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Sony teases us with “See the future” post. Playstation 4 to be announced in February?


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106 Responses

  1. Chingon says:

    I hope its for ps4 release….

  2. gabrieluto says:

    if it is a vita redesign i’ll kill myself

    • psVitovic says:

      prepare a weapon of your choice… if u have seen the devkits that *** is using than u should know it’s going to happen… should i remind you that every playstation has the FAT and SLIM version? rip man 😀

  3. gunblade says:

    there probly have the r2 n l2 most pc controllers do touch screen hope they last longer with battery life. probly sumthing like the nivida remote ..

  4. Enigma85 says:

    It’s gonna be something that nobody considers to be “the future” except for Sony. Even if it sounds cool Sony will screw it up like everything else. Lets hope this is different! 🙂

  5. oO Flowzila Oo says:

    Probably a price drop with the announcements of a few new games/features for the current hardware. Or maybe they’ll just show a demo of the PS4. Whatever it is, it’s probably not gonna be something ‘big’.

  6. kagaelus says:

    Only way I’ll buy it is if it doesn’t have any of the crazy patents like DNA login or no used games. That’s if it’s a console? Exciting to hear what it really is anyway!!!

  7. gunblade says:

    is that the thing starthing up

  8. bsanehi says:

    Can’t wait for the next gen consoles. One day we will be in the matrix playing PS6.

  9. coverton341 says:

    I am a PC gamer primarily, with my old phat 60GB sitting in a YLOD state and my 360 is in pieces that work half the time. I would welcome the PS4 at this point granted it had some exclusive launch titles that I couldn’t get for PC

  10. Ry says:

    I only play my ps3 for ps3 exclusives, everything else I play on PC

    I’d love this to be some new stuff for vita, it says future so I doubt it’ll be ps2 support 🙁

    Ps4 is my bet and I won’t be buying it with my Ouya coming in April.

    • gunblade says:

      yea thought they was dropping ps3 support in like 2014 so probly have to buy the *** load of blueraye games xlink probly be prety good then if more people be playing on kai..

    • Asdfjuma says:

      Yeah… dat Ouya, a real hard hitting game changer that is going to be the next big thing. Well for 6 months at least when most new Android phones are more powerful than it.

      I would roflcopter right out of here if their “future” was just more support for the past. Kind of like Square Enix and their Final Fantasy remake business their running.

      • clicks says:

        Can you imagine how much it sucks to have donated money for that Ouya thing? By the time it comes out it’ll be underpowered and overpriced, yet people still support it like mindless zombies.

        I had a few friends who truly defended it as something that will automatically turn any user into a developer… even though it requires a PC to develop anything… and there are or will be android dongles that are more powerful than the Ouya by the time it hits the market… I just couldn’t convince them that it’s a terrible investment, and these weren’t stupid people either!

        • Ry says:

          3 reasons I disagree.

          1. You’re buying dedicated hardware, not android, as such you’re getting games developed for one device with one set of hardware config so games can run better and faster than regular android games which have to cater to every hardware configuration.
          You remember the NDS? That could run Quake2, you know what couldn’t? The PSP. Why? Not because it wasn’t powerful enough, but because no one optimised their code correctly. So power when it comes to dedicated hardware means diddly.

          2. The controllers: they look and respond very well, I had some issues with the dPad and touchpad but so did every other developer and thus it’s getting a slight redesign before official release.

          3. Homebrew: did you ever own an original modded Xbox? The thing was a beast at the time, ps1 and n64 emulation! A harddrive to load all your games on, Ethernet port so you could stream games and Roms over your network, pc ported games, then came XBMC (which is now going to be supported natively on Ouya)

          So don’t be so quick to discount it just because the device is different to what you intend to use it for.

  11. Rofl says:

    Hahaha Slim model of PS Vita!? chances are close to 0 i doubt they’ll make a “slim” model since the design is good enough

    im pretty sure they’re hinting us *wink wink* PS4 for next gen console

    • psVitovic says:

      every playstation sistem has FAT and SLIM version… dough sony didn’t call them FAT, there was always the SLIM version one year later, and the first model traditionally became known as FAT… when did the FIRST (FAT) PSVITA come out to the shops? *wink* *wink*… february 2012… and today is february 2013… *wink* *wink*…

  12. etertay says:

    Nintendo becoming less and less relevant?

