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How Did Developers Help With The PS4’s Development?


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  1. Jmqm says:


  2. St33lDr4g0n says:

    Nice article Minimur!

    And congratz for becoming the new blogger 😀

  3. aerinas says:

    It’s a good thing Sony actually let devs help in designing their new console, they should’ve thought about that with the Vita, maybe there would be more third party games for it then 😛

    • IgnusArmgagadan says:

      The Vita did have developers help create it, I remember seeing videos of game developers discussing how they got to get their hands on the development process of it and everything. They even let some common testers take a look at it and throw out some ideas, if I remember correctly.

      • Thrawn says:

        I wonder if this is the main flaw of the ps vita, that third party studios were involved in creating this.
        Well, just imagine what would happen if Peter Molyneux was involved with the next Xbox, than it would be announced as a spaceship but in the end it would just suck. XD *rofl*

      • oguretz says:

        And they COMPLETELY *** UP with placing arrow cross with analog stick. It’s impossible to feel comfortable when rumbling MK, analog stick is veeeery sensitive, and you just can’t use it. And it’s placing designed for impossibility to use cross without touching stick accidently. So devs can suck their own ***.

  4. bromanbro says:

    Will the D Pad buttons be clickable like on the Vita?

  5. IgnusArmgagadan says:

    What I get from this article is that the controller was catered towards the FPS enthusiast and somewhat towards racing (which is somehow strictly a first person driving game). I really hope to God that the PS4 doesn’t turn into a one genre machine like the XBox 360 is…

    • gunblade says:

      Army of two was a good use of the ps3 controller i guess making use of the six axes. Think the touch pad be used to look around and on the mortal kombat for the vita think u can use the touch screen to do combos well works for marvel vs capcom. piletthing an assult ship in a shoothing game will shooting an using the controllers six axex thing to controll the plane would be pretty mean.

  6. Someone Else says:

    (…) “which therefore gives everyone the ability to do online and have a chat (So no excuses from now on!).”

    Ability =/= desire.

    Not a fan of the voice chat on games thing.

    • Someone Else says:

      No one gives a f*ck what you want.

      You’ll all buy whatever Sony spits out anyways.

      • Someone Else Entirely says:

        So you can predict the behavior of every person on this site?

        And if I complain about this feature, but still buy the product because it has more benefits than down-sides… so what?

        Like the product, hate the described feature. Speaking my mind about it. Don’t care who agrees.

      • Someone Else Entirely says:

        Also want to point out, if I didn’t otherwise like the product, this wouldn’t bother me.

        I think that’s obvious. I think Sony makes great game machines and games. Therefore I want a PS4. Also obvious.

        • Someone Else Who Is Not The Same says:

          Yes, I can predict the behavior of every person on this site.

          I can predict that on this site:

          ~40% will whine and moan about how there are a lack of exploits for the Vita.

          ~40% will complain that the Vita is dead and has no games.

          ~15% are just plain *** (this applies to you).

          ~5% actually care.

          • Someone Else says:

            Someone is angry, red in the face, and reaching very far for insults.


            If it bothers you that people complain, or rebuff untrue statements, leave instead of crying about it.

          • Someone Formerly Known As >_> says:

            Sounds about right. XD

          • Someone Else that is Someone Else says:

            No, maybe you should leave. If you think I’m angry, I’m not. I don’t care what retards like you post.

            You post/type enough words to write a f*cking book. So, I guess it’s not surprise that my post offends you.

            Try again.

          • Someone Else says:

            You care enough to keep crying about every post I make about my dislike of this feature.

            Clearly it bothers you. Because I dislike this feature, you want me barred from every online match.

            It doesn’t change my stance though. I still feel “voice chat, no excuses” only hurts the community and feeds trolls. Meanwhile, you can keep crying about it every time I stick to my guns.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        only nintendo and apple faggots buy whatever their companies spit out, even if they spit *** out their mouth. Us PS users prefer to be harder on sony and demand better and more stuff so we can get quality out of our systems.

    • Kyu says:

      It’s not like you ARE forced to use it….right?

      • Someone Else says:

        Look below. Apparently you are.

        Absolute bs that *** can force you to “telephone us loud obnoxious morons or be kicked”.

