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Rumour of Monster Hunter 4 coming to the Vita are most likely false.

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  1. Charls says:

    this is totally insane idk what the heck capcom is thinking, i hope this change on a nearly future i like 3DS but i dont know which is the real matter doing a port for psvita(well not a port his own version), this could help to the sales of the psvita. i really hope a change in the mind of capcom.

    • Kyu says:

      I heard there was a deal with Nin for a couple years for MH on Nintendo consoles…which explain why 3rd never made it to west on PSP.

      • KillaBilla says:

        No….3rd could have been released in the West before Capcom made a deal with Nintendo.They just didnt released 3rd in the West cause they were too lazy or some ***

  2. jhonnyflake says:

    Sad But true 🙁

  3. jvhellraiser says:

    As i said before Capcom have notice the Psvita
    not doing so well on sell’s and it will not release
    any games for it until Psvita sales go up,no company
    will spend $$$ on a console where if they release the
    game the sell of that game either not go well or sell
    poorly,this is why capcom is going for the 3DS and leaving
    Psvita behind. thats the true.

    • Tonakai says:

      While this is true there are two factors I’d like to point out. The first is that the Monster Hunter games was probably the main reason that the PSP was popular in Japan, so this has a high chance of being true for the Vita also; since it’s a lot more powerful and nicer to play.

      The second is that if more companies were to invest into the Vita it would surely sell better. One of the main deterants for people is that the console doesn’t have “many good games” or names they know and love. I understand there’s risk involved (and in this economical climate it’s hardly viable), but it’s largely due to the game companies that the Vita isn’t flourishing.

      I personally believe that a MH game is exactly what the Vita would need to help it’s sales along and possibly convince other game companies to invest. It’s a shame really, since it’s a horrible situation to be in for the console.

  4. Faton says:

    those kind of special agreemnets between capcoom and nintendo happend before, I remember resident evil reamke only for GC, injection to speed up selling of console

    • atrumincendia says:

      Actually, I think it was the fact that Nintendo had bought the rights to the Resident Evil Franchise, or at least that was my understanding from the Game Informer magazine… it has been a long time though, and I no longer have that magazine, not a crazy person here, don’t collect them. lol

  5. BahamutBBob says:

    I’ve said this before, and I may end up saying it again. At best, if MH is released simultaneously on Vita and 3DS, it’ll keep the systems as even as they are now. I’m sure many people in Japan already bought a 3DS partly because of MH. Others that have not bought either handheld will likely buy whichever their friends are going to play MH4 on. Which would likely be the 3DS.

    Also, not everyone likes Monster Hunter. Yes, it might give the Vita more life, and it definitely helped the PSP, but I know quite a few people that just couldn’t get into it, myself included.

  6. Zanfire says:

    Problem is it’s a vicious cycle. The system isn’t selling well because it doesn’t have these big games, so the big game companys don’t make games for it, which comes back around to not making the system sell because it lacks the games.

    I own a Vita, its a great piece of hardware, so i want it to start picking up these games. They need to lower the price and insure that there are a bunch of great games coming. This E3 would be a great time to show that and have the price cut before the holdiays so it sells.

    (iirc when they sold the AC bundle for 199$ it sold out everywhere. 199$ seems to be the price to at minmal go down to.)

  7. Someone Else says:

    I really don’t get the appeal of this series anyway.

    Looks like you basically just craft a handful of different weapon types, and go around dodging one-shots while you whittle away at enemies. This screams slow, boring tedium to me. Regardless of whether certain enemies have different weak spots or swat at you with tails or fly or whatever, how does all the action not start to feel same-y like an MMO?

    I mean, I know there’s the cooking/crafting stuff too, but meh. With all the immediate eye-candy and fun of stuff like AC3:L, P4 The Golden and Gravity Rush… I just can’t see why this title even matters to so many people.

    I really, really, really think we’ll be fine without this one.

    • Niceneasy92 says:

      I completely agree with your summary of the game, but unfortunately, Monster Hunter is huge, especially in Japan, so not having a Monster Hunter secured for the Vita is a massive blow to it.

      • EvilGrin says:

        I agree with you it is insanely repetitive, buti love the series, I’m feed up with monster hunter freedom unite and portable 3rd. I have already purchased a 3ds for the upcoming western release of mh3u, but I wish they made a new mh tittle just for the vita. A new, unique experience for the vita. I believe that capcom should make a game that is unique on each system and use it’s features well (3ds, touchpads, giroscope, touchscreen, etc).
        That would ensure thay both system would sell since both games would be different (not just a port of a game, a a new one)

  8. hikarux3 says:

    capcoms hate ps vita

  9. wartaf says:

    that’s a lost of hope 😀

  10. deejay says:

    I’m sure Nintendo and Capcom has some sort of agreement, which is why there’s no PSP or Vita talk right now. Vita doesn’t need to sell, Monster Hunter sells consoles in Japan.

    I’m personally waiting for Soul Sacrifice, I really liked the demo. there’s more games I like on the Vita than 3DS for me.

  11. noaec says:

    i don’t think capcom won’t release mh4 for ps vita. they can do anything for money. for example, bio hazard was only for ps, but later, it became multi. so i think what he said is for nintendo,

  12. xyphon says:

    Of course Capcom won’t release.
    Think a scene that you have a “enemy”,and now he is not very well.
    Will you hope him “Please die soon” or you will help him?

  13. Kenny2858 says:

    Theres a game similar to mh called sacrifice something coming to vita..

