Three Design Faults of the Vita that Sony Refuse to Recognise.

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  1. poec says:

    I’m lucky, no issues letting the console charging overnight LOL

  2. apadamson says:

    My biggest complaint is with the OLED screen. It’s often blotchy and streaky depending on the video source. Really stood out and bugged me in Mortal Kombat.

    • Saul says:

      I have Mortal Kombat for the Vita as well and I don’t think its the OLED screen, its the way the way the developers did it when moving the movie file from the console version to the Vita. The video may have been compressed to reduce file size.

  3. anon says:

    Crack on screen ?

    Screen will crack only due to physical force, internally OUT, or externally IN.

    Panels do not self combust and self crack. Sorry.

    Have your unit assessed by a repair agent. They will be able to determine the cause of the crack.

    If the crack was caused by external pressure in. Sorry. Someone or some item cracked your screen.

    If they dtermine internal force OUTWARDS caused the crack, follow up with sony.

    Cracks do not happen by magic.

    • Tonakai says:

      Hi there,

      I appreciate your reply, and have already done this. When referring to seemingly random cracks, what I was referring to was an internal issue. It does seem rather random when you’re using it fine, then the next minute it has a crack.

    • Asdfjuma says:

      And this explains why things crack when they suddenly change temperature? The other possibility.

  4. gush says:

    When I received my Vita the screen was not aligned perfectly, and was very noticeable. I eventually broke it to pieces as I couldn’t play it at all at one point because of this.

  5. chcoroplus says:

    My vita one time didnt get charge. I had to open it and unplug the battery to fix it. Sorry for the gramar

  6. Skars says:

    I’ve seen many PSP FAT working flawlessly since its release to actual days, and I want my PS Vita to be called fat in the future too, and still working.

    Good luck

  7. drew says:

    wow that guy really makes me feel like im talking to the *** customer service on sony’s website/phone. thanks for absolutly no help 😀 o and the dark spots on the vita screen is really annoying to

  8. Henry says:

    It’s not so much a fault, than it is a peeve – proprietary memory cards. Sure they have their reasons, but does it have to be so expensive?

  9. Maikson says:

    No, not magic but cience can explain a random crack and can be linked to the temperature problem, an overheat by the charger can enlarge the screen and pressure on the design console by the other periphericals, with too much overheat and the console temperature droping, can cause a crack, it’s design fault.

  10. anon says:

    @ MAlkson.

    OK, so get ANY repair agent to assess that and put it (assessment of defect) on paper. Contact the manufacturor saying you have a third party job report showing manufacture defect. If they (manufacturor) don’t come to the party. Threaten legal and media and comment on their FB page regarding your bad experience and their lack of professionalism. Now watch them change your unit!! Speak with your gov consumer dept also. (All first world countries have good consumer law, third world have no law)

  11. >_> says:

    I haven’t experienced any of these issues myself, but then again I’ve charged my Vita only 3 times over the year I’ve owned it. 99.9% of the time I have it completely powered down, sitting in its protective leather case in my closet. This is due to another “design flaw” of the Vita which is the lack of RPG’s (remakes and ports don’t count) for the system, which are all I play.

  12. Jonathan says:

    My vita screen has black blotches all over it and one dead pixel. Nothing too annoying since they only show up while watching certain tv shows. But still Im disappointed.

  13. anon says:


    Follow above advice. Especially FB page. Especially legal / media threats if problem not resolved. Try it. Thank me later

  14. Chezni says:

    Why the heck would anyone buy |ANYTHING| with a pay weekly scheme o.O????????????


    These sound like isolated incidents of manufacturing errors. It’s unfortunate, but I think calling them “faults” is kind of uncalled for as I think these issues are extremely low.

  15. anon says:

    Guys my point is. Speak badly that SONY are not resolving your problem. on their consumer FB page. this is PUBLIC. and keep doing it until they swap your unit. it makes them look bad. IT creates scenarios where MANAGERS want you ( the customer ) to go away. they will replace your vita!.. Now gogogogo! Brand damage is corporate biggest fear.

  16. itmeagain says:

    the screen crack will happen if the screen experiences super hot and sudden super cold…its like when you heat a glass then immediately submerge it with cold water…

  17. Kacex says:

    You forgot to mention the first batch of 3g ps vitas bugging the heck out… Almost every FEB bundle with 3g seems to have that problem, they fixed it with firmwares but it caused a lot of trouble for me… I tried to fix it once with a workaround and was ok, but later on the firmware didnt load the keyboard and that was the point of no return… Search youtube and youll find it… Sucks to buy from US and no warranties in my country…

  18. Kefkiroth says:

    This is strange… I almost always leave my Vita on in sleep mode overnight to charge, and rarely turn it off. I got mine around a week after launch day.

    I’ve never noticed the charger getting hot, let alone overheating.
    There are a few tiny scratches on my Vita, but nothing that bothers my OCD, let alone the whole OLED screen cracking. And I find my self dropping it quite a few times, nothing major though. Good thing the analog sticks protect the screen in a way by elevating it…
    Wonder if these are merely isolated cases.

