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Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. Patent shows “Next Gen” Vita design

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  1. ironchefion says:

    i will pick this up if true

  2. otropom says:

    its very disapointing….already a new ps vita project but still an enormous lack of games !! personnally i’m borred of this and this is a good reason for me to sell my vita before it will cost almost nothing

  3. Jim Lahey says:


  4. xyzmanas says:

    owner of both vita and 3ds, and I can proudly say that every penny i spent on vita is worth more than the 3ds which just sits on the table… I have around 10+ games for 3ds but none of them makes me go kaboom….the 3d feature just gets old after a month and u rather want to play with the 3d off… Seriously what did nintendo think while making the scree. the resolution is absolutelty *** and have seen 3ds screen seliing for $7 on chinese websites…..thats what is the quality of the scree. but I still keep it for the purpose of playing DS game on flashkarts and that is all…

    PS: PS+ owns nintendo…..I rarely find myself using nintendo store that is just overprices games.

  5. daniel says:

    i just sold the psvita dev. to my brother, cuz i couldn`t hack it before (i will help him to hack) because the point is, that i can`t handle a console that just run so good my PSPgames bought from store, like 4-5 good but EXPENSIVE vita games, and if we talk about the lack of emulators, apps, homebrews, its like “damn we got a nuclear missil, but our radar just not work” so, all about sony vita is about complaints of custommers, and the waiting for many, many games as the psp as sony promised us…

    i believe that, someday i will play the PS2,PS1,PSP classics and a bunch of emus and apps on a versatile really NGP console, but we still waiting for it

    • Hasselhoof says:

      I want everything, and right now too. Is there really not enough content out there for you? Seems crazy with new games coming out all the time.

  6. Hasselhoof says:

    I absolutely love my VITA and at my job I constantly get stuck out of the office without anything to do but sit in my car for 20-25 minutes waiting on my next client meeting. I am having so much fun getting to play some great games.

    I highly recommend one, and honestly the price point is what it costs for great technology.

    And the memory cards are so high to incentivize retailers to actually carry a device that features digital content. The memory cards are more than 50% retailer profits, I researched it back before the Vita came out. Because I couldn’t understand the high price.

    All-in-all it’s a great device with a lot of potential for the future. Hopefully, more people keep trying it and we can continue to build a community for developers to be enticed by

    I love what I’ve got and I’m excited for 7 games coming out in the next months. Versus 8 games I’ll get on my PS3. Halo DLC on my Xbox, and Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm for my PC.

    Great Games Galore !!!

  7. John_Scott says:

    looks exactly like the dev vita 😛

  8. daniel says:

    enjoy some comments

  9. makak1984 says:

    It is almost like DEV unit, $ony lost their mind on this, why release new model? They are morons that We will buy new unit only for HDMI -> I have my Xbox 360 now as my normal console. Also I am *** off about still no support for damn PSM in my country. On Vita we have only few good tittles and also lot of good but huge overpriced games – so I am stick on “Uno-Xploit” because i think I will be on my dreaming when the $ony turns for gamers not for cash.

  10. XPGXatoku says:

    LOL Watch these be completely hackable like the PSP 1000 was. That would just *** us all off…

  11. vextype-0 says:

    it has not even been out that long….dame i got a bad feeling about fabruary 20th

  12. silkyskeeter says:

    This is not good news at all. Basically, if these rumors are true, Sony will completely turn their backs on the early adapters. Because if there is ANY hardware change that means that the future games may cater to those hardware changes, leaving everyone that doesnt get the new model out in the cold with no games to play. But IDK how much I believe of this rumor as the “so called” new model closely resembles the dev model. And as far as the 4G rumor, who really cares. Most ppl that bought a Vita have the Wifi only model, as there is very little apps that even warrant you having the 3G for. (sadly I was dumb and got the 3G model and used the service for a month to test it out and to get a free game but barely used it so I never renewed) But I very seriously doubt that will happen, as the Vita is a failure to begin with. I very seriously doubt Sony is stupid enough to alienate their, small as it is, install base. But Sony has proved me wrong before… so we’ll see.

  13. GlueGun says:

    unless sony sells with a dev kit included
    then people will stop competeing about high prices.
    first comes 4GB oh okay now i see a 8 WOW price FUCKEN DIFRANTS!.

