Total_Noob has a PSP Kernel exploit on Vita 2.05, no plan to release


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  1. Od takiej sumy kwota rocznych odsetek była już znacząca, tak więc warto było korzystać z takiej formy inwestowania.

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  2. wololo says:

    Who is “they” in your post?

  3. SIM sk says:

    the people who work on these exploits.

  4. wololo says:

    That’s too broad a statement. Dozens of people have worked on hacks for the Vita in 2012, not all of them asked for donations, and most of those who did did it *after* they released their work.

    I’m getting extremely tired of people who say those devs are greedy. Given the amount of time required by each hack, I find it offensive that people get to criticize the devs’ choice in how they release their work. The only ones allowed to give any judgement on that should be people who have an alternate solution (another hack) to offer.

  5. svenn says:

    That’s to a close statement, most end-users have no clue on what it takes to write a program/website/hack. They only see the end result, this is generally the fault of consumer electronics like Sony, Apple, Microsoft who push the “hardware/electronic/technical” part of computers to the back where nobody has to deal with it or even knows what it is. The policy with Apple for example is, they wane make you forget your in front of a computer.

    Hacking, programming, writing code, …. is 90 % of the time debugging, searching, cursing, failing, 9% of actual writing and 1% enjoying your result. (~sometimes)

  6. Someone Else says:

    Thankfully though, that’s just a greedy scumbag minority. It’s the internet, so there’s lots of em, but I still think they’re a miniroty, and most of em are trolls.

    I believe the majority of people appreciate and defend the devs’ work, as shown by how often they stick up for devs against the scumbag statements of the few.

  7. azrayl says:

    I wish people like you wouldn’t exist.
    Your own words are befitting your personality the best.

  8. AFA says:



  1. February 23, 2013

    […] I don’t want to sound like an ******* but why is total noob always running away from exploits! Total noob I must say we really appreciate ur work in the psp scene without which we wouldnt have rocked a lcfw on 6. Total_Noob has a PSP Kernel exploit on Vita 2. Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. read more […]

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