Sony Japan to Stream Early PlayStation Vita Announcements

Out of nowhere, Sony Japan is teasing an online streamed early event focused solely on the PlayStation Vita. Surprisingly its happening in just a few hours earlier than Wednesday’s big Sony “See the future” event in New York.

It looks like Sony is ready to announce some big things for the PlayStation Vita with the live stream event and it’s in only a few hours, at 3AM ET on Monday, February 18th or midnight PT. The page notes, that Sony “will deliver new information about PlayStation Vita” on Monday, February 18th at 5pm Tokyo time. Hiroshi Kawano, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be heading the stream.

Something important to note is that there are disclaimers on the bottom of the page including that the “streamed broadcast is already prerecorded” and that “some software may be age-restricted.” The last one is the most important since it indicates that some games will be shown (finally!), or better yet even revealed.

The page states that you can simply return there at the given time to watch the stream. At the bottom of the page there are also links to the stream being shown on smart phones and Ustream. So what could we possibly see? A new model PS Vita with 4G and price cuts like the rumors and patent I previously reported on? Or perhaps some big name franchises like a Grand Theft Auto or God of War? Sound off in the comments about what you think we’ll see!


  1. Thommo’s avatar

    Hopefully ps2 classics for vita!
    And gta, god of war, hitman and ice hockey among others


    1. Chasez671’s avatar

      PS2 support would be awesome! I never had a PS2, so I’m pretty excited at the thought of PS2 support. Hopefully, that’s what they will announce instead of a new version of the Vita.


  2. BrokenMessiah’s avatar

    I’m glad I stayed up playing Shadow of the Collosus! I’m really debating selling my vita and just getting two psps because monster hunter freedom unite is beckoning, and I do not have 20$; not to mention I already bought it at gamestop…


  3. The One’s avatar



  4. rafael707’s avatar

    i hope its not a new vita SKU..


  5. renaelajddka’s avatar




    1. vchircu’s avatar

      the new ps vita model is going to have hdmi -_- i hope they release some kind of peripheral to allow the existing vita to use it aswell :)


  6. BrokenMessiah’s avatar

    Killing time with Jetpack


  7. meta knight’s avatar



  8. BrokenMessiah’s avatar

    I knew Final Fantasy X was gonna be on there. Its a shame though, I prefer X-2 vastly over the first but oh well. My biggest hope is God Eater 2, God Eater Burst led me to Monster Hunter


    1. Zyrkl’s avatar

      You prefer X-2 over X?! Are you insane?!


      1. 12312312’s avatar

        X-2 is too hard to play. I always have to use 1 hand.


  9. mb123’s avatar

    It’s over know ,I don’t know Japanese but think they just announced a price drop in JP and showed some upcoming title :)


  10. wartaf’s avatar

    great.. the thing that was waiting for will be coming :D


  11. devilmax’s avatar

    sir will tell to sony to open psm on other country like saudi arabia we do not have access to playstation mobile. so some of us here can dload psm free game offer we hope that this suggestion & concern will delivered clearly to sony.

    Thanks & regards to all.


  12. MRCHUNKS’s avatar

    20th FEB could be that sony is joining with Microsoft, then the xony 720 will be announced. RAR he he


    1. svenn’s avatar

      Its funny cause the reason we have a 360 is cause Sony was hostile towards combining forces at console market :)


  13. BrokenMessiah’s avatar

    Well, unless you’re in japan or doing some region swapping, most if not all of this stuff won’t apply in the near future.


  14. fenomeno0chris’s avatar

    So is the Live-Stream over? Can someone tell me what Sony was showing?
    Or does the Stream starts later? I´m from Germany so it would be nice, if someone could tell me (for my time zone) when this live-stream starts.

    cheers fenomeno


  15. shadowchildknight’s avatar

    were do i go to watch the stream


  16. Maxilus’s avatar

    Hoping they improve the Vita game library and OS.


  17. pon’s avatar

    new color and pricedown only
    new color is ice silver
    price is 3G 29800yen to 19980yen
    WIFI 24980yen to 19980yen
    from 28th of feb


  18. Someone Else’s avatar

    seventeenth. !


  19. kuagelo’s avatar

    Cool. So will the [western] Stores ever see those games? :)


  20. StepS’s avatar

    A new model PS Vita with 4G and price cuts like the rumors and patent

    I thought pretty much everyone concerned already knows it’s just a DevKit…


  21. WOLFRAMIO’s avatar

    I hope is just not the killzone mercenary and the launch of PSO II


    1. WolfRamiO’s avatar

      nvm i see the “ here is english”


  22. 90's gaming’s avatar

    I hope that rumored devkit isn’t the 2nd Gen….

    That is really bad to do that when they aren’t even done with their first device.


  23. John R.’s avatar

    did they cut the prices of the memory cards ?


  24. knux’s avatar

    what’s this event in GMT?


  25. newrcc’s avatar

    U_U I need a new job to buy everythigs is coming…. what i do what i do what i do!!!!
    donates here in this link —-> >make me smile<

    hahahahah, sorry guys i love all this O_O


    1. John R.’s avatar

      i donate 45343456467$ to you now you have become rich xD


  26. Voltrom’s avatar

    New Colors, red, blue, and icy silver. Which comes with phantasy star 2:) and it will be online in ten days. Other than that,, nothing really new but some games that don’t even interest me. No 4G model, no “new” OS… Which is good I just bought this thing and have been running UNO ever since.


  27. Voltrom’s avatar

    No god damn price cut on the memory sticks. But the vitas in Japan are now $215. Much cheaper :D


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Yep! But we still have Wednesday for Vita announcements, this surely cant be all of it.


  28. Gandalf’s avatar

    Ps2 on vita Pleassssssse!!!!

    I want to play Dragon Quest VIII !!!!!!!



  29. k3nn’s avatar

    i hope it’s the “Remote Play” with ALL PS3 games ^.^



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