TN-V will support all exploits


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74 Responses

  1. chuckthetekkie says:

    Figures, the one feature I was hoping for won’t be included. I wanted USB support.

    I do hope that the exploit for 2.05 stays far away from Sony until Sony vastly improves the Vita with a huge update.

    • gunblade says:

      the next big sony vita update should be around the ps4 realse n n come with the 4g think it will be for wifi , remote play,they will probly add more new fetures for the ps4 n vita conection much like the remoteplay cross play function hopefuly they fix the small thing like app lags..

  2. dave ross says:

    Does this mean I can update and not worry?

    • Lymus says:

      “Furthermore, just to add clarification there are no exploits available and most likely wont be one for firmware 2.05”

      so …. no you shouldn’t …

  3. yosh says:

    Everybody’s Tennis too 😉 lol

  4. The Z says:

    The Tennis exploit should work too. And the other Monster Hunter exploits should work aswell. 😉

  5. >_> says:

    Sweet, looking forward to this. 😀

  6. Leires says:

    Sweet deliciousness. I’m gonna be selling or trading my vita for someone elses come Soul Sacrifice, but that’s great news that anyone with an exploit can use it. : D

  7. mystic_shadow says:

    This is sweet I cant wait and looks like I gotta buy another vita lol for soulS good work Tn

  8. diamondmeek says:

    If you look on they have a 2.05 VHBL game exploit an more. It’s in Turkish though so user Google Chrome for translating or good luck reading it.

  9. Nemesis says:

    What a great news!!!! by the way what’s the open cma ps3 trick??? I’m on 2.02 and I recently got an updated my ps3. Can I still copy games from the console to the vita ? if so how ?? LONG LIVE WOLOLO!!!…..BEST MAN ON EARTH!!!

    • yoretro727 says:

      please lemme kno too

    • IgnusArmagadan says:

      I would like a link to instructions for this trick as well, lol. =p

    • HIMFan says:

      The trick is simple. But before you do it you must buy whatever game for the exploit on your PS3 first. A PSPMini would be your best bet, they’re all inexpensive. I haven’t tried all of them but Urbanix seemed to be the easiest. Secondly you must have CMA on your PC and OpenCMA installed after that. So here are the steps.
      1. Go to the CMA app on your Vita.
      2. Connect it to the PC. (I always recommend making a backup of everything too, especially if you’re about to connect it to the PS3 in step 4.)
      3. After its plugged in and waiting for you to transfer something, you’ve effectively created a portal to the Vita that didn’t exist before. So, without touching anything, or closing anything, unplug the Vita. Take the Vita and its cord and plug it into your PS3.
      4. Go to the game that you downloaded and installed and press Triangle on it.
      5. Choose copy and select the Vita as the recipient.
      6. That’s it! You can exit the CMA app if you wish. But I recommend backing up the newly downloaded game to your PC. (that way you don’t have to use this PS3 method everytime).

      Side note, you can still play the game on the PS3 as well. That’s what I did, bought it for the Vita exploit but kept using it on my PS3 as to not conflict save files 😀

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      I rescently got the “please update” on my vita. At that point it would not let me connect to open cma. I had to restore my psv in order to connect to cma. Here are the steps that I took. This process registers the vita as well.

      1: restore psv (only if u have the update psv issue)
      2: sign in through the restore
      3: put vita in airplane mode
      4: connect the vita to computer using open cma
      5: unplug the vita without exiting open cma
      6: plugin to ps3 and select ps3 on the vita cma
      7: download uno through the ps3 (must have game in bubble form on ps3)
      8: enjoy your exploit :-)

      DO NOT restore if you do not have a ps3 as you will not be able to register the psv and use any current exploits.

      • aki says:

        how do you keep it in bubble form? And how do you get it onto ps3 without buying,.. I mean I have 15 Vita games so it is not pirating stuff but I’ll do it if there is a way to get one of those *fixed/removed* games onto vita

  10. Dutt says:

    What about unreleased exploits?

    • Jd8531 says:

      If another kernel exploit is ever released, then it should work on that fine.

      • Dutt says:

        i mean different game same kernal 2.02fw

        • yosh says:

          for a different user exploit kernel exploits naturally work the same.
          but there’s always the path and such to change depending on the user exploit, so would require few manual changes (usually doable with mere binaries if you know what you’re doing)
          but maybe tn will even still have his “easy to port” method running

  11. johnno says:

    Where it says there will be no USB functionality, does that mean I won’t be able to hook the Vita to my laptop to transfer games via Vita FTP anymore ?

    That is the only way that works for me transferring games and need this to work.

    • gunblade says:

      its jus for the psp emulator like say if yu was thinking to do wat i was an use the usb port to connect a hard drive n run it from the psp emu on the vita n play hombrew thats on the hard drive one idea i had around the whole psp sandbox was to connect the psp usb to the vita accesery port but jus saying wat i was thinking

    • Sylen7Nato says:

      uhhh, FTP is made so that you wont have to use the USB…everything is transferred over wifi…the USB cord has nothing to do with the communication between your PC and the Vita when using the FTP server.

