Killzone: Mercenary Vita Release Date & New Gameplay

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  1. Pa3ck says:

    The reason that I will not longer sell my PS Vita! 🙂

  2. Dutt says:

    Looks good.

  3. Tonakai says:

    The game does look fantastic. I just really hope it doesn’t have gameplay similar to that of the previous two FPS games on the Vita.

  4. natsu says:


    Will update my vita when i get a copy. Lol.. Psp backups and some ac3 for now

  5. elbarto says:

    More info/footage/interview w/ Guerrilla

  6. Someone Else says:

    Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation already gives you “Console quality graphics on the go”. Granted, this looks even better, but AC3 is definitely console quality.

  7. crinacle says:

    Is it just me, or does the gameplay seem to run below 30FPS? That’ll be a killer to me if that’s the case…

    • Someone Else says:

      Considering these graphics on a current-gen handheld, I’d be surprised if you’re wrong. However a sub-par frame-rate is a small price to pay for such eye candy in portable form.

    • Yes says:

      If it is, it doesnt look like much under 30fps in my opinion. But the game is still about 8 months away, so there is much work left to be done on the game 🙂

  8. firelinker says:

    Great to see a popular franchise come to this console. But i couldnt care less about shooters.

  9. klowned says:

    ha it’s the same studio that made *** of duty Declassified

    too bad i saw a tousand of lag and unplayable online gameplay and it will be a golden poop

    • Yes says:

      No, Call of Duty: Declassified was made by Nihilistic Software. Killzone: Mercenary is made by Sony Cambridge. Two different studios.

    • Someone Else says:

      I don’t think that’s true. I saw an article on eurogamer that says Sony Cambridge is developing the game, and Guerrilla Games is taking a hand in overseeing it.

      I believe declassified was developed by “Nihilistic”.

      • Byamba says:

        Lets just say that Resistance and CoD was made by a 3rd party dev Nihilistic that isn’t so great.

        While Killzone is being made by the same dev from Killzone 3. atleast part of.

  10. Zyrkl says:

    Ps Vita saviour?

    I can see a lot of people in the U.S buying the Vita for this game.

    (I’m still waiting for FFX though :D)

  11. MABINI says:

    I’ll abandoned my UNO for the sake of playing KILLZONE.

  12. StanSmith says:

    September? I’m ready for a new Vita game now….
    I’m wondering if we really have to wait till September for another Vita game worth buying?
    I just got COD:Declassified and I didn’t like that game but there is nothing else to get. I got all the other good games…

    Thats the current problem with the 3DS and Vita, not enough good games.

  13. Zanfire says:

    as much as this looks awsome, 2 things bother me. 1) unessicary touch screen use and 2) why can shooters on this powerful handheld only have 8 players per match?

    • Jd8531 says:

      1) Nothing you can do about it
      2) Same reason declassified/ RBS didn’t: the servers are expensive and for a handheld title they don’t know how the game will sell or if there will be a solid multiplayer user base. It could easily be added later.

      • Someone Else says:

        Honestly, I’ve always wondered the opposite. Why aren’t people *happy* that it’s limited to 4 players on such a tiny screen, and such small controls?

        That way at least you can have slightly bigger targets running around. Aiming at 7 tiny enemies on an overly zoomed-out map just sounds like a hugely crappy experience to me. Does no one else think so?

        • Inali says:

          Are you serious? If you add more players inside a map, you don’t suddenly get smaller people and zoomed out maps… Have you EVER played online on any FPS EVER? If someone leaves the game, the remaining players don’t get bigger… Are you high or something?

  14. wartaf says:

    what the??? today’s month was only February..

  15. i lol says:

    The PS VITA is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • StanSmith says:

      I kept saying it will be dead from the start and it still is.
      There is nothing available for it and the only thing good is the eCFW that gets released when we are lucky enough for a hacker to find an exploit.

      If it wasn’t for those exploits then it would be completely dead.

  16. mangbhoy says:

    *** yeah, that’s awesome! I know it’s being hyped and all but looks so much more interesting than CoD:Declassified

  17. King Kong Ngyuen says:

    THE ps vita is not dead and people who says its dead can go to vietnam

  18. asmith906 says:

    If you guys haven’t already watch the youtube video on a vita. Holy *** it looks good

  19. Voltrom says:

    Sold Sold Sold, hopefully around then we either have a native hack or a good kernal exploit with a bad *** eCFW. Will update to play, ac3 , MGS, are amazing games on the vita. Still haven’t got drakes fortune but *** the vita needs more games.

