No more Vita exploits?


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101 Responses

  1. BakaOSaka says:

    It’s a shame that Sony are so focused on securing it and not fixing the “other” issues. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the 20th.

    • Wholemeal says:

      Do you blame them though? I mean their lack of focus on the PSP was devastating for them.

      • vitralizer says:

        They still haven’t learned, Wholemeal. The problem with the PSP was not that it was easier to hack than the Dreamcast, it was that there was no noteworthy games being consistently released. The Vita has the exact same problem, and it can only be fixed by SONY investing in third-party developers for the Vita.

        • garrei says:

          there are plenty of noteworthy games for the psp, the psp library is huge, what are you on about?

        • RetroZelda says:

          the thing is, most 3rd part developers dont want to risk setting a game out on a “hacked” device knowing that there would be a higher risk in piracy and theft. the companies need to pay their bills too :3

          • KuroRyuu913 says:

            Exactly, Which means there are a good amount of gems, but for the vast majority, these games are lack luster on the PSP. I love my handhelds, but I mainly used the PSP for PS1 ISOs and Monster hunter, which then can get boring as well, still a damn good game though.
            Sony needs to up their game a bit in games that’s available for the PSV. Thankfully thats what their doing, slowly but surely. With One Piece Kazoku Musou 2 and Jump VS., giving people the option of getting PS3 games on PSV. Bring blockbuster games to the vita then their sales will go up.

            Personal Belief, BRING RATCHET AND CLANK HD TO VITA!
            I’d buy that in a heart beat.

          • Espio says:

            That’s not really a fair argument. The Nintendo DS sold pretty darn well, right? DS games sold pretty well too, well enough for publishers to trust the 3DS with all their big productions. The irony is, while the PSP needed the physical console and to not update firmwares, the DS had near-perfect PC emulators that enabled so much piracy without even needing to buy the hardware. Those emulators were released incredibly early in the DS’s life cycle too! I am sure the DS lost out more customers due to piracy than Sony’s consoles combined ever did. At least CFWs encouraged people to buy the console.

            The whole piracy excuse seems very stale to me. The Vita has far superior hardware to the 3DS, but the only reason Nintendo is winning the handheld war is because of marketing. Not piracy, not hardware, but because they cut time and costs in making their console and spent more time and money on getting developers to sign contracts with them.

            RIP Monster Hunter Vita.

          • Dmaskell-92 says:

            RetroZelda is also right. Devs don’t want to make games for the PSP/Vita since it has a reputation of being a vulnerable console and a risk because of piracy.

            Now, you’re going to tell me that the DS has just as much piracy, if not more.

            Yes, that is true. But Nintendo appeals to a larger audience and have a good reputation for bringing in $$$.

            You people need to learn that it’s 30% of the games and 70% of the appeal that sells to the consumer. -___-

        • Dmaskell-92 says:

          It’s not the games, ***. It’s the marketability of the Vita.

          People will eat up anything that has ‘Nintendo’ labelled on it since families know the name well by now. Marketability = key.

          Nintendo could sell cereal and still outsell Sony’s Vita. That’s just how it’s going to be until Sony commits to some serious changes.

  2. asphyxia_ says:

    YES! There will be! :)

  3. StanSmith says:

    If we don’t see some sort of Vita hack i think by christmas it will be dead unless Sony do something with it and so far they’ve done nothing, its been the hackers doing all the work.

    Ive been playing the latest games via a CFW PS3 and remote play. The new Aliens CM game works great via Remote Play. Sony need to enable more games Remote Play access to make it worth while. So far with its 5 remote play games is a stupid joke. Its got so much potential and they limit it so bad it’s just stupid.
    If they enabled Remote Play for all PS3 games the the WiiU will finally have some competition. The way it is now the WiiU is the better way for a dual screen, remote access console.

    Even that Cross-Controller is the biggest joke atm. How about enabling it for car games and have e Vita as a rear vision mirror? Thats what they said would happen with Gran Turismo 5 before it got released and still today there is nothing like that.

    Sony are all talk and no action. Well, not really, they do take action and its usually the opposite to what they first said.

