PS Vita, one year later: What hacks do we have right now?

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  1. henrikbrazil


  2. Someone Else

    That sums it up very neatly.

    Hopefully, this will clear things up for anyone who is confused.

  3. gary

    i want TN release 2.05’s exploit…

    • Kyu

      And if it gets released now,before an actual update hits the Vita, which might add some nice feature,then what?You will be forced out of the exploit OR the feature.And since Sony has announced a big update for the Vita,let’s see what it is,then we talk about any other k exploits hm?

  4. icyheart

    great psvita is Boom soon

  5. TobeyDemon

    I left my PSP 3001 running LCFW and ofw for my ipod touch 5th gen. Got some signed jailbroken apps on it like installous and got cydia.

  6. UbdU

    I can’t believe I missed the last possible public exploit by days. I have the worst luck.

  7. nCadeRegal

    nice article! hope this clears up confusion for someofbthe newer members.

  8. StanSmith

    Currently we have nothing. There are a few lower firmware PSP exploits but nothing for the Vita.

    There have been pictures but anyone can make a picture. I can post a pic of a fake Vita icon/exploit but doesn’t mean I have an exploit, just means I can post a pic online. Thats all we’ve seen from a so called Vita exploit, a fake pic.

  9. keyz16b

    very nice recap! thank you!!

  10. ingus

    wish there would be a iso hack soon -_- or a ps2 emulator >.< sounds possible right?( i mean using the touch pad behing as l2 l3/ r2 r3)

    • Someone Else

      PS2 Emu? Nope. Or nowhere near full speed anyway.

      A pc with 3.0GHz Core2Duo and HD5770 struggles to run PS2 emu full speed. The Vita is only a half-step between PS2 and PS3. There is no way.

      • Ry Spears

        This is just not true.

        Emulation has a lot more to it than just raw power.

        So instead of explaining it to you I’ll just reference to the fact that wii games are emulating at better than console quality now.

        TL;DR? Don’t talk about stuff you have no real understanding of.

        • Someone Else

          Ignorance, with ***-spewing on top.

          The first sentence in your post is unsupported by the rest.

          In point of fact, it takes a fairly powerful pc (many times more powerful than a wii) to emulate the wii at level close to the console, and a bit more power to up the textures and add filters etc. This just supports what I said even more.

          Yes, how similar the architectures are has some bearing. However, because emulation is actually imitating physical hardware parts, and then imitating a game running inside that hardware… It takes vastly more power than running a port.

          If this were happening on hardware less than 2x as powerful as the wii, you’d have a point.

          So, I invite you to take your final sentence, and apply it to yourself, because it sure does not apply to me, sir.

          • Dillan

            how is it so hard to emulate ps2 on the vita when they are workin on ps2 classics for it right now?

        • Someone Else

          Ignorance, with a hefty side of irony at the end.

          In point of fact, it takes a fairly powerful pc (many times more powerful than a wii) to emulate the wii at level close to the console, and a bit more power to up the textures and add filters etc.

          Yes, the wii is now emulated well, on a pc with 10x the power. No, the PS2 will not emulate well on a Vita (which has what, 2x the power?)

          So, I invite you to take your final sentence, and apply it to yourself, because it sure does not apply to me, sir.

          • D

            I can run ps2 and wii games scaled up 2x-3x into hd on a core2duo @ 2.50 ghz. Optimization is key.

          • Kyu

            Yes,but considering that we do not talk about a generic device but a PS one,I think that,while it looks not possible,we should not completely cross out the option (of course,3rd parties will have quite a lot of trouble to ever achieve emulation of ps2,I find GC a more plausible choice to ps2 as far as 3rd parties go)

          • Ry Spears

            You are making the assumption that Sony would make a PS2 hardware emulator. And that’s just ridiculous, why would they do that now after not doing it with any of the ps3 or the vitas psp emulators. Those are all software emulators with hardware reroutes, this becomes a lot easier when you developed both platforms and have the exact calls necessary.

          • Someone Else

            What do you think your point is? An emulator is always emulating hardware. That’s where the “emulator” bit comes in. You emulate different hardware than you’re on, and emulate a rom running inside that. If you’re not doing that, what you have is not an emulator.

