Sony releases full PS4/Controller specs and details “PS EYE”

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  1. sean says:

    It looks pretty good – shame its just not good enough to buy day one. Looks like the 8gb of RAM was a good idea though, some games on the PS3 run pretty slowly and this should help. I guess the main point of this console is to be able to see most games developed in Full HD, which I think will be pretty incredible. Overall I look forward to it, am interested in how well PS EYE will work, just will be a while after release when I get it – probably christmas.

    also first haha

  2. Acid_Snake says:

    no CD support from what I can see, so no original PS1 games, only PSN bought ones, good job sony, you’re f*cking customers up yet again, I’m not buying this sh*t

    • aerinas says:

      Sony has promised that ps1, ps2 and ps3 games will be part of the gaikai game stream service, and many people hope it will be a netflix type of service (monthly fee, unlimited use). This is actually a better solution than making the device backward compatible with ps1 & ps2 discs, because that would mean having to build an emulator for those systems, while streaming is a lot simpler and will support nearly any game instantly. Now, let’s hope sony keeps its promise :).

      • wololo says:

        That’s where I get worried. Seeing “Sony” and “keeping their promise” in the same sentence…
        But if it happens, and is a “Netflix” like service, then count me in

        • yea good idea for most gamers, but people like myself who dont have internet at their homes are kinda sc*** if we want to play our older games that we have discs of :/

        • jlo138 says:

          Another problem with that is they can simply remove any game at will. Just like Netflix does every month with movies. They remove titles that even many people like. I wanted to watch a show one day and suddenly it was gone. Hopefully they do this service but don’t remove titles that way. You go to complete a game and now its gone.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        I can understand it for the ps3, but making ps1 and ps2 emus on such a beast in the hands of sony’s is child’s play, not to mention that emulation = everyone can enjoy and streaming = 20% of users can enjoy (if you still don’t know, not everyone has super fast internet to stream HD quality videos at full speed)

        • Joel says:

          PS1 and PS2 games are not in HD though so I think it will not be a problem for most users.

          • PC4LYF says:

            Resolution is not the only defining quality here…

            I love playing BlazBlue or Soul Calibur multiplayer with 150ms+ ping… but as I am playing it, I can’t help but think to myself, wouldn’t this be even better with more delay, how can I make this even slower? What do Sony suggest I do? Seed torrents while I game? What I really need is a service where I can give delayed input to a delayed visual feedback… that’s instantly twice the delay! Then combine that with the fact I will be choking my internet connection attempting to stream the render, and I could be pushing 500ms ping minimum. Now that’s what I call 21st Century video gaming!

            Meanwhile, Android marches on with full PSX emulation capabilities… you’ll be able to play the full PSX/PS2 game library on your watch using your ripped ISOs and Sony will still be asking themselves why nobody is using GAYKAI.

        • Someone Else says:

          Good point. That sh** sucks. Give us a real emu, Sony.

      • Ry says:

        2 problems with this.

        1. Gaikai might be owned by Sony now, but it’s still a distribution model, which means new licensing fees which means only first party sony properties are guaranteed to be on it.

        2. They sell single games for download at the moment, why would they switch to a Netflix-like model when it makes them more money in the short term to make them individual sales. Sony is far from progressive when it comes to sale models.

    • Asdfjuma says:

      Since when has there been a single DVD/BD drive that can’t read a CD? I don’t think we should be worrying about that.

    • kupomogli says:

      If you want to still play your PSX, PS2, and PS3 games, here’s a simple solution. Keep your PS3 or PS2/PS3. :O! Or you can play your PSX and PS2 games upscaled on PC.

      I have a lot of PSX and PS2 games, 100+ for each console, and sure, I’d love to be able to play all these on my PS4 so I could sell off my phat PS3 and keep the Slim. But be honest with yourself. With as large as the PSX digital library is and the addition of the PS2 digital library, did you think Sony would just introduce backwards compatibility back into the console?

      Nintendo doesn’t have Gamecube backwards compatibility on the Wii U and look what happens afterwards. They announced Wind Waker HD. Selling ports and remakes of the same game that people love is a business model. Look how many times Nintendo has rereleased their Mario games on multiple platforms. Look at how many Final Fantasy ports and remakes have come out on multiple platforms.

