(Pictures) Possible PS4 devkit revealed


I like beer.

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43 Responses

  1. VivaLaVita

    it looks like ouya controller with the track pad lol

  2. solidsnake

    hey, you hear about that meteor in russia????

    • gunblade

      think i made a wish .did not get to see it live… heard a dash came….

      • gunblade

        think it will push the current arms race into orbiting asterrod torrents n more space then nucler would be shitthin to have satlilllies that can snipe u from a few thousand mile away but heard the russian 2013 metrite shower had large caslultys n structual damage..

  3. Jmqm

    Pretty cool dual-shock controller btw. Definitely looks very attractive. (Also looks like it’s soft :3)

  4. solidsnake


  5. Jmqm

    Though I prefer the 1st one. The 2nd one was just too skinny.

  6. solidsnake

    You say that they are going to sell a Ps4 with 4 cpus in it for $400. I think that this devkit is made with completely different hardware that in turn is a mime of the real Ps4.
    Sony would not want to hand out the exact hardware as a devkit because they dont want it hacked. So what they end up doing is building a PC that has the same basic functionality and raw power of the Ps4 without giving developers the exact chipset or processor or bios or anything else that can be copied or hacked. When they ship the real Ps4, it will be locked down tight but still be able to run the games the developers made on their similar mimed hardware.
    Please disagree with me if I am sounding stupid for I cant really explain what I think I mean in real terms…

    • wololo

      It would be very difficult and pointless for devs to work on a devkit that is not an exact copy of the real hardware. Historically devkits for Sony’s consoles have always had the exact same specs as the real consoles, but twice as much Ram to allow devs to focus on the gaming experience before focusing on optimization. (I am of course not talking of the design)

    • Miotepx

      I agree with your statement, it actually makes much sense and seems to be correct. (It seems to be, though I’m not sure.)

    • gunblade

      wana get a next gen dev kit guessing they got annaul fees n wat not ..still the sony one looks prety nice to opean up..

  7. Criminal

    Mmmm….It looks like a karaoke machine with a chinese knock-off controller…i doubt that’s what the ps4 would look like, because from the past Sony has put in a lot of effort for making their products “attractive” on the outside as well as the components inside.

    • wololo

      You misread. This is a dev environment, it has nothing to do with the design of the retail product.

      • gunblade

        they made a mean case for the dev units dough looks like more of a lock box for like a nucler trigeer wish it was made of full titanium..controlers remind me of a psx controler i had look like a bomerang..so the bottom or under the controler has thouch pads that moniter my heart rate?.. does it have rumble pack realy miss the rumble..

        • IgnusArmagadan

          …what? Not sure what you mean by the rumble, it’s been around still. It went away for the PS3 launch for a short time, but that’s about it…

  8. Tricky

    I’d be more skeptical, but this seems pretty elaborate for a simple mock-up, especially with what looks like a Wii NDEV on top of the supposed PS4 kit.

  9. Kenster240

    It seems that the controllers may have a USB cable at the end. It would be awesome if you could plug it into your computer and use it as a gamepad as well!

  10. solidsnake

    The blue light sensor looking thing coming from the top of the controller must be an iteration of the ps move controller.

  11. azrayl

    As Acid_Snake implies the PS4 is definetly going to cost more than 400$ with those specs. I mean c’mon try to build your own computer with parts to match the rumored specs of the PS4. Add a shiny new controller to the set and an operating system. Tadaaa there’s your 600$ computer.

    • gunblade

      guessing if anything the bundles will be around 500 they custume make there bothereboard so they dont realy pay all to much like say there graphic card are samlller n cost them less to make pc u can custume build but mainly based on the mother board think the price is also due to the ouya hope on that n the nividia controler…ooh on a litter note n all n think i donated jus about ten dallers prety nice hope it goes to a good couse all good … thaks a lot sony….

    • gunblade

      os would be nice on the next gen consoles

    • gunblade

      an even if u make the 600 daler pc u still mostliky is gooing to trow in the extra 250 to push the board

      • gunblade

        running linux on my next heavy duty meachine windows 8 think it work more for tablet wish 8 did have so many miner system updates the taskbar n start menu no good unless u got like a touch screen moniter lucky if anything i probly get a gaming pc running 8…so working on getting two new pc..nice…

  12. gunblade

    look boos seee the controler jus got a touch pad no lcd?looks biger lighter iam guessing same buttons as the ps3 audio jack.usb. unit looks like got two usb guessing the ports by the usb r for the vita comez with thing comes with 8gigs and i want to triple the ram…nice core think it got the fx8150 or 80170 unless there saving power but 95 watts chips think microsoft would be pushing sumthing nice in there xbox 720..

  13. gunblade

    can i opean the can of bean of is it need for the berito cuz ive been wating a while for the psn to load nice one on that u did it cool new screen layout..thought sony jus updated there network n lucky i was able to get uno so iam good on the vita for now ,might get assassins agian as did not finsh the whole game yet…alog with a memory card i guess.

    • gunblade

      W@t was the date sony arested that guy fo the ps3 hack -hes prety nuts- think the date was a thing ..shity on that case..think the last team did it in five minutes….good job…jus saying…010…

  14. IgnusArmagadan

    Gunblade loves talking to himself, and half the time, I don’t understand what he’s talking about, lol xD

  15. Fran

    Its a 3D render… U.U

  16. EIREXE

    in the ps3 devkit the controllers can go wireless

  17. d1ru

    wololo, for whatever my credibility is to you, I work for FedEx customer service, and actually had Sony call and schedule a pickup for pallets of devkits, so i could reasonably confirm that this may be the devkits, and at the very least that they are out there.

  18. svenn

    I don’t think 4 CPU’s is much, but maybe there talking about a dual core with 2 threats each, resulting in “virtual” 4 CPU’s. As PS3 was already a good calculator, I assume the next version will also be a good calculator…

    Then again, it doesn’t really what juice a machine has, its the game-line-up and the software that makes it cool.

  19. illLoGIQ

    AMD’s Bulldozer was an all right CPU desktop wise i have a 6 core in my backup gaming PC. It could not compete with Intel which is what they were marketing as BUT with little to no effort and not really any bump in voltage these Bulldozer CPU’s could be overclock to 4.5ghz. What are they running these at? Also they are extremely cool (they don’t heat up like previous consoles, i.e RRD and YLOD).

  20. big mike

    Sony always loses money with their systems. The ps3 cost then 1,200. Each to make when it first came out..

  21. Marshall

    4-CPU as in a 4 socket motherboard? That just seems absurd. Those are such a pain in the *** to develop. Maybe they misunderstood and it’s a hyperthreaded quad-core chip?

    Or I dunno, maybe Sony is providing libraries/OS that does most of the heavy lifting with respect to the threading…

  22. wololo

    Haha, yeah, if the evolution of the weight of the playstation iterations keeps on the same trend :)

  23. Acid_Snake

    or a 60GB Ps3, that’s the sexiest PS3 ever made

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