SKFU interview details more on his native Vita hack


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86 Responses

  1. Slackr says:

    This is the shortest interview ever.

  2. Kefkiroth says:

    So pumped. Now it’s obvious that it’s real. It’s probably best to wait until more homebrew is made before releasing an exploit and so that it’s hard/impossible to patch.

  3. vextype-0 says:

    heck yeah lets do this as long there is no piracy on vita games were cool vita games are worth it just buy them.

    • ju says:

      Well, only a few, sadly

    • Someone Else says:

      Or even if there was, that’s no reason to avoid a full hack. Plenty of us, myself included, purchase full Vita games and will continue to do so even if there’s a backup option.

      I myself have Silent Hill BoM, Mortal Kombat, Sonic Racing, Assassin’s Creed III, Disgaea 3, Zen Pinball, Retro City Rampage and Sine Mora… All of which I love.

      The only Vita game I regret supporting is Sound Shapes. That simple, cheap, cheesy bull**** with terrible control mechanics that get convoluted with the clinging vs speedup.

      • Yes says:

        The reason to avoid a full hack is to avoid piracy. You’re right that many are buying their games anyway, but there is also a lot of people who dont.

        • Someone Else says:

          So what? That’s definitely no reason to avoid full speed arcade and n64 emulation. I don’t really care about the backup issue when it comes to arcade games either, since they’re not part of the home market anyway.

          People that will pirate weren’t usually going to buy that game under any circumstance, even without a full hack, so there’s not really “lost revenue”. When someone loves a game enough, they will support it. (Especially rare types of games, like a true “Silent Hill” experience.) I believe this even applies to a majority of “pirates”.

          The only reason to hold off is if it’s easily patchable. (As is the case here.) There’s just no other reason, in my mind, to avoid a full hack.

          • Someone Else says:

            I also want to add that the shovelware FPS games with sparkly graphics, which constantly get pirated, don’t deserve support anyway and it’s good if they die.

            I believe that would encourage more of the truly unique experiences, like SH 1-4. I think fans of this kind of rare high art are abundant. I also think they’ll shell out to support an experience like that *every time*. I know I will, as soon as I can get the cash to throw.

    • Anonymous says:

      I still hope for a way to fully install your Vita games to the memory card. Not piracy, what I mean is just copy my own game into mt memory stick and not need the cartrige on. Eh but this could fefently lead to piracy.

      • edward sedward says:

        UM unless i misread that do you know you can buy and install full vita games form the store no game card required.

  4. Jose says:

    Amen to the last question/answer.

  5. wartaf says:

    so no proof yet?

  6. rafael707 says:

    just a lil late xD

  7. ricerrr says:

    this shouldn’t be release… or give it 2 more years for a release date because Sony will just block it very easily

  8. johnny says:

    Better security than PS3? years to hack? pfffff…….

  9. Kyu says:

    On the one hand,Sony doesn’t want homebrew (and piracy I suppose).On the other hand,they always give the shaft to the Vita.

    • kupomogli says:


      So far, Sony has released 17 first party developed or first party funded and published games on the Vita. This isn’t counting games on Playstation Mobile. They’re doing a lot to help the Vita. They can’t force third parties to develop games on their system.

  10. Jamie says:

    The only thing that is clear is that SKFU can write Vita software with the Sony SDK using a devkit he probably shouldn’t have. That is hardly “hacking” a system or having an “exploit”.

    Even without revealing the nature of his “exploit”, he could easily explain how he can develop for Vita without the Sony SDK (Where are the “homebrew” libraries he should be using?).

    yifan lu did the sensible thing. He posted a memory dump that he did in fact exploit VITA. SKFU on the other hand has only posted screenshots/videos that show no real proof he has done anything without a devkit/SonySDK.