      Why not take this a little bit further. PCs. I have many PC games that I can’t play because my current PC can’t play the format, and even if it could, it still wouldn’t be able to run. We’re forced to either emulate or repurchase the games from places like GOG. GOG is a great site, but where’s Syndicate Wars, where’s The Magic Candle, where’s Bloodstone, etc.

      If you get in contact with your internet provider to help you when your internet is down but it happens to be a problem on your end. If you get someone that actually does their job, they’re required to help you as long as you’re running one of the two latest versions of Windows OS’. Anything older than that and they’re required not to help you since it might be because the service doesn’t support the tech(which is a load of bs.)

      I could go on and on about this, but you get the idea.

      • kupomogli says:

        In addition, there’s one more thing I thought of.

        Remember Capcom, Sega, and others releasing stuff like Capcom Classics Collection, Sega Genesis Collection, Metal Slug Anthology, etc?

        When they realized they can charge people per game and make a lot more money, why should they come out with a budget release for $20-30? Sega ported a lot of their Genesis games to both consoles, costing about $5 each. SNK started releasing their titles seperately, costing from $8-15 each. Capcom has done the same with varying costs.

        They’re old games but they sell because people still want to play them. It’s to the benefit of these companies that you can’t play your previous gen titles or else they’d have to actually make new games.

    • Ronald says:

      Who gives a *** about backwards compatibility if you want ps1 go *** buy a ps1 and quit crying about something that meaningless.

      • wololo says:

        @Ronald: according to surveys backwards compatibility is *the* thing gamers/customers expect the most for every new generation of console… maybe you’re the one who’s not understanding the console market right?

        • gunblade says:

          well i think if i started a game on the ps3 it would be good to be able to play the same game n even finish it on the ps4 same like how it was with the psx game i had wen the ps2 came out

        • pirate city says:

          I’m having trouble fitting my UMDs into my Vita.

          Just kidding. lol

        • Anthony says:

          If that is seriously the most important “NEXT GEN” feature then people are idiots. First of all, If you’re asking about a Next-Gen feature, why is your biggest request a feature that is the antithesis of NEXT gen? Perhaps they answered with that out of an assumption that they already know the next consoles will have better gpu’s, cpu’s, ram, HD space, streamlined interface, online options, etc, and just wanted to try to let it be known that they would really like to play their ps3 or xbox 360 games on the new consoles as well? Otherwise, that is stupid.

    • DannyLongLegs says:

      I really dont understand why people want to play backwards compatable games. Especially when the games for the ps4 come out, they look frapping orsum.

  3. DoesntMatt says:

    @Acid_Snake: You dont need that, you can play games from old consoles using GAIKAI. Who needs cds?

    • Acid_Snake says:

      ok so let me see that again:
      – CD/DVD based emulation: play games you already own for no extra fee.
      – GAIKAI streaming: pay for games you already own, pay to use the streaming service, and pay for a very good quality internet that can stream HD videos. If the service goes offline, you can’t play the games you’ve paid for.
      Yeah, Daikai sounds fun (notice sarcasm).

      • Thrawn says:

        And again this gaikai service will not be available in all countries like the playstation mobile or their movie department. So most countries outside of japan and usa will either have to wait for that or it won’t be available at all.
        No cd means i can’t rip my music collection to this device directly, equals it has less use for me than my ps3!

        • Ronald says:

          Gaikai will most likely be worldwide seeing there website was running game demos for a while everywhere.

          • gunblade says:

            so is the new app for the vita (playstion home arcade prety much the cloud app or sumthing thout i was getthing the ps3 home game for the vita….

  4. compccs says:

    Specs look good to me but this time around it’s the keeping of the promises that will decide if I buy one or not. .. sick of the it will do this or that and it never happens … full remote play should of been at launch for the vita … I under stand the psp could only handle so much but now there should be no excuses. .. all I have to say is maybe I will be a little more guarded before laying down my money. ..

    • PC4LYF says:

      You can already remote play all PS3 titles with PSP on CFW.

      Any device with network + screen can VNC to any other device with network + screen provided they can run a piece of software that understands the VNC protocol. VNC is an open source technology, and not a complicated one under any circumstances. VNC exists on virtually all open/jailbroken environments at a cost of £0 to the consumer and manufacturer.

