PSN and Online Features on without updating on FW 2.02: Fiddler 2.

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  1. zeroxphesnos says:

    Nice. Gotta try this.

  2. wololo says:

    Thanks a lot, precise and clear guide, and nice to have a free option.
    I also agree with the comment about people who think this will “bring attention”. The technique is well known by Sony and they regularly patch it for each firmware

  3. StanSmith says:

    Would’ve been useful before i updated.
    Ill try it next firmware update 🙂

  4. Janchower says:

    Didn’t try this yet. One question, with this technique can I access Netflix through the PSVita without upgrading??

  5. juju says:

    it doesnt work for in 1.81 and windows 8 64bits. Any idea?

    • wololo says:

      If my understanding is correct, the proxy technique only works with the firmware before the latest one. In this case, latest firmware is 2.05, so this will work on 2.02.

      Don’t quote me on this, I haven’t verified.

      • StepS says:

        yes, wololo. all 1.xx are currently patched from accessing PSN, and a new firmware gets added to this list everytime. maybe even 2.00

    • Tonakai says:

      As far as I’m aware both Charles and Fiddler have both been blocked on 1.81

  6. quincy says:

    can anyone confirm uno is back on psn

  7. Erich says:

    I was able to get PSN, Youtube, and Netflix to work w/ Charles yesterday. I switched to Fiddler2 but now Netflix times out, although I can get to PSN and Youtube. PSN times out when trying to download most things, though.

  8. CaptainStupid says:

    Thank you for this. The previous one did not work for me at all.

    With this, I managed to gain access to PSN first time lucky…

    One issue I have is that I have some games in my download list, when I attempt to download them I get an error:
    “Could not connect to the server or device within the time limit.

  9. yeoghan says:

    Unable to access Facebook & its prompting me to update my FW, uncool!! Will the above tuto help us access facebook too?

    @Erich, I dont think the FW update has any effects when accessing youtube.

    @Tonakai, Do we need to do this everytime im connecting to PSN? This should save once Im able to connect, right?

    But Im encountering the following errors


    C3-14978-9 > Did not find anything in the net
    NW-10743-5 > Did not find anything in the net

  10. Comet says:

    Hi I have UNO that have exploit on PS3 because I bought it by PS3 before PSN stop it.

    Also, thanks to this article I can connect VITA to PSN without update.

    But I can’t transport UNO to VITA from PS3 cause by required VITA’s system update..

    What should I do…

  11. TheBudds says:

    Gah! Playstation Network keeps failing to connect >_<

  12. meteo says:

    Works a treat. Cheers for the guide. 🙂

  13. migueliv says:

    C3-14978-9 error for me cant figure it out

  14. Luis E Alvarado says:

    Yay! Using this on my uTorrent system (all it does is download Anime).
    You know, if 3G on the PS Vita had a way to set the proxy, or at least a way to override it, I can easily run an online proxy to take care of redirecting that xml file.
    This would of course work on wifi, all that is needed is that the system running the proxy to have port 8888 open and for them to share their public ip.
    I am taking a nice guess though, that the service will be utterly slow then since it has to connect to that system providing the proxy therefore downloads will be coming from that system. And PSN is already slow to top it off. Ah well, in concept it works, not in practice…

  15. Mechanical Penis says:

    Thanks for the guide, Tonakai!

  16. Mitz says:

    Is it possible to put back the original files incase I do want to upgrade my console?

  17. kraze1226 says:

    after using fiddler now i cant connect anything to my router ):

  18. isnizal says:

    how about hk region

  19. kupomogli says:

    Everything works fine until I get to step 11 then nothing.

  20. Saya says:

    Soooo…i did this and One quick question.. Do i need my pc turned on all the time i want to use this? It seems like a yes.Anyone?

  21. isnizal says:

    plez hk region

  22. mb123 says:

    Can anyone test it with 1.81.
    I just wonder if madblocker can still be download though this method as it’s available and I’m on 1.81 still
    Thanks in advance

    • mlc says:

      while this method won’t work with a 1.81 vita, you are still able to use the proxy method with a PS3 to download and transfer MBA

  23. NinjaKakashi says:

    I am still on 1.81 with the urbanix exploit and I really want to access PSN but unfortunately I don’t think this works for 1.81 because everything seemed to be fine until the part where I tried to connect to psn store and the internet connection test also failed for psn so I guess I will have to update if I ever want to use PSN again…:(:(:(

  24. Sunny-Tech-UK says:

    Hi guys

    I have done the steps provided, but on my vita, I get the error message “C3-14978-9).

    I am using the UK .xml file, and my firmware is 2.02.

    Please can anybody help? I got the same error message on charles, with wololo’s guide also.