    • KuroRyuu913 says:

      U took the words right out of my mouth.
      Sony starts out with Great ideas, and Promises, but more than half fall through the cracks and they give something kinda lack luster, if you held your expectations high. If u don’t care much about what the vita can do, this thing is not bad. But seriously they need to take in consideration about what the fans want. Seeing the handheld market, they should adapted to something similar where casual and hardcore gamers can benefit. and they technically started, but need to build more on it. (PS+ Free Vita games, PS minis, PSM, the rumored 4G HDMI Vita[*** finally, can get some more footage for my channel])

      Sony, think faster, work harder! I wouldnt mind if things took longer if u actually did what u promise, within reason. Just get it done!

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      Have you tried to use remote play via 3g? This is something that I would be intrested in. Unfortunately I updated my 3g one and left my wifi one at 2.02.

    • stOneskull says:

      and you know Sega would have done all that (and more) which makes it all the more frustrating

  4. Twenty90seven says:

    Can we please see Ark released for the Urbanix exploit?

  5. E says:

    The lull will not last. I think, given time, we will c some major exploit releases (if not a full cfw). The problem is, ppl nowadays are so impatient. They cry to devs so much to release things when, if we just let devs take the time needed to do their thing a better/longer lasting product would reach our hands.

  6. Deviant says:

    The Vita has almost been out for a year, and I only own 3 games for it :/ Similarly, I’ve been using Android for a year, and I’ve played hundreds of games. I wish the Vita had an active market like android and iOS

  7. MagicSpy says:

    in my opinion the hacker should keep the exploit, hopefully native hack, I just need one hit (big hit) at the right time and right place that Sony could not patch any more that all my hope.

  8. duckey420 says:

    I think i need a hit too

  9. Whackm says:

    I’m at version 1.81 FW now
    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to partially upgrade the FW to version 2.02, for example? It would be nice to have ARK as it supports PS1 games better.

    • ricardo says:


      Go to the forum

    • khairul syazwan says:

      check the Z manual update at can upgrade to the firmware that you want..but cannot downgrade..

      • whackm says:

        Hey guys, thanks that stuff seem fairly straightforward.
        But once on 2.02, is there a way to download UNO without getting a second PSVita?

        Is there any way to download games from PSN from a PC and then to transfer it from the PC to the Vita using OpenCMA?

        • Mr. MaGoo says:

          There is also a post in the forum about that as well.
          Connect to open CMA and once connected, unplug the usb without backing out. Once unplugged, connect to your PS3. You must have uno downloaded on your PS3 in bubble form.
          This is how it was done. Not sure if this has been patched but I think it should still work.

  10. willsan says:

    Just stop in the user mode hack. If you want to play Vita games…pay for it, support the system.

    • BigCockSurprise says:

      First there has to be some games… my hopes are all on soul sacrifice

      • jamesssss says:

        Would love to buy the games but…

        I can’t switch to my Japanese PSN games without a factory reset which is a f*ckin joke (so I had to download them all on my old PSP convert to ISO and then put on my eCFW Vita)! the last game I bought for the PS Vita cost me nearly 85 UK pounds to import from Japan when I could of paid a lot less if I could have used PSN!

        I can’t get a lot of my favourite PSP games on PSN store so my only choice.. eCFW or ARK to play them on the Vita as I only want to carry around 1 console.

        The joke is then Sony stop me using PSN and buying content as well for my Vita which makes me laugh as they lose even more money now!

        Sort out the PSP library and the lack of switching accounts like you can on the PS3 and I will buy it all and stay legit!!

  11. Josuke says:

    Wow, if there is nothing else comming out, I got my Vita just at the right time to get the Uno exploit.

    Unfortunately, of course, this means I may never go online again through on the Vita and it will probably be blocked in a future firmware that will be included on with games like they did on the PSP.

  12. Renato Abreu says:

    I wanna just one way to play emulators in my Vita.. Just it.. Im asking too much? Man, i dont wanna play pirates games.. Yeah, emulators are considered piracy? Ok.. But.. How bad to play emulators of old games? Mainly in scenario like portables, where new games era so stranges and weaks.. I bought a Vita just becauda thist, a portable to play emulators and now.. Nothing.. Sad..

  13. nono says:

    By the way,
    exposing hacking solution provide a free security audit for $ony who definitely save money thanx to uncovered methods for psvita psp or ps3 hacking.