      How can you take yourself seriously, when you are waiting on bated breath as to whether or not Sony will allow you to pay more money to do something that every non-console device can do for free?

      If you had been guarded with your money in the first place, PS4 wouldn’t have turned out like this. But you, along with the majority of the world’s developed population, have shown year in year out you’ve got a multi-billion dollar industry’s worth of pocket money to spend on the latest version of Angry Birds. Its your bed, now lie in it.


      • gunblade says:

        vnc cool.. i watch twilight so now i dont sleep at night iam noctunal like blade the day walker…and now days is all credit n *** banks only think to make money with interest but then most need a bank to cash cheaks so make commers of theses days quite stupid agreed.. i was smart i got the old angry birds for half price…

      • Someone Else says:

        Assuming every homebrew fan is a pirate, then slamming them for it?


        At least make a funnier rap.

  5. quetz says:

    well i really think i’m going for pre-order 😛 it really amazes me

  6. jvhellraiser says:

    Im sorry the ps4 will be a nice console
    but what sony is doing to the Psvita change
    my mind and to tell you the true i no longer
    trust Sony and there promises. i pay $262 for my
    Psvita 35 for the memorystick and im playing Ps1
    and psp games instead of good Psvita games. i feel
    that PS4 could be the same as the Psvita. all console
    no games.

    • gunblade says:

      yea been a year n not to many good vita games think i got like five vita games and a few free psn vita downloads but i dont play any of them but wipeout barly play uncharted n gravity rush but then i been playing dust on the ps3

  7. playstation says:

    @jvhellraiser and @others who blame sony, PS4 is not just like PS Vita. PS4 has full third party support so you’ll have every game third party makes will be in PS4 along with the Sony First Party Studios which is close to 15. PS Vita did not have many PS vita games becoz of poor Third party support and the Launch of PS4 so Sony first party developers were busy making games for them. But, this vita can Play all the ps4 games in remote play along with Great comes coming from Sony first party studio when the PS4 is launched so their first party can cocentrate on Ps vita and unleasing its potential just like what tretton said in the meeting they will unlock full potential of PS vita later this year which is when PS4 is launched. Please be sensible when thinking about the Playstation becoz they are doing their best in three Consoles PS3, PS Vita and PS4 at the same time to get us many kinds of games instead of Focusing only RPG and FPS Games which takes away hours of life without proving any kind of Sweetness which the game journey could provide in 3 Hours. Games meant to be innovative expressing our dreams and achieve them which is not possible for most. So, try to be realistic and get on with the Sony who is leading.

    • Kyu says:

      Which means that,in order to enjoy your Vita, you will have to pay another 400+ on what you have payed already?

    • jvhellraiser says:

      expressing our dreams eh? ask me where’s my Psvita
      is at this moment? collecting dust in my drawer that’s
      what. i bought the Psvita to play New awesome Games
      and i only see crappy Psvita games,and minis/psp games
      now you tell me where is the new experience as i dont
      see it anywhere!

      • pirate city says:

        And what type of games do you want on the Vita? Some *** Halo-like game? Call of Duty? Battlefield?

        Go play that trash on another system. The real gamers don’t want that sh*t, or the fan base associated with those types of games ANYWHERE near the Vita.

        Thank god. Please leave. Do it quietly.

  8. playstation says:

    @all, PS3 backwards compatiblity is very hard to get it in PS4. If they do then the price will higher and people won’t buy it though they’ll make the price is sensible by making themselves loss just like before. Example:- Ps Vita which is giving so much horse power for the price of 250$ still people are not interested saying games are not there. This is what making the deveopers worried to make games for Vita becoz Users are not supporting them even though they try hard to create games they want to pirate it. Sony brought for those who can’t buy every game with a service of PS+ offering 65 Games a year for a price of just a single game. What else we need? They need to get profits so they can invest more in R&D games and get us most advanced technologies for them. Still everyone in the world just want those Mobile games by supporting a single Indie users but not supporting the hundreds of users making game in two years. I don’t ask you to purchase every game, plz don’t listen to the reviewers as they do their review based on their opinions not with yours. So, Plz support the developers

    • Kyu says:

      Very hard?Impossible I’d say without Sony implementing an instruction set somewhere in the hardware.

