Playstation Evolution: The beginning

Sony announced a few days ago that there would be a huge announcement on February the 20th. Although it is becoming clearer that this event will be about the successor of the PS3, Sony keeps teasing us regularly about the event. Today, they released a new video.

The video is about the Playstation (the first one from the nineties), and is entitled “The beginning”. (No doubt that we will see things about the PS2 and PS3 in the days to come, and potentially about the PSP and Vita series as well). This new video showcases how the playstation completely disrupted the console market in the nineties, and insists on some of the innovations that Sony introduced back then (powerful CPU, CD drive, dualshock gamepad – with its dual analog sticks, and the rumble effect).

Are you excited by the upcoming Sony announcement? In the meantime, enjoy the video.

source: Playstation blog

  1. I was here!’s avatar

    TheZett recently talked me! Good luck with the next exploits!


  2. Ry Spears’s avatar

    How long after the release of the ps1 did the dualshock controller come out? oh and n64 already had a joystick by default? yeah? oh but that was innovative sure…

    i love sony and they certainly did a lot right in that era so why bullshit?


    1. w7y7a7t7t’s avatar

      I assumed they were talking about the DUAL analogue sticks and rumble feature when they it was innovative, because competitors didn’t have dual analogue sticks or a built in rumble feature in (though there were add-ons for it).


    2. Andrew’s avatar

      Uhh go fact check it. the gameboy color had a rumble feature in it then the N64 used rumble before dual shock came out, which is not to say that Nintendo came up with it either. PC joysticks started using it before both of them.


  3. atrumincendia’s avatar

    I love my PS3, but I will not be one of the few who will rush out and get the new system as soon as it comes out. To me the price always seems way to high on these products at first. Much rather save that money and buy a good gaming PC, and wait for the console to have a price drop


    1. Casavult’s avatar

      Me too. I will not be running out rushing to buy one. I may end up with a console with a hardware defect (Japanese launch PS Vita and the cable defect for example) or something. I will most likely wait a year or so and then buy one.


  4. Saul’s avatar

    I’m not excited that much for PS4. PCs have been able to do these things for quite a while now and you can play beyond 1080p. I’ve seen someone play BF3 in 4K resolution.


    1. clicks’s avatar

      It says something about the PC market when all people are doing is just cranking up the resolution of games to ridiculous levels.

      PC games are held back by the lacking power of the console market and will be for years to come with the power difference of the next gen consoles being less of a leap in power as before and more of a short hop, and all of this talk about Ultra HD games means that everything will be sharper but not too much more complex… Kinda like running COD or Battlefield on a high end PC.

      Such a waste of power.


  5. clicks’s avatar

    Wait, I thought the Sega Saturn came out with a CD drive and similarly powerful CPU first… And a stronger CPU isn’t exactly an innovation. I’ll give them dual joysticks though.


  6. Acid_Snake’s avatar

    powerful CPU? you got to be kidding me, the PS1 CPU was a 32bits MIPS R3000 clocked at 32Mhz, while the N64 had a 64bits MIPS R4000 clocked at ~90Mhz. Historically, Sony’s consoles have been behind Nintendo’s in the beginning with the N64 being more powerful than the PS1 and the Gamecube being more powerful than the PS2. The only thing where Nintendo failed at the time was storage, N64 carts had 128MB max, compared to the 700MB CDs offered, same can be said about the GC and PS2, PS2 DVDs being capable of reaching 8.5GB, compared to the laughable 1.4GB the Gamecube’s miniDVDs offered. It is now that Sony consoles have outpowered Nintendo’s, but before it was the other way around


    1. alpha decay’s avatar

      powerful cpu at that current time. ps1 was released 94 and n64 was release 96.
      so yeah, take a deep breath and dont be so angry all the time.


      1. Thrawn’s avatar

        And marketing, nintendo has had always this “little” kid feeling to it, and still has a slight faint of it. But hey, after watching that I get the impression, sony ist releasing a new playstation. And by that I mean a new PSX
        *rofl* i can’t hold back XD


      2. Acid_Snake’s avatar

        that’s still not even a powerful CPU at the time, a 300Mhz PC was a powerful machine at the time. Videogames has always been behind PCs when it comes to power, the difference is that back then the OS would consume way too many resources and PC gaming wasn’t as developed, so you always needed a way better PC to have the same graphics as a less advanced console. It was this generation, the 7th, were consoles started to have the same specs as PCs, and PCs started to have the same graphics as consoles without needing more CPU/GPU power (they still need a bit extra power and a lot more ram, but that’s understandable)


        1. aces’s avatar

          a RISC CPU isnt directly comparable to a CISC x86 CPU.
          a RISC CPU can outperform a x86 CPU clocked at 3 to 4 times the speed due to simpler architechture


          1. Acid_Snake’s avatar

            iirc both the ps1 and n64 are RISC, you have a valid point but has nothing to do with what I’m talking about (why did you even mention x86?)

