Video: VHBL running on PS Vita 2.05


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  1. Tonakai says:

    It’s a shame that they’ve patched the kexploits, but now that they have it wouldn’t surprise me if they released many of the features that people have been asking for; just to rub it in the faces of those who are using eCFW.

    It is nice to see however that there are still multiple user-mode exploits about and also that Tomtomdu80 plans to release his.

    • musashiro says:

      @chopper 🙂

      im not that into these “new” features but if new vita games require 2.05 and above, i will most likely update.

      soul sacrifice will definitely make me update. or other upcoming vita games..:)

    • xoombie503 says:

      and wololo is back in the fame zone after all this custom firmwares that put his beloved vhbl aside for a while..rise and shine my friend

  2. Leires says:

    Man wololo, you post early/late at night. Last night it was like 12AM, now it’s 4..You must be in a different time zone or something~

    Also, good wololo, have you heard about the whole ‘refer a friend to the vita, you both get 20$’ thing? You could always try to show that to people, I’m sure someone is planning to buy a vita, and who better than you (or, heck, if someone else wants to step up) to get a reward for it? I mean, too, it’s obviously a lie (as corporations tend to do for these things, it’s just common knowledge that the winner has nothing to do with the conditions for winning) but how funny would it be if you somehow wound up with enough people buying a vita for the grand prize? ‘HEY, AREN’T YOU THAT WOLOLO GUY?’

    On a more serious note..With the derpy DCMA *** laws they’ve put down..I wonder how long it’ll be before you get in trouble for this stuff. Not that I’m saying to stop, heck no, I’m just worried ._.

    • wololo says:

      I come from a civilized country where the DMCA does not apply. God knows the MAFIAA tries to enforce those in many countries, but the variants we have in Europe give us enough flexibility that tools such as VHBL are perfectly legal. Also as a reminder, VHBL is not bypassing any DRM, so I’m pretty convinced it is legal even in the US.

      • Leires says:

        Niiiice, heck yeah. And the whole recent DCMA *** says that making -anything- do what it’s not supposed to is against the rules. It’s getting kinda out of hand. x.x

      • shadowchildknight says:

        well so far i noticed some of the coding looks like java but im not really sure for 2.02 i was fairly good at the psp the vita is all new to me. If i didnt make it in time for the uno exploit should i just go ahead and update to 2.05

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        You are a hero, but I thought the DMCA was only for protecting ISP’s? Like for example, when YouTube was going to be sued, they argued that it was the user, who uploaded copyright infringing videos, and not YouTube themselves. It was my understanding the DMCA, was only put in place, to protect ISP’s from users, doing incriminating things.

        • Kou says:

          You are horribly misinformed. The DMCA was to protect “DRM” and “copyright” nothing about ISP protection. They just added in articles to prevent certain people from being sued like youtube because the users did put the content on there, but if the host doesn’t remove infringing content (or knowledge) then they will be liable. So Youtube has this nasty habit of taking down any videos that are flagged as infringing. They only put them back up if they double check that it wasn’t infringing.

      • Logan says:

        I just got a Vita and I just happen to be reading this and a few other articles on this website. I’m completely new and I’m a little slow so could you help me out a little? From what I can understand, VHBL can play homebrew games or emulators. According to what I’ve read so far, the UNO game has been taking down. Based on the video on this page, the user is using a different game, which he doesn’t want anyone to see… yet? So to play an emulator, can I not just download the VHBL? Or do I need a game that has an “exploit” like UNO? I already upgraded my firmware to the latest too. Just in case if this would make a big difference. Thanks Wololo.

        • DS_Marine says:

          You are mostly correct.
          you need to wait until the game name is published, then buy it.
          After that you can try VHBL for that specific game.

      • Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

        No DMCA in your country? You live in in Afganistan or something. Lol

  3. Massimo says:

    So if we don’t have any hack we can upgrade to 2.05 and in future we can hack PSVita?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Yes, or you can wait for Sony to put UNO back on the store, and buy it on 2.02 using Charles proxy or fiddler. That way, you get eCFW but you end up on a lower firmware.

      • Rakka says:

        What’s the chance of them putting UNO back up? Wouldn’t they have the developer patch the exploit before butting it back up?

