(Videos) The graphics of the PS4: New games and tech demos


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43 Responses

  1. Huehue says:

    Well as long as there will be a final fantasy game I’ll pick one up, but this time I’ll wait till it’s out instead of getting it at launch like with the vita…. I’ll probably still pick it up at launch >.>

  2. R says:

    I’ll stick with my PC for gaming.

  3. Steve Ganon says:

    am i blind or is that logo-splash void of: gusti, nis america, hit maker, compile heart… the only games i buy.

  4. someone else says:

    If the games will be one-console-only, unrentable, can’t borrow a friend’s game… Then no matter how good they look, fck next gen. Seriously.

  5. johnny says:

    So far only Killzone 4 looks great. Meh il stick to PC.

    Can you believe that in a few years Titan will become just a regular decent GFX card, like GTX660? a standard for GFX cards.

    That’s how fast PC hardware evolves now. I have a feeling this console gen will last even less now.

    Did you know that PS4 RAM memory is already outdated? hybrid memory cube is rumored to release next year if everything goes right. And guess what. Microsoft joined the HMC consortium alongside Micron and their good old friends IBM which made the Xbox360 CPU.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      PC hardware can evolve all you want, but in the end it’s software that decides if that hardware is useful or not, and trust me in the latest years all hardware have been greatly underused do to software not evolving as fast, and I don’t know what to expect from microsoft, they are not the best ones when it comes to hardware and IBM is pretty outdated, if anything it’ll be like 7th gen with the ps3 being most powerful, xbox being second but very close and nintendo being way behind

      • Thrawn says:

        No it’s not the software that decides if it’s useful, it’s the amount of sold devices that defines that.
        If it sells like hot cake dev’s will begin to work on projects and they will pretty soon run into the ps4’s maximum capabilities. Then they will begin to optimize which takes time and time is money. So the result is old hardware and high software prices.

        Um.. the last years it has been the other way round, we need stronger and faster pc hardware then ever due to the fact devs do not optimize anymore, which results in less time consuming development and less development costs.
        The bad side of this, the user needs even stronger hardware and the cycle repeats.

      • trecenters says:

        It was Party Chat in the End for me…

    • vita_m33_DA says:

      I am going to agree with acid, the other two guys are *** af, first af all you can’t compare a pc to a gaming console they are two different things. for a gaming console the specs are pretty powerful for a gaming device, moreover they have a good set up of games for launch besides killzone 4, and the other guy who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about software and selling…the vita is a badass hand held and even though it didn’t sell like hot cakes devs are working on it to make it work by making more games and if your talking about jailbreak what they want is to put the hardware to work and reach its maximum capacity just like they did with the psp…the vita hasn’t reached its maximum capacity because Sony only wants it to run at a certain speed, so imagine if you put the ps4 to work and make it reach its maximum capacity…it’ll be a badass console…

    • gunblade says:

      so the xbox got sum major ram then n then ps4 sum grpaphics

  6. Whatever says:

    ill wait for xbox announced then i decide which to buy XD

  7. Kyu says:

    So,basically,it is high-end pc gaming on a console?Well not bad,but after a while it will not matter.

  8. RiotDX says:

    Diablo 3? Why rerelease a bad game for more people to see how bad it is?

    • Thrawn says:

      that’s how economy works, re-re-re-re-re-release stuff until the ppl think it is good, also known as BRAINWASHING™©

    • pirate city says:

      Unfortunately that ‘bad game’ (which it truly is at the moment) already made record sales. Jay Wilson got a promotion. They’re probably aiming for Diablo 4 in the (distant) future.

      So yeah, I guess they can re-release it and make monster sales once again after Heart of the Swarm for Starcraft II.

  9. EmoteNooBskills says:

    So will the Orbis be region locked=?

  10. haziq says:

    no namco bandai…….but level 5 yea!!!

  11. james way says:

    All fine n dandy, but remember that the most amazing graphics was quantic dreams demo, kill zone looked ps3ish plus a buttload of more objects inthe scenery. This is why it was just a head.most developers focus gpu processing on the most important part of the scenery , the main character,enemies and essential items. As such games NOWlook awesome. I dont find this being new, although the feature, like the vita, to resume exactly where u left off is cool.in the end i’ll refrain from buying any nextgen until thed price drops or it is innovative . I especially won’t be buying any system blocking used games. It’s all the publisher’s doing, devs love their work and derive satisfaction knowingb others loved it too. Look at dead space3 as an example, the publisher makes money from psn microtransactions. People found ways to avoid needing them. Developer is saying that they don’t intend to patch those vulnerabilities, but the publisher is as different story.Games cost so much as it is no being able to sell crappy games away is greedy, but the publishers twist sony’s arm into blocking em because it greatly benefits rthem

  12. Edgar says:

    I’m sticking with my pc, absolutely nothin diffrent that I already have, GDDR5, tons of teraflops and gigaflops, the only kinda nice thing was the controller, another kinda good thing is that the ps4 is practically a pc (or maybe a pc at all) who knows?
    as soon as we have the hardware avilable we will really know.
    those are my 2 cents.

    SONY = FAIL.

  13. Paolo says:

    wow dual shock potato with anti virus

  14. gunblade says:

    so playing the ps4 with four vitas mutiplayer shooter

  15. jonathanh says:

    ya know, the PC had it’s tech demo for 30,000 polygons in on the Nvidia 8800 and that was in 2007…..

  16. joshbornis says:

    Genki is coming back? Holy shiz, I thought they went bankrupt!

  17. wololo says:

    I lost it at “Potato” 😛

  18. Seife says:

    Rofl, the thing is, things presented as new features for the PS4 are already on PC for years so why buy one.. i’ll just buy another 300$ graphics card every 4 years and that’s it. I’ll stick to my vita for mobile gaming, so for me it would’ve been way better if there was an announcement for some good vita games (i don’t care about graphics there).

  19. gunblade says:


  20. pirate city says:

    Nobody even knows what the “Wii U” is. lol Should of named it something differently.

    And no, unfortunately the people who desire to play Mario and Zelda are not the minority. People with a Nintendo system typically enjoy those titles, as they have big names. Other niche games that are developed by Nintendo like Advanced Wars or Fire Emblem also do pretty well.

    Fire Emblem has been doing very well with it’s latest release.

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