connection lol can barely streaming 720p on youtube. Our maximum internet provider here in Tahiti is 8MB lol I don’t think it would handle 4K….

    • Mr Obvious says:

      Ah yes, so Sony should limit the possibilities of the ps4 because of countries behind in technology…

      Ive had 200Mb/s avalible for the last couple of years myself (~50USD a month) currently i only pay for 100/100 but the tech is out there to support 100GB streaming.

      Its the same points that popped up when PS3 had support for 1080p, 1080p was more avalible then 4x2k but by the time its released im sure prices will have dropped quite a bit on these tvs.

    • gunblade says:

      yea alot of people still be running phonejack. then a lot of country use satcom for there globebile links but that also cost a hole lot i think but it works i guess. think atnt has satlite internet for 60 us a month. but then on small dish u get a shity signal with cloud cover but u can boost sinal strenth..

  12. Jan says:

    Yeah , and if you are using 3g in some countries where it costs up to 5 USD for 1 MB of data traffic , do the math :)).I think 4k movies will more likely have 25 GB , because it is being developed a new vector based video codec that will give us infinite resolution , and it uses moving vectors and textures from the last scenes from the film. 4k cartoons will have like 10 GB because the textures are simple and very repetitive 😀 .

    • Mr Obvious says:

      yessss ‘cus then it will only cost 125,000 USD to download a film….

      Problem isnt the PS4 its your backwards internet.

      • gunblade says:

        4g still phone based though so data tranfer cant be all to good wish the us save on energy that way we could have like a wifi network full of hotspots but then cable would be cheaper i guess..

  13. Kid-Vhee says:

    I disagree with the 100GB file size. AS mentioned, H.265 is coming out soon. It reduces file size by a lot. Plus a good amount of people have access to unlimited bandwith. Secondly its streaming, so why are you storing the “100GB” file.

  14. GOD_of_LORD says:

    LOL in my case with my 2MB ADSL (finaly unlimited traffic but it cost about 100USD) for 10GB it took about ~ 10 hours to download…..I imagine 100GB LOOL for one movie I think my electricity compagny will be happy LOOL 😉

  15. Swoopie says:

    It’s early here, so I might be missing something, but it’s a _streaming_ service right? Why would you need to download the complete movie then?

  16. Steph says:

    Considering they are only just rolling out fibre in Australia, and Cable/ASDL people are up for $160 for 1.2 terabytes of downloads per month (that plan is a HIDDEN internode one, not publically listed, you ahve to be a member with them and go to change plan to find that ***… generally the biggest you can get is 200-500gig)


    Nice for the advancements in technology to be around to have these kind of things, but alot of country’s infastructure is so far behind purely becuase they dont want to upgrade any of it because it involves spending money, shareholders hate it when you spend money 😐

    • gunblade says:

      there a game called stonghold that can tech one the basics of running a country. food. shelter. if those countries think to start from the ground up n wen u think about it if u going have good internet u going need good hardware hardware going need lots of electric n electic cost sumwhat since not to much simple elcetric like solar hydro or wind. but then if u fallow the rule of the game.(stronghold) u got to control the market most contries they pay for electric n internet wen u think the govement should be making most of that money so they can spend it on needed things. i no if the was a company electric us(shumshi.)then the electric bill would be like jus a hundred even if i was having to run five generater jus to stay online doring a fire sale..

  17. Kyu says:


  18. gunblade says:

    ooh so on sony so streaming n remote play on the vita the batter onlast like tree hours on wifi or 3g and the back up battery packs only 19 sumthing now n amazon got usb chagers jus got to get one that has 6v usb charging.

  19. TobeyDemon says:

    Sage top comment guy, stop being as ***. Thats a lot for just one movie, they should put them on dvd disc’s instead to save memory. A big game on the ps3 doesnt even take that much memory.

  20. stOneskull says:

    ps1 was CD, ps2 was DVD, ps3 was blu-ray… i think there is a new disc coming

  21. God says:

    Which movies support 4k resolution… Oh wait, nothing in the past 50 years. This is all going to be recent movies.

    • Asdfjuma says:

      Yep we don’t future proof the past for technological advances made 50 years into the future. Nice observation.

      I’m sure when your 62 you’ll be complaining again about us now not shooting films in 150k resolution so you can watch it on your future TV or other future tech.

  22. johnny says:

    So you’re saying they are going to re-release every movie which has just been converted/remastered to blu-ray in 720p & 1080p?

    • darksmile says:

      Most of them are not filmed with digital camcoders.
      “The theoretical resolution of 35 mm film is greater than that of 2K digital cinema”

  23. EJ says:

    More like 80,000 downfalls. The price.

  24. CJW says:

    First off I was reading somewhere that a new compression codec called h265 is being developed for 4K HD streaming video. This codec is supposed to offer many times the compression ration of h264. So from what I have heard 4K movies would be possible on a 50GB BRD and this codec is being developed with the thought of 4K broadcast streams in the future. Second interenet bandwidth is multiplying quickly at least in the US/UK/JP markets. Comcast is supposed to be doubling the standard home package this spring to something like 40mbit. With all that said I wonder when Holywood or other content providers start filming with 4K supporting cameras and equipment. Many people just got on HD equipment in the last few years so upgrading to UD right away seems unlikely. I for one would love to see a 4K big screen with proper content just to judge how much better it looks than 1080p. I mean you really need to increase screen size a lot to truly maximimze the potential and sadly my media room just doesn’t have the capacity for a 100″ widescreen…lol

  25. UE says:

    Really? this is a question.
    A) it is futureproofing
    B) You would have to spend 13hours downloading if you can manage 2MBps download speed, or 26hours at 1MBps download speed… Not exactly world breaking times (oh i would like to watch this some time tomorrow -sticks on download-