  19. cesa says:


  20. jack shepard says:

    i actually somewhat work for sony. i do call center work for centerpartners who is contracted by sony. basically no matter what if something like this happens, no matter how far you decide to take it, or how much you scream at the rep you have you will not get it replaced without paying the out of warranty service fee to get it replaced. sony, center partners, and sitel (who are also contacted by sony) are horrible companies. i personally love my vita and im glad i have one but i do wish it was made by a company that would actually care about it

    • KazuUnix9 says:

      …. what the heck are you doing on this hackers website then? .. (spy) and yes this is a hackers website, psvita hacks mainly.

      • Thrawn says:

        I knew it, i knew it, this site swarms with sony spy.

        Hey sony is not samsung, actually samsung cares about its customers and replaces defective devices no matter what happened to them.
        Sony has to many customers so they have to behave like assh*les to shy them of. (`_´)

        • Saul says:

          I like Samsung. Last week my Galaxy Player 5 stopped powering on and they said they would fix it for free or have it replaced (Free shipping and everything).

          • Thrawn says:

            Yeah I know what you mean. My sg3 was one of those 16GB versions with memory corruption/failure. I had mine flashed with a custom kernel and a few weeks later it stopped booting. I thought the custom kernel was at fault, tried to boot in download mode, nothing. I somehow got wind of that memory failure and sent mine in for repair. Week later I got it back working, of course the custom kernel was gone, due to a mobo replacement, but hey its fixed and working again. :)

    • m says:

      Quickly, BAN this guy! He’s a spy! He’s the reason our exploits are geting fixed!

    • Gradon says:

      You guys are friggen idiots if you think this guy comes here to ‘spy’. He doesn’t even work for Sony, he works at a call center company that Sony CONTRACTS them for. Jesus Christ you guys are stupid.

  21. anon says:

    @jack. Not sure your country, but I’m confident I could get a vita with an internal crack replaced by Sony by :
    a) Spamming your corporate facebook, in a way that depicts “customer” as reasonable and your customercare “unfair” over and over again on Sony’s corporate Facebook Page.
    b) Telling your call centre supervisor that I seek a FAIR resoltuion or will liase with my lawyer and collecting their name, and details where I would issue a summons to.
    c) Threaten bad publicity on stupid *** like forums, blog, youtube and talk back radio
    d) Collecting Sony corporate email contacts and spamming their emails with my terrible customer service horror story, when all I am seeking is replacement.

    ^ The above customer type is “critical risk”. Sony will replace their vita. Believe that.

  22. Jd8531 says:

    Nice article! I didn’t even know about the melting issue, but I did experience something like it that bricked my first vita.

  23. 1234iamreal says:

    This thread is a waste of everyone’s time. I’m sure you can find more cases of random GS3 and 3DS screen cracks than the few Vita’s that you’ve managed to round up.

    It’s called a margin of error within product testing. No mass production process is perfect, there is room for standard errors in any production line, and there are bound to be a few units that fall outside of a “functional sample” and fail to become detected. Simply put, you were unlucky. It’s like buying eggs– if you buy a million of them, you’re bound to find a few bad ones.

    The adapter heating up can be caused by various external factors such as poor electrical work in the house or unstable power sources. Your 27 cases of “reported issues” also represent too small a sample for it to be significant. Your statement therefore lacks both internal and external validity.

    If there was ever an actual issue in the product that is of real significance, there would be a mass recall done. Just like Honda’s car batteries, like Corsair’s SSD’s, and like OCZ’s power supplies. If there isn’t sufficient statistical evidence to demonstrate an actual issue. Manufacturers can only reassure its customers with their limited warranty.

    Personally, Sony has been very reasonable in dealing with my equipment, and replaced 2 out of the 4 PSP’s I’ve owned since 2004. Physical damage is never covered in ANY manufacturer warranty. You don’t throw a brick through a new TV and try to get it replaced. Your “mystery crack” is going to be denied by ANY customer rep over the phone. And if they didn’t, they are not doing their job. Enough said!

  24. anon says:

    @1234iamreal . If you mentioned to sony customer care you were a lawyer and were comfortable moving this to the courts at any moment if desired resolution is not met. (And as long as you paint the desried resolution as being reasonable) You would have received 4 replacement PSPs, not 2. ( As long as you can make a case you are reasonable and have wasted time seeking resolution, yet sony is unreasonable in not providing it )

  25. Jason Aquarii says:

    Lol, looks like whoever the author was they were only concerned about their screen cracking. If your vita didn’t move and wasn’t touched how did you crack it? I know you said heat from charging, but something tells me that you just stumbled upon that after Sony said no to your fix my problem mentality. We get it, you cracked your screen, go buy a new one or deal with it. Don’t go posting an article with no first person sources or data claiming all of the major flaws of the vita, which you list as three.

    In find this funny because of the 20 something flaws that I can think of you choose three I nor anyone I know has experience, one of which breaks the laws of physics implying that the sides of the Vita are so heavy that the device stresses itself into cracking. Which by the way you sadly attempted to make more sense of your situation by throwing in heat as a factor. By then though you have already proven to me that you don’t know what you are talking about and just want to created false closure for your vita that you most likely played a major role in cracking.

