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(Video)Total_Noob announces TN-V for Vita: XMB & PSN access

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  1. solidsnake says:

    I want to go to there…

  2. junn says:

    buy a old psvita from a pawnshop or other gamestore used

  3. jrazorman says:

    WOW that looks great! i cant wait to try it out! Great Work Thank you!

  4. joseph says:

    ok this is really cool now i wonder since tn can emulate psp firmware can he emulate cfw like gen in the emulated firmware

  5. doomzydaizy says:

    Come on guys enough of the psp exploits. I dont mean to throw anywork of these people but i appreciate it. We really need some exploits for the VITA os. Now what we have psn access of psp? Heck we can pirate every game of psp so whats the point of a ps store for psp? i really dont mean to degrade any work done by these people..but we need to stop with the psp stuff. If we wont try for the vita exploits we’ll never know if its exploitable

    • Aces says:

      yo, ***
      what makes you think people aren’t trying for vita exploits?
      fact is, the PSP still has plenty of life left, thanks to the vita.
      Not everyone pirates, contrary to popular belief.
      I can afford my hobby, so if i like a game thats on PSP store and not vita’s, i’ll buy it, also i like foolin around with some of the homebrew as well.
      Its like the news few weeks back where scientists unlocked trivial functions of the body like how your fingers wrinkle when wet for long periods for better grip on wet surfaces, a lot of comments were “why dont they look for a cure for cancer”.
      its not like people aren’t doing that, but if every single scientist looked into that one thing, we would miss out on so many other breakthroughs (no, wrinkly fingers increasing grip isn’t a breakthrough LOL)

    • Youmu Konpoku says:

      if you need to pirate the games you shouldn’t have bought a vita.

  6. Beanz says:

    Can’t wait for this(always loved the old XMB menu), thanks to everyone putting their time and effort into this.

  7. meler-andy says:

    heh great news 😀 i did not update to 2.0.5 😀 funny cos i got ark and tn-c 😀

  8. twenty90seven says:

    Still waiting for someone to port Ark or this CFW to 1.81 Urbanix….please!

  9. FoFiX says:

    lol nobody pays atencion to the doomzy guy, some people is working on a vita exploit too u know

  10. qwazed says:

    haha now i can use his mac adress mwhahahaha

  11. cesa says:

    PS VITA 2 IN 1 😛

  12. Landon says:

    Uno is back for the US and it is a shame we can’t use the proxy any more.

    • Beanz says:

      You can still get around the firmware block if you have a ps3 and openCMA on your computer. Just connect to openCMA with your vita and wait until your at the transfer menu, then unplug your vita plug it into your ps3 and try to connect to the ps3. It should connect no problem

  13. Deudax says:

    Only PSP Store :/ no use for me, need to wait till next exploit again

  14. FOR ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE U.S. PSN, DO NOT BUY THE UNO GAME YET !! Let me confirm if the exploit can work on the Uno game before wasting your $1. I’ll be back to confirm this.

  15. gtfoo says:

    will TN-V support psx like ARK ?

  16. Youmu Konpaku says:

    dose the clannad visual novel homebrew work on ARK or TN?

  17. peter says:

    Thanks for your hard works keep it up people like you keep this scene going

  18. Seallux says:

    Very nice this is awesome for anyone who missed out on the last crack ^^ still have my uno 2.02 :3 so this is awesome for my friends who updated XD

  19. Qarpz says:

    Whats the best thing to do if I am on 1.81 and have gravity rush. Should i stay or upgrade?

  20. Rafa says:

    it’s really impressive, but I have a simple quuestion, i think.

    I have the GC xploit in 1.81 and I noted that when i play a psp game in wireless with any other psp the connection stops or suffer lag and then it interrups some minuts later I started it (it only happen when i use the xploit, if i play a psp game bought from the store, it works perfectly). So my question is, you think that with this CFW TN-V I could install the CFW 6.30/6.60 PRO and play my back ups without wireless troubles.

  21. NoOne says:

    I am wondering how TN got the PS Vita Mac Address?

  22. shenmue says:

    Who needs Sony when we have this crazy Total Noob who can do anything!!!!!

  23. McLoven says:

    Total_Noob, you sir are straight up genius. If I were to see you in real life man I would run up to you and demand your autograph. Keep up the great work.

