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How much will the PS4 cost to make?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. macseke

    guesstimate, lol

  2. procter

    cant wait

  3. quetz

    well nice entry ;9 i really hope budget it’s not going to increase :/ well packed though

  4. Acid_Snake

    I was gonna copy (steal) your blog in hgoel’s about the ps4 not having CD playback, but since you’re a guest blogger now you can post it yourself.

  5. wartaf

    well, i’ll i gonna be easy on reading on it until i read “half decent collection”, did you mean half dozen?

    • Mr. MaGoo

      What, u never heard the term “half way descent”?? I can’t wait to rip one of your posts apart. O thats right you dont have a blog….

  6. Aces

    i was thinkin they would use BDXL, it will be the first playstation that doesn’t use a different optical drive than its predecessor.

  7. Ruggiero

    please admin delete that comment 😉

  8. NNNRT

    Well it’s good to see that the PS4 is cheaper than the PS3 when it was first released :), & congrats Minimur! 😀

  9. keanudag

    As you may know, the Ps4 should have 2 Terra Flops Graphics power… The most expensive Pc Graphics card has 14 and you can put 2 of them into your Pc…

    • MoCoLoCo

      Ummm…. no. GTX Titan which IS available now has 4.5 teraflops and supports 4-way SLi.

    • gunblade

      28 teraflops sounds good saberthoot boards… or 14 with 4 cards then u think two have one card doing alll the work or four cards….

  10. Ronswanson

    How is the APU cheaper than the ram? That doesn’t make sense.

    • illLoGiQ

      Exactly RAM is cheap especially when you buy it in bulk. The fact that they are using APU’s which is smart is what saved them in the price drop. I seriously think that they will not sell at a loss considering you could build a low end gaming PC that would best the PS4 for under $500 maybe even lower especially if think about how technology moves, the parts they are using is what 2-4 years old, APU seems close to modern and the SSD hard drive if they so choose to use one. Also the GDDR5 RAM…AMD’s APU love fast RAM google it.

    • Necroclysm

      They are using GDDR5 as the RAM instead of the typical RAM type used in a PC. Overall it is the same thing, but they do operate slightly differently and GDDR5 is more expensive(by a lot). It is also 8gb of it, which doesn’t help the pricepoint any.
      Currently they don’t use an equivalent of GDDR5 in PCs. The relatively slow timing problem that GDDR5 supposedly has could be a reason why. Although, from what I have seen, this information comes from checking the timing of video cards using it which could just mean their implementation uses the slow timing on purpose.

  11. Albert

    “Want A half descent collection”… Wanna have a descent collection?

    • Sylen7Nato

      jesus, how many people are going to murder that line…he meant to say “a somewhat decent collection of games”…not bad, but not great at the same time, as far as variety goes for the amount of space given.

    • gunblade

      think with most of the game on there cloud thing for digital think there should be sumwhat room fo music think um live game feed videos and game dvr(dual hard drive..?)think ps3 games would look better in ps4 they ask the same wen it was the ps2 and the ps3 think i work sumwhat wen pplaying a psone game in the ps2… um with the cloud u think we will be able to play on more of a massive scale in mutiplayer ooh an even have f player mutiplayer playing massive…..

  12. Pirate Cat

    The RAM is likely way cheaper, and none of those are accounting for the kind of discount they get for the massive bulk.

  13. Leires

    Don’t forget business to business..When buying parts in such massive bulk like this, they probably get a very large discount.

  14. hgoel0974

    Cogratz minimur! so if this was your test, I’d give you 100%, and if you passed your test already, I’d still give you a 100%

    Great article, just like the ones at hgoel.info

  15. Mr. MaGoo

    Hey boss, nice post. Welcome to the forum 🙂

  16. VitaGenic

    Just waiting on gunblades comments now….. Lol

  17. Miotepx

    If this info is correct, it is NOT an ARM-based CPU: “x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU” taken from techradar. Here’s link:

  18. firelinker

    why the heck spend so much in RAM?
    i don’t think any game will really need that.