    Some people should understand that buying $ony is providing them a huge amount of $$$$$$$$.
    $$$$$$ give them no limits, they can buy lawers ( aka geohot)for instance and killing your liberties to use a device which become a cash machine for them.
    No matter if you paid a device, you will just be able to use it the way they want you to.

    Think about it twice as $$$$$$ are over humans rights, and enslaving you deeper and deeper.

    As the electrics cars that have been develloped in the same time that fuel cars…….

    PS: Forgeting enslave you to relive the same story again and again…

  14. 7230 says:

    What about a method to downgrade a PS Vita’s firmware as a measure to counteract frequent updates and patches, and also help the sustainability of past exploits? Could focus maybe change to that aspect of hacking, or is that impossible now as well?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Basically impossible at this point and won’t happen any time soon if ever. To begin we’d even have to decrypt the ofws and that’s a challenge of its own.

  15. Kyu says:

    Hmmmm lol

    Waiting roughly a month for a new exploit is a little pushing,don’t you think?Back in my days 5.50 was the main firmware on psp.Even when newer firmwares were introduced.

    Plus,2.05 is shovelware so,even if I did find an exploit there,I would do what Tom did and wait for an ACTUAL update to release it.Makes sense no?

  16. Moi says:

    What I’d like to see is some Chinese firm creating a ROM cart that hijacks a process or two and pries open access to the Vita kernel.. a la carts for NDS.

  17. lord_danzig says:

    I don’t think it’s out of the question to see a big Vita exploit this year.

    Also we have the new TN-V to look forward to. After TN-V gets released, and once we get full PSX sound, the Vita’s PSP Emulator will basically have nowhere else to go hacking-wise.

    So eCFW will stop being worked on, and hacker groups will hopefully focus on getting a UVL exploit or some higher level exploit.

  18. azrayl says:

    I don’t get what the heck you guys are on about. This year will be a huge success for the Vita.
    I can’t wait for Soul Sacrfice, Ys Memories of Celceta, Killzone Mercenary, Dead or Alive 5+ and maybe even Phantasy Star Online 2 (no idea it’ll be released outside of Japan).

    And hey I played the demo of Soul Sacrifice and Ys Memories of Celceta. And WOW THOSE GAMES ARE AWESOME. You’ll spend plenty of time with both of those games and if Phantasy Star Online 2 is released in the west, well you can easly spend 1000 hours of gameplay in that game.

    Currently I am thinking of importing Ys Memories of Celceta and Lord of Apocalypse until Soul Sacrifice is released.

    • clicks says:

      … Because alll of those games you just listed are Killer Apps, right?

      Let me list the how the general gaming public will see them for you.

      Soul Sacrfice? Yet ANOTHER Mon Hun knockoff.

      Y’s, Killzone, PSO2? Never popular enough franchises to push consoles or secure frequent sequel/spinoff releases (Sony pushes Killzone but I’ve yet to meet a fan in real life).

      DOA5+? EVERYTHING has DOA now, why would another port boost sales of a system?

      Don’t get me wrong, most of those games have me at least somewhat interested (PSO2 is a long time coming, played Eps 1 and 2 online on the Gamecube back in the day. Had the modem accessory just for that!) but NONE of these games are system sellers in either the west OR east.

      You would’ve been just as well off claiming the Vita would crush with Persona 4 Golden, Resistance BS (heh), Ragnarok Odyssey, Disgaea 3, and Marvel Vs Capcom 3. It’ll take price drops across the board for all things Vita (save for games) and a renewed push of advertisement to save it now, so let’s just hope 2/20 brings us something…

      • pSnDeaofly says:

        Not sure how long you been gaming but Killzone is a very large popular game. I know plenty of people who have played it. The only ones who have never played it are call of duty fans who fail at every game they play so they stick to the easy get a kill way.

        • clicks says:

          Well there you go, no serious argument to be had beyond fanatical fanboyism.

          I’ve been gaming since I was in a highchair on a old Popeye arcade machine (which my dad had trade quested from a Pepsi machine to a huge satellite dish and finally a jacuzzi), and while I know plenty of people who’ve PLAYED the game I’ve yet to meet a fan that’s dedicated to the series (unlike Halo, COD, etc).