  24. gunblade says:

    can i use ps3 to get uno or do i need to get it with the vita

    • Tony86 says:

      you can use your ps3, you wont be able to use your vita as 2.02 cant access the store anymore.

      you need to download it on ps3 then connect your vita to pc using openCMA, pull usb lead out from computer and connect it to your ps3.

      you should then be able to transfer UNO from ps3 on to your vita.


  25. gunblade says:

    Total_Noob is it me or does ur vita have like dead pixels mines does i guess does the psp fix dead pixxles thing work on the vita

  26. andre104623 says:

    I hope this is ported to 1.80 mhfu cuz im still running it with tn-c. I was *** no one ported ARK eCFW to 1.80 or 1.81

    • gunblade says:

      yea iam on 1.81 was hopping ark for my expoit but i guess since 2.02 has wifi trtanfer i might as wel jus update to 2.02 so i can jus have my laptop with me to tranfers games from it was hopping to have like a cloud storage for my game since vita memory jus goes to like 64 gb

  27. joe k says:

    sounds good, cant wait

  28. Mr. MaGoo says:

    I am wondering what the compatibility rate is going to be like for psp back ups. I can’t get my copy of tekken 6 to work. I made the back ups myself from my umd. I could get a couple games to work on one of my vitas but not the other. Same fw and everything. Weird

    • Vita_User says:

      I found that my official backup of Teken 6 didn’t work until I changed the CPU speed back to default. I saw that mentioned somewhere so tried it.

  29. jake says:

    Somebody needs to get a PS3 emulator to run on a pc. Then, some of us could with 2.01 and a copy of UNO, get ARK running on the PS Vita. Of course, jailbreaking the PS Vita would be even better. Hope that happens this year. This CMA/OpenCMA monkey business needs to go extinct altogether. I do appreciate all that Total Noob et al have done thus far. It’s time to take the gloves off though, and jailbreak the PS Vita, opening it up as was done with the PSP.

    • gunblade says:

      idk on jailbreack but i no the first vita firmware it was easier to install backups on so probly like the psp we would have to downgrade to um 1.30 or sumthing the install a custume firm but i guess its like the ps3 in 3.60 its almost imposible to downgrade

  30. John R. says:

    is there a way to subscribe to psn+ and download the games on the memory card without updating to 2.05 ? i so want to get psn+ but don’t wanna lose the exploit, such a dilemma….

    can i put my memory card on another 2.05 vita and get the psn+ games then put the memory back on my 2.02 exploited vita ? what should i really do ? any help ? thanks !

    • Jd8531 says:

      Sadly no, as for the memory card thing im not sure but it would have to be the same account that’s tied to your vita with the exploit.

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      @ John, currently that mem stick trick is what I do. Since open cma is not blocked yet I download the game onto my 2.5 ofw and back it up with open cma and then download it on my uno exploited psv 🙂 .so it does work.

      • PSPNostalgia says:

        Fantastic, thanks for confirming.

        Now need someone I know to get a Vita haha. Time to play the waiting game…Or just buy physical copies I guess lol.

  31. my ps vita is in 2.01 wiht the uno exploit will this still work

  32. airol says:

    hey my son ps vita was updated to 2.05…will uno explot work on this??? my son appreciate ur answer…thanks..

  33. airol says:

    ps vita 1st bday sale in psn europe…hurry

  34. Darksideafrocan says:

    Dis got 2 be reeleesed on fw 1.81 i nose many gaymaz dat ain’t updayt day vita

  35. vikiviki says:

    Hi Guys, I need your advice. I have PSV with 2.02, unfortunatly I am not able to activate it as it requires software update. And I am not able to run my legal! game as is says PSV need to be activated. Do I have any options to activate it without upgrading to 2.05 and download UNO gane to play with UNO exploit?


  36. Ksa says:

    Hey guys , can u please tell me how download games on the uno Exploit ????? i dont get it

  37. JC3Fresh says:

    If it keeps going like this (psp exploits in the vita) then sony might want to remove that backwards compatibility

  38. Tired Waiting says:

    Will someone ever release an iso loader or hack for 2.05?im tired of waiting please!! i didn’t even get to play any iso’s because i bought my vita in the version of 2.05 and missed the exploit ***!

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