  4. Foxxy says:

    Being able to play my psp game backups would be nice(not pirated), but I’d be satisfied with just playing my psp homebrew.

  5. Anatoly says:

    When the name is the name of the game? Why do we watch these videos, they are no use.

    • Tony86 says:

      The videos are here to show us a working version of VHBL on the latest Vita FW. it lets everyone here know that the Team is still working hard trying to get us what we all want.

      cheers for the Video gus, i think im going to wait and see if UNO comes back on the store as im still on Vita FW 2.02 as i really want to play my FF:Crisis Core on my vita!!

      • Thommo says:

        Even if UNO comes back on the store, you still won’t be able to get eCFW or ARK to run because to get on the store to get UNO you will be forced to update otherwise no going on the store.

        • Someone Else says:

          I don’t think that’s true.

          I believe if you stay on 2.02, when UNO comes back, it may be possible to proxy-download UNO without updating.

          Then you’d still be on 2.02, and you’d have UNO. I believe that meets every requirement for running ARK.

          • scorpafied says:

            you might be able to access the store when they put uno back up. they usually put the games back up when they release a new firmware.

            it will probably say improved system stability. obviously a cowardly way of saying “we just sc*** you!”

            cut a long story short because im going off topic, not all updates are forced. some are optional (yes even these security ones. i had a security one that was optional)

            but yes your method works to. ticks all the boxes.

        • Tony86 says:

          im still on 2.02 now and i can still access the store usinng charles proxy, i have brought some final fantasy games aswell since the 2.05 update has come in. even if the Charles proxy didnt work then i can still transfer games from my ps3 to vita using the Open CMA trick.

          hopeing that UNO comes back soon!

          i know that Sony cant patch the game itself but are they able to raise the price of the game??

          • Someone Else says:

            I’m pretty sure they’re “able” to, but for uno… I don’t think that’s likely. Here’s to hoping it comes back up soon, and you’re able to get it. Good luck!

  6. Dmaskell92 says:

    I’m sure allot of you with the Vita can’t wait for this. I don’t have mine yet so don’t release it! Jk, but to be serious I hope it has a mid Feb. release. One can dream yes?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Actually, I think that many people have misinterpreted the information, he said that he would release it if Sony made a MEANINGFUL update which 2.05 is not, so chances are we won’t get this soon,maybe in 2.06 😉

  7. Skars says:

    Guys, its possible to re install OFW 2.02 ?? My vita have some bugs, sometime games freeze or gets very slow to load.

    There’s any file to copy to memory like in PSP? Open CMA can do the job?

    I don’t want to update to 2.05 and I need to fix these bugs by reinstalling the firmware 2.02.


    • Jd8531 says:

      Just try rebuilding your database. Turn off your vita and then R + Power + PS (PlayStation Button) then hit rebuild database.

  8. leconnaisseur says:

    Just bought a PS Vita this year and tons of game, I just want to be able to play SNES on it and thanks to you I will be able too even without UNO.


  9. StanSmith says:

    Quote “releasing his port of VHBL when Sony releases a “meaningful” update”
    That’ll never happen. Its Sony dont forget. They release *** updates and if your lucky they release 1 meaningful update a year.

  10. gamerc16 says:

    hey gamers.If we didnt have these amazing people letting us do to our psp what we really want to do,Sony dont care what u want,they just want your MONEY.If u couldnt play your older games,homebrew,ps1,emulators. WHY WOULD YOU BUY A PSP???wololo thank u for every thing u do!!!!Will be donating to your cause.

  11. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    I can’t stand Z voice…

  12. afikreaf says:

    wololo plaess do the exploit on one of this games
    or all of them

  13. mecksg1 says:

    nice, im still on 2.02 and will proubly never update unless i need a game. happy that the people that missed the last one will get a chance to experince vhbl soon in the future

  14. ourengland says:

    sticking to 1.8!

  15. XDarkMario says:

    Sony just cant win……

  16. xoombie503 says:

    as for me im tired of the cat and mouse game…i got my vita to play vita games not was good while it lasted

  17. GlueGun says:

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    and to think about what they ask? (the compony man) is a way to go around the kids, i well put it at that. kids well beings FUCKEN BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    2. god sead speak, and they well telllll the truth. ( WiTH NO LIE ! ) please get ponish,
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  18. dohoho says:

    I wonder when the next major FW update will be..

