ARK: all you need to know

ARK eCFW was released 1 month ago and has been the eCFW of choice for many of you. Sadly, updates are sparse and lots of questions remain unanswered. People contact us regularly about ARK with questions that actually have simple answers. Here is a quick reminder of what ARK can do for you. Below is the FAQ from Coldbird’s blog. Important reminder: ARK is currently not available for Vita OFW 2.05

What is Ark?

Ark is a PSP Emulator CFW for PS Vita.
It enables you to take full control of the PSP Emulator inside your Vita, allowing you to play back ISO, CSO and PBP files without the limitations put in place by the PSN.
What are the most obvious benefits?

play games that never made it to the PSN store like…
umd titles
psx games
homebrews / emulators
foreign games
play decrypted dlc
speed up file access (and lessen the game loading times by up to 70%)
use plugins (for example – create game screenshots using prxshot or cheat in games using tempar)
copy data without cma (using homebrews like Coldbird’s FTP Server)
and much more…

Is my Vita supported?

At the moment, the public version of Ark supports the following games (and firmwares):
2.0 ~ 2.02
There are however a lot more games and firmwares supported in internal work-in-progress revisions.

How do I return to the Launcher when I’m inside a game / homebrew?

Press Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button + Start Button + Down Button at the same time!

How do I transfer files into my PSP Emulator?

Smuggle them into the Emulator by adding them to a PSP Savedata Folder and using CMA to transfer it.
Install Coldbird’s FTP Server and use a FTP Client like Filezilla to transfer files wirelessly.

How do I add / enable PRX plugins?

Copy the required PRX files into your PSP Emulator.
Create a plugins.txt file in your Ark Savedata Folder.
Add one (or more) lines for your plugin to plugins.txt; examples below:

What are those VBOOT.PBP files?

Inside the PSP Emulator EBOOT.PBP files are read-only. To make writing Homebrew files as easy as possible we had to rename them to a file name that wasn’t locked down by Sony.

So, whatever was named EBOOT.PBP on PSP, becomes VBOOT.PBP on Vita.


You can download ARK here

Source: Coldbird’s Blog

  1. William A.U. (NeonAera)’s avatar

    I appreciate the info, rashi! Thanks.


  2. Whatever’s avatar

    butuh pak hang


      1. fudge packer’s avatar

        Saya berharap Vita bau seperti kari


  3. Onsokumaru’s avatar

    When it comes to plugins with umdemu,ms0:/blabla/plugin.prx,1, do we keep the “blabla” or is that something we replace? I just cannot get plugins to work.


    1. Alex’s avatar

      Ms0:/ is the root of the Vitas memory stick. and a “/” means into the next folder/directory. For Instance, if the plugin was copied to a folder called seplugins (default plugin folder on a regular psp CFW) on the root of the memory stick the path to the plugin that you’d write in the txt file would be “Ms0:/Seplugins/plugin.prx”

      if the plugin was inside it’s own folder inside the Seplugins folder the path would be “Ms0:/Seplugins/folder/plugin.prx”


  4. gunblade’s avatar

    so watch the sony ps4 video aright i guess socailizing seems the thing……


  5. coffincolors’s avatar

    I think you should probably mention th decreased homebrew compatibilty. I’ve definitely had issues launching certain emulators.. also, it may just be my vita, but when i put a certain number of homebrew in the game folder at once they all stop launching. I think 8


    1. Acid_Snake’s avatar

      yeah it’s your vita, or the menu


      1. Someone Else’s avatar


        Noobs crap up their Ark with sloppy plugins/menus/etc, then blame ark.


        1. coffincolors’s avatar

          I am no noob to this, ass. No plugins cluttering emu, clean file system, proper file placement.. i didn’t have a usb cable at one point so i was forced to copying over ark through wifi, so i have a feeling that may have contributed. I was simply expressing that i’ve had isssues, issues i’ve never run into with tn-c. Even if i was new to this, don’t you think it’s better that people are aware that this can happen? Jeeezzzzz


          1. Someone Else’s avatar

            Anyone who thinks Ark has decreased compatibility in any way is a noob who is doing something wrong or sloppy. No offense intended, this is just plain truth.

            Being a “noob” doesn’t mean being “new to using”. It means not understanding the inner workings. Believing it has decreased compatibility because of something you slopped up, etc.

            I mean, even a tiny amount of research/understanding shows that Ark has better compatibility pretty much across the board. Not having even this minimal knowledge, somehow managing to bork its compatibility below even tn-c and then blaming Ark for it, is pretty noob-ish and assy imho.

          2. Someone Else’s avatar

            Also, “this” (decreased compatibility), didn’t happen. A plugin conflicted or you failed to copy things over properly to begin with.

            Even if your ftp program screwed your transfer, any reading or understanding on Ark would have told you it has far superior compatibility and Ark was not to blame.

