Three Design Faults of the Vita that Sony Refuse to Recognise.

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  1. gunblade says:

    major fail the vita front camera right by the square and triangle not good u over the camera at time.

  2. Bouzery says:

    One problem that I have had is when I take my vita outside it freaks out. Its almost like the vita controls itself and freaks out. In apps or games the touchscreen doesnt respond. But when you are on the menu (or Live Area Screen) the page wipe out animation freaks out and other stuff. I believe its because I live in Finland and its -19 celsius. I have a video of it.

    • Poodleinacan says:

      Well, -19 celsius may be considered as an extreme temperature.
      I would be careful with playing on the PS vita outside at temperatures like that.

  3. tonyneyer says:

    i have had my vita ever since it came out and have never had anything wrong with it, the charger, or the oled screen (however i do have the bloches in low light, but only two), however now my vita wont charge; i plug my vita into the charger and what ever is running crashes and the buttons are rendered useless. even the power btton i couldnt even preform a hard reboot. i hqd to just let it sit until the battery died, so i unplugged the charger and the psvita, and let it sit in a dry bathtub (just in case it somehow caught on fire) and overnight the battery died. when i plugged it into the charger the red light went on and it charged but i started to hear a humming noise from the charger. so i let it charge with me watching it, eventually got boared and put it back in the dry bathtub on a towel to charge. nohing caught on fire, but i the noizgot louder and louder qnd now it sounds like a variation of frequancy. it *** off my cat aswell so i had to keep charging in the bath tub. anyway my charger stopped working one day (i alwys turned off the vita just thouht id throw that in). and it started to smell like burning lead. so i unplugged it and threw it away, i had to let it cool down because it was *** hot! but wnyway now i had to get a new charger. i went with another official ps vita charger ant the same crashing happens on the vita, so i charge it when its off,but no smell or noize coming from the charger

  4. Jackie says:

    If your vita is under a year old,you need to call back sony.Because what has happened you got was is known as a thermal crack which is covered under warranty. The reason I know because I work in warranty, not for not small electronics but appliances. I know that it sounds odd but the samething happens to smooth top ranges,thats why I know the difference. Plus the same thing happened to my son and I just got off the phone with sony and they tried to tell me the warranty was voided because of the crack until I told them about the difference between phycial crack and a thermal one,now they are sending me a prepaid box for warranty repair.Sorry so long.

  5. patty says:

    I had the same *** , out of nowhere my lcd was broken, it was just lying on the table , next morning glass chatterred

  6. JonMichael says:

    The same thing happened to me, we called Sony and they said it was a user error, I kept telling them the below screen cracked, and they kept telling me ‘You must have dropped it and forgot about it.’ since the warranty does not say anything about the screen cracking not counting, I was really mad. I called again and said that the ‘inside mechanisms’ (AKA the lower screen) Where not working, they are going to ‘get back to me.’

  7. Ahfat says:

    this just happened to mine, it’s on the bed and suddenly it just cracked in the morning… what’s the point of protective glass if the screen inside still crack for no clear reason. if one random mysterious accident is enough to ruin this handheld, sony really need to evaluate the vita design. repairing this probably cost almost the same as buying the new one, and this just *** me off big time because it’s a birthday present from my wife!

  8. I got a PS Vita yesterday and the only issue I have with it so far is that when I turn it off and then back on a little later, the time on it skips an hour ahead. I haven’t been able to find a solution…

  9. Darryl says:

    Had my Vita 4 months, I did leave it charging overnight. Woke up the next morning and it charger and the area the charger connects into was burnt. Sent it off to Sony and they claimed, “Liquid Damage” and said unrepairable and no replacement. Got myself a great doorstop now.

  10. Poodleinacan says:

    I’ve had my Ps vita for 2 years ago, and I did charge my vita overnight a few times (but not many), and I never had any problem.

  11. another user says:

    Holy moly. That overheating picture you used is hilarious. Yeah. I guarantee your Vita will not look like that if it overheats. That is clearly a picture of a Vita that has been microwaved. You must be a special kind of conspiracy theory nu . XP. Thanks for a good chuckle. Sorry about the broken Vita. It really is a fantastic unit.

  12. Hipno702 says:

    I put my fat 3g Vita in my pocket. Took it out 5 minutes later and the inside screen had cracked (not the glass) Luckily I was able to get a refund since it was a pawn shop purchase. But are OLED’s really pressure sensitive? Either way I just ordered the slim Vita and hopefully this one fares better than the last.

  13. Eix says:

    ive only had a screen issue twice
    first one was a large plant that was thrown at me
    sc*** up the screen but protected my leg
    then $40 later my replacement screen causes a little strip on the left side to not register touch
    some games are nearly unplayable but most games i like dont need that area of the screen

    my bed has a bed on top of it that is never used so i someties put stuff up there
    my vita fell from it ~7 feet and survived with only a small dent in the plastic

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