Sony teases us with “See the future” post. Playstation 4 to be announced in February?


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106 Responses

  1. Thrawn says:

    Wow, how overbloated can one information be advertised?
    Sony is really good in that. XD
    And btw. the vita is not dead, its already buried alive. XD

  2. mangbhoy says:

    It’s definitely the PS4.

    The “swooshes” coincide with the UI of the new Sony phones like the Xperia Z.

    …it’s also hinting that it’ll use a lot of electricity so probably a console … or not, whatever

    • Thrawn says:

      Yeah it might be, the chances are high, but only time will tell and somehow, anyhow I’m absolutely not exited as I was back then in the PS2/PS3 era.

  3. nCadeRegal says:

    I believe it will be ps4 related, but hope that a vita slim is announced for me both are must haves. Better connectivity for vita, and an ebay app would be nice. I can have dreams can’t I ?

  4. ivo says:

    got a new wifi psvita 1.06
    what can i do try with it? thkx

  5. Inspirology says:

    Sold my PS Vita today for $180:( sad to see it go, It was in mint condition. I just can’t find any games of my genre (racing) I guess I will buy another vita eventually and I would like to give it a few more years to develop. Back to the psp!

  6. Faton says:

    hehe maybe official fix for PE2 i got 6.60 pops v4 and still doesnt word :(

  7. BloodyLai says:

    there might be new colors for vita since in japan they will have icy white that looks silver ..

  8. Custom PC builder says:

    I hope you know the parts for a PS4 costs 350 dollars to build by yourself.

    Since you are the arrogant console trash ignorant that the last good console was the PS2, you will gladly dish out 600 dollars for one.

  9. wololo sucks balls says:


  10. Acid_Snake says:

    have you ever played uncharted? it’s very good and a ps3 exclusive, good combination of gameplay, story and graphics

  11. gunblade says:

    yea better quilty games story or gameplay wize would be better seeing alot of gamez that i actruly end up playing after i get sick of playing. MmO would be good with huge worlds that every thing interacts in ways with the players huge digital worldz…

  12. gunblade says:

    i always jus end up paying with the hard ware changing psp screen was fun..

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