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TN-V will support all exploits

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  1. Chuck says:

    Do i need one of the games to hack my vita or ill be able to hack it when TN_V will be released ?

  2. Kgon says:

    I hate mi life and all this complex ( to me ) exploits , kernels , vhbls, arks, cfws stuff and methods to have homebrew on vita …but what i hate most is to wait for a method that works with 2.05 firm (Wich i have) so i won’t be able to play neogeo emulator that was the only thing a wanted to do with vita….damn i’m so unhappy…i’ll buy a psp to play with while some genius decides to do something with 2.05 firm…..

  3. Wil says:

    How can i do to Put programs in UNO exploit, I have it but I can put programs
    Because it says that I have to update it, but if I update
    It I’m lost the tn-menu

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