Video: VHBL running on PS Vita 2.05


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  1. Burna says:

    hey wololo wat if u guys made an empty vita game cart thats capable of storing 32 gigs plus able to adapt with a vita memory card into it if it is possible to do so u could be able to download vita games from content manager onto the flash cart after pur hasing them via psn or the store it would still cut sony a check so everyone would get there moneys worth

    • Nani says:

      Even I was worried with that.

      The save file for a game will not be more than 1 MB.If Sony writes a program not to allow transferring to vita if its more size and puts it in next update.

      And even the unofficial content manager wont work ???

  2. Nani says:

    Am currently on INDIAN PSN.

    I need to jump to US PSN to get these games , is there any way to get in to that by staying on 2.02 FW, any way I dont have CFW or exploits.

    Am afraid about getting VHBL alone for future exploits.

  3. hacker says:

    while pointin down ur camerau changed your ps vita

  4. Kalil says:

    Hey guys i have a psvita running fw2.01 i must use the cfw of 2.01 or update and use another cfw ? because i dont know if its possible to hack the 2.01 fw nowadays

  5. angerfist says:

    why u dont make that u can put free psvita games on the vita

  6. scorpafied says:

    im waiting for a vita kernal level exploit. until then all this stuff is pretty much pointless.

    i dont drill me just yet, here me out. ask yourself this, why put so much effort into running a psp emulator on the vita if its only going to run under the smae limitations the psp had?

    what because the vita has a better battery? i mean serously until we get an update which allows us to utilize the vitas full power or even just more then what we are. whats the point? we might as well stick with our old psp’s.

  7. kaotik-ash says:

    I missed out on the uno exploit would love to have this one i dont see what the problem is that sony have over this if they would ask the customers what thay want when they make a new console then they could stop all this by trying to put in what people want in the first place.
    keep up the good work guys hope this is released soon.

  8. DmaskeII92blackguy says:


  9. Matajus says:

    Hey wololo, wazzup with the VHBL? 🙂

  10. snake says:

    im guessing there is no release for this then. thats a shame

  11. thrillzz5 says:

    soooo now that 2.05 is out, can i use vhbl on it? if so how?

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