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Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. Patent shows “Next Gen” Vita design

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  1. gunblade says:

    Um jus praying fo android and ios sapport or sumthing for bluthooth n mobile gaming network maybe or sumthing skype on the 2013 models .better phone systhem like an actual phone maybe like the galaxy note, cameras, internal storage, internet browser (flash or html) atleast sumtype or online video play n online flash games real realms n that pirate online would be a nice online loud start dont have to be to much of a data load still on 3g or 4g mobile broudband

  2. man_of_power05 says:

    To go along with the 4G model, a significant firmware update will go live bringing in a lot of requested features including new ways to organize apps in folders.

    this is where i call ***. sony doesn’t care about what its customers want

  3. gunblade says:

    Sumhow but dont no wy miss my 3g iphone s atleast that thing had unlimited data and everything god figer n network storage all day and yet dont no wy atnt n tmobile could not be atntt-mobile would still name wise not be an issue but the data tranfer n data rate plans atleast in the us would be nice but we do have criket n helo but nation us wise not must an issue but if u think most 4g n 4g or mobile broud band in the us is still not much unlimited data last i cheack but speed was nice i guess still last phone was the iphone not much of android till sumwhat now.

  4. gunblade says:

    Well i guess atntt-mobile with verrisen 4 g lite light as an international company would ne nice sum how us citizen wize wo do we or the goverment end up taxing or does sumhow that still work for the us or sumthing maybe chArge them electic and bround band bill or commincation taxes i guess would ne nice to get health coverage for all the radio waves around me sumhow. If they fixed the international markets wouldent thet help the inthernation community an help stabilized the econome so if the tree would nation power russia china and the us fix the markets with more international trade and camercial markets buy maybe like. Realy i guess a more internaational trade.? But world wise the ero or eroupe had issue asia was prety good african and the middle east was on it. And north and south amarica was alright think mostly power was the issue of russia china n us mainly nucler was a thing but wind and solar wasent must since coal n water power plants was cheaper n put out more power at the time

  5. clicks says:

    W-what is this feeling…
    I’m excited about something… from Sony? But this is the Vita!

    Certainly the 4G model doesn’t have my heart aflutter, but the idea of renewed support for the system along with much asked for changes and memory card price drops has given me some hope for it’s survival.

  6. Currently drinking pepsi says:

    Wait, so we with the hdmi port we can now play our ported hd ps2 and ps3 games on our tv/monitor… and they think this will ship units?, 4G LTE yeah, i suspect they might add text message support or phone calls even though it has skype…. still, i already pay for a phone and non of those features are an advantage over the current Vita, which at the moments greatest appeal is playing PSP games, rage.

  7. Bob says:

    Make the cards cheaper than SD and make the Vita not so buttfuckingly huge and ugly and I’ll bite.

  8. Leires says:

    Ugh..What annoys me most about the HDMI upgrade is that there’s not going to be any ‘trade in your old vita and get the new one with an HDMI 80% off’..My vita is in good condition, heck, near perfect. The only things that are going to have anything close to this is stupid places like gamestop with their TRADE IN A VITA GET 50$ TOWARDS THE NEW ONE. ugh. I just want HDMI out. I’ve wanted that so damn badly. I’d give up the uno exploit for it. But i don’t want to pay another 200$ -just- for an HDMI port. ._.

  9. wartaf says:

    nice, but maybe they should make also an accessory cable for HDMI so the older vita version can also use HDMI

  10. gunblade says:

    64gb cards fills fast think on the psp on that still had ten gigs for music videos n picture camera storage on the vita for recoringvideos on the vita wasent that great 30 minute videos took up sum space on a eight gig card .vita games can could hold eight gigs to sixteen or sumthing i guess but most was at four and two assassins creed and uncharted took up sum space

  11. j.g.k says:

    More games. PS vita was a huge disappointment. I really regret buying it.

    1. Almost nothing good in PS vita games catergory.

    2. 2-3 games which are good are very expensive. I mean, C’mon! they have the same price as PS3!!! *** is wrong with Sony.

    3. Memory cards are also very expensive.

    Now = Cover + Memory card + 2-3 vita games = same price as the orginal ps vita.

    I would like to see it different in future console.

    • Mart says:

      I really don’t see how PSVita is a disappointment in the games category, it certainly is better than the 3DS with the constant Mario/Zelda/Kirby rehash…

      If I look at Metacritic and the list of reviewed games, PSVita looks better. Sure, some games might not be your kind of genre.

      The prices of games, agreed. A handheld game shouldn’t be more than 30 to 40 bucks. AND the PSN digital store ones should cost around 20 to 30 bucks because there are no costs made for production of the cards, cases, shipment costs, no storage costs and no profit for wholesale and retaileshops either.

      • HIMFan says:

        I unfortunately thought that I’d like my Vita more than my 3DS, but the Vita is rather disappointing. I’m holding out though for the eCFW TN-V. That will be my saving grace that I can just use it as a PSP with a big screen. Because the Vita really is lacking games. At least I have rehashes to play on my 3DS.