          Also your broad critique of people that haven’t played Killzone is delightfully simple. Perhaps big Killzone fans are just naturally an ignorant lot that hate anything that reaches beyond a Sony console… I hope that last sentence sounded rude and stupid, now compare it to yours.

          • azrayl says:

            I have never said that the games I mentioned will be a system seller^^. I already have 2 Vitas. Most of the people here talking about the Vita on this website also own a Vita already.
            And my first sentence was “I don’t get what the heck you guys are on about.” right? Which means I was adressing the people here.
            – Soul Sacrifice will be a definite hit. I’m sure of it. The only thing which makes it a bit like Monster Hunter is the fast pacing combat. Everything else is different in that game. And it’s from Keiji Inafune. Just try it yourself. The demo is free.
            – Ys has enough sequels and Falcom decided to release new games of the Ys. And again the demo is free. Play it.
            – PSO2 I have played the PC version for some time and I can say that it’s a fun game with loads of content. I think it’d be more fun to play with people you can talk to though. I don’t speak japanese so I was soloing most of the time.
            – Oh yea I forgot the new Tales of Hearts R which is also a good game but I don’t think it’ll be released anytime soon. The demo is available for free.
            – Killzone: I am not a FPS fan myself but I liked the Killzone games so far. The important thing about a Vita Killzone is that currently Killzone is the only FPS for the Vita that might be able to save the FPS genre for the system after Declassified failed so hard. And Sony has it’s fingers on it so I hope it’ll be a success.

          • no says:

            You just sound like an arrogant gamer. Most likely a new one as well. I don’t buy the BS about you being an old school gamer at all. Please, go away.

            The Vita doesn’t need ‘better’ games. The library so far has been pretty decent, but still lack lackluster. It’ll get better and will develop into what the PSP was over time though. What Vita truly needs is to reach out to a wider range of audience.

            Nintendo consoles are so successful because they are a household name, and parents, kids, seniors (pretty much everyone) aren’t afraid of playing something with ‘Nintendo’ stamped on it as a result. Price cuts won’t do jack for the Vita’s sales. This isn’t the problem at all.

            And to conclude: what type of game are you looking for on the Vita exactly? It seems you hate almost all the big name games on the Vita.

            AND YES, PSO2 is a console seller. I don’t know what you’re smoking. The only problem here is again: marketability. I can’t see any grandparents playing a game of Phantasy Star Online Portable 2 with their grandchild. =/

          • Fail says:

            clicks sounds like he’s mentally challenged.

            Probably *** off since he can’t pirate games on the Vita.

  19. LightMare says:

    DarkAlex said “its only code.”

  20. Albo says:

    not truee!!!!!!!
    im workin on a P.O.C exploit
    not sure yet on when it will become plubic…
    not all games have been patched..
    try a demo…

  21. Tonakai says:

    This is massively depressing.

    My Vita decided to die (the screen stopped working and now the battery won’t hold charge longer than five minutes). I sent it back and got a replacement, and it’s on 2.05 so no TN-C (V) or ARK for me :( Unless I purchase a second Vita which I am unable to do at present.

    Anyway, with regards to a full Vita hack: this year? I highly doubt it. We’ve been lucky in terms of progression due to how much people have learned about the PSP in the past however that knowledge will only get you so far with the Vita.

    It took a year for unsigned code, and what? two to three years for a full CFW. We’re lucky that this knowledge could be used on the Vita, however a native hack will probably take as long to materialize as due to the security measures. Even then it could still be patchable and continue the whole “cat and mouse” game that Sony insists on playing with Devs.

  22. serendipity says:

    Like wololo says, nothing is 100% security proof. However, this just means that we as Vita users have to hold out. ButI doubt everyone has the same patience as me.

    Practically the only thing keeping me from upgrading from 1.81 is the casual entertainment I get from Madden/Fifa Franchise modes and playing time consuming games like Persona, Disgaea, and Dynasty Warriors. THat’s 5 games right there that will last me another 6 months. Not to mention the fighter games and puzzle games like 999 sequel that I have yet to buy.

    But…I would be on a 50/50 stance to buy a dongle if it means having the Vita to be fully exploitable. At any rate, I will be patient.

