Playstation Evolution: Gaming on the go

Sony is expected to announce the PS4 in a public event tomorrow in New York. In the meantime, they have been publishing videos to show the history of the playstation brand. With the PS1, PS2, and PS3 last week, they are completing the hardware series with a short presentation of their portable devices, the PSP and the PSVita.

The video explains the PSP was the first portable device with a true “high end” gaming feeling to it, with a good GPU and high resolution (at the time) screen.

It then explains how the Vita is the result of Sony using the knowledge they acquired with the PSP to create a better portable gaming experience. According to the video, the vita introduced enhanced social network features, interaction with the PS3 (Cross platform play), better hardware (powerful CPU and the OLED screen), and exclusive AAA titles such as Uncharted golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. The video concludes by saying that the PSP and the Vita brought quality console gaming to new audiences.


(thanks to whitey_mcguee for the tip!)

  1. compil3r’s avatar

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s announcement!


  2. MarSprite’s avatar

    Sony conveniently forgets the SEGA Game Gear. The Game Gear was at least as console quality in its generation as the PSP was console quality in its generation.


    1. Sylen7Nato’s avatar

      i loved the Game Gear…probly what got me hooked on portables in the first place, soooooo many years ago.


      1. >_>’s avatar

        I grew up on RPG’s, which the Game Gear sadly had very few of. I remember a Shining Force game and Defenders of Oasis, and that’s it. Those two games and Sonic the Hedgehog were the only games I ever owned (and played) on that system. I picked up a Sega Nomad several years afterward, now that was a cool handheld. :D (battery life sucked though LOL.)


  3. Saul’s avatar

    PS4…meh, I don’t care. PC>PS4


    1. 2K’s avatar

      I’m excited for the new games that will come out for PS4 though.


  4. Gman’s avatar

    Vita created a better gaming experience compared to PSP???
    NOT TRUE. There’s just a handful quality games for VITA. I’m bored waiting for new good releases.


  5. Silverh@mmer’s avatar

    Think people will say: Ps4 may end a lot of the hacking and custom firmware delights, so why bother? Since Android is making their 2013 console hackable, maybe Sony should be a little nicer and make it more like their classic psp. It could probably positively effect their sales.. Just sayin.


    1. pirate city’s avatar

      … I think your party has to stop right here. A system being easy to ‘hack’ positively affect sales? Based on what? Nintendo’s 3DS? If so, that’s a fail argument right there.

      Also, I will just leave this right here:

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      can’t stop me Sony, maybe take a hint?

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      get it in the morning like Alonzo
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      1. Mr. MaGoo’s avatar

        Awesome rap mili vanilli


      2. Silverh@mmer’s avatar

        Lol, I like that. But Sony lost a lot of money from the Tsunami, plus their psn got hacked a while before, so cases like that didn’t help them financially. And not to knock the ds, but the ds seems to be more admired by younger individuals as the gameboy, snes, and their other famous handhelds and consoles, while the psp is probably more so appealed by teens and adults. Nintendo seems to have a better overall game selection backed up by their great ideas in the beginning up to now, but Sonys quality is better while everything else they do is a work in progress. But either way it goes, everyone has their own opinion.


  6. Show’s avatar

    This video was less “WE LOVE PSP” and more “GUYS THE VITA IS AWESOME WE SWEAR”



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