Frostegater makes the 2.02 CEF and kexploit open source


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  1. Yuu says:

    Thanks Frostegater and everyone who made this possible. I hope this reaches out to many who have great ideas to bring to fruition.


  2. MioTepx says:

    Sweet man, I’m excited to read through these!

  3. compil3r says:

    How small 2.02 kxploit source is. :O

  4. hgoel0974 says:

    Just at the right time, I was thinking about a learning exercise where I try to adjust the code to run the other patched kexploits 😀

  5. wartaf says:

    i wish, ARC source could will be release also 😀

    • enzospartan says:

      Same here. I stayed on 1.81 since I have the MBA and Urbanix exploits but if I had known ARK was coming only for Uno, I would have updated and got it. Anybody have an idea on when ARK will be ported to other exploits?

  6. Homie says:

    Great news, hope to see the exploit ported to the m Monster Hunter exploit.

  7. FishSticks says:

    So can someone help me to understand the kexploit? So if you can cause a buffer overflow and gain access to the kernel, then you can control the hardware to the extent that the PSP emulator within the firmware has access to?

  8. StanSmith says:

    Well now that they are blocked he might as well release them and help others. Hopefully this way someone else might find another exploit in future firmwares.

  9. Jake says:

    There’s gotta be a way to install a PS Vita game from a PC. That’s the trick that would help here. Did UNO get put back up onto the PSN Store yet?

    • wololo says:

      The “way” you are talking to is CMA. CMA requires you to get the game on your vita first, before you get it on your PC.

  10. musashiro says:

    i wanna know where will i modify to disable the message “copy to ISO folder” when opening games directly from the save date.. 🙁

    i tried to look but to no avail, i wasn’t able to locate it.. XD

  11. Does anybody want to “Gameshare” their Uno full game, please !?? I just want to download the Uno onto my PS Vita, I can care less about your psn account, I just want the freakin Uno game into my Vita that came 2 days ago! If anybody has the heart and help me out, please contact me. Thank you, and god bless.

    • rafael707 says:

      not possible, you cant transfer UNO game from one psn account to another, only in the same profile.

      • Ohh man! So, you can’t login with the same profile on a Vita #2 with the Uno that was purchased/downloaded on Vita #1? Did that make sense or no? Lol.

        • musashiro says:

          if someone wants to give their psn account details to you and give a copy of the game backup, you can have a copy of the game..

          but i don’t think someone will go that far for you.. LOL

          • Lmao, I know, I know, this is too much to ask for lol. Do you at least know how to transfer Uno from PS3 to PSvita 2.02? My Uno (full game) been sitting there for a day already, and I don’t know where to start!

  12. If Gameshare can’t work, can someone at lease tell me step by step on how to transfer Uno (Full Game) from PS3 on to Vita 2.02? Charles Proxy works on Vita, and OpenCMA 5 is patched. Someone also told me to do the PS3 proxy trick, I don’t know how to do that!! I don’t want to mess up on anything, I need someone who can tell me how I can have Uno onto Vita from PS3!! Please help and Thank You.

  13. *Sussy* says:

    so i can use this if i have 2.0.5?

  14. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    Release the new exploit you ***.

    • FishSticks says:

      Its retards like you that make them hold off on it

      • Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

        No you *** they hold it off for selfish reasons. It took 2 months to get the Uno exploit, while all the DEVS and close friends of Wololo was enjoying it.

        Get your facts straight kid. lol

        • wololo says:

          @Unmolested Ex-Catholic I’m approving this last post of yours just so I can warn you: I don’t mind the random insult once in a while, but all your posts are filled with filth, so I’m going to start moderating you more aggressively than I would usually do.

          I’m all for freedom of speech, but I’m sure you can contribute with your insightful comments without insulting everyone all the time.

          • Someone Else says:

            Yay! Finally.

            It’s good to see the “turn the other cheek” thing finally stopping with this guy. This has gone on too long.

        • mikeytwothumbs says:

          Oh, you mean the beta testers who were doing all of us the favor of making sure that the exploit worked before they released something, just in case there was some kind of problem?
          Yeah, those guys sure are jerks for taking time out of their busy lives to help with something that’s benefited so many people here on Wololo and everywhere else and keeping it secret so that Sony wouldn’t patch the exploit before we ever even saw it.
          Man, I sure hate those guys for doing all that work and being so trustworthy.
          What kind of person does that?

          You know, for someone who hates this website so much, you sure spend alot of time here.

          And weren’t you the idjit that tried telling everyone that the Uno exploit worked on 2.05?

          You should maybe sell your Vita and use the money to buy a life.

          • Leires says:

            Urgh, it’s just a big waste of energy fighting for either side, thumbs. People are going to be insulting and complain about everything no matter what. Some do it because they don’t understand, others do it to troll, and who knows, maybe some people are just miserable enough to honestly think the way they do.

            But at the same time, it’s a waste of energy to argue against these people. We argue for many reasons, validation, ego, maybe we honestly think that our words will reach these miserable people who are here to instill negativity. But the thing of it is, people are going to ***. People are going to be dumb and complain. People are going to troll. For every 5 people like this, one person steps forward to try to argue them back into a hole, yet 5 more of them pop up right after.