          2. aces’s avatar

            because you said “that’s still not even a powerful CPU at the time, a 300Mhz PC was a powerful machine at the time. Videogames has always been behind PCs when it comes to power”
            i agree that consoles have always been behind PC’s in terms of power until gen7, but the comparison between the 32MHz RISC and the 300MHz CISC x86 is all i was talking about.
            with respect my friend, wasn’t a dig.

          3. Acid_Snake’s avatar

            ah ok I get your point and yes it’s true that RISC outperforms CISC, but a 30Mhz RISC is still low compared to a 300Mhz CISC, the thing is console devs have used what they have effectively to the last detail, specially when all system resources are available to the game (no OS present) and console SDKs being far more advanced than PC counterparts. There are a lot of factors that determine why a lower end console performed just as good, or better, than a higher end PC back then, but in the end it mostly comes down to how effectively they used the console’s resources

    2. Kyu’s avatar

      And yet,we cannot emulate ps2 as good as gamecube…


      1. Acid_Snake’s avatar

        this has to do with the graphics card, the ps2′s GS is really hard to emulate effectively


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  9. Morbid Desire’s avatar

    I just noticed that you can buy PSP UNO on the US Playstation web store. Now I don’t know anything about the vita hacking things but I just thought I’d mention this. I missed out on the exploits and I have an updated vita :C


    1. Morbid Desire’s avatar

      It seems you can buy the psn version as well (not psp) but I don’t know how that relates either. I just bought the psp version for $1.


  10. mer2329’s avatar

    video 2 (detailing the PS2 as expected) is up and ready to watch


  11. shaitan’s avatar

    Playstation Evolution: The Next Big Thing,


    1. shaitan’s avatar

      lol, not a good link, disregard


  12. Nani’s avatar

    With the Nvidia’s Project Shield Release, I guess Sony is going to loose so much of reputation and craze to their Consoles. :mrgreen:

    :idea: Coz Shield runs on Android it allows easy hacking.
    Alternatively we have a ton of free :P games.
    It also streams the games :D from your computer.

    Am greatly disappointed for getting Vita. :cry:
    :!: Waiting 8O for Shields Release. :)

    Hope good days for :lol: “FREEDOM GAMING” is Soon !!! :roll:


    1. pirate city’s avatar

      ‘Coz Shield runs on Android it allows easy hacking.’ <– suspect pirate…?

      'Am greatly disappointed for getting Vita.' <– disappointed pirate…?

      'Hope good days for :lol: “FREEDOM GAMING” is Soon !!!' <– pirate alert.

      pirate city bi*ch, pirate pirate city b*tch
      10, 10, 10, 20 dollars? that's silly bi*ch
      100 dollars in my hand?
      yea fu*k this.
      I'm so cheap, sony don't know who they f*cking with.


  13. 90's gaming’s avatar

    Well at the time, PlayStations could hold a lot of data on CDs.

    Rumble and Analog Sticks set it ahead of the N64.

    It being the only console of it’s time to have 3D RPG’s.

    But N64 had waaaay better 4 player games.


    1. redtube’s avatar

      bi*ch Playstation games were only 2 players because they only had 2 controllers maximum.

      moron saying N64 had way better 4p games. no sh*t?

      PS = 2 controllers.
      N64 = 4 controllers.


      did you have to get a high school degree to figure that out?


  14. Show’s avatar

    I just….I really appreciate that out of the hundreds of games released on PSX, and all of the thousands of hours of clips Sony could have used in this video, they decided to use a tiny bit of one my most favorite and obscure games of all time. Bust A Groove.

    Thank you for that Sony. That felt good.


  15. redtube’s avatar

    What about ‘Bust A Nut’?

    Oh wait, that’s Brazzers…


  16. Bob’s avatar

    But Sony computer entertainment was originally a division of Nintendo. If you look on some old NES game carts, You see the SCE logo. Additionally, the PS1 was stole from Nintendo. It was going to be the Famicom disk system. Even back then, Sony was screwing people.



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