    If I were to write a paper on the design flaws of this article I’d have a heck of a lot more than three.

    • wololo says:

      This is why the article is about faults that Sony denies even exist. If these issues were major and happening to a large population, Sony would recognize these issues instead of denying them, which is not what the article is about :)

      There are many physical reasons that could explain what happened to the author’s Vita, but no reason that explains why Sony would refuse to refund him. Remember, they are not selling you hardware anymore, they are selling you the services that you can access with the hardware. By refusing to ship a replacement unit to people who got their device broken (for whatever reason), they are technically losing a customer for their service. They should take Apple as an example, that company has understood a long time ago that by replacing broken hardware for free in many cases, they maintain a happy customer base who will spend much more on services, apps, and digital content.

      • Jason Aquarii says:

        That was until applecare 2.0 lol, but yeah, your right. In some ways if Sony took the overly friendly apple support route they would have far more customers, especially back in the early days of the PS3. However you also have to realize that Sony isn’t getting triple the total cost to build for the vita like apple is the the iPhone pod pad. Don’t think they could afford to pass out vitas the way I used to see iPhone replacents flying around my nearest apple store. Maybe if they took off some of the gimmicky cellphonesque features like the front and back cameras. Im not taking pictures while gaming, and it has sent shown any promises for good AR. More people should be *** about the promise of remote play. They could have easily streamed video to vita and output to ps3, but instead the y make it a feature if developers want to include. Either thats false advertisment, or the people working at Sony are braindead and don’t understand the concept of am remote connection.

  26. anon says:


    Do this. Book in your unit for assessment. include PHOTOS of the distortion on ther unit. ( proof of Intermittent fault. <– important )
    Stronlgy argue against customer induced damage. Have the ASC comment on the screen cover. Any deep scratches, no ? Then that does not indicate customer damage.

    Call up customer care. Provide them the information so far. State to them, that you feel it is unreasonable to be penalized for an intermittant fault and you seek replacement. Request the name of the Sony Manager of service after 2 unsuccessful calls to resolve. Then hit Sony FB with your story and state you have all documentation and want contact from the corporate team because customercare just "doesn't care" about your problem and it is unfair to you as a customer.

  27. JeoWay says:

    I wonder if its only on Devices that weren’t made properly. I have left my Vita charging for almost a week straight since I left it at the house before going to Tennesse and Kentucky. And well, I thikl would have noticed a crack on screen or even my Vita melting (*Sony Facepalm*). The only problem I have, is the Charger being in backwards, and the dark black dots that are stuck on the screen. (But I’ve dropped mine MANY times)

  28. shadowfire90 says:

    something tells me the burning issue is from people using 3rd party, non-licensed chargers or random wall chargers with a usb port on them.
    Of course people posting on the web wont admit if they sc*** up or not in the end.

    As for the screen cracking I am not sure about that one. Did anyone who suffered the cracking flex and put pressure on the system while playing it?
    Again, another question we will never know the truth about on the web.

    I am super careful with everything I own, keeping everything in new condition if possible.

  29. dragng8 says:

    My roof leaked 2 days ago and right onto my vita! It was completely SOAKED! Somehow, it survived. I also dropped it and charged it overnight multiple times. I guess the unlucky ones got stuck with the “lemons”

  30. clicks says:

    I have also noticed intense pressure on the corners of the Vita’s screen, to the point that it interferes with the touch screen interface in the browser and games!

    I had to fiddle with it in my hand VERY lightly and after a somewhat sickly crack and crinkle it was back to normal… Definitely a fault that will affect many Vita owners in the coming year or so.

  31. GlueGun says:

    lol when this happens, call to, yes to sony and tell them to repair or rechange the
    L and R inputs to the screen (touch base) because if you press the sholder buttons the screen
    will have what they call “graphics in motion” (what sony thinks of screen data ((mc=2)) moving is from block to blocks of a data transfering made by same stlye,
    “using system” or #include (header file) there the same by means a digital stream line, (im speaking of video players/games) this will redund the black spots in the screen when you load a game that has that black sceen, oh and tell them, this was a call from psn ID, to sony S.C.E.E (your region). to sony. then they will understand and will safe time :). (speaking of the black spots on the screen).

  32. GlueGun says:

    or better of in “playstation eyepad”.

  33. GlueGun says:

    or better of a “playstation eyepad”.

  34. Voltrom says:

    @GlueGun,, what are you going on about with the L & R triggers and the black blotches on the screen?

    From day one I noticed these darker areas of the screen. It’s the only single flaw and I can’t stand it but accepted it as something unique to the display. I assume all models have this strange affect. If there is no color besides black it will be blotches of varying black. … If your in a dark scene in a movie on Netflix it can be really annoying. Can this be fixed? Only dark DARK areas does it become appearance. This is the only major issue. I do not believe everything else,, of course some models are going to slip thru and have unique issues. Cracking? Randomly? No.

