Charles and Fiddler2 Proxies are now blocked.

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  1. Chris2121 says:

    its sad but atleast I can still play my dbz isos =)

  2. Mr. MaGoo says:

    This is why I got 2 vitas. One is for the online and one is for off.

  3. Wahaha says:

    That’s hilarious to me, so they’re actually blocking the legit homebrew users from giving them money?

    No wonder this company is hemorrhaging money like it’s going out of style, it’s just pure stupid from the top down.

  4. gabrieluto says:

    i wanted cubix, and the proxy’s doesn’t work here(colombia)
    so i just updated 2 minutes ago, see you later homebrews n’backups

  5. Jd8531 says:

    Playstation Notwork. Thats gold 😀

  6. shenmue says:

    *** Sony. Let’s boycott them and don’t buy their PS4.

    • clicks says:

      Then Sony would just walk away from the console scene and say “whatever, no money there anymore” and then what do you have? One less major player and only MS or Ninten to choose from. Boycotts work well in many cases, but not for something as diverse as Sony, especially when their game division is one of their weaker links.

  7. Dmaskell92 says:

    If it was me with a kernal exploited psvita, I would have more fun with psp backups, (that I own) like crisis core, gta with cheats, and emulators. I said goodbye to PSN on my CFW PS3, and I would do the same for Vita. Especially if I bought the game just for hacks… Who want to actually play UNO???

  8. devilmax says:

    so all psp games were not be bck up? then why we wast our mony to buy psp games if all psp games could not be back up.

  9. Meowch says:

    Who wants to actually play UNO? I dunno, the billions of iterations sold long before the hack was released would say somebody does.

  10. guyman says:

    I suggest you guys build your own gaming PC’s, you guys are really getting suckered, the last home console I bought was the PS2 since it was 100x stronger than any computer at the time.

    The Xbox and the PS3+ are abusing their users making them absurdly priced dlc and paying high for online fees.

    You should get a PC download the games you want, pay only for the developers who you want to support. Play with a mouse and keyboard.

    • clicks says:

      PC’s are also much more expensive to build/maintain. You can go big (by my standards) and blow $600 on something that’ll last you two years before it starts showing it’s age or aim for the sub $300 mark (like me) and settle with a lower resolution for those 2 years before upgrading again. And what if you just have bad luck with everything?

      Then you have the laziness of developers either aiming for console quality games or laughing off the idea of proper optimization for older PC components (just LOOK at how much Mass Effect’s requirements jump from sequel to sequel). At this point PC enthusiast are just beating off to how high of a resolution they can run games at rather than how smooth it’ll run!

      PC gaming is likely the best gaming experience in most case but DAMN she’s a harsh mistress…

      And piracy really does hurt everyone. What, you think people will only pirate bad games that don’t deserve money?

  11. Voltrom says:

    Already huh. Sony is well aware of its “non-regular” users. It’s a new chapter in the scene. As you all know.. Sony has been stepping it up as of late.

  12. Voltrom says:

    Funny how you mention UNO. I literally haven’t played the game even once. Not even once. That few bucks was literally just for the exploit haha. I couldn’t care less about UNO unless it had online and webcam support.

    • clicks says:

      I can top that! I bought Liberty City Stories just to play Super Nintendo and Genesis games over the Summer back in the day. Worth every penny.

      • Voltrom says:

        Ah those days! I nearly *** myself when a downgraded was released back then. The lcs exploit made my day haha. It sucks becuase I ruined my gta lcs umd by somehow scratching it..

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Yea, my point exactly. If I had bought UNO, it would symbolism a stepping stool, that gets me to the game, I really want to play. By purchasing it, your money is gone, and I couldn’t let a game, I purchased, only for a hack, get patched. My advice, stop the cat and mouse game yourself, forget PSN, and don’t update. If PSN blocks you from purchasing a game, then just pirate, or circumvent it with PS3. It’s their fault they are losing money. When I get Vita this month, I’m snatching up a copy of Assassins Creed 3, and plan to wait patiently, for the next exploit. Once I get the exploit, it will never touch another update. Unless ofc something new Is free, or ends the cat, and mouse game.