  14. GlueGun says:


  15. Voltrom says:

    Sony isn’t going to produce a new unit. You guys are being stupid this is obviously a dev unit. Although Sony is *** they should have implemented 4G on the first Vita. Honestly I would have paid that $50 more if it was 4G LTE and not *** useless 3G. Why even get 3G? I have a 4G LTE mobile hotspot so my vita is faster than any of yours guys with 4G speeds and a better rate plan. Plus I can use all of my vitas capabilities. *** ***. Honestly if the memory sticks have a price drop I can finally upgrade my *** 4GB and do something with the vita. I’m sure the ps4 will be announced or a new store or some *** like that. A new vita? No that’s stupid and unpractical. How about new games. Feb 20th won’t be a new vita. If so I just bought this vita and wasted my *** money. I will take it back as I have the box and the receipt still. This is a dev unit obv. We will find out in 8 days what’s going on. I expect a OFW update. With features that should have been day one on the vita. *** idiot Sony.

    • Negrodamus says:

      Wow, how stupid of us to think it’s a next generation Vita, just because the patent describes it as a “Next Generation PS Vita” Fukstick

  16. ironysteeth says:

    If that folder thing goes through, I would love it! I like downloading scanlations of manga, Translations of light novels. IF they put even a txt file reader and let me make folders, I can then use my vita for 99% the work load my psp is used for. And the screen on the vita is so big and bright, It would of course be my platform of choice to read manga and light novels. Stupid that sony even required such simple activities to even need them to be homebrew. I guess they just dont know their audience that well.

  17. Word says:

    I hope its not the new gen because they don’t even have accessories for the accessory port yet.

  18. Reboot says:

    I seriously hope that 3G Models will get some exchange in for 4G… because that is some BULL ***.

    • Withy14 says:

      I sure hope so. If they release this 4G they should as well release some “docking” station for the accessory port which would include USB and HDMI at least (not sure about that parallel pipe though).

    • Withy14 says:

      Just kiding – they released the PS Vita TV which is according my opinion pointless. Well for the price it seems good however you can play only selected games on this console (if you will be able to play all of them) than it might be worth buying.

  19. jake says:

    Poor sony….They’ve fallen down and can’t get up….

  20. Mark says:

    Is it really that that they will be announcing? 🙁 bummer I was hoping for a Gaikai announcement. They need cloud gaming on the Vita to make it a big game changer and the 4g model that might be coming out better be the solution to cloud gaming for Sony. It will bring big bucks for sure. But please allow to not market justto one company like AT&t. Give people options and you will see the money flowing.

  21. newrcc says:

    all right, dont forget about that: SONY Its business!

    vita 2013:”nice! more buttons, new face, more fast!”
    vita 2014:”very nice! six core… new face, batter games!”
    vita 2015:”OMG, 3D screen, new revolutionary buttons, water proof, good!”
    vita 2016:”Unbelievable!!!! dual screen, 40gb cardgames (powerfull graphics), 5 cameras with 20 maga pix!! Ops, i need buy to play new games… goodbye old vitas =/”


    • i lol says:

      No its not stupid fxck, I has a 64gb men card in me phone so suck it. 🙂

      • newrcc says:

        heheheh, we need to dream! Its free! O_O

        • Thrawn says:

          Ummm my cr5400 for the psp 3000 is currently holding two 64gB micro sdxc, that sums em up to a total of 128gB, mountable and accessible.
          So the max cap of 32gB for the vita is only due to sony not producing higher values, as they are probably using their factories which made the memory stick micro m2.
          And something for the info, the current proprietary memorycard is much more likely to be ident to a m2 (used in the psp go) than a micro sd.

  22. baistosh says:

    i hope PSVita will show games in 2013 besides this model, its almost a year now and nothing interesting is coming, hope they will add PS2 games in PSN to purchase!!..

    besides introducing HDMI,usb port blahblahbla..

    they should incorporate R2 and L2 buttons as well,

    • Alex Atkin says:

      None of the changes here break compatibility with the original Vita.

      Incorporating L2 and R2 would mean games which aren’t compatible with the original Vita, so I don’t think they would be foolish enough to do it.

      Besides that, how on earth would they fit on?

      While I would love to have HDMI output on my Vita, the biggest issue I have with mine is the network constantly disconnecting and then not working, and needing a bigger memory card as my 32GB is full and with PSN+ its going to stay that way.

      • Diablo050189 says:

        I don’t see a problem with L2 and R2 buttons. in fact, I would like L3 and R3 buttons back also. I know u can use the back touch pad as 2 and 3 buttons for ps1 games and stuff but half the time i accidentally touch the back pad while just resting my hands on the vita and accidentally do stuff I’m not trying to(like randomly pulling out weapon in resident evil while trying to run from nemesis which makes u stop in place and get killed)

        • gunblade says:

          Lucky if u got grande lunchs jus go out with a bang.