    • stOneskull says:

      with a combination of PS Plus membership and in-store/web sales on cartridges, i have amassed a huge collection of games for the Vita that will keep me patient for a long while :) the Vita is fun to play and you never really have to pay retail if you play it smart..

    • no says:

      I bought MGS HD collection. I’m trying to get Platinum for MGS2. It’s been keeping me busy for awhile since anyone who’s played the orignal MGS2 will know how hard the trophies are to get in HD. o_o

  23. adrian says:

    I think that we are never going to have a psvita native hack why? because many of you know sony just announced a new psvita 4g so i think its the same thing that its going to happen to the xbox 360, wii and ps3, ect., devs are going to move to the new generation.

  24. Del_Inferno says:

    They need to focus on little things like, using the vita as a screen for ALL games, being able to connect a PS3 controller to the Vita/ connect the vita to a tv, games are flowing in but maybe finish out the PS2 classics titles that really matter like FFXII or Devil Summoner and put those classics on the Vita! All of these could be achieved but I doubt that half will come to fruition.

  25. newrcc says:

    I dont know what say… I whould like study this programing languages and give some contribuition. PHP and DhTML dont help in this moment. OMG! time and some money too!

    well, dont lose your hope? =) i didnt lose the my…

  26. Stanf says:

    Well.. it’s just sad to read this, I was actually expecting for a eCFW for my Vita, it’s not like I wouldnt like a native PSV hack, but there’s already tons of development done for the PSP, if a native hack and a PSP one were announced right now id probably pick the native one.. only to install a eCFW..
    I know its unprobable but my greatest hope was that a 2.05 exploid for eCFW was announced soon enough.. also, it would be just awesome if that exploid took adventage of a free game from the PSN

  27. Mr. MaGoo says:

    First!!!! Wait,…??

  28. empc says:

    selling ps vita right now

  29. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    Hey Wololo, quick question. Are you going to bring Wagic to the Ouya?

  30. Dyas W says:

    Hi wololo,

    Take this with a grain of salt, but here’s some interesting info from an “insider”:

    Family in a position to know. Verified by the press release a few days back. Even cowboom is dumping them at $109. In a nutshell vita= failure. Millions of units collecting dust. They are looking at core $150 and bundles $179- $199. Redesigns are in the works negating the use of the proprietary memory cards along with an entire new marketing campaign and moe aaa titles.

    I just confirmed the redesign for myself last night to be sure.


    • joe k says:

      ” They are looking at core $150 and bundles $179- $199. ”

      That sounds about right, I got my 3g vita on ebay for $185 with Little Big Planet and Touch my Katamari.

  31. gunblade says:

    well miners den 2.05 had little use outher then the wifi fixes.. wander what the new hdmi models will come out with guessing 2.80 or 3.o…

  32. HeroEduard0 says:

    PS DEAD…

  33. vextype-0 says:

    well if thats it thin i shall wait for tn-v im playing final fantasy type-0 agito on uno exploit

  34. jake says:

    I don’t own a PS3, and have a 2.02 PS Vita. What to do besides play the games that Sony sells? Not much of a choice there. Dark Alex, are you listening? I’d buy a dongle-based, PS Vita CFW mod if it is under $50, and can be “upgraded” from a personal computer. Now, that’s a homebrew product idea…

  35. scorp` says:

    thats why i have a 3ds as well at least we have sf4 on the 3ds and heaps more games on the way.come on sony bring some games out for the vita what a waste of hardware.i am still using the uno hack for now :)

    • Fail says:

      SF4 on the 3DS is a joke. Get bodied by anyone who actually plays the arcade/console version of the game.

      If your handicapped or mentally challenged, you can use the 3DS to play fighter games though. That’s acceptable.

      • scorp` says:

        guess what i have the xbox360 version as well and the 3ds version is lots of fun :)we need more vita games .
        sony have f**ked us again.thats why eveyone have 3ds plenty more games .

  36. MITT ROMNEY says:



  37. BARACK OBAMA says:



  38. svenn says:

    PSP –> homebrew-developers/(PSP+ ? ? ?)
    PSPV –> homebrew-developers/(Android+Iphone+….)