    • JeoWay says:

      I have the feeling this isn’t the actual PlayStation people. Plus, of there are a Blu Ray and a drive, then its only a matter of being able to create a supportable firmware that will be able to emulate the discs without givinf data errors.

    • azrayl says:

      Yea, I totally agree with you.
      This’ll be the first console I’m going to buy on day 1.

    • PC4LYF says:

      PS3 backwards compatibility. Too expensive? Too impractical? Then we don’t need another console right now. I’d like to see developers concentrate on making more games for PS3/Vita, and update the PS3 OFW with the features we want.

      PS2/PSX backwards compatibility. Too expensive? Too impractical? No. This is about controlling the used game market and re-licensing. This is about maintaining another capitalist industry that is too big to fail. This is about attracting more investors with more inflated figures than the last time.

      Developers don’t want to develop on the Vita, and you are blaming the consumers?! Are you stupid? Sony could be providing “one language to rule them all”, they are in complete control of the development environment of their devices. If the Sony development environment was anything like as good as Sony’s PR says it is, everyone would be developing games for PS3/Vita. Build compilers that target multiple devices/architectures of similar power with the same same code base, how difficult is this?! Having created a C++ PSP/Linux/Windows/Mac x86/x64 render and physics engine in my own free time, I can say with certainty that its not difficult for a company of Sony’s scale.

      So please stop supporting closed source developers.


      • pirate city says:

        Then don’t buy Sony consoles ever again. They’ve been making shi*ty decisions for years now. They’re not going to stop.

        They don’t really have to continue in the gaming scene.

        Just buy a Wii or a 360.

      • pirate city says:

        And for the record, I do want backwards compatibility. But I know Sony is too *** to do it (look at the Vita). So I’m not getting my hopes up. If it happens, then it’ll be a bonus.

  9. wartaf says:

    it depends on price and also, the Game…

  10. Uncharted lord22 says:

    1st: No Because they didn’t explain what “ADOBE FLASH” they will be running on.
    2nd: I saw the price they was going to put $350-450.
    3rd: I’m still not sure if this will get hacked by y’all ppl anyway

    • Acid_Snake says:

      1- adobe flash is dead, every system right now uses html5
      2- if that’s the price then they’re going in the right direction
      3- I don’t think it’ll be hacked in a few years, if ever

  11. lol says:

    What are you guys talking about? what remote play BS? didnt they said STREAM PS4 games to PS Vita via Gaikai? no *** way im gonna buy a PS4 so i can play PS4 games on my Vita. There is simply no logical point in doing that, simply because i would simply play those games on PS4 and thats it.

    PS4 games will be streamed to PS Vita via Gaikai. And as they showed, you got to Gaikai library, pick a game, try it, like it and buy it aka stream it to PS Vita.

    • HIMFan says:

      …through the PS4. They explained that the PS4 would be the host and the Vita would be the client. And then they further explained they’d do that with your phone, tablet, or PC as well. How did you miss that entire 10 minute talk. You won’t just be able to buy it through the Vita. ***.

  12. Kyu says:


  13. jvhellraiser says:

    If is worth buying i will return my Psvita cause
    i believe the only ones giving Psvita a chance are
    the exploits point blank period. so if ps4 is worth
    buying i will return Psvita and with what i get from
    itand add the rest and buy it, i think everyone should
    do the same when Sony sees a massive returning of the
    Psvitas to the stores they are not going to like it.

  14. ils says:

    BC is the least in my PS4 features list.
    i can still play my PS1, PS2 on my PC using emulation
    and SONY won’t offer hi-res render like PC to maintain compatibility, so even they offer BC i won’t use it like i never use my BC PS3 to play PS2
    i got a few PS1 games in my Vita too

    PS3 still too advanced for emulation, so i prefer lower price/higher spec in next console than forcing BC to play a few PS3 exclusive games (MGS4, Uncharted series, ToG, Ni No Kuni)

    as far as Gaikai/Share features goes, i won’t use it because my internet only at 153kbps

    hopefully Sony won’t lower the spec like they did with PS2 devkit vs retail
    or PS3 “dual Gigabit/HDMI” vs retail.

  15. saved says:

    Sony said they will do there best to make sure the vita is compatible with most ps4 games they stated that the vita will be the ps4 greatest companion

    • jvhellraiser says:

      yeah my %^&*!!! only to stream!
      you wont see any ports coming to
      Psvita of the Ps4 games,Psvita will
      become like the dog in a leash and
      PS4 will be holding the leash.

