Total_Noob has a PSP Kernel exploit on Vita 2.05, no plan to release


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117 Responses

  1. Shura says:

    Thanks for the great news ^^

  2. dave ross says:

    If he’s not going fo release it why announce it?

    • Inky says:

      He can announce anything he wants to, he doesn’t really need a reason to do so.

    • garrei says:

      because it is news? he is using it for further development and something else may be released because of this important step of acquiring a kernel exploit.

    • Keyblade Spirit says:


      IF people know that there is an exploit,
      THEN people will look for that exploit until they find it.

      It’s simple logic.

      • svenn says:

        People are looking whether or not he is saying stuff, the reason is ’cause kernel exploits are rare’ and hard to find.

        If he uses this exploit, hes on the next update restricted again to non-psp-kernel access.

        It’s simple logic.

        • Thrawn says:

          Yeah but than again, if you don’t wan’t it to be patched why even announcing it? Better to keep your trap shut and use it for your development till you find a way that sony can’t definitely patch it anymore. Like finding keys and signing your piece of software.
          After that announcement just now, sony is surely looking into this, they might find it and iron it out.
          Imo such announcement’s are contra productive. They are only as stated by Keyblade Spirit to motivate other devs.
          Nothing more.

          • tigerblack says:

            really? like sony will pay their employees to look through every game until they find a vulnerability? if it was that simple to find then there wouldnt exist any now…….noob

          • 201 says:

            Sony is most likely fu*king Thrawn’s mom. He’s so paranoid that Sony is everywhere. Better tell your mom to close her legs tight with her back against the wall. Sony might visit your mom again tonight.

    • totally noob says:

      because he is a total noob literally

  3. none says:

    another psp exploit … 0 vita exploit counting

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Don’t expect a Vita exploit any tie soon, modern security is very hard to hack (and we are slowly getting to the point where hacking will become impossible)

    • dave ross says:

      Ah my many apologies then :-( sorry about that guys!

    • svenn says:

      0 public available exploits. (atleast 1 is beeing talked about)

      What did change is sony protected there stuff better, last time they left the door wide open, and most knowledge was out there about how everything worked.

      Free/hobby hackers are slowly pushed back, but payed hackers will break this in a second.

    • thedicemaster says:

      I do believe there are at least 2 vita exploits in the hands of developers, and they are kept secret because nobody can make anything useful yet.
      a homebrew or rom loader is kinda pointless if nobody can write homebrew or dump roms yet.

  4. Someone Else says:

    This is excellent news.

    Especially the “no plan to release.”

    That way it’s there for the future, just in case.

  5. Veskgar says:

    I’d prefer a new kernel exploit be held onto until later firmware updates.

  6. Kefkiroth says:

    I bet he would only release it if the next Vita firmwares have something coming that is worthwhile. Though it’s good to keep it around anyway so that we know there is a backup around.

  7. Akira says:

    It will be nice to check out the new PSP Kernel exploit for 2.05 firmware!

  8. Npado says:

    Good. Don’t release it until the time is right. That way it will benefit us more in the long run. :)

    • Casavult says:

      You sound so certain that he’s going to be doing it for “us”. He doesn’t have to release anything for “us”. He could simply keep this for himself (private exploit).

      • Npado says:

        And if he keeps it private, then we lost nothing/gained nothing. It’s his work and effort. He decides what to do with it.

        It’s not our decision. Be grateful someone of his caliber is on the Vita scene.

  9. Matthew says:

    Maybe he won’t release it because of the new firmware supposed to be released…

  10. herriemaker says:

    i realy hope he wont release it i almost *** my pants when the other 2 where released i tought they used the same exploit i have found myself (and no whiners i wont release it either)

  11. StanSmith says:

    WHY even tell us they have a exploit if they arn’t going to release it? Its the same as a fake as the public will never see it so its fake.

    • ushjs says:

      because TN is actually credible unlike those morons posting fake youtube videos with survey links?

      that’s why.

    • Casavult says:

      Grow a brain cell. It’s TN for goodness sake…

    • wololo says:

      This. What ushjs and Casavult wrote.

