Playstation Meeting 2013: PS Vita forgotten?

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  1. wololo

    Maybe Sony is realizing that dedicated handheld gaming has lost the battle to generic mobile phones and tablets. It is also very likely that lots of Vita owners are people who also own a PS3, and to me this is why they are refocusing with the Vita being “only” an additional screen for the home console.

    Streaming also adds to my suspicions, that the Vita will become only one portable device in a sea of (non Sony) devices that can play (stream) Playstation content.

    Of course, that’s assuming that the network will be good enough (bandwidth and ping) to support their streaming system, which many people doubt.

    • gunblade

      yea guess sony went back to gaming consoles wish microsoft even tryed portable gaming handhelds but they got windows phones .. yea wish the vita streaming gets more attention nice to play playstaion concles games on the go… but i guess sony would have needed to upgrade the playstaion network why they ended up scrapping the ps3 psn to cover network load… microsoft can probly spare the *** load on there network so they dont have to worry much but sony would do good if they had there own 3g 4g sattilite network on the streaming…

    • gunblade

      k so i wish list dis year is a ps4 xbox 720 a vita 4g nividia game pad n ouya n a new computer system wish me luck….

    • Gilgamesh

      I think the +20 Million 3DS sales begs to differ. Sure, more people have smartphones and tablets, but the 3DS proves that the dedicated handheld gaming market isn’t a lost cause and has a lot of money to be made in. When Pokemon X/Y comes out, those 3DS sales are going to absolutely explode, especially in Japan.

      My point is, if Sony would correct the Vita like Nintendo has corrected the 3DS ship since its “failed” launch, the Vita could actually be very successful. It really is a shame about Sony’s incompetence.

  2. shawn arvin

    actually it was not forgotten it said that ps vita would be integrated with gaikai/playstation cloud and thats probably the update with all the features all game will be remote play and all ps3 games will hopefully be remote play they said.

    • hgoel0974

      Is it? How many modern computers have 8GB RAM? and how many have a custom modified PC GPU? and how many have an Octa-core processor?

      You will be surprised to see that most computers are quad-cores with 4GB RAM and common graphics cards.

      • seife

        The amount of cores the cpu has doenst say anything about its power.. and 8gb ram? 30 dollars. Dont talk about things you dont know about

      • clicks

        Octo-core doesn’t mean much if all the cores are weak, as someone else pointed out on this site AMD’s octo cores are likely more powerful than Sony’s offering and still tend to get blown out of the water by Intel’s quad-cores.

        Now all of this sounds very… efficient, but not necessarily powerful. That combined gpu/cpu? PC already has access to that and is primarily used for laptops/super budget builds, not gaming rigs. That ram is likely fast enough to dance around DDR3 IF it wasn’t also pulling the gpu’s weight (dedicated cards have DDR5 memory on the chips), and once again it doesn’t sound like all 8 cores of the cpu will be dedicated towards gaming, leaving a few for backup, media, etc.

        For the record, if it comes priced between $400-500, it’ll likely be a better buy than a rig built for around the same amount and should get more mileage assuming we can avoid more technicolor follies this console generation.

        • hgoel0974

          I have a feeling that you are thinking of the architecture in terms of Intel HD Graphics.

          The HD Graphics shared memory technique is actually quite smart, the RAM would still be as fast as a normal DDR5 because the PS4 is likely optimized to use the integrated GPU style design, the Intel HD Graphics is a seriously underused chip, it actually has quite potential because it isn’t limited to it’s own RAM, by borrowing from System RAM, it can use more RAM than any other GPU, it is a little known fact that AAA games like GTA 4 on the PC were designed to ignore the HD Graphics’ power (it preferred NVIDIA and I think that it was sponsered by them as well) but compare it to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and you can see that even with those beautiful graphics, it runs very well because it is able to use the card effectively.

          I believe that the PS4 devkits are probably designed to use the enhanced ability of an integrated GPU (it gives the game up to 8 GB GPU RAM) plus, because there aren’t options here, so it is very likely that the PS4 is optimized for its graphics card and RAM speed.

