Best PSP/Vita homebrews for February 2013

If you’re one of the lucky people running an eCFW such as TN CEF, or ARK, or maybe VHBL on your Vita, or simply if you own a PSP running a Custom Firmware and are looking for good homebrew games, look no further. Here is our ranking of the best 10 homebrews this month, as voted by you.

Reminder: you can add your own homebrews to our /downloads Database, and vote for your favorite ones. This doesn’t require any login.

Lots of “Vita only” tools this month, but a good list of PSP homebrews made it to the top 10 too :)

10. CEF 6.60 TN (Vita only)

Many Vita owners have been enjoying homebrews in the psp emulator for a while now, since the first release of VHBL exactly one year ago. But Total_Noob’s CEF stepped the game up by introducing full psp homebrew support, plugins and backup supports on the Vita. This is still limited to the lucky people who are able to get the exploitable games in time, but with the upcoming update “TN-V”, CEF is the most popular eCustom Firmware for the Vita these days

Download CEF here

9. Stickman Jump

A newcomer to this ranking, and a pretty new Homebrew game, since it was created this year. Give a try to this Ninjump clone!

download Stickman Jump here

8. MultiMenu Loader (Vita only)

CEF allows you to use several menus as the interface to load your homebrews and psp games. These menus all have pros and cons, and it is sometimes difficult to choose. Multimenu loader lets you run the menu of your choice each time you run CEF, in order to get the best of each one of them.

Download MultiMenuLoader here, or MultiMenu Loader mod here

7. MultiMenu Loader Theme (Vita only)

A nice looking theme by pspsheep for those of you who are using MultiLoader

Download pspsheep’s MultiMenu Loader Theme here


A nice graphics editor in Lua for your PSP

Download the PSPIMP here

5. Mindcraft

Although lots of us prefer the excellent Lamecraft, this 2D game inspired by Minecraft is still pretty nice.

Download Mindcraft here

4. PSP Revolution

You’ll never truly understand life until you’ve played Dance Dance Revolution… PSP Revolution will of course not give you the same physical experience, but is still a nice challenge for your fingers. Still one of the best musical games on the PSP to date, and it’s a homebrew :)

Download PSP Revolution here

3. CWCheat

The ultimate cheating utility for your PSP games. If you’re one of the lucky owners of a Vita running Total_Noob’s CEF, CWCheat will also help you there :)

Download CWCheat here

2. Open CMA

The patch that lets you copy files from and to your Vita without having to be connected to the internet. Yes, having to be constantly connected just to copy files is stupid and unnecessary, as proven by the popularity of this tool.

Download openCMA here

1. Wagic

As far as I can remember, Wagic hasn’t been in our top 10 ranking, ever. And the first time it makes it to the ranking, it reaches the first position, thanks a lot for your support! Wagic is an heroic fantasy card game inspired by a famous TCG. Although I personally haven’t been updating Wagic in a while, our devs team (in particular Zethfox) is still maintaining the SVN code, and our community is still adding new cards regularly.

Download Wagic here

Keep voting and adding your homebrews to our community database! Apologies for the time it took me to review the latest entries this year, I’ll try to be more diligent moving forward :)

  1. Oskar’s avatar

    I am not one of the lucky people :/

    *le waiting for new vita explolit


  2. Tonakai’s avatar

    Drastic change in this month’s list – some of which are incredibly surprising.

    Still, thanks for keeping us updated, Wololo. :D


  3. Darenvy’s avatar

    Mindcraft looks cool but the person art is so unnatractive it makes me not want to play it :P. The smiley head detracts from the game.


  4. Rasmus’s avatar

    I dont care!!!
    I need the next exploit…
    Please post such news AFTER releasing the next exploit.
    Its like a slap to the face to all people, whitch aren’t lucky because the miss the last exploit. It’s like “look idiot, you missed all these things. you are so stupid”. -.-


    1. wololo’s avatar

      That was absolutely not the point, I try to report the ranking at the beginning of each month. If you desperately need homebrews, get yourself a psp, there’s nothing a Vita will do that the PSP can’t, currently, in terms of homebrews.


    2. Topjohnwu’s avatar

      They already gave you 8 usermode exploits and all of them can be used for eCFW, what else do you want?


    3. RedHawk02’s avatar

      No it’s really not. Stop crying. Do you expect wololo to just quit making articles for you. You missed it, it’s your fault. Stay up to date. I missed every single one except the UNO exploit and I enjoyed reading all of this. Reading this should make you excited for when the next one comes out, which if you kept updated, you would know there is nothing coming out for now.


    4. hgoel0974’s avatar

      So, that would mean that such articles should never be posted, there will always be people who miss exploits and if we post such articles we are just ‘slapping’ people in the face and telling them ‘look idiot,you missed these things. you are so stupid”. ;)


      1. McLoven’s avatar



    5. DS_Marine’s avatar

      look idiot, you missed all these things. you are so stupid


    6. pirate city’s avatar

      Well, to be fair it’s your own fault for missing every single release.