      You’ll notice how we don’t publish any news about an upcoming exploit or things like this until we’ve verified there’s a minimum of credibility to the piece of news.

      If TN says he has another psp kernel exploit, it means he does. I see your point that it’s as good as fake if there is no release eventually, but we believe it is still newsworthy.

    • Someone Else says:

      Some people visit out of genuine interest in what the scene is achieving, not what they can get out of it. Those achievements and what they stand for, are the main purpose of the site, I think. (Not just what people can get their grubby mitts on.)

  12. AyeGuy says:

    The amount of money people have spent on the game with the exploit, might as well just buy a psp and hack that and be done with it.

    • 201 says:

      So all you want a PSP for is to pirate games? Fu*k that ‘back up games’ bullsh*t. You and I both know that you don’t own 90% of the .isos on that system.

      pirate city, b*tch, pirate pirate city, b*tch
      10, 10, 10, 20 dollars? that’s silly b*tch
      100 dollars in my hand? yea fu*k this.
      i’m so cheap, Sony don’t know who they f*cking with.

      got this other sh*t, torrenting this other sh*t
      piratin’ all night, ni*ga we don’t give a sh*t
      piratebay so dope, I ain’t quittin’ it
      can’t stop me Sony, maybe take a hint?

      no ***, Sonys killing it
      no money, no money, Sonys chicken sh*t
      Sony got the short end of the stick
      Nintendo you know what it is

      pirate city b*tch, pirate pirate city b*tch
      10, 10, 10, 20 dollars? that’s silly b*tch

      ni*ga, i’m a jew by far
      look at the torrents on the bar
      too bad Sony, PSN sucks hard
      get the f*ck out, no debit card

      I need my isos pronto
      get it in the morning like Alonzo
      i’m a pirate, i’m a fu*king desperado
      gonna torrenting this b*tch like no tomorrow

      i’m at 100, 100
      progress at 100, 100
      pirate pirate city b*tch
      i’m at 100, 100
      progress at 100, 100
      pirate pirate city b*tch

  13. Mr. MaGoo says:

    I honestly wish that this wasn’t brought up due to the simple fact of all the flamers out that it has been acknowledged there are going to be the ungrateful handful that will be demanding released that they have not contriduted.

  14. Skars says:

    I don’t understand people that freak out with news about something without a release date. Can’t you control yourself kids?

    Thanks TN for you dedication to the scene.

    I would not release such exploit before the release of the new PSV Slim, which is expected to have a whole new firmware, and an update may be more than necessary for everyone.

    VHBL at the moment on 2.05 and a card on the sleeve seems to be a more reasonable thing to do.

  15. MagicSpy says:

    Just give us one BIG shoot, that sony never patch!!!

  16. ..!.(^_^)..!.. says:

    tired to wait that exploit game my be hackers side of sony now if you read about news about psvita before release sony recruting hackers to work with sony maybe all hackers pawn now for money can buy every thing sorry for my bad english.

  17. yay says:

    TN is *** awesome!!


  18. yay says:

    he should release it after a BIG update happens to the vita

  19. ..!.(^_^)..!.. says:

    and sony patches anything again and buy that game to be exploit psycologic sony.

  20. ..!.(^_^)..!.. says:

    if you notice they show video of of exploite and then they ask to donate 1 or 2 dollars before annouce the game *** trick.

    • wololo says:

      Who is “they” in your post?

      • SIM sk says:

        the people who work on these exploits.

        • wololo says:

          That’s too broad a statement. Dozens of people have worked on hacks for the Vita in 2012, not all of them asked for donations, and most of those who did did it *after* they released their work.

          I’m getting extremely tired of people who say those devs are greedy. Given the amount of time required by each hack, I find it offensive that people get to criticize the devs’ choice in how they release their work. The only ones allowed to give any judgement on that should be people who have an alternate solution (another hack) to offer.