            I don’t want to fight with you, but you accused the all around more accurate program, of having inferior compatibility. That inaccuracy drove me up the wall.

            I don’t intend to poopoo your name. I simply want to stick up for Ark, who shouldn’t be the whipping boy for personal mistakes. I hope you understand what I am saying more clearly now.

          3. Someone Else Who Is Not The Same’s avatar

            TN-C is superior to ARK in every way imaginable.

            Someone Else is probably foaming at the mouth. The the ARK team is probably holding his family hostage and forcing him to endorse their work.

            It’s a conspiracy.

          4. Someone Else’s avatar

            Someone’s mad that their little comment got countered.


            Do better next time please.

          5. Someone Else’s avatar

            Got ‘countered’? Do ‘better’?

            Are you a f*cking idiot? wtf do you think this is? I swear to god, you have the dumbest posts on this site.

            You’re not smart. Your opinions are all f*cking biased a f*ck. There is not even a slight hint of intellect in your posts.

            And for the record, I’m not the original poster. So you didn’t ‘counter’ anything. What a f*cking idiot.

          6. Someone Else’s avatar

            Oh so you didn’t take a jab at my “don’t force voice chat” post, get all pissy when I replied, then come here to insult an unrelated post?

            Or can your one track mind not remember that you threw a tantrum at me because I want to multiplayer without voice chat.

            The only bias I have is “check your facts before posting blame”. I enjoy sony products, but I’m not afraid to critique features I don’t want.

            You can stop crying and getting things wrong now, little guy.

        2. dentox’s avatar

          Don’t be a queef machine bro


          1. Someone Else’s avatar

            I think you should save comments like that for people who crap stuff up then insult it, for their own mistakes.

          2. Someone Else’s avatar

            I shouldn’t ride the guy so hard though. I stand by my noob comment, but I didn’t take the time to add tact to my other statements. For that, I digress.

            My main point, don’t be a noob. If you can’t get something to work, read about it and see if it’s a real compatibility issue or not. If you’re not that tech literate about the program’s actual compatibility / capabilities, (i.e. noob on the topic) don’t just assume it’s the program’s fault.

          3. Thrawn’s avatar

            Yeah but you know a sNigle in typo in a new revision could break everything?
            Also different methods of achieving sys calls leads to different behavior.
            Why is it that certain converted psx titles stop working on pro b, c and c2 even with a new build of popsloader and all required firmware files?
            Even if they were running fine in m33 and gen d3?
            Tell me?!
            So be carefull who you call a noob, your words can easily turned around.

          4. Someone Else’s avatar

            You don’t have a point.

            You have to learn the new ways this cfw does things, before properly using it, instead of just assuming it uses the old methods.

            It still boils down to “understand the usage instructions before blaming it”, aka don’t blame the wrong thing like a noob. Especially when there are instructions in plain sight.

          5. Someone Else’s avatar

            Also, unless he’s tester, he’s using this (the only) revision, whose compatibility is already known to be far superior. Therefore all my words are backed up by the known stability of this build.

            Therefore, no, there is nothing to turn around.

            If a new revision comes out, that’s an entirely different topic, independent of what I’ve written here.

          6. Someone Else Who Is Not The Same’s avatar

            I think you should save comments like that for people who actually give a sh*t.

            ffs all of your replies are a paragraph long. Why don’t you go write a book or something?

          7. Someone Else’s avatar

            Someone’s mad that their little comment got countered.


          8. Someone Else’s avatar

            Chapter 1: “Someone Else Who Is Not The Same”, aka the child who couldn’t read paragraphs, and got mad and cried when his hate filled trolling was countered by a real man…


            (To be continued, if he keeps a-spewin’ the crap.)

          9. Someone Else’s avatar

            You think you’re a ‘real man’ for posting some sh*t on the internet?

            And in what way did you even ‘counter’ my post?

            I bet you’re some f*cking 19 year old living in his parent’s basement. You’re not a real man for posting garbage on the internet. You’re the same as everyone else here: anonymous

          10. Someone Else’s avatar

            Well see, that’s the difference between actual adults, and you. We don’t have to resort to “herpadyterp, you’s probably a internet basement dwellah” and other clichés, to conduct our argument.

            We also don’t cry over correcting someone who’s playing the blame game.

            The guy was ignorant of how Ark works, and blamed it for something that was his fault.

            As I also pointed out, wasn’t a hostile action anyway. Was just defending Ark, and clarifying.

  6. Cry’s avatar

    and firmwar 2.05 ? :(


  7. duane’s avatar

    Wait a minute; so sound is fully supported for psx on ARK?


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      is it cuz the differce from the psp were u could only play music and the vita were u can play music in the backgoud idk sound issues…


  8. xbsl’s avatar

    is there a way to verify your psn account when you restore system settings on a lower firmware(2.02)?