      • Thrawn

        And of course don’t forget, that’s an old x86 architecture, which means it is by far weaker as any x64. And that x86 combined with 8GB ram, something does not fit, cause it could natively address only 4GB. So by pc standards it is already a 3 – 4 year old device.
        Btw my current pc got 4 cores (8 threads) of course x64, with 16GB ddr3 and the graphic card has alone 2,5GB dedicated gddr5 on it.
        If you get yourself a new rig than those values are pretty common.
        So those technical values of the new ps4 aren’t that astonishing. The question is, how well are dev’s going to optimize their software for the ps4.

        • Kyu

          It is x86-x64 so 64-bit.

          • Thrawn

            Yeah I saw that, but why mention x86 when it is actually a 64bit architecture?
            That would be like advertising your car could drive 100mph but of course it could drive 20mph too.
            That is misleading, or not all of those cores are x64.

        • hgoel0974

          Consoles are seriously optimized

          Could you imagine playing games with graphics like the PS3s on a PC with the same specs? 😉

          Same goes for the Vita, I don’t believe that you could play games like NFS on a similar PC.

          The same will probably go for the PS4, remember that the main advantage of consoles is that they are optimized for gaming. So, a PS4 is probably almost the same as the PC you have mentioned in terms of gaming performance 😉

          • Thrawn

            Yeah consoles themselves are optimized (current gen) but this one is going to be more and more standard pc like means that devs are thinking they have a powerful new tool now and they won’t need to optimize their products. Which leads to lower development cost for a certain amount of time, till they reach it’s max capabilities. Then they would swap to streaming

            Now you can’t compare a ps3 to a standard pc that won’t work as the ps3 has a complete different kind of technology embedded. You would be able to compare a xbox or a x360 to a pc as the gaps in between are very small or not there at all.

            So what I fear now is, that the consoles becoming more and more like standard pc’s loose their optimization bonus, this means then there would be no difference anymore.

          • pirate city

            Consoles are not seriously optimized. -____- What the heck are you even saying?

            Even if PS4 would be the most powerful thing in 2013 or 2014, the computer generation of gaming would quickly overtake that. That’s how fast systems evolve these days.

            You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Just because you’re sitting on a Windows 95 machine that uses floppy disks doesn’t mean everyone else has a super-old and outdated computer. -___-

          • hgoel0974

            @pirate city, Again, I can’t reply to you directly so:

            Consoles are VERY optimized, you couldn’t run GTA 4, for example on a Pc with just 256 MB RAM and 256 MB VRAM even if you had a 3.4 GHz processor, but you CAN play it on a PS3.

            Also, I didn’t mention anything at all about it being future proof 😉

            It seems you don’t have too much of an idea of what you’re talking about, I did my research before saying this. and well you did guess right, I do have an old PC that DOES have a floppy drive but who cares, it is very common for people to have more than one computer these days 😉

          • pirate city

            hgoel0974 is a ***.

            Who has a computer with 256 RAM these days?

            Sorry, but PC outdoes consoles in every way possible. There’s no argument there.

            Cry all you like. The more tears you shed, the more I feed off of it. Then again, it’s probably the same ‘hopefuls’ that will cry if the PS4 isn’t hacked within a year. lmao.

          • pirate city

            OMG! LOL!






      • Ronald

        Kid(I say kid cause you have the ignorance of one) your stupid a PC is fully customizable so what you just said is literally *** and many computers come with octa cores but there useless cause no software utilizes every core, but a dipshit like you doesn’t know that you see big numbers that in reality aren’t that big and you hop on it like your mom hops on dicks.

      • pirate city

        What the heck? My laptop has 16gb RAM and it’s a Quad-core. It’s considered to be ‘old’ now by computer standards. They evolve so fast. =/

        No, you’ll be surprised that a lot of people nowadays have 8GB RAM as standard. Anything more than 8GB is considered to be used for ‘gaming purposes’.

        • Soldier

          Do people even realize that more ram for gaming is kind of pointless because it just increases loading time by a milisecond that you wouldn’t notice anyways.