      • Edzo says:

        im with you. i like the vitas lineup of games a lot more than 3ds. my 3ds hasnt been used in months and my vita gets used every day

      • ??? says:

        Ummm…what? There’s been 2 Mario games, a remake of OT, and no Kirby games for the 3DS. I love how you ignore games like Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Kid Icarus Uprising, Fire Emblem Awakening etc etc. lol, “constant rehashes”. I guess if they made made another Little Big Planet for the Vita, it’ll have constant rehashes of LBP/Killzone/God of War, right?

    • Yes says:

      Out of curiousity, in which country do you live where the Vita games cost the same as the PS3 games?

      • Msnk8 says:

        dude i live in india and sony js acting like a *** here
        the price for nfs most wanted for ps3 is 2599 and for vita is 2799
        vita games are costlier thanps3 games man.. i realy want that game .
        bt i cant its to expensive for a handheld console,

        • Yes says:

          Pity that the Vita games are more expencive than the PS3 games there :\ Where i live in Europe, i havnt seen a Vita game being more expencive than a new PS3 game.

    • bob says:

      1. No good games? Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Assassins Creed:L, Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4, MGS HD, LBPV, Super Stardust Delta, NFS, Dokuro, and the list goes on…

      2. same price as ps3? really? PS3 games are around $60 while Vita games are around $40

      3. yeah it is

      1 and 2 tells me that you are lying and do not own a vita and is just trolling.

      • HIMFan says:

        Gravity Rush is impossible to play, Uncharted is shorter than 3, I hate Assassin’s Creed, Ragnarok Odyssey got boring real quick, Persona 4 is good, MGS HD is missing a game and not technically HD, LBPV is the same as the other ones, Super Stardust Delta is good but I can’t get the effin DLC to work, NFS I beat on my PS3, and idk *** Dokuro is. So out of the list I only enjoyed MAYBE 3 of those games. Something needs to happen, and quick, dropping $10 off the price would be better too.

    • Yukon says:

      In order for me to get this, they have to bring GTA san andreas too it.

    • E says:

      I am so tired of ppl complaining about the Vita. it is a Monster of a device. Yes, we all acknowledge that at RELEASE it did not have many games but now there are plenty of really great games to choose from (sadly those of us in the U.S have still not seen the even bigger list of games they have in Japan). Yes, it needs more but give it time. As more and more [major] developers see the success of the vita and its games more will come. Also, new Vita games are about $20 cheaper than new PS3 games so not really sure what u were talking about there. The major gripes i would say that i do have with Sony (not the Vita) is the INSANELY expensive [proprietary] memory cards. Hopefully this price cut will be significant enough that we broke college students can actually afford to get a higher memory card (like a 32gb), because 4 and 8 gigs is like NOTHING lol.

  12. gunblade says:

    Front Camera got moved. gamecard port same . Think but not sure theres no (acesery port) or did that get moved. Does it have the system lights like the dev model sum how that still makes me want a dev kit. psp go had internal storage and it needed a camera.3D camera on the psp was a must but nintendo pushed after the lite n the dsi models n touch screen now days the inthing fire emblem think iam getthing a 3ds xl was still 199 last i cheack but since the new hdmi model not due two sum months think i got enought to get it wen it does come out saying its around two fifty or tree bills but tree bill would have to probly hoping be a bundle much like the first vita realse

  13. Kyu says:

    Sony y u no make use of the upper port of the current Vita model

    This was a d1(k move,giving us older model owners the middle finger…I want this hacked more than ever now :@

  14. psVitovic says:

    on the pictures you can clearly see that the device on the design is the DEVKIT that *** already has… so it’s not the consumer version or anything, but the story about the new version of psVita is still real… like all sony playstation products, there will be PSVita Fat and PSVita Slim…

  15. playstation says:

    Ps vita is a worth of 250$ we pay for a great quality console which has got so much horse power, same Online functionality like PS3 even more, High end smartphone browsing, Social network, Entertainment with Audio and video. Its still in early stages with just one year and already lots of Good games are there but don’t have wide options for every kind of gamer, however the future looks so much better by seeing the games like Soul sacrifice, Killzone, Tearaway, PS3 ports quality etc., in a OLED portable screen on the go. The memory card prices are higher which will come down from 20th announcement. The people who regret buying vita are just stupid as they don’t see its technical value and the future it holds with PS3 and PS4 along with Gaikai streaming.

  16. Vicked says:

    Its only the Dev.kit PS Vita nothing else… -____-‘

  17. Yes says:

    I hope for Sony’s sake that 4G isnt more expencive than 3G regarding production costs. Otherwise i see no big need for them to produce a 4G model. 4G still has too high ping for online play as far as i know.

    I’m hoping to see a 64GB card that is priced at max $100. Then i will buy it 🙂

  18. playstation says:

    Even more we have PS+ service which is providing games to play at least 30 games per year for a charge of 49$ for the people who can’t afford to buy many games and also they are giving some free games for PS Mobile and Minis recently along with Some Great discounts on the games with many offers which is not there in any other place than Playstation. I say Ps+ and Vita is a worth more than what we pay. Plz i request everyone to consider quality over quantity becoz playing a great game is equivalent to worth of 10 games of mediocore.