      The UNO exploit was up for like a week on the US PSN. lol


  5. Akira’s avatar

    Yo we need the next exploit for 2.05. Wouldn’t it be easy to patch up those codes for CFW that you guys already have to a new game explot for firmware 2.05. Anyways we need a new hack for psp games, all emulators & apps like comics.


    1. hgoel0974’s avatar

      No, not so easy. You need a new kexploit and no one is willing to release if they have any.


    2. pirate city’s avatar

      Just be patient.


  6. NNNRT’s avatar

    The homebrew I prefer most in this list is PSP Revolution, which is a really cool game I will never get bored of! :D


  7. Linkedot’s avatar

    Patiently waiting for a public release of yifanly & SKFU projects !


    1. enzospartan’s avatar

      Me too, probably won’t happen anytime soon though. We never hear about them.


  8. William A.U. (NeonAera)’s avatar

    PSP Revolution seems like one of the best alright. Good one, wololo!


  9. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

    I might have to try out Wagic now!


  10. gunblade’s avatar

    tried tn n cma n sum wagic.


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      n menuloader and mind craft..


  11. psgarsenal’s avatar

    I can’t believe it: I’m twice on this top ten with stickman jump and pspimp!!!


    1. DS_Marine’s avatar

      Congratz :D
      I might try stickman thxs to the top 10…


  12. Uncharted_lord22’s avatar

    is there a 2nd way to hack my vita because i nothing to use on it plz want can i do


  13. skullclamp’s avatar

    nice wagic is in number 1 position :D


  14. WendsK’s avatar

    hola soy algo nuevo en esto del psvita.
    anterior mente podia correr el VHBL con el firmware 2.00 pero lo actualice al 2.05, lo que quiero saber es que si a estas alturas, si descargo el juego “UNO” podre correr estos homebrews o ya lo parcharon los de la ps store??
    les agradeceria muchisimo una respuesta


    1. DS_Marine’s avatar

      No hay ninguna forma de usar VHBL en 2.05.


      1. WendsK’s avatar

        :D gracias DS_Marine
        creo que esperare a que salga uno para el 2.05


  15. vvololo’s avatar

    I fell bored on this site nothing to post for new vita xploit and what is the status?


    1. DS_Marine’s avatar

      I guess you liked that Simpsons episode where Homer was Mister X and he started making fake news when there was none hehe…


      1. NNNRT’s avatar

        Oh yeah I remember that episode, it was really funny. :lol:


  16. Someone Else’s avatar

    Totally agree on wagic!

    The first homebrew game I tried on Vita. Didn’t even know how to play MTG. This game basically taught me. It is incredible fun, and learning it by Wagic is so much more intuitive than a dry set of instructions!

    Since it visually demonstrates the effect each card has, and how your mana pool is affected etc, the game starts to make sense very fast.


    1. pirate city’s avatar

      Wagic is too good of a game for a moron like you.

      I suggest you stick to playing games like 50 cent bulletproof, or My Little Pony 3D.


      1. Someone Else’s avatar

        Someone is mad that I have better taste than them.

        I’m sorry I don’t share your taste for My Little Pony 3D and 50 Cent Bulletproof. Or creating moronic “raps” accusing everyone of piracy. I realize those are your favorite games, and you want everyone to like them. I just can’t simplify my mind like that.


        1. pirate city’s avatar

          pirate city, b*tch, pirate pirate city, b*tch
          10, 10, 10, 20 dollars? that’s silly b*tch
          100 dollars in my hand? yea fu*k this.
          i’m so cheap, Sony don’t know who they f*cking with.

          got this other sh*t, torrenting this other sh*t
          piratin’ all night, ni*ga we don’t give a sh*t
          piratebay so dope, I ain’t quittin’ it
          can’t stop me Sony, maybe take a hint?


        2. pirate city’s avatar

          no bullshit, Sonys gettin’ pissed
          no money, no money, Sony is like my b*tch
          Sony got the short end of the stick
          Nintendo you know what it is

          pirate city b*tch, pirate pirate city b*tch
          10, 10, 10, 20 dollars? that’s silly b*tch


        3. pirate city’s avatar

          ni*ga, i’m a jew by far
          look at the torrents on the bar
          too bad Sony, PSN sucks hard
          get the f*ck out, no debit card

          I need my isos pronto
          get it in the morning like Alonzo
          i’m a pirate, i’m a fu*king desperado
          gonna torrent this b*tch like no tomorrow


        4. pirate city’s avatar

          i’m at 100, 100
          torrents at 100, 100
          pirate pirate city b*tch
          i’m at 100, 100
          progress at 100, 100
          pirate pirate city b*tch


  17. Mud’s avatar

    I would love to see a Wagic update, just saying.


  18. Kurtz’s avatar

    Wagic is the best homebrew ever!!
    Im waiting for the next official version :P
    I dont know how to compile revs -.-
    I need a tutorial in spanish for learning how to compile Wagic Revs before.
    Anyways, thanks 4 all.
    Go team go!!


  19. WendsK’s avatar

    cuando estara disponible para firmware 2.05??????????



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