    last time i checked…

    • gunblade says:

      last time i cheack sony didnt have link for any of there games in a long time but a zelda sony exclusive would be over kill can imagine link on the next gen consoles graphic but i would still hope to play sumtype of good realese game if i was to get a xbox or playstation.. nintendo need to jus work on there games would hope to be able to have new pokemoN gamez keep coming for nintendo devices. think nintendo jus need to work on more accessories for there portable n there new wii u n they will do fine last i cheack the nintendo store sold old school mario games they should make ds n 3ds games with like bundle games on them market on the old nintendo games n they use to have game cards with video even sony had umd movies but think media wise they went digital.. any ideas about a microsoft portable coming out with this gen consoles was hope at the end of last gen with the psp but then the vita came out n microsoft had no xbox portable yet..

      • clicks says:

        Yeah, when PS All Stars was announced I was shocked when I realized how much I just don’t care for Sony franchises… It’s not like they’re bad games either, most of them are B to A quality but… I guess they just lack personality like modern Rare titles, almost always shadowing or mimicking something else in the market at the time.

        Will that’s just me though. I also never cared for Loco Roco or Katamari that everyone else went crazy for at the time so whatever.

  13. TheGoof says:

    If you notice the date it is almost exactly one year after the release of the Vita. I would guess a price drop.

    • Kyu says:

      If that is so,I might even pretend to shoot myself.Because I bought the Vita last November xd

      • clicks says:

        Most stores in the US are selling Vitas bundled with a game for $200 and have been since black friday so it’s only natural and VERY late to the game.

        I wonder if early buyers will get anything a la Nintendo’s Ambassador program?

  14. TelcoLou says:

    I’m hoping for PS2 games on the Vita.

  15. Darren says:

    I think the main plot of this would be the ps4, but i dont think they will just show the ps4. Like all other showings of new devices/consoles that come out. They always save the best for last. So i am guessing a ps3, ps vita price drop and some announcements of other cool things. Then the ps4 and the launch title games… along with a revamped Playstation move. The original one was just thrown together… Cant wait for the ps4!!! I have seen some next gen graphics (star wars 1313) and i just hope!!!! that they are for the ps4!

  16. fck sony says:

    another *** sony product XD

  17. solidsnake says:

    So far im happy with PC. I can play any game on PC with better graphics than PS3 and cheaper. Even if PS4 has mind blowing graphics, they still have to deliver the games.
    Im tired of playing mindless 3D games that have kick butt graphics but dont have good gameplay or story.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      have you ever played uncharted? it’s very good and a ps3 exclusive, good combination of gameplay, story and graphics

    • gunblade says:

      yea better quilty games story or gameplay wize would be better seeing alot of gamez that i actruly end up playing after i get sick of playing. MmO would be good with huge worlds that every thing interacts in ways with the players huge digital worldz…

  18. jlo138 says:

    PSVitaGo. Lol

  19. Saul says:

    I don’t really care about the next PS4 or next xbox, I’m going to start going with PC.

  20. faez barca says:

    Yes..I hope for psvita redesign..

  21. senas8 says:

    @ wololo:”Are any of you shifting to Microsoft for their next console, or to PC gaming?”
    answer: All of the above…. because I can!

  22. minimur12 says:

    is the conforerence sonys own, booked
    or a set thing every year they do?

  23. garrei says:

    I bought a WiiU over a month ago… its still in its box in my cupboard unopened

  24. Dombre says:

    I tried a ps3 after my 360 was stolen… I wish I hadn’t I’ll be going back into the M$ camp after my experiences with Sony.

    • UE says:

      Really? other than exclusives there are very few differences between either console… well other than 360’s having a horrible history of rrod (and yes it is horrible)

      Mind you I play my psp go (cfw makes it easily the best psp, vita included) or my PC really, the last time I used my ps3 was to watch stuff through showtime or when I got Journey
      Oh wait I lie I am 2/3 of the way through resident evil 6 with a friend.

  25. Frank says: is redirecting you to the Sony’s official’s Playstation website 🙂

  26. ghadz says:

    vita is not even doing well on sales why would they redesign it…. maybe its a PS4 or gaikai gaming on vita and ps3…. if its cloud gaming then heck yeah vita will be a monster handheld gaming console since it lacks AAA games at the moment

  27. johnny says:

    lol and PS Vita is not even hacked yet xD probably PS4 announcement.