  12. Orange Finger says:

    Not that anyone cares, but that android port onto psvita contest is ending soon I think…

  13. My dream come true still urbanix, Thanks TN,and wololo.

  14. bromanbro says:

    Awesome news. Also, Vita FTP will work, because that uses wireless not USB. In other words, anything that works on eCFW will work on TV-v, but you still won’t have USB because the Vita’s port is proprietary (plus the USB port isn’t emulated in the PSP emulator).

    • gunblade says:

      think they emulathing the psp go n the new psp the won with no wifi

    • johnno says:

      Bromanbro, that sounds good then to me. I’m not sure what you guys are talking about. What else uses USB. The only thing I know is just charging and hooking it up to your pC via USB cable ?

  15. frosty says:

    Everybody’s Tennis is available at 1.61 and below, but Motorstorm is available at 1.61. AFAIK

  16. frosty says:

    Everybody’s Tennis is available at 1.61 and below, but Motorstorm is available at 1.60. AFAIK

  17. Yuu says:

    This is rather pleasant news, thanks to everyone involved and Mr Jd8531 for the news update. :)

    I think as far as exploits being released, we will see a 2-3 month gap in the coming months due to all the conferences happening so users should take note. E3 being the biggest would bring a Vita FW update.

  18. wartaf says:

    great news, although i already read it on forum 😀

    that’s a relief for us who didnt updated to get the UNO exploit.

  19. Matthew says:

    It is possible to downgrade ps vita firmware 2.05 to 2.01??

    • gunblade says:

      i dont think there any public downgrader i is becuz sony did like the same thing they did with the ps3 in 3.60 with there slim that loaded the firmware from a flash memory or sumthing..

      • gunblade says:

        i dont think there any public downgrader. i think it is becuz sony did like the same thing they did with the ps3 in 3.60 with there slim that loaded the firmware from a flash memory or the firmware on the vita is kinduf hard to get to by software..

  20. gux2k3 says:

    newbe here, thanks man

  21. johnno says:

    Also I really hope Motor Storm works with this release as I have tried many images of this game with no luck using the Uno exploit.

    And I wonder if compatibility will be better worse with this does anyone know ?

  22. MRCHUNKS says:

    Download It on Monday!

  23. cesa says:

    TN-V suporte bluetooth

  24. FoFiX says:

    tn-v suports blue tooth?!

  25. Renan Bianchi says:

    Does anyone know where i can find this openCMA trick that wololo mentioned?

  26. NEO-B says:

    Hi, I have a Vita on 1.80. Am I too late for the 1.80 Monster Hunter exploit?

    • stepenlu07 says:

      No your fine, but if you have a ps3 you can buy the uno game and update your vita to 2.02 fw then transfer the game to your vita.

  27. Dario says:

    date of release?

  28. KuroRyuu913 says:

    I was so hyped till I read No USB Functionality. Wanted to blow people’s minds with a PS VIta as a PS3 controller, well thats not going to happen now huh….
    Sad face. Oh well. Still hyped for the Release.

  29. ramenking says:

    are u guys never happy its being release on all the kernal exploits, ever1 was *** off cause it was only gonna be for the uno exploit. now you not happy cause it has no usb support :facepalm: great work keep it up 😛

  30. Darenvy says:

    This is great news! woot woot!

  31. papimax68 says:

    I am very grateful for all for now, I look forward eCFW-TN_V. You will also Wololo appreciation for all

  32. Mud says:

    This is grate news!
    Thanks TN team. :)

  33. Jonathan Huebert says:

    so i just saw a video on youtube of some kid with a vita running tn-v which isnt even out yet… he was speaking spanish… anybody know about this? search vita exploit 2.05 on yiutube and you will find it.

  34. Sastaruto says:

    the new tn-v exploit will only support homebrew not iso games right? i didn’t get what he said in the last paragraph.

  35. SubZero DeZigns says:

    Thank you Total_Noob, for the compatibility of the lower exploits.

  36. Sin says:

    why did i update my vita………….

  37. somebody says:

    i have a vita with tennis on v1.61 but the article says v1.60 or below for tennis will it work for me ?

  38. qwertz says:

    @somebody: of course.. It is quite obvious that TN-V will support the exploits. Hence the game do cause these exploits, everybody with a working exploit will get this to work

  39. Chuck says:

    Do i need one of the games to hack my vita or ill be able to hack it when TN_V will be released ?

  40. Kgon says:

    I hate mi life and all this complex ( to me ) exploits , kernels , vhbls, arks, cfws stuff and methods to have homebrew on vita …but what i hate most is to wait for a method that works with 2.05 firm (Wich i have) so i won’t be able to play neogeo emulator that was the only thing a wanted to do with vita….damn i’m so unhappy…i’ll buy a psp to play with while some genius decides to do something with 2.05 firm…..

  41. Wil says:

    How can i do to Put programs in UNO exploit, I have it but I can put programs
    Because it says that I have to update it, but if I update
    It I’m lost the tn-menu

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