        It’s not that there’s “No excuses now”… it’s that the *** have the excuses, to kick you for not joining their obnoxious conversation while you wanna game.

        Do not want. Do not want.

        • Someone Else Who Is Not The Same says:

          Yes we want. Yes we want.

          I’ll send Sony an e-mail informing them of how I am enjoying the lovely choices they have made for the PS4.

          Can’t wait. Definite buy from me.

          • Someone Else says:

            If the main PS4 thing that excites you is being a *** and kicking those who wanna play without being phone-called by obnoxious strangers… Then you may want a new hobby, because there are funner things in the universe, that actually have a point.

          • Someone Else that is Someone Else says:

            Why would I want a ‘new hobby’ since this aspect of the PS4 appeals to me?

            I think YOU’RE the one who should find a new hobby, since the future of the PS4 isn’t looking too bright for idiots like you.

          • Someone Else says:

            If trolling that way, and trying to force every teammate into your phonecalls, is what appeals to you about PS4, then you definitely need a new hobby.

            Because, that’s sad, scummy, and undeserving of a place in the online community.

            A game machine is for games. A next generation machine is for high-tech gaming. I shouldn’t be forced into a phone-call with people I don’t know, to enjoy the multiplayer.

    • MarSprite says:

      So what?! The point is, now you can’t lie to those of us who are, and we can kick you out of our group without feeling pity for you.

      • Someone Else says:

        I feel like that’s an unjustifiable reason to kick someone, because they didn’t want to have a phone convo with your 13y/o fps group.

        I think you ought to get banned for kicking from that.

        • Someone Else says:

          Then again, I really don’t care about shooters anyway. Outgrew them for more depthful games long ago.

        • Someone Else says:

          And as you pointed out, since this gives people the excuse to kick you out of the group if you don’t use the feature, it almost does force you to use it. (Or get kicked from many groups.) I’m glad you brought up that point. I wish they’d never included this.

          • Someone Else Who Is Not The Same says:

            Please get kicked. Please get kicked. Please get kicked.

            Well, I’m betting you’ll get the sh*t kicked out of you from every group.

    • gunblade says:

      Its good if u can caordinate the attack in a shooter

      • Someone Else Entirely says:

        Yep, it’s useful for this. I don’t feel it should be mandatory though. “Talks or I kicks u” = really douchey.

        • Someone Else Who Is Not The Same says:

          No, it should be mandatory.

          Can’t wait for you to get KICKED THE F*CK OUT of every game.

          It will be glorious. Great days are ahead for the PS4.

          • Someone Else says:

            You’re this hostile against someone for not wanting phonecalls forced on them, for multiplayer games?

            Because I want to be able to play in non-talking, focused peace, it is now your main motivation in life to see me unable to multiplayer?

            I’m glad I voiced my objection then. With people like this out there, I definitely don’t want voice chat. Ever. It will be my pleasure to be able to avoid you.

          • Someone Else that is Someone Else says:

            PS4 disagrees with you.

            Your opinion doesn’t matter. Only the PS4 matters.

            Long live the PS4.

          • Someone Else says:

            I think the PS4 just wanted to give people options. It’s a loophole that douches can abuse it this way. That is a serious oversight.

            You have no right to force me to use my voice in an online match, or hurt my online experience because I didn’t. I’m not a fan of real-voice convos in video games, nor should I have to convert, to use multiplayer.

            Regardless, if I get PS4 I’m going to enjoy it immensely. Even if everyone kicks if you don’t talk (which I doubt), I’ll still enjoy the PS4. Most of my favorite games aren’t FPS or Strategy anyway.

            I was just pointing out that I disagree with the feature, and its potential abuse. Apparently that got you red in the face. That’s wonderful.

