(Video)Total_Noob announces TN-V for Vita: XMB & PSN access

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  1. johnny says:

    get a PSP then and stop crying. Why the f you bought a PS Vita if you want to play PSP games? ***

    • vextype-0 says:

      well there is killzone mercenary comes out September 17th i wont update until sony gets there *** in gear.

  2. vextype-0 says:

    sony can suck it

  3. Jonathan Huebert says:

    has anyone tried to play birth by sleep final mix? it doesnt work on tn-c or ark… anyone else have this issue?

  4. Gangstamalu says:

    Lol this is dev hook. I called it in my other comment on the 2.05 exploit video. Trust me guys when hackers start to look into stuff like this custom firmware won’t be long. Maybe in a year dark Alex type of stuff.

  5. jake says:


    I don’t have UNO on my PS Vita. My PS Vita has System 2.02 on it. Will that PS Vita (as stated) STILL be able to utilize your TN-V program?

    • Arizato says:

      No. It won’t. Download UNO to your PS3 and transfer it to your Vita with Open CMA. Instructions as follows:

      “Put Vita in airplane mode (safety)
      Start Open CMA
      plugin Vita via USB to PC
      Browse to content manager on vita and select PC
      Disconnect from PC
      Plugin into ps3 via USB (also unplugged ps3 lan for safety)
      highlight downloaded game, eg ninja gaiden sigma plus
      triangle and copy to vita.
      Disconnect and enjoy.”

      What ever you do, don’t let it update the Vita. If the instructions doesn’t work, restart the Vita and try again.

      • Santos says:

        I don’t know if I’m acutally doing something wrong, but whenever I unplug my Vita from my PC and plug it into the PS3 and try to copy something I get the message that my Ethernet cable is not plugged in at the moment. What should I do now? Do you have any suggestions?

  6. vita_m33_DA says:

    guys!!! imagine if dark alex comes back and creates a cfw for the actual vita firmware *-* that would be awesome 🙂 stupid guy who ever made coldbird leave the scene…who ever that guy is, could kill themselves for ruining the psx conpatability sound >:( man I wish I was gifted with developing skill to give it a shot 🙁 someday maybe

  7. SpeedPowerdd says:

    Want it nowwww ;P

  8. Whackm says:

    So is there any hope for those still on 1.81 FW with Urbanix?

  9. xxfearxx says:

    is the correct version of uno still available on us psn store?

  10. Whackm says:

    Just out of curiosity… is there any way I can just upgrade to 2.02 Firmware now?

  11. Jamis Carter says:

    Is there an exploit for 2.05? My brother updated mine on purpose…..

  12. wolfayoub says:

    Date de lancement tn-v

  13. peter says:

    i have been told full hack for ps vita on the way and he has been where king on this for weeks and that is all he told me

  14. jay says:

    will homebrew run faster….

  15. Pink_Ciel says:

    不知道2 月28日能否发布,因为我要离开家上学了。没有电脑只有一个PSV。

  16. mattia says:

    Hi, I have download a minis from the store using the psp mode, how can I transfer it on my pc and than copy it in psvita mode?

  1. October 14, 2016


    (Video)Total_Noob announces TN-V for Vita: XMB & PSN access – Wololo.net

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    (Video)Total_Noob announces TN-V for Vita: XMB & PSN access – Wololo.net