        • Kyu says:

          It is the same reasoning with Ninty not including a second analog on 3DS XL (except that Ninty has also provided a way to implement a second analog to normal 3DS).Now,L3 and R3 implementations would indeed break the game compatibility completely,as it would be nearly impossible to implement this in older models.

    • Josuke says:

      Thank God. I would be *** that I am stuck wit an inferior model that is lacking the HDMI port.

      I am also hoping Sony do something for people that recently bought at full price, maybe free downloadable content like what Nintendo did for the Ambassador Program.

      • gunblade says:

        *** i got the officail bundle nd i still did get my free game got an eight gig card but heard u needed memory card to play most of the vita games the vita anyways.Think i ened up getting a copy of little devients anyways.

    • Theredbaron says:

      I was thinking something like that. I couldn’t see why they would be so nice as to throw in a “real” USB for use stupid users. Only Devs are cool enough for that.

    • karamo2482 says:

      OMG i was just about to flip out i just got mine and there is no way i can be thinking about a new model already. I’m from JA and the vita cost $33,000 here so i would be saying damn i bought one that can’t do this and can’t do that so thanks for the heads up

  23. Rettomus says:

    Sony, just add a PSP-game support and I’ll buy your Vita then~

  24. squiggs says:

    about time that they allow folders on the vita i am out of spaces on my vita and i am afraid of what happens if i install something else

  25. Pirate Cat says:

    This would be rage inducing, but I like to think that most of the other comments are right and this is just a dev unit.

  26. The Kick says:

    Let me guess…If this is a new model, it will take different memory cards. After they forced people to buy their overpriced cards! ***! The vita is the worst console i’ve ever purchased because it CAN be good. Sony is just stupid. Im going back to my Gameboy Color, lol.

    • JC3Fresh says:

      who said anything about a new memory card? he just mentions that there will be a price cut which is for the memory cards it already has

  27. TheTokBokz says:

    Well one things for sure, the PS4 wont be called PS4 due to the number 4 being seen as bad luck in japan (or something like that)

    • stOneskull says:

      nah.. i think they will totally ignore the superstition.. it makes much more sense to just call it PS4.. and there will be a few games ending in 4 for launch.. like Uncharted 4 and Killzone 4

  28. mangbhoy says:

    If the “next gen PS Vita” has
    – longer battery life
    – louder speaker volume
    – retain its shape
    – retain its current weight (or at least +/- 8%)

    I don’t care about the micro (or is it mini like the PS3?) usb port
    I don’t care about the HDMI port
    It does look like a Dev kit Vita

    I bet my *** that they’re gonna price this one higher than the current 3G model (if it is indeed a “next gen Vita”)
    This 4G model won’t sell because 4G implementation in the majority of the world is *** (even so in at least the next two years). But I guess they’ve designed this with the Japanese market in mind (Japanese mobile services ftw!)

    • stOneskull says:

      i think an HDMI port would be very nice to have.. although i wouldn’t buy a new model just for that.. hopefully the expansion port can be multi-use later on

  29. Noquarter says:

    Damnit! I wanna like the vita…but…It’s ugly, too big, buttons are too small for my tekken needs and NO TEKKEN!!!!!!!!Make the buttons bigger, look more like the psp slim, add external controller capability and I’m sold. No Tekken, no vita for me I’m afraid!

  30. josh says:

    I hope they make an update that will let you play all psn games, like gotham city imposters, dungeon defenders, etc.
    They also just need to make an hdmi cable that plugs into the accessory port, and an update to let you play video out.
    Finally they need skylanders for the vita. the portal can also plug into the accessory port if needed.

  31. mer2329 says:

    i would like to see:
    – dual memory card support (like the the photofast for the PSP but on board)
    – HDMI on the top of the unit (due to the way cords are made)
    – no special system flag to play games on the TV (like the remote play flag in the sfo files for the PS3 games ) [guarantees complete game library support]
    – any accessory that actually uses the accessory port on top of the system (its currently a waste of space) (diagrammed as port 1 [not visible])

  32. HerperOfManyDerps says:

    Wait, lol isn’t that just what the psv dev kits are ’cause it looks exactly the same..

  33. faezbarca says:

    Lol…My money gone like heck bcoz i bought vita3g…And now sony announce 4g version….lol2.. If sony make price cut to memcard or vita,I hope they give free game or apps to earlier buyer lol.. I buy 32gb memcard at insane prize…CMON $ony..!!!

  34. Danny says:

    I’m buying this, and I’m a day 1 PS Vita buyer. :}

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