  28. john10101 says:

    ive been a big sony fan for a year. i bought the ps2 and ps3 pretty quickly after they were released. ive never owned a Microsoft console, until last Christmas. I was given an xbox 360. a year has past, and i have to say i play the xbox way way more then the playstation. Manly for the online functionality. I pay for both ps plus, and for xbox live, so to me theres no difference there. The online experience is just better on the xbox. the ps3 does have better picture quality, and the stream of “free” Plus games, but at the end of the day xbox is my first turn. Ill probably wait a bit on the next gen, but my gut is saying lean towards xbox. with the number of system exclusive games dwindling, it will be the online experience that drives me.

  29. E says:

    Well, I would be inclined to believe that it is not the PS4 announcement due to the fact that Sony said they would wait for Microsoft to make the 1st move and release their next gen device after Microsoft. Microsoft has not yet made such an [Official] announcement, unless Sony knows something we do not know yet. If that statement were true and this is a PS4 announcement, it would stand to reason that Microsoft would announce the “720” by that date; although, I suppose they [Sony] could just [officially] acknowledge the PS4s existence and announce when it will come out so entirely possible I suppose. Also, doubt it is a Vita redesign because that would not fit into Playstation’s platform modeling gameplan. Their device life cycles have NORMALLY been around every 7 years a new console would be released and about halfway through that (3-4 yrs) a re-design or “slim” model would come out. The PS3 is the exception to that rule in that it was re-designed TWICE, having TWO “slim” deesigns. Plus, the design of the Vita has absolutely nothing to do with its current struggles.

  30. clicks says:

    Android for the Vita!

    Ha ha, no, that’ll help boost the system’s popularity and sales. I’ll bet on a new “guided” interface for the Vita which will now only accept vocal commands to open applications (“SONY VIDEO!” SONY WEB BROWSER”) followed by the verbal input of your PSN username and password. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    Alright, it’s a bit ridiculous… I mean its not like the only legit way to put music and videos on your Vita from a PC is to run a program that requires you to connect to PSN every time you use it and you can only upload a select few file types, right?

  31. Hugo Mundo says:

    In my opinion, if the rumours about ps4 are true it’ll be the shittiest console ever.
    Biometric controller, discs that only run on 1 console.

  32. xoombie503 says:

    discs that only run on one console??? actually online game passes are the new thing now and i could actually see them doing play a used game you would have to pay $5-$10 for a new license or something or else you dont earn trophies.

  33. Guest says:

    Its PS4, why would they make a such hyped countdown for a slim version of the Vita? Makes no sense, it’s PS4. Your arguments are invalid.

  34. jurasicgamer says:

    For “the future” Sony has to come up with something REALLY “futuristic” like lifelike graphics, glasses free 3d that really work or holographic gaming. Anything else is more or less done already. I do not see anything “ultra special” coming.

  35. KUROKO says:

    Check out pre-orders opening soon for PS4 and xbox 720 .

  36. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    If its another Vita model I will be extremely disappointed because I recently purchased my Vita, chances are pretty slim though because its not selling that great and it doesn’t have much games. The fact that it is exactly one year from the original Vita release scares me.

  37. KuroRyuu913 says:

    If the Ps4 is backwards compatible with PS3 games, ill get it and hack my ps3. aside from that, no. I will not purchase one till the 2nd or 3rd model is released.

  38. ivo says:

    hi, teases us with future
    hmm rather tell me howto
    howto disable online storage only game saves
    so i can export them to a new game
    or at least copy them via usb to another ps3 or a pc
    becuz plus games if u agree online storage dont allow usb copy
    on some saves … is this the used games policy ?
    *** u sony for ur inpropriater act on my system
    now plus expired … i can still play the game from disc
    but cant start the installed version
    disc loads save but i rather release the save as crisis 2.5
    rather than play it anymore since its a complete new game
    but cant seem to copy it :/
    btw is ther a users savegame upload system ?
    its rather an unused game policy if u ask me

  39. GlueGun says:

    do’s sony monator your hart beat when you talking to a sony worker
    about hacks? (skype, msn messanger ect.., because it looks like one
    soul perpose, tell him to turn on your ps4 grab controller and login, then bam insta creep 30 second 29.. 28.. 27.. 26……… bio…. skin type connecting to doctors
    data base/photo id bases… lol my blood type is 6 i cant wait for a hack for this!

  40. Ry says:

    It’s no coincidence that they showed the “4” buttons and then the PS logo.

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