  26. empc says:

    pfft XD! SONY SUCKS

  27. solidsnake says:

    Dude! I give up. I just cant afford anything anymore!!!!!
    4K 3D T.V. {$24999.99}
    PS4 {$600}
    Good Dolby Digital SS {$1000}
    3D Glasses {$50}
    HD Cables or other accessory’s {$100}
    The Game {$59.99}
    And after you buy all this ***, you will realize very quickly that sony only made like 1 or 2 games that can actually take advantage of all this ***. I swear that huge t.v. will start collecting cobwebs in no time!!
    If I had this much money, I buy a dang truck!! DUH

  28. luxx says:

    well if digital media sizes became like so large that it’d be too un-economical you had to buy the media as opposed to downloading it, that would stunt piracy

  29. w7y7a7t7t says:

    Your completely neglecting h265… HD streaming is pretty much the whole reason for it.

  30. Zephor says:

    How is this going to work with more and more ISP’s having bandwidth caps? Caps are getting lower and lower, but more and more companies are going digital. I just don’t see this sticking for very long.

  31. Michael says:

    perhaps the new HEVC codec will help out with this. of course it won’t be enough, but it could help.

  32. Curiousme96 says:

    So basically it is saying that 4K resolution is a *** load of file size and if PS4 wants to make it possible then they’ll need 1 or higher Tera Byte Hard drive to make it worth it but in a way Sony has an undecision about the situation… I think it is pretty cool but at the same time it is stupid because it’ll be a *** load of waste of space for just a film with high resolution. Sony is better off working on how to make awesome games coming soon be able to be compatible in the PS4 then this ***.

    • Pirate Cat says:


      4K video is a pretty good example of why digital only is unwise, why blow your hard drive space or bandwidth on it when you’re paying for the content?

    • gunblade says:

      they will have like an option to choose from 4k hd standered i guess like youtube… but is it under there video unlimited thing or is it from like the video apps they have like hula and if i bought a video on the psn would i be able to watch it from there or would i have to download it…..

  33. razor says:

    4K movies would be awesome. Sharp already shown 8K TVs.

  34. koSiukaS says:

    Well this means that B-RAY disc’s will be larger and movies will be stored on them. 10 years ago buying DVD’s was more popular than downloading movies you know. So time for movies that actualy take all the space in the disc has come and the PS4 will have the advantage of playing those movies on it’s B-RAY reader. So it’s more like a win for the PS4.

    • gunblade says:

      yea dwnloading movies took up to much space i guess back then and 2TB hard drive think cost alot n most people had dvd players n not computers or a mediaplayer lol…but yea even blueray nowdays dont take up the whole blueray not jus the digitaly remastered bluerays but even pretty new ones.. but on blueray i thought its called blue ray cuz the laser that was used in the players was blue but i thought that blue ray disk were blue like the psx gameshark

  35. T Strauss says:

    I seem to recall studies being done that demonstrated that you cannot detect individual pixels if the screen is of reasonable size and if you are of reasonable distance from it. Unless you’re right on top of the screen (like a cell phone or a computer monitor), or unless its a huge screen (like 72″), I fail to see the benefit of 4k displays.

    Regarding bandwidth, some of you people have strange magical concepts of technology being able to overcome all obstacles. There are limits, dictated by the laws of physics. Right now in the US we’re using fiber optics for our Internet infrastructure. We’re literally sending data at the speed of light. How do you plan on exceeding the speed of light?

    • gunblade says:

      i think its not the speed but the connection i guess say my computer talking to ur even if u was using fiber optic n i think i iam to but say i was like on dsl the trafers from ur fiber network would be fast but wen it gets on my end it would lag then there the sense that even though we using fiber optic i have a cable modem at 24 mb i think its still slow when there a bunch of computer ,game systems and portable device connected to the internet i guess i saying even if its like the speed of light u still have to stop like five places before u get to were u was going then on the way back u have to go to like five outher places…n sum time its like going though a black whole i guess n u now the speed of light has little facter to gravitons but even fiber optic can be slow….

  36. Scarecrow says:

    Maybe in future the PS4 will support the new H.265, then things will be easier for us. Since it will be twice more effcient than H.264 afaik.

  37. Drew says:

    It’s always like this. Eventually speeds will catch up. Just like when Blu-ray came out. I just hope the PS4 can playback 4k content.

  38. Yuu says:

    Something i want to point out is that even content from a 4k source looks much sharper at 1080p than one done from lets say 2k (common at cinemas that upscale).

    Being in South Africa, yesterday marked the launch of 20/3Mbps and 40/3Mbps VDSL service for around $300 with an unlimited plan. The only issue here besides a hefty price is availability is very low due to infrastructure of the MSANs (another topic :p).

    I have a 10Mbps line and would not mind downloading the 100GB movies because if they start as it is downloading (Gaikai does this so you can start a game while it preloads the rest) then i don’t see an issue if you have a slower line. As for the HDD space, if Sony want people to test this effectively then they will give us a PS4 bundle with enough space to get users to test the service widely. A user above asked why save if it is streaming, for one, i would prefer an offline experience so i can have the internet used for other things. This will be different for many but i am sure some will agree.

    They will release the movies on BD as said above that the h.265 codec is used. There are a couple of videos to demonstrate the increase in quality available on YT.

    If you guys want to see 4k content NOW to see how great it looks at 1080p res, look on youtube for “jacobschwarz” and download the original video or watch in 1080p. This will give you a taste of things to come. I just found these videos about a month ago and have no affiliation btw.

  39. gunblade says:

    nice i think i should dwnload it dough seem to buffer sum what on streaming but 4k looks good the colors seem vivide but idk if its me but one of the movies reminds me of a models photograph and seems like paintbrushing…

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