Six Weeks and Six Free PSM Games from Sony: Week 3.

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20 Responses

  1. compil3r says:

    Is it possible to “buy” it from the online store? (

  2. weasal says:

    i live in New Zealand which is right next to Australia and we dont get the free games because i have the downloaded update for 1.02 but my vita will not allow me to update it from 1.00 to 1.02

  3. Slackr says:

    it should be read ” the games you have in mind…”…also I’ve just remember some other variants…fantasia and miss world.

  4. Glas says:

    i would have prefered gals panic s2

  5. KILL says:

    lolololo,olololololololololololtrolololollolololololololoo u guys are all idiots

  6. Nani says:

    Am currently on INDIAN PSN.

    I need to jump to US PSN to get these games , is there any way to get in to that by staying on 2.02 FW, any way I dont have CFW or exploits.

    Am afraid about getting VHBL alone for future exploits.

  7. Shaylo says:

    Charles proxy nor Fiddler 2 are not working anymore. It worked fine before. The “\” shows up, but everytime I go to the PSN store on the Vita 2.02, it just renews psp2-updatelist.xml and wants to map local again. The PSN store even tells me to update to 2.05.

  8. GothicIII says:

    jup they blocked it finally.

  9. ogogo says:

    i hate sony T.T

  10. Rusty_Train says:

    i used my Xperia Play for this, save updating my vita

  11. cubixx says:

    CubixxHD is great on PS3!

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