    • hgoel0974

      The RAM is possibly shared with the GPU, so 8 GB is a good amount for next gen gaming

    • gunblade

      sumthing like faster load time instent go back to game and last time the only had 512mb in the ps3 well split 512 so thin its probly like slit of the 8 or sumthing hardware having its own 4 gigs and the background gameing os hadling the rest guess two keep the graphics going good with still space to say run windows 7

  19. gunblade

    a 420 and 530 price tag so a five hundread hdd or a terabit i guessing and an extra controllers or sumting…i seen a few realese tittle on amazon sum alright ones destiny deep dawn infamus…think the games going be costly new ps3 game is like around fifty or a hundred fo limited edition u think they would guys be using dual layer blueray so they would be the same price as ps3 games maybe ten dallers more but vita games cost almost half the price of ps3 games…

    • gunblade

      ooh n i seen the big O gaming station sumhow of rip off for the price tag i was custimmizing one and ran up to 18.765 but dual xenion core seems nice think i would have guess pack in two extra mother boards to push a slim a fat ps3

  20. ViRGE

    Minimur, the video encode/decode hardware would be part of the APU, not a separate chip. AMD already has such functionality baked into their latest generation of APUs for computers.

    The decode portion is called the Universal Video Decoder (UVD), and the encode portion is called the Video Codec Engine (VCE).

  21. gunblade

    hows media an socializing for the ps4 think microsoft was doing there thing with the new xbox and there windows 8 again

  22. Skars

    Thanks wololo!!

  23. stOneskull

    It will be 499 not 400

  24. SSJ-Vita

    As long as games are available for it that I can touch. If that’s ever not the case on any platform, I’ve seen and lived customer support and your’e not getting a penny out of me. I know it’s a rental, and I know I’ll never actually “OWN” it! freeware is what everybody needs to be running towards because I see it soon shadowing shady outlets beyond submission. And I think a major supporting force for this idea is say, kickass devs like you.

  25. arjunsm

    I think they will use a faster Blu-Ray Drive

  26. Thrawn

    Uhm that price tags can’t be right. Seriously the ps4 will be sold at an estimated price of 450 – 500$, that would mean production costs of about 277,78$ to 333,30$.
    I have had an electronics part catalog 2 years ago, which was only for companies, due to the fact that you could get all chips, rams decoders, other part with it. That catalog even held the information under which codename certain parts were used in consoles and other licensed devices. So if I could get my hands on a new one, I could exactly tell how much only the parts cost, of course sony is in for a big discount on all used parts (from the tiniest diod to the largest alu) as they buy in masses.

  27. Mr.Q

    The only problem I have with these estimates is that they don’t account for the volume of which things will be purchased/created in.

    I would assume Sony would be taking R&D wages and the like out of what little PS3/PSN/Vita sales they have. I’m sure they aren’t going online to buy 8GB of RAM. They would be ordering it in bulk and most likely getting a discount.

    We will probably end up having a system that is sold at a loss to them anyways, but I just have trouble believing that these prices are accurate considering their “buying power”.

    I like the breakdown you did though. Aside from my criticism, great first post, Minimur12!

  28. johnny

    DDR5 lol! might wanna edit that. DDR4 isnt even out, but next year.

    It’s GDDR5 🙂

  29. Decius

    XDR Ram if used in second generation is faster than GDDR5, XDR was used in the PS3 operating at 3.2GHz (25.6GB/ps). The PS4 does 177.6 GB/ps. The thing about hardware now is the PS4 not only has 16x the RAM space as the PS3, but also the cloud streaming of games. The hardware no longer becomes the bottleneck as you can now stream to the console having the work done on Sonys side. This cuts out having to upgrade at higher costs and you dont need to natively run the game off the hardware but rather stream it as long as the receiver can handle it. Thus emulation no matter how big can be streamed in say full 544P to a vita.

    The hardware doesn’t matter in a sense. Good job on Sonys part… the only downside is you need either 250-500GB of bandwidth, not only would you need a lot of bandwidth but you need a fast connection also. The technology is awesome but now the real bottleneck starts to show and thats internet lines… hurry up Fujitsu!

    • Decius

      I realized Sonys approach around the internet bandwidth is that the game will only download as much as you play, so you’re not exactly downloading a 50GB bluray game but rather parts of it as you play. This way you can switch between games without having to download two seperate files in bulk. Gives you more variety.

  30. Tibarr

    Well I was trying to find a production cost breakdown, kudos to you on calling the price 3 months ahead of time.

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