          • svenn says:

            That’s to a close statement, most end-users have no clue on what it takes to write a program/website/hack. They only see the end result, this is generally the fault of consumer electronics like Sony, Apple, Microsoft who push the “hardware/electronic/technical” part of computers to the back where nobody has to deal with it or even knows what it is. The policy with Apple for example is, they wane make you forget your in front of a computer.

            Hacking, programming, writing code, …. is 90 % of the time debugging, searching, cursing, failing, 9% of actual writing and 1% enjoying your result. (~sometimes)

          • Someone Else says:

            Thankfully though, that’s just a greedy scumbag minority. It’s the internet, so there’s lots of em, but I still think they’re a miniroty, and most of em are trolls.

            I believe the majority of people appreciate and defend the devs’ work, as shown by how often they stick up for devs against the scumbag statements of the few.

  21. ..!.(^_^)..!.. says:

    mybe you dont ask you.

  22. Ariel says:

    I have a question. for ps2 games ps vita use an emulator like psp? expliot could be found in the ps2 emulator? sorry if I’m asking really bad and sorry for my English

  23. dave ross says:

    l :-( apologized.

  24. bane says:

    he fools all of us…dont trust this news.

  25. aethun says:

    In this scene has to get people that has hacked Android and Apple systems, you can no longer do as they did before.

    • Davee says:

      This is a wise man. PSP devs are in for a totally different ride on the PSVita, when you get there you’ll look back and think “holy *** this psp stuff is ridiculously simple”.

      Kernel exploit on a PSP? Piece of cake! Exploiting systems through their various protections (XN, ASLR) and inherent protections of process isolation will spice the game up a bit.

  26. HardTimes says:

    Honestly people need to quit begging for them to release their “Work” Or “Hack”, They don’t need to release Sh*t… And Sony if you’re reading this… Lay the heck off the hackers… They’re just doing what you failed to do in the first place… Well that’s my 2 Cents. Oh Btw Wololo… <3 YA!

  27. duckey420 says:

    Respect TN! Thanks for the news wololo!

  28. johnny says:

    Why people are bragging over this? if TN doesnt want to release it, then fine for me. He would have more easy time to do more work with it.

    You greedy people calm down, its just a kernel exploit, it’s not a freaking CFW he’s not releasing.

  29. sniper sam says:

    they need to put the exploit in a demo game like
    unit 13 demo or smthn

  30. Grammar Nazi says:

    “dashhacks revealed a few days ago that Total_Noob has a (psp) kernel exploit”

  31. Nani says:

    Gamers who are on 2.02 need 2.05 to access PSN
    Gamers who are on 2.05 without an exploit too need it

    So Everybody Want EXPLOITS.

    Please make sure they are available for every region this time to make everyone happy with FREEDOM GAMING.

    NANI(2.05 OFW)

  32. Dan says:

    Gamers who are on 2.02 can access PSN with PS3.
    And there is way to move the games from PS3 to vita 2.02.

  33. gunblade says:

    on 1.81 probly get anouther vita soon.. good thing got uno dough… well ill probly have tree vita before the new model.. so good on that…nice 2.o5 got hack well semi soft moded ….

  34. M_A_W-723 says:

    wololo i want to contribute for the ps vita scene
    tell me how can i make a kernel exploit
    so that it is possible for people to enjoy free psp/psx
    on ps vita

  35. seed says:

    ok. he is not planning to reslt the exploit waiting for hack this assdevice so
    make us happy or dont tell us there is no exploit

  36. quetz says:

    i’m still in 2.02 hopefully 😉 but i keep waiting for the release eventually in future for the 2.05 or maybe later fw exploit 😉 assuming that this is going to be keeped as secret.. obviously who didn’t had the chance to get the game exploited (in 2.02) right on time before the 2.05 fw launch surely it’s not interested in this kind of hack at all, and so i really don’t see why TN should release such important work if not in case of a greater fw upgrade by sony

