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Japan gets a PS Vita Price cut

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  1. johnny says:

    Meanwhile Sony will release 4G Vita for $299. How would that be?

  2. QUICKSORT says:

    3G is expensive as heck in my country, so it wouldn’t have mattered in the end for me (a wifi-model owner since day 1 of release)

    • bluetiger says:

      ditto for me. but from what I understand you still need Wi-Fi in the end cause there are some things 3g can’t do. is that true?

  3. tigerblack says:

    jus got me one of dem vitas it aint worth it yo nuddin good

  4. shadowchildknight says:

    i actually love my vita 3g in california is super cheap i love the games but meh their something missing

  5. Disturbed says:

    Additionally they will get a FREE 32GB Proprietary memory card with some new bundle purchase.

  6. RiotDX says:

    Sony probably vastly overestimated their Vita sales in Japan. As popular as Monster Hunter is in Japan, the lack of even an announcement of one on the Vita is probably worse on their Japanese sales than they had anticipated.

  7. bane says:

    the console is great..however more of the game developed does not use the most feature of the vita…the graphic is not good as expected for a lot of vita game..buying for dollars but the game was small as heck for example there is vita games that less than 1 gig..only uncharted raised attention to me.. hope the future vita game will be better..

  8. naki says:

    I am actually considering buying a vita now, since I want to play God Eater 2 in its full glory 🙂

  9. Vitality777 says:

    So far only 1 game on the Vita that really freaked me out and which was an instabuy. Alien Breed. Played it for years on the Amiga 500/600 back in the days. So I had to have it 🙂

  10. EJ says:

    Love my Vita, I use it daily for hours, video, music, games, twitter, all of it. I’d definitely pick up a second one if they lowered the price and surely some memory too.

  11. Leires says:


    Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s president of Worldwide Studios, said that the PS Vita would not have its price reduced in North America. The announcement came during a roundtable discussion that accompanied Sony’s big PS4 unveiling. It appears as if Japan will be the only location to receive the price cut, as Yoshida said that no other markets, including Europe, would see reductions.

    As for the reasoning behind the decision to leave North America out in the cold, Yoshida cited exchange rates as a major factor.


  12. jake says:

    after the vita gets jailbroken, who cares what they sell for in japan. I
    expect a Dark Alex type to do this before the end of this year.

  13. Omnitrix152 says:

    dark alex left the scene years ago you fucktard, he never attempted in hacking the 3000 when it came out.

  14. bluetiger says:

    I wud pay any price for a system…within reason of course. but it’s really the games that need a price drop. that’s where it hurts the most. I mean the overall quality of some of these new titles on the Vita aren’t much better than most smartphone games yknow? it’s making the Vita look bad for god’s sakes. right now I get headaches and eyestrain every time I play PlayStation allstars…what where they thinking…!

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