  35. jvhellraiser says:

    A 3 year old kick my Psvita out of my hands fall on the floor
    close to weight lifting equipment,it fell on top of a weight
    and screen got scratch,minor but scratch,call Sony and the tell that it wont cover that it will cost $159 dollars to fix
    the screen thats almost half of what the Psvita cost,NO WAY i left it with the scratch screen. XD

  36. GlueGun says:

    i notice this 3 months after buying the vita, so i got relly annoyed so i went
    and purchased a second vita, after two months of barely using it, like mabey 4-5 times
    powerd on the system tell now,to some it all up its been powerd on for like less then
    15 minutes scene i got the vita for private review’s and just for my self to complain
    and convence on hacking it. coming from a community base environments,
    (dont wanna be that scary creep who add picture to your facebook with facebook hacker, sure friends playing with your posts well your haveing a quality time with the other gameing friend and end up changeing your stats about your self, and relize he/she chaned your settings we all know you can change it back). the moment i turned on the vita there where no blotches yet, this was the 4th time i think, i was prod that there was no glitters, so i then played my other vita games (knowing this will happen, i paused the game pressed L and R left it tryed freazeing the vita then shut off buy holding the vita, asumming it powerd off i then did a normal person would do, and that is to leave it alone, when i turned it back on there it was. so im thinking of getting a dev unit just for the signed executions, then mabey find a public savedata way. because no way i cant decrypt the .psvita file it self not yet so i need a way to enter to find out. :)

  37. gunblade says:

    so over heating in caseing made of platics think to reinforce to case metal brackets like from the pc n put a faceless ac an a backup battery but realy all i uslaly have is lags think its do to over heating man n i was gong to get a usb ac thing online this months think may have to next month ooh i have the nerf case think it help to reinforce the vita sum what

  38. wartaf says:

    not yet happening to me..

  39. Kenster240 says:

    I’ve noticed that when a game is on and the screen goes black, there are a few lines across the screen. Although it doesn’t affect the gameplay, I’m getting a bit worried…

  40. GlueGun says:

    sorry, @Voltrom.

    i was jack machine on that comment because i found that psp flash emu
    source code when i posted that one lol.

    because this is a problom, your createing hate thought about what you spent
    (350+ the first month, psn cards, second is like 100-200) im speaking of the
    presure from within the product that has that “see the future” or “be the future”
    or even worse make.beleive, im telling you, if you just switch the L R inputs to the
    marketed OLED screen you don’t have concerns, you dont have the costomer asking about some random arcayn thory speaking agents there technology!,
    no more of that screen play for needs, is perfect, its, its the gaikai running with 8.5 mbps games multiplayer call of duty ps3 games. do you agree? i mean if sony did this, houses would not “nearly”burn down.

  41. F says:

    The picture of the fried Vita?


  42. natejunior says: ps vita is always in sleep mode because i dont have mutch time for play and is still months,not week,in this mode and when the battery is over,just recharge,no problem,and there is always one game in “standby”,now i have silent hill in sleep mode,whit firmware 1.81,mad blocker exploit,no problem,my vita is the first line product in europe,buy at launch,maybe the new line of product..

  43. Jan says:

    What about bleeding spots on the oled screen whil playng in the dark ? I think the firmware is a fault too , when the console came out it had a terrible webbrowser , almost unusable , even now it dose not suport full html 5 , full java , and no flash. Another hardware and software fault is the poor battery life , 4 hours on the internet , or watching videos , 8 hours of music an 3:30 hours of playing an upscale resolution game with huge pixels like uncharted seems lame …

  44. quetz says:

    mine got a year right now, felt one time, no big deal since i had a hard shell protector. still looks brand new taking it out

  45. japsander says:

    i left my vita on charge for weeks on end whilst it was forgotten about behind the sofa. no issues here.

    while i dont like sonys methods in many regards, their service to me in regards to faults has been excellent.

    2 x ps1 consoles replaced
    1 x ps2 replaced
    1 x ps3 replaced

    all my replacements were done on the doorstep, i.e. courier comes, swaps consoles and goes again. timescale was a week at most on all occasions

    i did not need to argue at all about any of them.
    im sure that explaining a cracked screen in a way that makes it look like a design flaw is pretty tough though

  46. Quhark says:

    so this is the place whee the normal and smart people are,in the gaming universe.anyway i turn off vita and leave it evry night charging no problems happened

  47. ruggers says:

    dark botch in screen is quite normal in oled screen.even galaxy s2 and tab 7.7 have this issue.both are oled screen

  48. plinkerfly says:

    heating is caused by the quad core of the vita console casing is to absorb the heat of the not really… the heating crawled its way to every part of the vita..including the screen. with a console this small the vita will heat up at intense gaming. add the “gaming while charging”.. TADA!! cracked screen… a case protector will help dissipate heat from the console. TADA! temporary solution. aluminum case protector…anyone?

  49. renato says:

    I Think one of the vita’s problem is the power button is too near the L button. Every now and then Instead of clicking on the L button and I click on the power, getting it into the sleep mode.