            I’ve been in the same area you are, defending the devs because it feels right and good to tell off some *** who’s trying to troll..but i don’t bother anymore. The devs know that there’s a lot of trolls in the scene nowadays, and as much as a few of us like to defend them, we make very little impact on the hordes. Even if there are a few grateful people like us who wish to explain to the devs how useful their *** is, it’s a complete waste of time to do so in an argument against these types of people. They see it as ill will and will project it right back at you (or another) because that’s how negativity works.

            The best thing you can do with these kinds of people is let them be. Negativity will work itself out, and if it’s ignored they’ll lose the ‘cool guy’ mentality that comes with insults and realize (well, most do) that they were wrong and could be doing proper things with their time. The very worst thing you can do is spend energy on them because this merely fuels their agenda.

            The devs know as much as there are trolls, they have a few dedicated people who wish to express gratitude, and some even have the skills to aid them in their work. I’m sure i fall under the same line as you; We respect the devs, but cannot do much for them aside defend them from the criticisms and falsehoods spread by people of ill intent. But take it from me, man. It’s a waste of energy.

            You’d be surprised at what small things get you noticed outside of words. Draw em a picture in MS paint and show it on the forums or something. It sounds silly and dumb, but it goes beyond what the average user would do because of those things and it shows you’re not afraid to show your support. Don’t have skills or time? They can use a few bucks for coffee or something. I mean, if i knew a developer in real life who did something neat, I’d definitely buy em a drink to congratulate em. Your voice may not be so loud in this case, but it’s there and that’s what matters. It’s much louder than arguing on blog with someone of lesser repute. Find your own way to do something for the devs. Don’t throw your energy away, energy that could be used making parodies to songs about how awesome the scene or a dev you like is, on a troll.

            Sorry yet again Wololo for going off on a rant, it’s just..people need to realize this stuff, you know?

          • gunblade says:

            nah the beta testers r alright probly help save a lot of time

        • >_> says:

          Why don’t you make your own exploit then, “Your Holiness.” >_>

    • cumxplosion0nurmomseyeball says:


  15. Kyu says:

    I assume this means that someone might port it on 2.05 if they find and release an exploit.Tbh,if I were a dev,I would try to find 2 exploits,one which would be private(therefore unlikely to be patched) and one which I would release…I do want to start working on such things,BUT I have close to no experience when it comes to development x.x

    • gunblade says:

      yea think kexploits sapose to be rare like one in fifty or sumthing n i guess since sony dosent have all the psp games for vita play on there websites alot of them need pactches of sumthing to be ready for the vita. so i guess there r more games out there that have expoits…

      • hgoel0974 says:

        kexploits aren’t related to games, they are related to the firmware files, that is why they are hard to find, unlike games, the firmware undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a good gaming experience and to make it as stable as possible (to make sure that some game doesn’t accidentally trigger a kexploit and crash the system). We just look for places which weren’t detected during the testing.

  16. Yes says:

    Does the new VHBL exploit that was posted recently work on firmware 2.05?

  17. Dmaskell92 says:

    Why complain about all this hard work? In all my years of leeching, and helping DEVS, I have never demanded that they rush, or release something early. It’s not cool, and it’s the primary reason some DEVS quit. The few of you who complain here, are horrible. I think it’s frustration from stupidity. Wanting all these things, but not having enough intelligence. I check this website everyday, and I don’t even have a Vita yet. It has recent news for everything Sony related. I enjoy my time here, thank you Wololo, Tonakai, Jd8531, Acid_Snake, and hgoel0974 for keeping us updated. I would also like to thank every DEV, who thrives for innovation, morale, or not.

  18. fastsnipz40k says:

    Why nobody makes a real coustem firmware like on psp ? then you havent the problem with the updates ? i think one we find the person who makes it real and everyone helps !

    • eighthdayregret says:

      They have one. They’re just trying not to have Sony do the same thing they did with the PSP and kill it because of pirates.
      The devs are withholding it to give the Vita a chance to flourish or fail on its own before they release a Vita CFW.

      • yyy says:

        They dont have a custom firmware for the Vita, only a userland/usermode exploit. It works like VHBL does, it requires a game to be launched and it has no kernel access.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Why don’t you make one? 😉

  19. Shaylo says:

    Can someone tell me step by step on how to transfer Uno from PS3 on to Vita 2.02? Charles Proxy works on Vita, and OpenCMA 5 is patched. I don’t want to mess up on anything, anyone can help and tell me how I can have Uno on to Vita 2.02 from the PS3 OFW!! Please help and Thank You.

  20. Stranno says:

    Hope 1.81 get an exploit for ARK also. Urbanix still the fastest exploit yet.

  21. Kenny2858 says:

    Wololo, would it be ok to update 2.05 or wait on 2.02?

    • Kenny2858 says:

      Forgot to add* I don’t have any games with the exploit (I missed the uno exploit because I had 3$ >_<)

  22. edradwfe says:

    hey question how can i extract my homebrew files back to my pc from the vita’s uno exploit

  23. edradwfe says:

    question how can i copy my homebrew files back to my pc from the vita

  24. cesa says:


  25. Blinx14 says:

    What is the PSP emulator?
    How to run exploits?
    What is hello world?
    How to display hello world on PS vista?
    I’m so sorry that these are stupid questions