          Amd Phenom II x4 965 3.4ghz
          Nvidia GTX 570
          4 gigs ddr3 ram

          I max out almost every single game I’ve played at 1920×1200 resolution. I have not played that stupid new game Crysis 3 because I do not have intentions on playing a benchmarking tool.

          • wololo

            More ram gives you better possibility of caching data, this means faster loading times in general, and less lag in critical parts of the games. Like any other performance component of a computer, it is relevant, and usually the more you have the better. It doesn’t mean 8GB will always make a difference, but dependently of the situation, it can.

          • pirate city

            The only people who know what their talking about here in the comment ssection is wololo and acid_snake.

            Thank you, wololo for pointing this out.

            And to add to this, more RAM in games like Skyrim CAN make a difference. You WILL notice a significant difference, especially since a lack of RAM on all max settings in Skyrim = Frozen game.

            I bought my gaming computer specifically for that one game – Skyrim.

      • icarus

        My PC has 8gb of ram and a six core cpu which ill be upgrading to the 8 core soon. They dont mention the speed at which the PS4 will be running those cores at either. Undoubtably PC technology is superior and always will be since its always being enhanced especially with graphics cards being improved on a near montbly basis. I will get the ps4 but i still think PC gaming is the ultimate.

  3. Mr. MaGoo

    Me likey

  4. wolframio

    Vita is dead if they bring any playstation game to any device like ouya. Shield. Any apple or android device also pc or netbooks.

    • gunblade

      well sony will make up for the psp since it was more of there portable gaming its in the name … with the mobile gaming sale there probly jus have ps one n/or psp gaming for sale to play on outher mobile device that app thing will probly let u connect to the sony cloud to play streamed games n the vita is more the next gen portable but since android market they useing it more for remote play for the ps4 but more vita games would be cool hope can still go into gamin stop to buy game cartrige still n they end up atleast making game cartrige with like 5 psx game or 3 ps2 games n ps2 come to the vita.. playing a vita game will streaming to the ps4 nice hoping cuz it be like having a huge azz tv

    • hgoel0974

      Touch Screen Only + PlayStation != fun 😉

      Physical Controls + designed by Sony + PlayStation = fun

      Ouya,tablets,Shield + PS Game = Not possible, Gaikai cloud tech is only on the Vita and PS4 and I doubt that Sony will ever let it out on any other device/third party device

  5. Yep

    No like shawn said, it wasn’t forgotten, however this conference was all about the ps4, with the ps4 you’ll be able to play all it’s games on the vita, unlike the ps3, since this will be default, unlike an added feature like the ps3.

  6. fakeuser

    RIP Vita

    • StanSmith

      The only thing thats keeping it afloat are the hacks that get released. But as soon as a hack is released Sony kill it so they are the ones thats holding it back. They arn’t doing anything with it so its all up to the hackers.

      Lets hope they release a Vita exploit soon so we can have some more life out of this expensive handheld console.

      If Sony didn’t block the hacks they would sell a lot more Vitas.

      • clicks

        Yeah… no, hacks aren’t selling Vitas. No one in their right mind would look at someone running an emulator on a Vita and immediately whip out their Android/iPhone and order a Vita. It was cool on the PSP but on the Vita it’s almost expected.

        What is DEFINITELY expected is far greater functionality from the damned thing. If Sony would get their act together on a handheld device for ONCE, then we could see a more properly functioning device rather than one that’s still trying to keep pace with it’s predecessor.

        • Kyu

          I prefer solid controls over touch.

        • hgoel0974

          True, they really need to get their act together, just look at the Vita’s specs and compare it to a PS2 or even a PS3, the PSV by far beats the PS2 (Why u no announce PS2 emulator!) and rivals the PS3 (Except maybe in processing unless EACH core is 1 GHz-2GHz at which point I would go crazy (1 GHZ * 4 cores or 2 GHz * 4 cores :shocked:)

          • pirate city

            It’s not just about the specs. I guess the people that view this website and beg for exploits only look at how ‘amazing the specs are’. omfg! The Vita has better specs than the PS2, and it’s a handheld! INSTA-SELL. No.