  50. Voltrom says:

    From back when even before the vita came out I got ahold of the specs and a video showing this so called “augmented reality”. …. Uhh so how do I use such AR? Becuase to date the camera on the vita is damn near USELESS.

    • gunblade says:

      hahah .. i have yet to get to play the soccer ar game cant seems to get the stadium set up right fireworks dough is the funnest i have played so far

  51. CaptainStupid says:

    I have had no such issue with mine, and personally, think these are one off issues rather than a general fault with the device.

    Had my vita for more than a month and i see no scratch.
    I have also not had issues with charging, though most of the time i charge from my laptop.

    What i consider a major issue are the finger grips and their location… if i were to use the finger grips, i would effectively be gaming with my finger tips.. i never game like this. I hold the vita in the palms of my hands so my finger tips rest of the touch screen. for some games this may not be the best regarding the rear touch screen, but it is the best holding position. at least in my opinion.

    • hammer says:

      I can believe the melting issue, one day I picked up my vita (it had been charging overnight) and it was so hot that I thought it was going to be fried for sure, lucky it wasn’t but imagine if I didn’t use it for a couple of days.
      this has only happened once, so I’m betting it was a software issue that has since been fixed
      and I can see the cracked screen due to the unit being over packed, if you look at the bottom left on the back of the vita. You will see a buldge from the unit being too packed (not sure if they fixed this but most launch models have it)

  52. kay says:

    I have the screen cracking thing. I’ve had my vita 3 months and never dropped it but i have dark spots that only show during black loading screens.

    • xian183 says:

      Kay, all vitas have this, it is because of the OLED technology and is usually only noticeable on a dark screen

      • hgoel0974 says:

        exactly, the screen tries to show black and as we all know very well black light doesn’t make sense, it isn’t even a flaw, just a side effect of having such a beautiful screen 😉

  53. silkyskeeter says:

    You must have just gotten a defective unit…. Ive manhandled the heck out of PsVita and it still works great. Took it to the work site, fell out of my pocket from 3 stories up and only the corner chipped. Dropped hot embers onto the touch screen and you cant even tell. Let a 2yo play with it, chew on, and throw it around (because Vita had no games I cared about back then so I figured why not) and still works great. The ONLY issues I have had with my PsVita was that it BLOD’d on me 3 times (which hasnt happened since I bought the unit in Feb of last year), screen would/will freeze if I link my email to the email app, and if you have just a little bit of moisture on your finger, when you touch the screen, the whole screen will spaz out and become uncalibrated. With no option to recalibrate the touch, you have to completely turn the unit off (not sleep), wipe off the screen, and turn it back on.

  54. Chezni says:

    Manufacturing error =! Design flaw

    A design flaw is something that is consistently causing problems.

    I don’t believe the screen cracked in half for no reason. You’re probably leaving out important details or ignored some other factor. This does not give any indication that the design of the device could have stopped this from happening.

    Manufacturing errors, on the otherhand, happen in every sector of industry. Nothing humans make is perfect.

    • Someone Else says:

      However, that’s still an issue on sony’s end, of building the device. (which seems to be the main point of the article.)

      Whether the flaw is in their console design, or their manufacturing plant design, there seems to be one somewhere, leading to some cases like this.

      It is pretty awful that they won’t replace the few consoles this happens to, and in doing so earn more customer trust and loyalty.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        Yes, they really should replace faulty units but I wouldn’t really blame Sony too much about the defective consoles themselves, I would suppose that it is a flaw in some devices and it seems like it might just be a short circuit but I think that given the fact that the device is super heavily packed, it might just be time to look for more precise machines.

        Also, I guess the PSVita just has too much power, I have heard that we can’t crank the thing up to 2 GHz because it would catch fire, Sony just couldn’t do anything, as powerful as modern electronics are, portable devices can’t have any active cooling systems because there just isn’t enough room, we probably might see a PSVita which can go at 2 GHz in 10 years or so, when the technology to either run processors without much heat or passive cooling tech improves.

  55. Ronald says:

    This article is wrong about overheating its caused by people getting oil from their hands in the charger slot causing it to burn the slot.

    • Someone Else says:

      Oil from your hands should not make the charger slot burn. That is the flaw. Other handhelds handle this normal interaction just fine.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        Why do you have oil on your hands when handling a touchscreen device? 😕

      • Someone Else says:

        “Oil from your hands” is what your fingerprints are made of.

        See that greasy streak when you swipe the vita’s screen? Same stuff.

        If you can’t handle the charger slot with your bare fingers, (and their natural oil) that is definitely a design flaw.

        Now if he’s talking about people who had *motor* oil on their hands (which I doubt), then yeah they did that to themselves. But if the skin’s natural ‘oil’ did this, serious design flaw.

        • McLoven says:

          well there u have it folks, DON’T oil your VITA, It will most definitely not make it run smoother :)

          • Someone Else says:

            Replying without reading, a new trend?

            Here let me fix that for ya:

            “Well there u have it folks, don’t touch your vita’s port with your fingers and your natural skin-oils, it might break it due to bad design.”


