Playstation Evolution : Next Generation


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22 Responses

  1. xX man Xx says:

    very nice video i need some thing special about vita

  2. tommy says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat!~

  3. Disturbed says:

    Yes( your right)it is high time the “freakinn Vita” get’s mentioned. We are watchin.., are we not Sony?

  4. wartaf says:

    i guess, tomorrow will be PSP, then next day is PSVITA..

  5. ismail says:

    So tomorrow they should talk about PSP and the 19,PSVita and the 20Th it will be the ps4 announcement.

    • Viper-Eyes says:

      No , it will be new vita announcment , I guess there will be no PS4 announcment at all , they just released new PS3 model few months back.

  6. Saul says:

    I’ve only seen the first video they made, I’m not even going to watch whatever they are showing on the 20th, PCs > PS4

  7. Soldier says:

    Looks like Sony is abandoning the Vita… Why are they rushing to put the PS4 out when PS3 is still getting big titles like Beyond Two Souls?

  8. StepS says:

    Hey wololo. Noticed this instantly: the very first letter in this article is in lowercase… :)

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