Heads up. Humble Monthly this month gets you Destiny 2 + about $100 worth of games for $12, yours to keep. In other news, God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition might or might not ship with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate links)

Playstation Evolution: Changing the Definition of Game


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  1. William A.U. (NeonAera) says:

    Thanks for filling us in on the info, wololo!

  2. Awhotune says:

    Oh, the first of many exciting times ahead!

  3. uNb0rN says:


  4. Sylen7Nato says:

    Does anyone remember the game Dante’s Inferno?… i loved that game and would love to see the sequel to it, as they did leave it with a “To Be Continued” before the end credits…would also like to see some more Hitman titles.

  5. hgoel0974 says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! ^_^

  6. RiotDX says:

    Hopefully we get some news on a new game from Atlus!

  7. EJ says:

    Not sure about Gran Turismo, took them a long time to deliver part 5. ThatGameCompany though could definitely have something ready to go by then. Hoping for good things tomorrow.

  8. azrayl says:

    I would like to see the new
    – Metal Gear 5,
    – Dark Souls II,
    – Dragon’s Dogma 2,
    – God of War 5(I think GoW Ascension is definately GoW4 but since the number 4 can be read as shi which means death in japanese they skipped the number),
    – Red Dead Redemption 2 / something else from Rockstar,
    – Final Fantasy XIII Versus maybe? or FF XVI?
    – Infamous 3,
    – Uncharted 4,
    – hopefully something new and crazy as always from Platinum Games
    – Castlevania

    I would love to see a new Monster Hunter on PS4 but that’s only a dream and even if Capcom decided to release a MH game on PS4 it probably wouldn’t come to the west.
    Also I would love to see some new JRPGs like the Tales series.

  9. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I would find it hilarious if the PS4 is nowhere to be found tomorrow, lol.

  10. garrei says:

    can someone help me hack my ps4 to play iso game? I want free games, please guyz 🙂

  11. 14th! says:


    • >_> says:

      12th actually. Please lay off the exclamation points next time.

      • zazzz says:

        In commemoration on 14th’s momentous achievement of being the ’14th’ poster, we hereby congratulate you with the ! trophy. Three cheers for 14th! Hurrah! Hurrah!! Hurrah!!!

  12. n3rk3 says:

    Maybe they quit? I mean all that Old stuff Maybe they mean “Hey Show what wie did nad had a Lot of Fun but we dont make Money wiht playstations any more so Good bye.”

  13. zazzz says:

    It’s hard to believe that we’re up to PS4 already. It seems like just yesterday when PS3, PS2 and PS first came out.


  14. sniper sam says:

    i hope kingdom hearts is for ps3/4

  15. duckey420 says:

    Why Sony treatis its one of the best games ever created: Warhawm, like it never existed. It had such a great fan base like no other.

  16. shootyou says:

    Warkhawk is old. Doesn’t have enough ***. Fail game. Plus, it’s old now.

    Starhawk is the spiritual successor of Warhawk. It didn’t have enough *** in the game too. Fail game as well.

    • duckey420 says:

      Yes Starhawk is a fail game, it killed the community, but Warhawk was the kind of game that made people play it nonstop and the *** were pretty nice. At that time i didn’t buy or play any other game for 2 years. Whatever, Sony never wanted to make it big.

  17. FKurosF says:

    Well, it seems Gran Turismo is a given (… no, I’m not betting against that XD).
    It also seems they will confirm that The Last Guardian is in production for the PS4, quite probably with footage and release date.

    And unfortunately, it also seems that there will be no mention of FFVXIII :(… considering FFVII was one of the most influential games for the Playstation, even before Gran Turismo, and it wasn’t even mentioned… traditional RPGs were not mentioned at all :(.

    I guess we’ll see 🙂

  18. xoombie503 says:

    launch games,resistance,cod black ops 3 ,and helo kitty all developed by nihilistic

  19. Chipokomon says:

    I may not like Sony but i am going to that announcement. lol

  20. KhFan says:

    I think Kingdom Hearts 3 should be out and for the PS4.

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