Six Weeks and Six Free PSM Games from Sony: Week 3.

Today is the third week of the three PSM Games givaway by Sony. This week, we have another puzzle-esque game known as Cubixx.

This game is very similar in regards to gameplay as Urbanix and many other games (although sadly I cannot recall the names of any others right this minute) in which you attempt  to ‘slice’ off segments of a shape which is more often than not a square while avoiding numerous Enemies which tend to increase in level. In all, it’s a rather fun game if you like games from this genre, but nothing really worth upgrading for (that is assuming you do not have access to a proxy).

Please note that the gameplay is identical to the PSP Mini Equivalent. It has no extra features, and does not use the touch or movement sensors of the Vita, so if you already have the Mini version; there’s not much point in downloading this game. 

If you do not currently have access to a Proxy you can use the Charles Tutorial or the Fiddler2 Tutorial. I personally recommend Fiddler 2 as it’s generally easier to use I have personally had less problems with it and it’s also free.

If you are using Fiddler 2, then please note that it is possible to download games from PSN. Someone commented on my Fiddler 2 article stating that you can disable the automatic response in Fiddler 2 (this is seen in step 18 of the Fiddler2 Tutorial. Please ensure that it’s unchecked). If this fails then you can access the advanced network settings on your Vita and disable the Proxy (seen in step 6. Please ensure that it is set to off).

If you are using Charles; I had some issues regarding the Downloads, so please note that I am unable to help you with this. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments section below.

To download this game:

  • Open up PlayStation Store.
  • Go to the PlayStation Mobile section
  • Choose Games
  • Choose Arcade
  • Download Cubixx

Note: PSM is available in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia. If you live outside of these areas, then you may be unable to download this game.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this game.


  1. compil3r’s avatar

    Is it possible to “buy” it from the online store? (


    1. Tonakai’s avatar

      No. You cannot buy PlayStation Mobile games from the online store.


  2. weasal’s avatar

    i live in New Zealand which is right next to Australia and we dont get the free games because i have the downloaded update for 1.02 but my vita will not allow me to update it from 1.00 to 1.02


    1. mohd salauddin’s avatar

      dude your still in 1.00 & 1.02 and here we are running 2.05


    2. Albie85’s avatar

      Do u mean 2.02?


    3. gunblade’s avatar

      no way wish i was back on 1.02 game an app wise i dont think u have to worry about things lucky you..


    4. Casavult’s avatar

      I think he means the PSM Package Update. It’s currently on 1.02.


  3. Slackr’s avatar

    The game you probably have in mine are those oldschool xxx arcade games like gals panic, etc.


  4. Slackr’s avatar

    it should be read ” the games you have in mind…”…also I’ve just remember some other variants…fantasia and miss world.


  5. Glas’s avatar

    i would have prefered gals panic s2


  6. KILL’s avatar

    lolololo,olololololololololololtrolololollolololololololoo u guys are all idiots


  7. Nani’s avatar

    Am currently on INDIAN PSN.

    I need to jump to US PSN to get these games , is there any way to get in to that by staying on 2.02 FW, any way I dont have CFW or exploits.

    Am afraid about getting VHBL alone for future exploits.


  8. Shaylo’s avatar

    Charles proxy nor Fiddler 2 are not working anymore. It worked fine before. The “\” shows up, but everytime I go to the PSN store on the Vita 2.02, it just renews psp2-updatelist.xml and wants to map local again. The PSN store even tells me to update to 2.05.


  9. GothicIII’s avatar

    jup they blocked it finally.


  10. ogogo’s avatar

    i hate sony T.T


  11. Rusty_Train’s avatar

    i used my Xperia Play for this, save updating my vita


  12. cubixx’s avatar

    CubixxHD is great on PS3!



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