  20. strangeworld121234 says:

    the game will cost £39.99 i don’t seen any difference with modern combat 3 and 4 on my nexus 7 and ipad mini, the price £4, i need to sell my vita.
    i spent £35 on app store and got all games that i wanted, vita is expensive and boring, i own 80% of games on psn but still i don’t like my vita anymore

    • Electric Penis says:

      The idiocy of your comment is truly profound, child.
      Here, take this book on the English language, too, as you must study up on it before replying to me, lest you still look like a drooling ***.

      My electric *** cries tears of sorrow for you.

    • MrHat says:

      you spend money on *** games and is now trying to justify those *** games by *** on a ps vita site lol this guy is a loser

  21. King Kong Ngyuen says:

    strangeworld121234 if you sell your vita i would send u to vietnam. I’m not even kidding. Vietnam is a place for the unfaithfuls!

  22. Khyle says:

    Looks amazing!

  23. shenmue says:

    Why the heck does it take so long to come out a good game on the vita. Sony is *** up!

  24. shenmue says:

    Oh I know. Because Sony is busy playing cat-and-mouse game with the hackers rather than focusing on marketing and persuading game developers to make cool ps vita games. Stupid Sony.

    • Qraze says:

      sony is not playing cat and mouse. they are fixing exploits just like all companies do these days.

      i know of a few awesome vita games down the pipeline, soul sacrifice should be good, PSO, killzone, and the papercraft game looks amazing.

      i have tons of awesome games on my vita, and if don’t have ps+ (which pays for itself), get it. very well worth it. i spent $50 bucks for the year of plus and already have more then $200 worth of content now just from that.

      • Someone Else says:

        You just said they’re not playing cat and mouse, and then described them playing cat and mouse. (Attempting to fix the exploits as they come out, which is what the expression means concerning exploits.)

  25. Death_489 says:

    Guys . just 2 question :
    i have uno exploit in uk account and i bought ps+ in usa account. i want to back up my files to my pc and restore the vita to be able to put the usa account .

    can i do this without updating ? and will i able to put my uk account to use the exploit again ? .

    hope you guys answer me ^^

  26. JonathanH says:

    (in a ten year old’s voice)
    w-w-wuuuut about call of dooooooty? :'( *insert laugh here*

  27. Logan says:

    What’s wrong with Vietnam? You guys make it sound like a bad place or something.

  28. razor says:

    FINALLY, a true PSVITA game.

    • Someone Else says:

      …I said, as Gravity Rush, Uncharted and AC3 came out. Each of them a true near-PS3 experience with awesome vita mechanics added in.

  29. GlueGun says:

    *** the ps vita is dead try to add more update futures so you can
    have more *** ups on to your livescreens function’s, i mean scroll down
    on any game and touch the refresh icon to find a update future waiting
    DDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAD. 8 players limit do to taxed at
    640×480 fucken dead!

  30. King Kong Ace says:

    Ps vita is a great hardware, but without vietnam swag its worthless. We need to send manufacturing to vietnam in order to gain some swag for the ps vita so vietnamese people would buy it. I am currently working to put more swag onto the vita if anyone is willing to help please send your swag to

  31. Johnny says:

    I swear to god if initial d or maximum tune comes out on vita I would buy another one. wololo since you are in japan and knows japanese. Can you confirm the rumor on 2chan that some sort of initial d is comming out?

  32. Veskgar says:

    This is the type of game that will push me to get a 2nd Vita and of course the game. That’s what the Vita needs. Games that sell software and hardware. One for homebrew / CFW and one for playing official games and logging in to PSN. The PS Vita is nowhere near dead and easily has at least a few more good years. There is a TON of content available on the PSN that can be purchased and played on the Vita.

  33. GlueGun says:

    it would be better of adding YinLips source code.
    i mean did any one see the n64 emulator?
    wow 🙂 because the updates are a awaste of time
    when your playing online every one gets disconnected
    or unexpected update the next day. oh wake up to see
    update, be warned a error that poped up
    on my debug disc the other 489 million needs this
    so i can save them from it, and not even telling me
    what was the cause! pointlesss!!!!! useless! im donateing
    it to a test version 🙂 (open the system for tests) homebrew for you
    one day! now thats effort.

  34. Hardin says:

    Meh, another outsourced game. Sony won’t bother committing their best devs to the Vita. Regardless of how good it looks, I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw it up a la Uncharted GA.

  35. WolfRamiO says:

    Another gameplay video, more extnsive

  36. IgnusArmagadan says:

    It’s sad that a Killzone game is a big annoucement. It isn’t even a mediocre game series..

  37. Homie says:

    Can’t wait, to bad this is the ONLY!!!! game, that’s in my future.

  38. DatSikBoyz says:

    Damn good trailer!