  19. atrumincendia says:

    It would be nice to get this. Just wish it would be sooner rather then later :P. Who knows when a significant update will come out for the FW…

  20. Logan says:

    Thanks DS Marine. I gotcha.

  21. tony says:

    “releasing his port of VHBL when Sony releases a “meaningful” update” yet he gives it to someone on youtube, seems legit.

  22. gunblade says:

    cool good news

  23. Inspirology says:

    Just got a ps vita! Don’t know if I should sell it or not? how much it is worth currently for a practically brand new vita? Every time I looked at it, I wanted to keep it lol. Btw its on 2.05:( btw can VHBL play isos (psp)? when will the next eCFW come out?

    • qwazed says:

      and thats why brats like this should stay off the internet. I mean seriously, How The *** can someone be so ***.

    • >_> says:

      I’ll take it off your hands. (for free though, since it’s on 2.05 OFW 😛 )

    • derek says:

      should keep it, unless you have other consoles or rather choose to play with your android or iphone games. If your interested, killzone, tearaway, soul sacrifice, dead or alive is coming for the vita. Most likely in time, these guys will provide a new eCFW, but dunno when sony will update again adn again.

    • NNNRT says:

      Inspirology wrote:
      “btw can VHBL play isos (psp)? when will the next eCFW come out?”
      Didn’t you read the article well? 😐 vHBL only supports homebrews, 😉

  24. clicks says:

    ***, I’m bad with this waiting thing… I’m patient enough but I’m also woefully forgetful.

  25. Cyrildu42 says:

    des français (et des allemands) en première place sur la scène du hack Vita !!!
    Cool , ça change de d’habitude .
    Je crois que Wololo est européen aussi (français?)
    Bravo tomtomdu80 !!!!!!!!!!!!
    A plus.

  26. Someone Else says:

    Le l’ai vu ecrit que wololo est bien français, mais qu’il vie au japon. Cependant, je ne suis pas sûr de cela, parce que l’anglais semble être sa langue maternelle.

  27. JeoWay says:

    You just said “Your” boring. Lmao

  28. >_> says:

    Shut must *** you up the.

  29. Someone Else says:

    Boring? Yes you are.

    Yes you are.

    Good spot, Jeo. ^ ^

  30. xlastimmortalx says:

    I have been patiently waiting and have messed up and missed two exploits 🙁 hopefully wont have to wait much longer. Problem is I mod my electronics just for fun. iPhone, iPad, xbox, Xbox 360, ps3, psp, psp go are all modded in someway. Now im checking faithfully everyday after missing the UNO exploit 😛

  31. NNNRT says:

    That way you’ll never get the exploit! 😆

  32. xoombie503 says:

    soul sacrifice is the best

  33. trecenters says:

    Sony sure does have some great security for a device that has nothing of value to protect…

  34. anonimo says:

    the game whit the exploit is Little big planet

  35. jakester says:

    Are there any PSN networks left that have the UNO game available for download? Maybe there’s a chance that the exploit it uses will be found in another minigame. There are so many PSP games on PSN. Must be more that can do what UNO did.

  36. edu says:

    im hoping that sony will make VHBL available for free on the PSN.. At least, it does not promote pirated games.. come on sony, think!! this one will increase your vita sales.. ^_^

  37. cris says:

    Mad Blocker Alpha is on PSN , do eCFW works for 2.05 ?

  38. The Kick says:

    Sony, just stop it already. Your not getting anywhere and at this point I don’t think any developers care about your console. They’re just *** up their own system: They’re not going to get any real games developed and they aren’t going to make any real use of the vita. Time to step aside and let the community go to work so that maybe this console isn’t a $300 flop. The extreme security measures they’ve employed only make everything more inconvenient and less attractive for devs and consumers.

  39. Cosmin says:

    Jetpack today have a new update 1.02, this update fix a potential crash in “Get Coins” Sound crash fixed terrible kerning in “Get Coins” is this a exploit game?

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