          • Someone Else says:

            Even if you just washed your hands 3 times, they have oil. Your own glands create this oil.(called sebum)

            So it sounds like just touching the charger port with your (clean) fingers can break your Vita.

            That should not happen.

          • crack head mcgee says:

            Don’t worry McLoven, I got your joke :).

          • Someone Else says:


            WE NEED MORE BBCS

  56. Evil_Dooms says:

    I have noticed black dots on my vita aswell, when im playing metal gear solid hd (mgs2) before the loading screen the black is lighter so the dark black dots show up.

    But if you display any other colors you cant see it, it seems its semi defective and only shows up on certain levels of blacks.

    Also i got my ps vita at launch aswell.

  57. Kyu says:

    …business slow in Wololo eh? xp

  58. Shapeshifter says:

    I wish they make ps vita like the psp 1k or 3k,they had the best grip and performance respectively and never broke down on me in fact I haven’t bought a vita yet and probably won’t soon will wait for vita 2

  59. Curiousme96 says:

    *** is true, I just got my ps vita not too long ago and when I turn it off to go to sleep and put like a cloth under it to make sure it won’t get any rear screen scratches and when I wake up the next day there were scratches. Man this is *** me a bit.

  60. Cosmin2310 says:

    eny1 now how to install the gPSP on VHBL? I have FW 2.05 with a game exploit and I want to install the gPSP roms :(

  61. fofix says:

    I wont be able to sleep tonight….. :ddd

  62. 313 says:

    I think you may have got a defective unit.

    I accidentally dropped my Vita on concrete (luckily I keep it in a soft cover pouch, similar to the old PSP one). It had a couple of chips on the side, but its fine nonetheless.

    I’ve had my Vita since launch day, and bought a warranty on it. I’m debating on whether I should trade it in for a new Vita (and lose my UNO exploit) or just keep it as it is.

  63. Skars says:

    Overheating when related to charging generally is caused by short circuit.

    sometimes it may be very difficult to find out what and where exactly is the problem.

    Of course, if some piece came faulty its Sony to blame, but if is possible to see short circuit in pins, on the cable or console port, could prevent a waste or even an accident.

  64. JonathanH says:

    I have never had any of these problems.

    But not displaying an indicator when you try to resume from standby or turning on the system is a hassle.

    It must have to do with you halfway plugging in your power source.

  65. Acid_Snake says:

    you can’t really call them design faults if it only affects 23 or so customers, that’s like 0.001%, a design fault was the red ring (around 30% failure rate at it’s peak) or ps3 blu-ray lasers burning out (mostly the cheap ones used in the 40GB model). Not even the yello light of death is considered a design fault as it only affected a small amount of owners compared to the red ring (about 5% of consoles).

  66. sneax673 says:

    I have a prelaunch model Vita and i have had no problems with it at all. That sounds more like defective models to me. Btw posting from my Vita lol

  67. xentar says:

    Regardless of whether these are design flaws or manufacturing errors it’s pretty terrible that Sony won’t replace the unit. They have few enough loyal consumers as is and this practise won’t help.

    I’m lucky that I live in a country (Australia) where fair trading consumer laws will protect me and the retailer I purchased from would be obligated to replace the unit.

  68. Jesus says:

    your vitas screen cracked by looking at it …. ??? …. yeah i think someone dropped it HARD when you werent around and left it there for you to find…. lol

  69. gunblade says:

    what with when the vita screen goes black and the blue light starts blinking i tought the thing sumhow ened up lagging wen it was in sleep mode n since the light flashs wen the live screen updates or a download is done i tought that was the case i heard i shuldent play while chargening ..if u think about it the first xbox 360 had big trouble overheating

    • NNNRT says:

      All electronic devices mustn’t be used while charging, as that causes overheating and/or decrease in battery life. 😉

      BTW I leave my PSVita charging while I’m sleeping everyday. :mrgreen:

  70. Shapeshifter says:
    They even have a page for it meaning they knw abt their design flaw

    Btw Atleast the ps vita is finally cracked outside the psp emu!

  71. crudedude says:

    i always make it a habit to rest any device with a exposed screen like the vitas unexposed with its back facing up and on a soft piece of cloth underneath. i also cover them with screen protectors and clean them at least once for every i use them. with a screen as large and beautiful as the vitas leaving it exposed is almost like asking for it to be damaged. but i a little paranoid and always expect the worst things to happen.

  72. psvita-freak says:

    There’s nothing wrong with mine Vita…
    Just got the feeling that my htc wildfire s overheats faster… LOL… :)

  73. qwazed says:

    This is the worst article I read on this site, seriously, its a biased and generalised personal experience, just because you had a defected vita that aparently cracs its own screen overnigh (loool, you might consider taking into account that you have ghosts btw) meens jack ***, i know lots of people with vitas that dont have even a dead pixel.

    Its clear that most of you lack basic knowlegde about tech in general and dont even know what olead means and do.

    Oh and btw gotta call the fire department just in case my vita melts during the night and burns down my house, they’l know what to do.