  14. makak1984 says:

    Sad… but why they won’t release it… Also telling about 3DS as “future” technology it makes me laught… Ancient technology with 3D that gives headache to gamer… $ony must cut proces specially for MemoryCards and then it will be good for everyone.

  15. WolfRamiO says:

    simple… we are getting PSO2 from sega for FREE.

  16. gunblade says:

    guess is more platform based if best then there might be a portable version like assassins creed so probly monster hunter portable online…. tough guess its out for the wii u n new xbox n playstaion…so graphics should be nice…

  17. Curan_a says:

    Well at least the Vita is getting Soul Sacrifice. Similar to Monster Hunter in many ways, yet different enough to be great in its own right. It’s a great game and if you wanted a multiplayer hunt epic monsters type of game it should scratch that itch.

  18. yobib34 says:

    what the.!!!!

    MH4 on vita please…!!!!!
    MH4 on vita please…!!!!!
    MH4 on vita please…!!!!!

  19. andrea82it says:

    unique game more similar to MH for ps vita is god eater 2, probably this game is the future for all MH fun me included.
    another good game similar to MH is Ragnarock Odissey.
    i await with more impatience EU release of this 2 games.

    capcom for me is a closed story, *** the Capcom and its stupid and foolish decision.

  20. andrea82it says:

    keeping in mind my previous word, however, we try to make an online petition to bring MH4 on PS Vita,and sent its to capcom.

  21. Gandalf says:

    I and all of us will be heard and MH may come to vita!


  22. jaime says:

    Good thing I just picked up a 3ds for $100 then. The hacking scene seems to be going betteroverthere too with the susupercards. I just ordered a dstwo card

  23. borlog says:

    it will not release to vita until i got a vita

  24. VivaLaVita says:

    I Think the first MH that the vita gets will be a MHP3rd port to the Vita. It’s actually listed for US release on the Vita in many store catalogs. It seems most likely since it’s quicker, easier way to bring a MH game to the Vita and appease fans. We’ve been wanting an official English one anyways so they will probably make that first.

  25. clicks says:

    And thus a fatal blow was dealt to the Vita. Surely it will carry on for some time but it will inevitable succumb to it’s injuries and nothing short of a true miracle can save it now…

    • Kyu says:

      All that is needed is the announcement of any PS exclusive franchise on the Vita to compete with the 3ds.The 3ds already got confirmed (and some for a long time) its exclusives that WILL make it sell a lot(I was surprised at a new Luigi’s Mansion tbh).I think that the Vita would fare better if that was done…no stupid region lock on games >.>

    • Dmaskell-92 says:

      I hope someone shoots you and you ‘succumb to your injuries’. If we’re lucky, you get smashed by a truck shortly after and then ‘nothing short of a miracle’ would save you.

      Go play Halo.

  26. Kyu says:

    Blame Ninty :>

  27. fakeuser says:

    3ds THE BEST
    Vita is DEAD

  28. haunterzero says:

    He could have at least said, “These statements about MH4 being released on the PS Vita, but we are sincerely thinking about releasing a MH title for the handheld.”

  29. fingloi_x3 says:

    you f*ckers realy dont realize…
    the vita is still young…
    the game creators, sony management and whoevers on the top already think what you gamers think…
    just wait… there will be a lot of AAA games coming.
    just enjoy the current vita games…

    -as Jack Chan said “no asian love?”

  30. brando says:

    when will people understand that the reason the sales are so low is because of the ridiculous price of the vita…its to expensive…people see the price of other handhelds and vita gets the finger….not to mention pokemon XY is coming to 3ds in october….we all know the vita is an awesome and powerful system with great games..but the price is just to steep for basically a touch screen psp…..oh and if monster hunter does not come which i hope it does….we still have soul sacrifice and God Eater 2 which in my opinion is more creative than monster hunter

    • Unicorn says:

      I don’t think so. I just bought my Vita about 2 months ago, and the price is cheaper than what PSPs used to sell for here. True, the games are a tad pricier than PSP games, but not too bad.

      I’m enjoying every moment of owning it; P4G alone is worth the price of admission, while PDf and Ragnarok Odyssey are simply icing. Planning to get more soon.

      The UNO exploit just made it even sweeter because I would not have to pay for the PSP games I already bought, and they look a lot better on the Vita’s HD screen (save for some games).

      And damn, streaming my collection of scanlations on a handheld has never been so awesome. 🙂

      Going back to the topic, it’s true that games drive sales, but I think if everything the Vita has to offer is considered (including the existing PSP library), it can be superior to the 3DS.

  31. darkcl says:

    :'( I hate you capcom

  32. darkfire says:

    Maybe capcom was aware of sales also because not only monster hunter boost the sale of psp but also the hacks coming out. If capcom invest on psvita and hack will also be out then less profit for the game company but more for the console. The truth is capcom could still be profiting in MH for psp if no hacks exist today.

  33. akira says:

    still i like they port persona 4 the golden through psvita XD
    like it very much XD

  34. N says:

    To be honest, this was a dumb move from Capcom. They should have brought it over to the PSVita as well. I play the 3DS more then my vita, but that’s because I have less games on the Vita, like they should bring more games to the vita like the Tales of series that’s in Japan right now and a few others. I won’t judge any console because of the hardwave, each one has there own thing, but if they don’t do anything, the vita may die out quickly. o.O And stop dissing the WiiU 8I it’s a new console like the Vita…

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