            He seems to be asking in the context of “will *the scene* make a PS2 emu.” (That lets you directly play ripped iso files.) It’s context from the way he is lumping it in with iso loaders and whatnot.

            And the answer is, not likely. Looking at how long pcsx2 took to develop on much more powerful hardware, it is fairly clear.

            Can sony make a PSN download licensed-roms-only PS2 emulator, with all their internal knowledge? Likely, yes. However, his post seems to clearly be asking for a different category of emulator.

          • Someone Else

            So to sum it up, *you* are making the assumption that he’s asking if *sony* will make an “emulator”.
            (that only plays psn-downloaded, licensed files.)

            I think he’s asking if *the scene* will make an emulator. (that plays ripped iso files.)

            (From the context of his post.)

      • RedHawk02

        The ps2 and the psp have fairly the same architecture. If psp can be emulated, so can ps2. Sony themselves say it is possible and are looking for ps2 debuggers to assist in creating one. The reason for the need of a powerful desktop or laptop to emulate wii or ps2 games is that they are ot made by the experts who created the consoles and therefore probably are not debugged completely. The ps vita has immense power, running stronger than the ps2 by a lot if I say so myself. Here are some specs to go along with what I’m saying.

        PS2 (2000 – 155 million units sold)
        CPU – 64-bit ‘Emotion Engine’ (299mhz)
        GPU – ‘Graphics Synthesizer’ (147mhz)
        System RAM – 32mb
        Video RAM – 4mb
        Resolution – 720×480 (SD), 1280×720 (HD – certain games only)

        PSP (2004 – 70 million units sold)
        CPU – MIPS single-core (333mhz)
        GPU – Single-core (166mhz)
        System RAM – 64mb DDR (333mhz)
        Video RAM – 2mb
        Resolution – LCD 480×272 (sub-SD)

        PSV (2011 – 4 million units sold)
        CPU – ARM quad-core (1ghz clock, 2ghz max)
        GPU – Quad-core 5XT (250mhz clock, 500mhz max)
        System RAM – 512mb
        Video RAM – 128mb
        Resolution – OLED 960×544 (sub-HD)

        As you can see, Vita out-powers ps2 in everything except for the occasional 720p ps2 game, which there aren’t many of. The idea of a ps2 emu running on a Vita is more than possible, it’s up to Sony to make it happen or a hacker who knows what he’s doing after a native Vita hack comes out.

        • Someone Else

          Is the architecture (the way that instructions are passed around on the hardware) really that similar on ps2 and psp?

          Keep in mind that the psp, power-wise, was basically a ps 1.5 (halfway between ps1 and ps2). Just looking at the processors, I see similar speeds but “MIPS” vs “Emotion Engine” for example. Do these not use a drastically different architecture for processing instructions?

          Also, when you point out that the ps2 sometimes out-powers the vita… This implies the Vita is neither times more powerful, nor has nearly identical architecture. So how big of a divide is there, really?

        • Someone Else

          And yes you have a true point about console designers having an upper hand in emulating between their own platforms. However even the PSP seems to sometimes struggle or run into compatibility problems on the Vita emulator.

          I’d like to see a source for what you say here though, about them actively looking for people to make it.

          From a standpoint of end-users creating such an emulator though, I believe it’s next to impossible.

          • hgoel0974

            PSP emulator, struggling? Which game? I really want to see which game that would be because as far as the CPU goes, the ePSP has about 500 MHz to its disposal, so it could be the RAM but I haven’t heard of any games that only run on 2k+, it would be col to have a game that actually slows the Vita emulator 😉

            No emulator can run something without compatibility issues, sometimes a game demands something that Sony just didn’t want to make available on the emulator, or the game is so badly coded that it loads modules that are unavailable or it has a feature which requires certain things which aren’t available (like some of the games sync data with the PS2 or PS3 versions via USB which can’t work because Sony didn’t want to give USB access to the emulator)

  11. CaptainStupid

    Is it possible and likely for there to be a ps2 emulator for the vita?

    If so, the announcement/release would just make my day… :p

    • UserM0de

      no it is not possible since to run a ps2 emu on even a computer you need a pretty good computer and since the vita has bad specs compared to computers i would say thats a definite nono especially since we dont even have a smooth n64 emu or a ds emu.