  19. StanSmith says:

    That pic looks just like a Dev console. I highly doubt you will see the Vita with a USB port. It’ll be too easy to hack of that happened. They want to keep it unhackable as long as possible and giving it a USB port wont do that so I doubt it’ll come to the retail version.

  20. Nani says:

    A increase in RAM size wud be better , wen ever i open a game and skype it says to close the other. Mobile phones offer more RAM than vita does.

    Might be Vita is running fast coz of VRAM and Graphic Chip Installed.

    Whatever, New Vita in market is Heart breaking for those who counted pennies earned n bought the present one .

    • playstation says:

      And 250$ is heart breaking but buying High end mobiles every year by many people is a good decision. We buy Vita only once for using upto 5 Years and also have PS+ serive which provides services for budget people with free games at 49$ per year and also a change to get the games at Great discount. What else you need?

  21. playstation says:

    @Nani, does mobiles phone offer the Core gaming which you get on PS vita and also OLED Screen for this Price tag of 250$ with Quad Core Processor and GPU? Does Mobile Phone allows you to Play PSP Games and also PS3 Game Ports. VIta is meant to be Portable Gaming Console at first proving extra features like High End Phone provides except Multi Tasking but it will be improved sooner just like Update 2.0 did by allowing us to use Browser while Playing Games. Don’t compare High End Mobiles which cost More than 300$ and also wont provide future proof for the software support whereas Vita does for at least 5 years and sony will continue it to 7-10 Years to life time.

  22. All PS VITA games today are Suck!!! Only NBA2K13 can make the VITA Useful

    • playstation says:

      May be you are not a Playstation gamer at all. You can enjoy those PSX, PSP, PS3 and Vita Games in a OLED Screen. Its going to pump great games in this year and also for the next 5 years for a product of worth 250$.

  23. zakaiya says:

    Didn’t they already have this on the dev vita’s you showed a few months back, with a black matte finish?

  24. oO Flowzila Oo says:

    The original Vita is failing… Why make new one?

  25. max says:

    yah a new way to spent a mony for unhackable console & a hi price games to us. i am a OFW here on saudi and many of us wanting to see the hacked version of vita, some of us are disappointed some are enjoyed some liking to trow the vita on a garbage bag & you can’t just transfer any video music on this console w/out internet by the way thanks to our open CMA developer for giving us this wonderful open CMA.

  26. Rusty_Train says:

    id buy it, out right as well, keep my wifi vita for homebrew

  27. gunblade says:

    Six months no psn on the vita funny hoz that one

  28. gunblade says:

    Werd the thing i see would have been nice if the vita had dual game port slots with eject power down egect but internal drive would do but i planed to buy aloot game cardtriges for the vita but powering down the unit before taking out the game was a thing for mobile atleast from gameboy colar

  29. Stranno says:

    TV output … here we go.

  30. kuagelo says:

    The only thing I want in my Vita right now is the ability to access different PS Store regions without reformatting (EXACTLY like how the PS3 does it) the system nor the card. Not interested in new hardware, thank you very much.

  31. StepS says:

    I honestly think this is false. Patent Bolt probably have no clue at all about DevKit models, and now they’re shouting about a patent they aren’t even sure about.

  32. YcO96Ps says:

    lets see…
    what would be nice on a new Vita model?
    -Better start/select buttons
    -better cameras (0.3MPX is REDICULOUS)
    -Tv out
    -better front camera placement
    -removable battery
    -And have the system buttons under the screen like the PSP had
    And thats just from the top of my head 😉

  33. NoOne says:

    I want better analogs in the new model because my left analog is getting loose.

  34. DQEight says:

    I’m going to rage so hard if the next vita gets an hdmi out port and they dont make an adapter for the first one. Especially after dropping money on my vita. It happened to me with the PSP Phat too, just got one and BAM slim version with tv out.

  35. mexi says:

    I took my ps vita back to best buy after about a month of owning it. I dumped 120 dollars into psn cards and purchased what I thought was every good psv game. I am disappointed with all the released games as well as what’s on the horizon. Sony has disappointed me with the software and games for this console. I even purchased ps+ and didn’t even care to wait for it to expire, that’s how much this console means to me.
    I bought it mainly because it was a beast. 1 gb ram, quad core processor, 5 inch screen, etc. But I just purchased the new Optimus g and it out matches the vita, it’s .3 inches smaller (screen) but it has a much higher pixel density and looks outstanding. It has a 1.5 ghz quad core processor, 2 gb ram, and runs android which can’t even be compared with the vitas os. The vita in my opinion is just getting trampled and bound to for failure as its already becoming outdated.

  36. gregdaleg says:

    if i traded in my 3G psvita at gamestop so i can upgrade to the new WIFI model what would be the price difference due to me downgrading from cellular to wifi like $100?

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