Amazon all day Deals on videogames: 33% off of DeadSpace 3, 38% off PS3 250GB Bundle, and more

(disclaimer: the amazon links below are associate links, if you purchase by clicking on these links, you don’t pay more, but I get a percentage of the sale)

Amazon regularly do massive discounts on selected video games and gaming accessories. Today is one of these days, with bestseller Dead Space 3 getting a 33% discount, selling for $39.99 today only.

Additional videogame sales will be available today, starting with 38% off of a PS3 250GB entertainment bundle, containing a 250 GB PS3 (one of the new slim models), Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Ratchet & Clank collection, a remote control, and $20 in credits for Amazon Instant Video. With the remote control and the AIV credits, this offer is really putting some emphasis on the multimedia functionality of the PS3.

Other offers include promotion on games as well as accessories dedicated to specific consoles, including the PS3, the 3DS, and the Xbox 360. The offers will be revealed regularly through the day.

You can check the offers here, or follow them directly in the widget below.


  1. Mr-crazy’s avatar

    Wololo, you are on fire :D


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Lots of stuff to blog about these days :)


  2. ricardo’s avatar

    They never did anything with the PsVita stuff…


  3. Mr-crazy’s avatar

    Be ready for more because a new video on psp and psv is out :P


  4. Kyu’s avatar

    ….American amazon,correct?


  5. vita’s avatar

    why does Canadian Amazon always have nothing? no pre-orders for new games, no bonus, etc.


    1. yslemaire’s avatar

      you are lucky, in the netherlands they doesnt even have amazon!


  6. Leires’s avatar

    You know wololo, it sucks you don’t have a newegg version of those referral links. I buy so much crap from NE it’s insane ._.


  7. Psyos’s avatar

    I agree with Leires. At work we have to buy everything from Newegg and i would be happy to click a link from here to get there.


  8. ebay singapore’s avatar

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