  37. Leires says:

    Good for TN, if he does have underlying reasons to release it later, I can understand why he’d not now. 2.05 gives nothing special, and since they’re so rare, it seems like it’d be a waste. Another likely possibility is him using it to test what else can be done with a Ksploit (not that he couldn’t use 2.02, but since it’s a different firmeware, different game, one is likely curious if sony patched more than just one entry point..) Or maybe he just wants one to himself, which i don’t blame him, I’ve no doubts in my mind that someone out there has the vita fully open but just doesn’t want to tell anyone for personal reasons. Either way, whatever your reasons are TN, Congrats and good job. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  38. azrayl says:

    Yea, I think it’s the best choice to just wait for now with releasing something well at least until somebody else has another kexploit.
    And there are a lot of games coming out soon which will make you update your FW to play online with friends anyways.
    While talking about online play…is anybody here going to buy the Japanese version of Soul Sacrifice?

    I wish I could read japanese there’d be so many more games that I’d buy…*sigh*

  39. vita says:

    English version of Soul Sacrifice is being released soon. Everyone will update once that happens. lol

  40. klowned says:

    Yeah i am ok with wololo point of view about s**kers who ask to release exploit etc do it yourself befor talk bad about persons who rip their *** skin for you

    and Thank you Wololo TN and every other dev who make our world more funny

    and TN take your time to investigate vita

    i dont care if you release your exploit take your time on it and discover new things have some fun and enjoy unlock this device

    the best goal we have is more important when we have pleasure to do it =)

  41. Acid_Snake says:

    if you go to dashhacks again you’ll see that they issued an apology because they misunderstood The Z or TN’s statements and wrongfully thought that TN has a 2.05 kernel exploit

  42. azrayl says:

    I wish people like you wouldn’t exist.
    Your own words are befitting your personality the best.

  43. AFA says:



  44. gary says:

    anyway, it’s a good news for 2.05 users.

  45. 7230 says:

    When is the next official firmware update scheduled to happen? Are they released on a monthly basis or something? If that’s the case, this exploit may be shared here sooner than most expect (hopefully)!

    Oh, and thanks to Total_Noob for his brilliance. You’re phenomenal! ^_^

  46. digital says:

    When is breaking certain to 2.05??

  47. digital says:

    When is hacking to 2.05?

  48. gonolo says:

    we need a vita exploit, vita game backups, new emulators: dreamcast, ps2, etc… if i wanna play psp games, i’d use my psp. so WHY NOT A PS VITA EXPLOIT? !

  49. Jamis Carter says:

    Is the 2.05 exploit on uno? ’cause I still have the UNO game, but my crazy brother updated mine to 5305 when I was on 2.02

  50. Metarortiz says:

    Im planning on updating psp games are boring

  51. Shapeshifter says:

    I don’t want to sound like an ******* but why is total noob always running away from exploits!like the psp where he had an exploit at 6.39 before may others(for newer models) and still someone else released it for him after everyone had exploits upto 6.60..
    Total noob I must say we really appreciate ur work in the psp scene without which we wouldnt have rocked a lcfw on 6.xx if u hadnt exploited 6.20 but pls do the same for those who have a vita on latest fw(I don’t have a vita)

  52. V says:

    He announce it because he wants deliver the message to every one saying that “it’s possible” don’t give your hope up

    • Castiel says:

      I love your optimistic way of thinking.
      Most people will see it as a way of him saying
      “look at what I got that I’m not going to share with you. uMad?”

  53. CFW EXPERT says:

    dont release it, your a waiste of our time leave the ps vita scene please

  54. Voreon says:

    Whyyyyy?????!!!!!! … But we can’t do nothing :(

  55. sub4subsandwich says:

    How much *** money is it gonna take for this guy to release the exploit? This is ***, I’ll buy the damn exploit from him if that’s what it takes…

  56. Seallux says:

    really hope they release the 2.5 exploit had to get my vita repaired because of some water damage =/

  57. VictorWei says:

    I only want to know if this kernel exploit still can work on 2.06 :)

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  1. February 23, 2013

    […] I don’t want to sound like an ******* but why is total noob always running away from exploits! Total noob I must say we really appreciate ur work in the psp scene without which we wouldnt have rocked a lcfw on 6. Total_Noob has a PSP Kernel exploit on Vita 2. Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. read more […]

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