Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. Patent shows “Next Gen” Vita design


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  1. HerperOfManyDerps says:

    Wait, lol isn’t that just what the psv dev kits are ’cause it looks exactly the same..

  2. faezbarca says:

    Lol…My money gone like heck bcoz i bought vita3g…And now sony announce 4g version….lol2.. If sony make price cut to memcard or vita,I hope they give free game or apps to earlier buyer lol.. I buy 32gb memcard at insane prize…CMON $ony..!!!

  3. Danny says:

    I’m buying this, and I’m a day 1 PS Vita buyer. :}

  4. bob says:

    sony, just give me a slim nexus 7 size and resolution tablet with memory card / or mini bluray and built in ps4 controller with ps4 interface, I know you guys can work with amd gpu and Samsung for the 8 core micro cpu, I know u guys can do this, I believe in u guys :)

  5. bob says:

    better yet just get a custom micro 8 core cpu from intel and just port the ps4 into a brand new portable that will work with project Morpheus, please make a lot of us happy, the ps vita is a joke for hard core gamers, you guys could make this totally different from the ps vita and just make this a ps4 portable :) , also if you use a slightly bigger size portable you can easily fit a full size bluray.

  6. Thaelos says:

    I’d just be happy if they made sure to fix the blo0dy button stuff ups. I’ve only just bought my standard edition vita. And already it won’t play games like it should. It’s fine on the home screen and stuff like that. But, as soon as a game loads up. Say goodbye to using all, but the Power, volume and PS button.

    I’ve trawled the internet for a while now… There’s like. A whole three phukn options. 1) reset, format, reboot, rebuild the libraries. And hope to heck it fixed that shiddy problem.

    2) pull the back cover off. and go phuk Rsing around under the hood.


    3) go pay $ONY to p1ss fart around with your console for phuk knows how long. and pay nearly the cost of a new unit in the process.

    It’s bullsh!t. If they just tested the *** out of the console first. Us users wouldnt have to suffer the greased mollasses help and support. Or find our system’s gone and set itself on fire. thanks to some cheap skate decision localised around the chargers.

  7. Yes says:

    Pity that the Vita games are more expencive than the PS3 games there :\ Where i live in Europe, i havnt seen a Vita game being more expencive than a new PS3 game.

  8. Negrodamus says:

    Wow, how stupid of us to think it’s a next generation Vita, just because the patent describes it as a “Next Generation PS Vita” Fukstick

  9. i lol says:

    No its not stupid fxck, I has a 64gb men card in me phone so suck it. :)

  10. newrcc says:

    heheheh, we need to dream! Its free! O_O

  11. Thrawn says:

    Ummm my cr5400 for the psp 3000 is currently holding two 64gB micro sdxc, that sums em up to a total of 128gB, mountable and accessible.
    So the max cap of 32gB for the vita is only due to sony not producing higher values, as they are probably using their factories which made the memory stick micro m2.
    And something for the info, the current proprietary memorycard is much more likely to be ident to a m2 (used in the psp go) than a micro sd.

  12. stOneskull says:

    i think an HDMI port would be very nice to have.. although i wouldn’t buy a new model just for that.. hopefully the expansion port can be multi-use later on

  13. Withy14 says:

    I sure hope so. If they release this 4G they should as well release some “docking” station for the accessory port which would include USB and HDMI at least (not sure about that parallel pipe though).

  14. Withy14 says:

    Just kiding – they released the PS Vita TV which is according my opinion pointless. Well for the price it seems good however you can play only selected games on this console (if you will be able to play all of them) than it might be worth buying.

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