  39. johnny says:

    Man PS Vita is sinking…

    – locked to heck and back
    – no tv out
    – expensive proprietary memory cards
    – expensive games

    It’s a shame. Doesnt takes much to realise how much potential an unlocked PS Vita has. Just imagine the many awesome apps released for it.

    I remember the PSP hacking days. Everyday when i woke up, i powered up my PC and browse the PSP hacking scene apps websites. Almost every day a cool nice app for the PSP would pop up. It was so exciting!

    An emulator! oh look 3D mode with games compatible list! look awesome Remote Joy Lite! yet another nice emulator! omg cool new XMB themes available for PSP! hey i can change the PSP game intro! custom sounds too! and more….

    All those could not ever be posible without a CFW.

    PS Vita = D.O.A

  40. Runehasa says:

    Funny cause I just finshed Persona 4 Golden today which is the only reason to even own a vita. Looked at the upcoming games list and there is nothing. Keeping it around for the exploit potential was my last hope but I think its now time to sell it off

  41. no says:

    What the f*ck man?

    Maybe wait for 3013. If we’re still alive and Sony is still in the portable handheld market I’m sure they can make all that junk.

  42. BrokenMessiah says:

    I got my from gamestop on 2.00 upgraded before i knew of the ecfw… but i dont mind waiting, i am willing to bet that the guy will release the vhbl port within 2 weeks if sony remains silent and people request. also there should be a more incognito way of announcing these cfw and such. im sure sony keeps track of these websites.

    • terra says:

      I’m sure it wouldn’t matter. The only way would be to not release the exploit to the public at all… but that would kind of defeat the purpose of all this, wouldn’t it?

      Even if you somehow managed to keep this website a secret from Sony. There’s always some as*hole that downloads & reports the exploit to Sony.

      • svenn says:

        mostly its some *** thinking hey hidden files, I probably don’t need them, or use my “haxor office” skills to haxor it, and end up bricking there console.

        I’m following the scene cause I hope they will break it once a again (this dude will be sc***), but the possibility’s will be there again. (ARM is a big, big medium!)

  43. carlos says:

    Hmm Is this possible? I dont know if anyone here remebers or knows about how the nds hacking scene used to be really big, they had custom made flashkarts that were hard disk replicas of a normal ds games that could contain custom firmwares allowing homebrew and even actual roms can. this be done to the vita by creating our own exploitable game or putting the custom firmware itself onto a hard disk?

  44. carlos says:

    Hmm Is this possible? I dont know if anyone here remebers or knows about how the nds hacking scene used to be really big, they had custom made flashkarts that were hard disk replicas of a normal ds games that could contain custom firmwares allowing homebrew and even actual roms can. this be done to the vita by creating our own exploitable game or putting the custom firmware itself onto a hard disk

  45. carlos says:

    sorry for the double post i thought the first one didnt send

  46. Uncharted lord says:

    I say heck no LEAVE PSVITA ALONE. All you doing is making Sony more mad at removing games we coulda buy and dl. I blame wololo FOR ALL THIS *** Why don’t you hack some iphones and androids instead (Just like dashhacks) So shutdown this page and whatever server keeping this one and let SONY BE AT 100% Secure

    • wololo says:

      Lol yeah… Get your facts straight, I didnt work on any vita hacks directly in almost a year. You could shut me and my website down, there would still be dozens of people hacking the vita. We just convey the news here :)

    • azrayl says:

      Haha, I don’t know what you’re getting at Uncharted lord but the people here try to support Sony and the PS Vita. Most of the people here have the hardware. And you should know that you have to buy games in order to play them on your Vita, right?

  47. Perone says:

    Honestly, all I want is a gameboy advance emulator. Is that too much to ask for? 😛

  48. pirate city says:

    ‘Coz Shield runs on Android it allows easy hacking.’ <– suspect pirate…?

    'Am greatly disappointed for getting Vita.' <– disappointed pirate…?

    'Hope good days for 😆 “FREEDOM GAMING” is Soon !!!' <– pirate alert.

    pirate city bi*ch, pirate pirate city b*tch
    10, 10, 10, 20 dollars? that's silly bi*ch
    100 dollars in my hand?
    yea fu*k this.
    I'm so cheap, sony don't know who they f*cking with.

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