  13. knarlockk says:

    Sony has lost quite a bit of money from me by not allowing me to access psn or buy new games. Their approach is not well thought out

  14. karamo2482 says:

    is there a Opencma that’s works with 2.05 or dose 2.02 work with it. i mist out on the exploit and i haven’t updated yet but i wont to know about the Opencma5 if it works on 2.05 if no i won’t update

  15. vitacfw says:

    haha sony you dont really know us, do you? jusk cause you blocked psn completely doesn’t mean you win, im gunna support the vita scene and stick with them…not gunna update to a useless firmware…just like i was with the psp on 1.50 >:D man i miss those days lol

  16. karamo2482 says:

    dose Open cma 5 still work for 2.05 since there no update foe Cma itself

  17. compccs says:

    Since I really don’t need to play psp games on my vita since I still have a working fatty psp and a user mode exploit would serve my purpose if one ever comes along I guess I’ll update…. was nice to see a working kernel exploit first hand on the vita and thanks to all responsible for bringing it to the masses…..

  18. Yes says:

    I’m surprised with some of the reactions to this block. That using proxy to connect to PSN after a firmware update is nothing new. It was like this with the PS3 for a long time. It usually took a week or two before Sony blocked it. This happened every time, so it was to be expected that it wouldnt be any difference this time around.

  19. Lymus says:

    welp, as long as i can use my ps3 to download psvita games, and transfer them with the “trick” i don’t need psn on the vita 😀

    • masashi says:

      what “trick”? i want to do it, but i dont know how…
      i have m y ofw ps3 and some games in it but i cant transfer its

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yeah if you have a OFW ps3, you can still tranfer suff. It requires
    openCMA and stuff.

  21. Skars says:

    I have a little problem, I’ve restore PS vita system, and it restarts from default, but to activate my memory card, I have to log in PSN

    I’m aware that because of this I lost 2.02 already, with UNO and my stuff…

    But que problem is that I can’t access the memory in order to delete PSP files. Is possible to clean the exploit files, including isos, hoebrews, etc… without formatting the memory card?

    I’m afraid of losing my saves.

  22. JeoWay says:


    Still works for me

  23. Voltrom says:


    I think you can go under add on data for the psps files under application data management. Under the vitas settings. I think you can delete the home brew from there. Not isos or csos as far as I know.. It comes up as corrupted data.

  24. dksjfls says:

    Damn, how am I gonna cross buy Sly 4?

  25. Dominique says:

    I’m on 2.02 but don’t have uno. What do I do?

  26. strife says:

    Oh,when i hear this i thinking sony is so shameless

  27. Luig says:

    Any new when I might hear about another one?

  28. burningflames says:

    mhhh sorry but i cant understand why sony is makibg it so dificult for homebrew, even for pirating. okey, i know how i sound: “sony give use the bios to pirate yor console daaaah”. But isntvit strange that even the psp sells are higher than thepsvita sells? more games are out there and at the top of it, every console is hacked in 3 minuts…its like the wii, the seling of the console was high, much games came out even thought there was many wii hacked. So am i wrong to say that if the console would be easyer to hack, the sells would be go up? I bought yearsvago the psp only cause i knewed i could flash her with a pandora akku. Sorry for the bad english, writing now with my vita.

    • saod26 says:

      yes, you are wrong. I don’t blame you for being wrong because your a fuc.king ***.

      let me explain clearly:

      1.Wii have more sales no matter what Sony does. Nintendo can sell canned soup, and still outsell the PS3.
      2.Pirating does affect sales. Does not affect Wii because they sell a f.uck load.
      3.No, your a fuc.king ***. I hate when people try and use the excuse ‘pirates exist for everything, so it doesn’t matter’. Idiot.
      4.PS3 took 2+ years to hack. Not 3 minutes.
      5.Please die. We don’t need more idiots like you populating Earth. Good bye after you read the message.

  29. Manuel says:

    I am on 2.02 but i don’t have any of the hackable games (the exploited ones for 2.02). The question is: ¿Does it worth to stay on this ***, if i don’t have any of the mentioned above? ’cause i haven’t been able to transfer any content (originals or homebrews) with OpenCMA (since i’m too noob). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  30. counterassy14 says:

    i hava a vita with uno on it but how i can aktivate the system XD

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