      • Ry Spears

        This is just not true.

        Emulation has a lot more to it than just raw power.

        So instead of explaining it to you I’ll just reference to the fact that wii games are emulating at better than console quality now.

        TL;DR? Don’t talk about stuff you have no real understanding of.

        • Someone Else

          UserM0de is exactly right.

          The only factor other than raw power is architecture. Nearly identical architectures will require much less power to emulate each other. However, the PS2 has very complicated and unusual architecture. I highly doubt the Vita is very similar.

          Stop being a downy calling tech savvy people “ignorant”. You are the one with no understanding on the topic. I invite you to go learn on the subject before typing *** scribbles.

          • svenn

            both processors read MIPS; but since there are years between develop, allot difference will be there, probably to much to run native. If thats the case then emulation is the only option, which is a no-go in size of raw power by vita. If however these MIPS are compatible there is no way to say if and who would be so crazy to take on this project. But I doubt it will ever be done in a opensource/free way.

          • Someone Else

            I bet you are exactly right, svenn.

      • hgoel0974

        by N64 emu, are you referring to a PC emulator? or the PSP one? because I had tried the PSP one and it ran at quite a good speed, so if it were to run natively on the Vita, it would run quite well.

      • hgoel0974

        It is not possible unless Sony tries 😉 (Which is beginning to seem HIGHLY unlikely)

      • d3m0n

        just to let you know, we do have smooth n64 and ds emulators that work on most laptops nowadays.

    • decius

      Yes, they can have their psn servers run the emulator (Look guize no hardware limitations) then stream output/controls to your vita. As long as the vita is powerful enough to run the resolution…. just watched a 720P encoded video from YouTube so yeah it can handle it. L2Cloud Emulation before assuming an emulator has to be made in one way. Hence why psn games NOW wont work on the PS4 theyre going to be rewritten for the GaiKai service.

      Loool at noobs who think emulation is a matter of having the right “buttons” LOOOOOL – yet i r not trusted fer dat ninja release 🙁

  12. Masterlord22

    I want a hack (just like the psp) to get a update hack w/o using a game because I’m soooooooo stuck

  13. Onsokumaru

    I have absolutely no idea how to install those menus or how to install plugins…tutorials are way to vague.

  14. ivo

    so what about a ps3 store option where u can buy ps3 psp psV ps2 and psx in one store but only download what plays on the respective system ?

    why not buy ps3 on a vita sony ?

    tanks to u

  15. toran

    the game from the last exploit 2.02 is back but can it work on 2.05 if thars a way you can mack it work on 2.05???????????

  16. johnny

    You people forgot that PS2 emulator for PC is not the same as an emulator build for a fixed hardware platform. As PS Vita for example.

    You can optimize it alot better with 1 hardware in mind. Where as for PC, there are alot more hardware configurations! a simple incorrect driver version for your GFX card, can render PCSX2 useless or screw up alot of already working games. It’s alot more complicated.

    • Someone Else

      True, but a fixed platform will only go so far, right? How far is that?

      It seems like they can focus the power a bit more, yes. How much more, though? In my experience, stuff like PCSX2 needs about the same level of hardware whether you go with the nvidia or amd version, etc. That suggests to me that the overhead couldn’t be *that* enormous, although I’m sure it’s sizable.

  17. hgoel0974

    Perfect article, except for one thing, the referenced article has been misunderstood, it was more like “Where are all the exploits?”, UNO surely isn’t the last public exploit, it is just that no one ATM wants to waste their exploit on a useless firmware update, that is why everyone who has found some exploits says:

    “When Sony releases a meaningful update”

    There isn’t a point in releasing VHBL on 2.05 and definitely no eCFW 😉

  18. wizardinblack

    the only reason im not using the uno exploit right now is because somebody on this site recommended updating with a promise of future exploits when 2.05 came out and now im stuck with nothing. thanks.

  19. rashidsonic

    Thanks everyone!!
    and for others, no need to start a flame war about ps2 emulation here…
    there is more than enough in the forums…

    • Someone Else

      True point.

      I just have a problem with someone saying “Wii running on 10x more powerful pc = PS2 emu will run on Vita”, and then telling me I’m the ignorant one on the topic.

      However yes, it’s a stupid fight to get into.