  9. twenty90seven’s avatar

    Please release a version supporting the Urbanix exploit! pretty please


  10. ducky420’s avatar

    ARK is currently not available for Vita OFW 2.05, but will it be possible to run ISOs/CSOs with current and future exploits for 2.05?


    1. Rusty_Train’s avatar

      i doubt 2.05 will ever come, but after sony next OFW update one could be released


  11. J3LACK--EAGLE’s avatar

    its not vboot its fboot


    1. StepS’s avatar

      fboot on TN, vboot on Ark…


  12. vnt’s avatar

    The time before, I used UNO CEF. I know the way copy ISO that is place it in the UNO save, then it appears at menu screen of UNO exploit.
    But when I used ARK, I use that way but the ISO does not appear. So how to copy ISO from PC to psvita that make it appears at the menu UNO exploit ARK?
    Please don’t mention FTP. It’s too complicate for me.
    Thank you very much. :)


    1. EarlB’s avatar

      Press up to go up or back a directory and then navigate to the savedata folder then go to the npuh***dat00 whatever folder with ymenu you don’t even have to move the files to the iso folder, they load right from the save data folder


  13. EarlB’s avatar

    press up From the Ark menu


  14. IgnusArmagadan’s avatar

    I still can’t get ISOs to show up using ARK for some reason. Found a plugin that works for TN-C that allows the same PSX emulation as ARK, so I’m staying with TN-C untill TN-V is released :p


    1. Someone Else’s avatar

      This confused me too, until I figured it out.
      *** *** ***
      *** *** ***
      Ark doesn’t copy the same way as TN-C.

      Ark’s own save folder can’t be used like

      You have to put the zip files in a folder
      for a *different* game than Uno, then load
      up ark and find that folder.


      1. IgnusArmagadan’s avatar

        That’s ridiculous, lol.


        1. Someone Else’s avatar

          Yeah, I agree.

          I don’t know why they arbitrarily made the Ark save folder non-explorable. The old way was simpler.

          However, once you load up ark, find that zip and install it, it’s in easy reach from then on.


  15. vagner’s avatar

    quando sera lançado para 2.05


  16. vagner’s avatar

    quando sera lançado para 2.05 não aguento mais esperar


  17. Chuck’s avatar

    can i somehow get ark without having uno ?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      They’re working on it :)


      1. Thrawn’s avatar

        Implies that you know something and they have another title with exploit. :)


  18. vagner’s avatar

    por favor wololo libere para nos fans de pspvita uma vhbl para 2.05


  19. Officer jackme’s avatar

    Wow another nerd calling someone a noob it gets old bro but realy Ark really aint that great if it was it would be more as you would say “noob proof” i mean i have been with the multi menu and no probs at all soo easy to use alot less hassle but if you really wanna suport ark team and really give just to their name then insted of calling someone a noob and being an ass about it you probly should try and help them and decuss probs with ark insted of being a dee bag we all the cred the devs of ark have on the playstation scene in general so jus cuz there cred is good doesnt mean there perfect


    1. Someone Else’s avatar

      Suspicious support post.

      He wrongly labled Ark less compatible because he did not understand its basic readme.txt before using it. The improved compatibility is expained on pretty much every readme.

      This is the kind of misinformation that uninformed “noobs” spread. I simply pointed that out, not even pointed specifically at that user, but everyone who types misinformation with zero knowledge behind it. “Noobs” wasn’t specifically talking to him or intended as a jab. “Ass” was, and it got answered.

      This is what noobs do all day and *that* is getting old. I simply pointed that out, in Ark’s defense. I’m not interested in spoon feeding people who couldn’t be bothered to read a tiny instructional readme.


      1. Someone Else’s avatar

        Exactly. I was suspicious of the idiot who is labeling people ‘noobs’ for not liking ARK.

        This idiot thinks he’s ‘superior’ and a bigger ‘man’ for calling people out on the internet.


        1. Someone Else’s avatar

          I’d be more suspicious of the doofus that can’t get his facts strait.

          No one cares whether he likes Ark. With zero understanding on how to use it, he labeled it as “less compatible” for his own big mistakes. It’s easy to use if you read the instructions and get familiar, which he wasn’t.

          Unfamiliar with it, he and countless other lazy noobs apply non-existant faults to it from their own blunders. So yeah, rookie mistake, then blames ark. He should have the blame.

          I see this has made you red in the face though. Methinks someone once called you out on your own mistakes, and you’re still hurting between the buns.


  20. Chris’s avatar

    Ark doesn’t support a lot of my isos including dissidia(Even when I try the psn version). Right back to tn-C just for that game. I wouldn’t say it has less compatibility, however I would say that it definitely isn’t perfect like you people praise it to be either.



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