  25. albie85 says:

    cant get past step 11 session doesn’t open to be able to edit any help plz Charles works fine but only last 30mins

    • albie85 says:

      done it now I can tell u that fiddler is 100% better you can close fiddler and it still connects when u launch it back up even if the vita goes to sleep

  26. Vibrocil says:

    Now for a tutorial on squid? :p

  27. achay says:

    I want to ask when the next exploit? 🙂

  28. andrea82it says:

    for fiddler 2 user:

    some request from sony for check your firmware some time doesn’t check with the actual firmware, for exemple at the end of the user-agent string we can found “2.02 (PS Vita)”.
    if you like send to sony a fake user-agent with 2.05 you need to add a special rule on the custom rule script.

    1) go to Rules menù and select “Customize Rules….”
    2) find these row:

    // User-Agent Overrides
    if (null != sUA) {
    oSession.oRequest[“User-Agent”] = sUA;

    3) after these row add these:

    function jinUserAgent ()
    var PSVNewUserAgent = “2.05”;
    if (oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]!=null)
    oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]=oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”].replace(“2.02”, PSVNewUserAgent);
    jinUserAgent ();

    4) save your modified script and go.

    fiddler 2 reload automatically the new custom rule file, now your user-agent report the correct actual firmware.

    • Genesis says:

      Cant get this to work did i get the part right, that i should simply copy-paste this text

      “function jinUserAgent ()
      var PSVNewUserAgent = “2.05″;
      if (oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]!=null)
      oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]=oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”].replace(“2.02″, PSVNewUserAgent);
      jinUserAgent ();”

      and save it ?? when i do so it tells me that there is an error where i pasted!?
      what im i doing wrong?

      • Erich says:

        The rules modification should complain about invalid characters due to improper quotes around the firmware levels. This modification worked for me…

        function jinUserAgent ()
        var PSVNewUserAgent = “2.05”;
        if (oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]!=null)
        oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]=oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”].replace(“2.02”, PSVNewUserAgent);
        jinUserAgent ();

        • Erich says:

          It appears our web-browsers are to blame. I’m using Chrome, so even a re-copy/paste shows the bad quotes. You’ll see what I mean if you copy into Notepad, or look at the Rules editor carefully.

  29. ShogunzX9 says:

    THANKS!!! WORKING!!! 😀

  30. elveda says:

    works fine! thanks you!

  31. Sunny-Tech-UK says:

    Hi Guys

    I have again done all the above steps, but when I try to sign into psn on the vita, I get the error message: “c3-14978-9”.

    What do I do now?

    I have a Taiwanese vita and using a UK psn account.

  32. JonathanH says:

    It works on 2.02 US and thank you for that online game web address.

  33. Genesis says:

    Can Sony see that we are on lower firmware and in that case can Vita users that use fiddler risk a ban?

  34. shenmue says:

    There are lots of smart people on the street. Sony better stops wasting its time and our time to play cat-and-mouse game.

    • NNNRT says:

      Yeah you’re right, & eCFW is making them sell more of the PS Vita. 😆 I just fail to understand what they have with it. Maybe because of pirated games (ISO/CSO). 😕

  35. IgnusArmagadan says:

    It works! But here are a few issues I’m having:

    1) I can’t be online on my computer while fiddler is running, fiddler block all web pages from loading.

    2) Tried downloading Beats Slider and keep getting (C2-13242-2) error. This one I kind of guess might be maintenance because not even 10 minutes before that, I tried getting into the PSN on my PS3 and it wont sign me in. I would figure it wouldn’t even let me in if that was the case, but it could just be the proxy letting me in that far possibly?

    Either way, there’s a couple problems I’m facing that causes using the proxy somewhat counterproductive, lol.

    • Shivox says:

      1) Make sure you’ve checked ‘Unmatched requests passthrough’ under ‘Autoresponder’ tab (step 18 above).
      2) Once your download is ready, disable proxy under Vita settings and you should be able to download normally (but no PSN access, so once your download finishes put back your proxy settings)

  36. Genesis says:

    Cant get the fake user-agent with 2.05 to work did i get the part right, that i should simply copy-paste this text

    “function jinUserAgent ()
    var PSVNewUserAgent = “2.05″;
    if (oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]!=null)
    oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”]=oSession.oRequest[“user-agent”].replace(“2.02″, PSVNewUserAgent);
    jinUserAgent ();”

    and save it ?? when i do so it tells me that there is an error where i pasted!?
    what im i doing wrong?

  37. Botarguirix says:

    if do you live in mexico open the p2sp2-updatelist.xml in a note pad and change the “us” for “mx” without the quotes.. and… thats it! yuhuuuu!!! 😀


    si vives en mexico solo abre el archivo p2sp2-updatelist.xml y cambiale todo lo que diga “us” por “mx” y listo a disfrutarlo … ojo bajar el archivo p2sp2-updatelist version US 😛

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