    • gunblade says:

      so basicly like the nintendo wii u touch remote guess u have to buy it seperate tough…probly be a new firmware for the vita fix there touch screen since the ps4 remote has only a touch pad guessing we be using the reaar touch screen for r2 n L2 but last i used the vita with the ps3 for remote play idk if it was the use of connect tough a gateway n not to the system but there was a huge lag but it was cool playing the game i was on the ps3 at the park but i guess cuz i was playing lair so the flying contoler were real not working to good… but playing at the park was fun could even steeam my music on the ps3….

  16. Mr Jack says:

    Here’s my problem with streaming. For people like me who want the system but don’t have high speed internet would get no use out of it. To pay monthly payments for internet at high speed and pay more monthly payments to actually play the games… I need a disc drive. For example, I bought the God Of War: Complete set. I didn’t realize that the PSP titles were download only. So I have not gotten them yet and I purchased the collection when it got released. So download only and streaming isn’t an option for a lit of people.

    • gunblade says:

      yea i no wich is werd this days cuz seems like they always upgrading the graphics n *** of thing making load time on ur basic browser take a while like faceboook use to load much faster before the time line update in the thing they have on the side n we have a 23 mb conection i think but even that is slow with the speeds neeed

  17. Saul says:

    PS3 ran games in sub HD, now the PS4 will be able to do what the PS3 did but in 1080p…..I think I’ll stick with PC, it can already do 4K resolution.

    • Asdfjuma says:

      This isn’t too far off current PC’s in a way you know. With all dat GDDR5 and synergy between hardware it’s probably almost able to produce quality on par with current top end GPUs.

  18. Ryan says:

    AMD-based processor? The entire PS4 build is very similar to a PC.

    It’s gotta be asking to be hacked easily like the 360 was.

    What do you think, Wololo? Guys?

    Up for the challenge? xD

  19. jamesssss says:

    Here’s hoping that with a PC architecture it will get hacked a bit easier! Xbox 1 anybody?

    Makes me smile remembering back when the Xbox 1 came out, it got a lot of bad press by PS2 fans for being a “PC in a box” and now the PS4 is just that!

    Hopefully Sony will stick to some of the promises this time around!

  20. Steph says:

    Not touching it untill there is confirmation that there is no “bind game cd to the PS4 so it will be a dead disc in any PS4 but your own”. I cannot afford $100 for a new PS game. And even then…. When the PS3 was first released here in Aus it was just under $900. I do not like being ripped off, or sc*** over, i will wait untill Sony show’s its true colors on this one. And considering they cant show us the box yet, that’s not helping them win any points.

  21. SenpaiHappy says:

    They better let us stream games to our Vita using a local connection if we want to play them while at home. F paying for a streamed PS4 game going up and then down.

    • gunblade says:

      yea i dont see any wifi is there wifi then we can jus login with the new update to the wifi we had with the vita if it does have wifi probly let us stream music n video from the system if i has remote play should be able to play the thing around the house with the vita. they say it more of a server gussing media server type guessing we will have to connect to there psn fisrt like the ps3 then be able to get to the cloud but the system should be able to host the vita system bumers if it had two ethernet port we could connect the ps3 right into it n play our ps3 games on the ps4 systhem bumers sony would have had us buying ps3 jus to play them game on the ps4

  22. gunblade says:

    so can log in with my picture wat if i was holding a picture of my face by my face will it trweeek….

  23. gunblade says:

    spec seem that of a server system 1.84 teraflop 8gb ddr5 86- 64 guess they up the cpu tought t was like four core runing 6 runing 8 86-64 how does that work closes thing i got is an amd dual core 64… guessing its about two Supermicro X9QR7-TF+/X9QRi-F+

  24. Masterlord22 says:

    I would never buy it until I see a “flash”ver. They got

  25. Josuemental says:

    Bluetooth 2.1?? what, was incorporating the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology standard protocol too expensive for them?, or what year do they thing it is? Bluetooth 4.0 has been out for more than 2 years already, gosh. As I find more and more about the PS4 specs and capabilities Sony’s just convincing me even more to not get it, it just could have packed better specs, doesn’t seem that much superior to the PS3, not worth the upgrade.

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