            It doesn’t work that way. It’s all about marketing. Which is why the 3DS is flourishing compared to the Vita. And there are is currently no emulation for 3DS games on the flashcards. It’s only DS, GBA, GBC, etc. So don’t use that hacking cr*p as an excuse.

            Nintendo could sell canned soup and still outsell the Vita. Sony needs to focus on letting people know what the Vita is and how good it is. Instead they ignore it and hope people will shell out $200+ for a system with a proprietary memory card.

          • hgoel0974

            @pirate city , I can’t reply to you directly so,

            I didn’t say that its specs make it an INSTA-SELL, I just said that if sony were to make good use of the specs, they would probably sell more Vita’s (ie. if they were to fully utilize the hardware)

            Also, I don’t think that the Vita can be compared to the 3DS, because it seems to me that they are both targeted at completely different audiences, I believe that the 3DS was targeted at kids and I KNOW that the PSV is targeted at adults (I read it somewhere on Sony’s site)

            Although marketing does play a role in selling stuff but I am pretty sure that if the Vita was better utilized, more people who had looked at its abilities would be compelled to buy it.

          • pirate city

            I was not replying to you directly, hgoel0974.

            It’s just that a majority of people believe that hardware is what makes the difference in terms of sales for handheld consoles.

            This is not always the case. 3DS and Vita can be compared, because they are both handheld consoles.

            The 3DS is not targeted to ‘just’ kids. You are wrong. They target casual gamers, younger audience, family and can even appeal to hardcore gamers with niche titles. They have a VERY wide audience, that’s why they are so marketable.

            The Vita on the other hand, only appeals to a handful of gamers. I love the Vita, but Sony needs to step it’s game up and realize what Nintendo is doing better than them.

    • gunblade

      hahah aaaah guessing the 4g model is to cover the remote streaming guess i getting anader vita … can i hope for unlimited data plans please…

  7. ismail

    No this event are only happen when a console announced the psmeeting 2011 was only announced to show psvita.

  8. SupahLeecha

    I expected this disappointment already. Good luck to you sony

  9. Lauren

    Sony doesn’t deserve the vita, third party developers will continue to shy away from developing games on the system .. I thought they had plan to reverse the misfortune of this handheld POOR SONY!

    • gunblade

      yea but they had hard time dealing with android n ios so cant blame them they n nintendo barly get by on the portable gaming with things like ipad iphone n samsung note giving a larger choice base on system with a resinable price plus most is phones so most people would be getthing a phone to call n txt n play games on as to a system only for gaming… n android n iphone games r pretty goood full hd games realy n sony best match with that was a psp but the vita did them sum justice to compet with todays iphone even thought herd the ipad mini screen was nice though apple made upgrades to the retina display..

      • clicks

        The 3DS is doing pretty damn fine actually, their exclusives still carry plenty of weight there.

        It’s just once you compare them to the gigantic smartphone market do they look small, but if you were to compare all PC users to consoles users the numbers would look similar.

        What if flash games were originally introduced as purchasable apps priced around $1 on average?

        • Kyu

          3DS only needs to release more confirmed-because-Ninty games (More TLoZ,SSB,Mario Party,Starfox etc etc),removal of region lock (which due to stubborness will remain -.-) and of course to make a better e-shop (***,everything is far overpriced than if I ordered directly from Amazon and there aren’t any decent offers,if any)

  10. gunblade

    ps4 gpraphics look nice what game is that looks like a light bridge like from wipeout but it had a military chopper on the landing pad so guessing a shooting game..

  11. gunblade

    will sony have those iluminating projecter like on the kinect for the xbox 360 n 720 pn the ps4 say the wonz they made for like the xbox 360 or sumthning was prety mean i guess to be playing a games n the room lights up the the game ur playing or how that even work for the xbox kenect think i jus made the room look like it was snowing while it was snowing in the game or sumthing…

  12. gunblade

    so ? is i guess is if the graphics is real 4k like rumers said or upgrade of 1080dpi(?)