Amazon all day Deals on videogames: 33% off of DeadSpace 3, 38% off PS3 250GB Bundle, and more


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11 Responses

  1. Mr-crazy says:

    Wololo, you are on fire :D

  2. ricardo says:

    They never did anything with the PsVita stuff…

  3. Mr-crazy says:

    Be ready for more because a new video on psp and psv is out :P

  4. Kyu says:

    ….American amazon,correct?

  5. vita says:

    why does Canadian Amazon always have nothing? no pre-orders for new games, no bonus, etc.

  6. Leires says:

    You know wololo, it sucks you don’t have a newegg version of those referral links. I buy so much *** from NE it’s insane ._.

  7. Psyos says:

    I agree with Leires. At work we have to buy everything from Newegg and i would be happy to click a link from here to get there.

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