  7. qwazed says:

    great controller for “A” fps

  8. Thrawn says:

    Why are FPS developers focusing on controllers anyway??? Controllers suck at FPS and they know that, the ps4 is surely going to have usb ports, so why bother with that, when you could just plug in your mouse and keyboard and off you go.
    Well I don’t dislike controllers, they are more comfortable for racing games, rpg’s… and so on. BUT for FPS they SUCK, especially when there is auto aiming in game, it f*ckin sucks. If devs had a word in development of the ps4 then it sure as heck would have usb mouse and keyboard support. Best argument would be for all those CoD and Battlefield lunatics that you have the SAME accuracy as any pc gamer. Which makes cross platform gaming possible (pc-ps4-xbox XXX) and not unfair.
    And mikrofon… well those playing games online already have bluetooth headsets or any other voice recording device hooked up to their console of choice. Why reinventing everything? I wonder how well it does if there is another one or more person in room and they are talking.
    It’s not like a headset which records only the voice of the person directly in front or sideways.

    • MarSprite says:

      Mouse and keyboard support have been built into ALL the newest mainstream consoles. 360? yeah, you can use them for FFXI. PS3? yup, web browser, and DUST514. Wii? actually, not sure about the Wii, but I believe that the web browser supports it, who cares about the Wii anyways though.

      It’s not SONY’s fault the developers are too stupid to implement Mouse and Keyboard, and all you sheople out there buying it up while complaining about the lack thereof? you are the problem(if you aren’t one of the sheople, then show some intelligence and realize that’s not aimed at you). Vote with your dollar, that’s capitalism.

      Besides, this article is about the controller. What? Were you hoping for a Mouse and Keyboard usb jack in your controller?… That would be cool actually. It could double as a place to put your flash drives… It’s not going to happen, DEAL.

      • MarSprite says:

        I hate those stupid indented nubs, they used to rub my thumbs raw when I played 360. Nubs like that are a large part of the reason I sold my XBOX and said F**k their exclusives. Way to ruin my gaming experience Steven ter Heide, you’ll be getting some hatemail from me real soon, and I’m not buying any of your companies games again… not even if you are the last game dev in existence.

      • Thrawn says:

        Xbox 360 I didn’t know, ps3 I knew but it suck especially the mouse support, as the usb polling rate is much to low -> so sucks.
        Wii, keyboard thats it.

        And nope, the ps4 is not for me, it lost it’s flair of being a console so back to the roots -> PC I’m back, AGAIN.!!

        Where did it state that this article was only about the controller?
        The title reads as following: How Did Developers Help With The PS4′s Development?
        They are mainly talking about the controller, but why do you think is the ps4 a pc like console? Cause it’s muuuuuuuuuuch easier to develop for it than working on an industrial ALIEN like the ps3 -> and that’s their main help you could say.

      • gunblade says:

        Probly have to make a usb mod for the flash drive werd that the nivida controller had a sd slot .!

      • T Strauss says:

        You’re wrong about most of this rant. Mouse and keyboard is supported on PS3, that part is true. But the rest is wrong. No 360 games support mouse and keyboard controls. FFXI supports a keyboard for chat only. I don’t think the hardware/ firmware even supports a mouse. Same for the Wii. There’s keyboard support for chat in Monster Hunter (that might be it), but again, no mouse support.

        Consoles are designed to be played on the couch, with a controller. You need a flat hard space for a mouse, like a desktop. If you’re sitting at a desktop using a mouse and keyboard, why not just get a pc? You’re 90% there.

        • gunblade says:

          ps3 had outher os sapport but i think the ps2 was good with keyboard on games like everquest and final fantasy online came with a usb mouse hard drive n keyborad…

    • gunblade says:

      There usb and bllue thooth think the ps4 will have sapport cor a keyboard and mose hopluly withthe extra ram one can have more usb device hook up to the ps4 then the four one had in the ps3 ….

  9. isnizal says:

    fake ps 4!ps vita is the best

  10. Yes says:

    “Bill Gates wants a PS4 (unconfirmed)”

    I laughed, lol 🙂

  11. reaper527 says:

    so their big contribution to the design is a feature that the xbox360 has had for almost 8 years?

  12. gunblade says:

    So on the ps4 does it support the nasne for tv n media. Heard the nasne had good internet. But saposed to be manily a dvr n media storage for the ps3 and the ps vita.

  13. gunblade says:

    Atleast they put a touch screen iguess cant wait it teardown.Moding.

  14. gunblade says:

    On a mod thing i wana use my nividia shield as a ps4 controller they say sony cloud will have android sapport for ps3 games

  15. stoneskull says:

    such a long, long wait for the ps4. it’s so far away.

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