Total_Noob has a PSP Kernel exploit on Vita 2.05, no plan to release

(Update: for the people angry at the “no release plan” part, Total_Noob wants to emphasize that he wasn’t planning on making any of this information public, he just casually replied to the interviewer at dashhacks) Scene website dashhacks revealed a few days ago that Total_Noob has a (psp) kernel exploit that works on firmware 2.05.

Total_Noob never ceases to amaze, and he just explained that he has access to a (psp) Kernel exploit that works on the Vita firmware 2.05. As he described to dashhacks writer HolmesInFive, his upcoming TN-V (with XMB support) will work on 2.05 through a new kernel exploit, but he has no plan to release that exploit.

TN-V will be publicly released for firmwares up to 2.02, but no kernel exploit is publicly available for firmware 2.05 so far. People running on firmware 2.05 have currently no publicly known way to run (psp) homebrews, either through user or kernel mode. This includes obviously Total_Noob’s Custom firmware “CEF“.

PSP Kernel exploits have always been rare, and it makes sense that TN keeps this new one for his own investigation, assuming this is the only one he currently has access to. Who knows, maybe this will end up being released eventually.

Source:  dashhacks

  1. Shapeshifter’s avatar

    I don’t want to sound like an ******* but why is total noob always running away from exploits!like the psp where he had an exploit at 6.39 before may others(for newer models) and still someone else released it for him after everyone had exploits upto 6.60..
    Total noob I must say we really appreciate ur work in the psp scene without which we wouldnt have rocked a lcfw on 6.xx if u hadnt exploited 6.20 but pls do the same for those who have a vita on latest fw(I don’t have a vita)


  2. V’s avatar

    He announce it because he wants deliver the message to every one saying that “it’s possible” don’t give your hope up


    1. Castiel’s avatar

      I love your optimistic way of thinking.
      Most people will see it as a way of him saying
      “look at what I got that I’m not going to share with you. uMad?”


  3. CFW EXPERT’s avatar

    dont release it, your a waiste of our time leave the ps vita scene please


    1. SuzieJoeBob’s avatar

      fuck off


  4. Voreon’s avatar

    Whyyyyy?????!!!!!! … But we can’t do nothing :(


  5. sub4subsandwich’s avatar

    How much goddamn money is it gonna take for this guy to release the exploit? This is bullshit, I’ll buy the damn exploit from him if that’s what it takes…


  6. Seallux’s avatar

    really hope they release the 2.5 exploit had to get my vita repaired because of some water damage =/


  7. VictorWei’s avatar

    I only want to know if this kernel exploit still can work on 2.06 :)


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