  74. fallenOne says:

    The position of the start and select buttons S****!

  75. DarthDiggler says:

    This all sounds very anecdotal to me and that doesn’t mean you won’t find people with similar stories, but immediately coughing this up as a design flaw without any sort of scrutiny into the situation is pretty presumptive.

    Perhaps a little more investigation is in order.

    • Someone Else says:

      Why does he need scrutiny, to tell him this is a design flaw?

      If it cracked without even touching it, he can be pretty sure it wasn’t anything he did…

      Even if he theoretically had freezing temperatures wherever he lives, the device should handle that without cracking.

      • Yes says:

        It could be a random error that was caused during the manufacturing process. In that case, it isnt really related to the design itself.

        • Someone Else says:

          Yeah but errors in the manufacturing proccess is a design flaw in the factory, in my opinion. Sure, we can nitpick the author’s term, but his point is valid. When the product is flawed by no fault of the customer, sony needs to fix/replace it for free.

          Especially if it’s still under warranty

          • Yes says:

            I dont think it is nitpick, i just wanted to point out that there is a quite noticeable different between a design flaw and a random manufacturing error.

            But sure, i would be *** if i didnt get a refund for a product that broke, and i was not the reason for why it broke. I fully agree with that.

          • Yes says:

            My cookies cleared i think, and i dont remember which e-mail adress i used previously, that is why my avatar is different now.

          • Someone Else says:

            In my opinion, your a f*cking ***.


    • gunblade says:

      well they say there a 4g model so i guess if u think about it there was desing flaw in the first gen of ps vita mines lags hard wen i first got it freez up ….

  76. Yes says:

    I’m not sure if they refuse to recognise this. I think that they take these reports seriously. But as with all electronic devices, random errors can happen. It doesnt necessarily have to do with design flaws, it could be random errors that happends at manufacturer level.

    That said, it really sucks for those who experience these errors. I’m glad that i live in a country in Europe that has about 1 year warranty on pretty much all electronic devices. Paying nearly the same amount as the unit itself cost is something that i wouldnt have done myself. In that case, i think that i’d rather just buy a new one instead. Or maybe buy a used unit to save some money.

    • Someone Else says:

      Well it’s a fault on their end causing it, and they don’t pay the replacement charge. To me, that’s refusing to recognize it.

      • Yes says:

        I think the problem is that it is hard to prove if the fault was caused by the user or during manufacturing. But i fully agree that i would be *** if this happened to me and i was not the reason for that it broke. I would have demanded my money back, or demanded to get it repaired for free, eventhough it might not be easy to get it. That is why i’m glad that i live in a country where there is good warranty systems in place. But i could understand the frustration about items breaking early in their lifecycle and then you have to pay full price to get it fixed.

  77. James Way says:

    I don’t really like my Vita. I never wanted to purchase it, but it interested me to be able to play FF7 and chrono cross on the go. Those two reasons were not reasons enough for me to buy it, so I wasn’t. My girl on the other hand DID buy it for me. I used it to play FF7 and rayman and I’m on Homebrew right now from v 1.8(?) and chrono cross doesn’t work for it. It does work on 2.0 so I might just update. Aside from that, I leave it on all the time, charge it whenever the fack I want, and if it ever burns up, melts or cracks, well then, fack them I won’t buy another sony product period. I have a vaio that doesn’t work, and I paid 2K for it, the bluetooth is not working, some leds on it don’t turn on, I bought it from the sony store and I got the accidental plan for it and a backup disc, that when I went to reflash my OS, did not work. I restore everything on all my laptops once a year, just to get rid of *** I don’t care for but remains hidden. I had to take it back to the store and they had to do it their way. Bluetooth used to work with my cellphone jabra, which was awesome as I got to speak/hear in the games or listen to media at work without interrupting others, but now it does not recognize the proper music service on the jabra. I can use it for skype only. I’ve reloaded the drivers and still no such luck. I definitely should have gone with the lenovo I wanted…though I really wanted a laptop with a dock that had hdmi, the one I have now is parked right in front of my bravia, which is about the only thing that works. I have their 720dn receiver which is good mostly, but at times does the capacitor sound that you get when you turn a receiver on, but I didn’t turn it on and it doesn’t turn on anyways. Not an issue, but weird. Their PS3 has its own issues and PSN is routinely down. I have their tablet S which if it weren’t for the fact that I bought it, wanted the remote feature, I would have thrown it in the air and yelled pull by now. Browser crashes randomly, reboots randomly, or seemingly randomly, freezes, just like the vita completely not rootable, version 4.0, so good programmers can’t at least try their hands at making a workable OS. Even the reason I got it for, the remote, tends to suck and crash on me when I use it, which tends to be when I need it the most, to change the channel or turn on the tv. At which point I toss it on my couch and run to get my good ole trusty remote control. They’re one of those people that does everything shittily, instead of one thing perfectly. Though Google seems to be good at that. All their things are nice to look at but tend to end up being paperweights. My vita has gone unused in months and honestly, I don’t think I noticed…or missed it.

  78. shogrran says:

    Can’t really believe the screen cracking thing. Sorry. But have you ever thought maybe some *** dropped something on it while it was charging and you weren’t paying attention? I don’t think it’s physically possible judging by the entire weight of the vita itself.

  79. mer2329 says:

    i personally dropped my Vita and it still works
    heres the story:
    as i am running for the bus, my vita slipped out of my pocket hit the concrete. It tumbled, and hit the concrete at least 2 more times. Then came to rest in some dirt near a tree

    i guess i should count myself lucky. thanks for the info

  80. hammer says:

    well maybe I am a noob lol it seems that the battery itself should have a internal circuit to prevent overcharging.oh well you win some , and you lose some.

  81. gunblade says:

    major fail the vita front camera right by the square and triangle not good u over the camera at time.

  82. Bouzery says:

    One problem that I have had is when I take my vita outside it freaks out. Its almost like the vita controls itself and freaks out. In apps or games the touchscreen doesnt respond. But when you are on the menu (or Live Area Screen) the page wipe out animation freaks out and other stuff. I believe its because I live in Finland and its -19 celsius. I have a video of it.

    • Poodleinacan says:

      Well, -19 celsius may be considered as an extreme temperature.
      I would be careful with playing on the PS vita outside at temperatures like that.

  83. tonyneyer says:

    i have had my vita ever since it came out and have never had anything wrong with it, the charger, or the oled screen (however i do have the bloches in low light, but only two), however now my vita wont charge; i plug my vita into the charger and what ever is running crashes and the buttons are rendered useless. even the power btton i couldnt even preform a hard reboot. i hqd to just let it sit until the battery died, so i unplugged the charger and the psvita, and let it sit in a dry bathtub (just in case it somehow caught on fire) and overnight the battery died. when i plugged it into the charger the red light went on and it charged but i started to hear a humming noise from the charger. so i let it charge with me watching it, eventually got boared and put it back in the dry bathtub on a towel to charge. nohing caught on fire, but i the noizgot louder and louder qnd now it sounds like a variation of frequancy. it *** off my cat aswell so i had to keep charging in the bath tub. anyway my charger stopped working one day (i alwys turned off the vita just thouht id throw that in). and it started to smell like burning lead. so i unplugged it and threw it away, i had to let it cool down because it was *** hot! but wnyway now i had to get a new charger. i went with another official ps vita charger ant the same crashing happens on the vita, so i charge it when its off,but no smell or noize coming from the charger

  84. Jackie says:

    If your vita is under a year old,you need to call back sony.Because what has happened you got was is known as a thermal crack which is covered under warranty. The reason I know because I work in warranty, not for not small electronics but appliances. I know that it sounds odd but the samething happens to smooth top ranges,thats why I know the difference. Plus the same thing happened to my son and I just got off the phone with sony and they tried to tell me the warranty was voided because of the crack until I told them about the difference between phycial crack and a thermal one,now they are sending me a prepaid box for warranty repair.Sorry so long.

  85. patty says:

    I had the same *** , out of nowhere my lcd was broken, it was just lying on the table , next morning glass chatterred

  86. JonMichael says:

    The same thing happened to me, we called Sony and they said it was a user error, I kept telling them the below screen cracked, and they kept telling me ‘You must have dropped it and forgot about it.’ since the warranty does not say anything about the screen cracking not counting, I was really mad. I called again and said that the ‘inside mechanisms’ (AKA the lower screen) Where not working, they are going to ‘get back to me.’

  87. Ahfat says:

    this just happened to mine, it’s on the bed and suddenly it just cracked in the morning… what’s the point of protective glass if the screen inside still crack for no clear reason. if one random mysterious accident is enough to ruin this handheld, sony really need to evaluate the vita design. repairing this probably cost almost the same as buying the new one, and this just *** me off big time because it’s a birthday present from my wife!

  88. I got a PS Vita yesterday and the only issue I have with it so far is that when I turn it off and then back on a little later, the time on it skips an hour ahead. I haven’t been able to find a solution…

  89. Darryl says:

    Had my Vita 4 months, I did leave it charging overnight. Woke up the next morning and it charger and the area the charger connects into was burnt. Sent it off to Sony and they claimed, “Liquid Damage” and said unrepairable and no replacement. Got myself a great doorstop now.

  90. Poodleinacan says:

    I’ve had my Ps vita for 2 years ago, and I did charge my vita overnight a few times (but not many), and I never had any problem.

  91. another user says:

    Holy moly. That overheating picture you used is hilarious. Yeah. I guarantee your Vita will not look like that if it overheats. That is clearly a picture of a Vita that has been microwaved. You must be a special kind of conspiracy theory nu . XP. Thanks for a good chuckle. Sorry about the broken Vita. It really is a fantastic unit.

  92. Hipno702 says:

    I put my fat 3g Vita in my pocket. Took it out 5 minutes later and the inside screen had cracked (not the glass) Luckily I was able to get a refund since it was a pawn shop purchase. But are OLED’s really pressure sensitive? Either way I just ordered the slim Vita and hopefully this one fares better than the last.

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