    • Electric Penis says:

      Really, Luis? So off-topic.
      I’m very disappointed with you, Luis… you’re so rude that you would spam articles with mindless garbage such as this? You need to think about what you’ve done, Luis, as it’s far from okay.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      So does that mean, when the next exploit is out, we can download it from the pc? I don’t have Vita yet, and I was afraid I was going to miss the next exploit. I’m not getting the Vita until the Middle of Feb. This is great news 😀

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Does this mean, that one could download the next exploit, directly to pc? That makes me very happy, I was worried I would miss the next exploit while waiting for my Vita. I won’t have it until the middle of Feb. Good News!

  11. Dmaskell92 says:

    Sorry for double post, that is now a triple. My internet dropped when I hit post, and when I reloaded the first comment was gone…

  12. Wrozen says:

    I truly hope this isn’t just another elaborate fake *cough* DjGodman *cough* 😉

  13. Tonakai says:

    Great to see confirmation that this wasn’t a false exploit though I didn’t really expect SKFU to fake one. Anyway, it’s great although there’s a long wait incoming.

  14. duran says:

    ooh i liked,that is good for all a native hack for ps vita lets see a prominent future good good good ooh i liked.

  15. isnizal says:

    what is this??can sameone explain??is this new hack or what..release it at hk ok..

  16. aerinas says:

    I bought my Vita at launch, just to try my hand at some homebrew, so yeah, I’m ready for this hack 😛

  17. super says:

    ” it may not be published until I am certain that it can not be patched. I’m not interested in being in a cat and mouse game like VHBL”

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this..

    We should work together.

  18. quetz says:

    he’s concrete, i trust this guy

  19. GAIRV says:

    wololo if a native vita hack, could modify the PSVita networks?

  20. knux says:

    i’d empty my memory card for this, i wouldn’t care…all i’d need are n64, nes, snes and i’ll be set 😀 oh, and my GTPSP backup

  21. bruno says:

    i prefer if some hacker make a quite job to run psp games again over vhbl. If “we” hack the vita right now we are killing the console. Soon the Sony woll release another console and we are losing our money. For me up to now continuing play psp games is good option.

    Ps. Sorry for my horrible english….

    • silkyskeeter says:

      Sony and the lack of Dev support is already killing the console. Id rather have it hacked and be abe to run homebrew that utilizes the full power of Vita. On the Vita side of things, if it wasnt for the eCFW, I would feel I wasted 600$ (plus 180$ from psp games purchased from PSN) on the mismanaged POS that is Vita ATM. Currently the only games I have for Vita are Gravity Rush, Super Star Dust Delta, Dynasty Warriors (which I regret buying), Motor Storm RC (only because it was free), and Escape Plan (which I regret buying). Before I finally got a hold of an exploit (Uno), all I used my Vita for was NetFlix, Colors!, and YouTube apps.

      I say release it, it cant hurt the Vita more than Sony and the lack of Dev support already is hurting it (and thats WITHOUT piracy). heck, with the right kinds of homebrew apps, it could actually make more ppl get a Vita.

  22. Fred says:

    I think it is time to massively donate to SKFU :)

    • Nope.avi says:

      I would hold off and use my money on other things. There really isn’t enough to proof that this IS real.

    • nCadeRegal says:

      i dont think he needs another cent! The amount of dev units he has for one, and the fact that he sold one, when he should have givin it to wololo, and community who would release what should be released. A cfw that allows full use of vita power for emulation, and homebrews! Wololo would not release a cfw that would allow piracy, or “backups” to be used on the system. I think he has quite a good track record for pursuing the above. Enough said.

  23. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I’d gladly give up all my PSN connectivity for a kernel exploit. I’d forget what a firmware update IS lol.

    • Crazycat36 says:

      This is not a kernel exploit SKFU has only reached a user-mode exploit so it may be a while before he dips fingers at a kernel-mode exploit

  24. hammer says:

    lol if he’s going to wait until the exploit can’t be patched then it will never get released, as no exploit is unpatchable

    • Jd8531 says:

      That’s not true, there are exploits that are not patchable
      one of the biggest examples is the Iphone’s Bootrom exploit.

      • hammer says:

        when something is unpatchable chances are its a hardware hack. And releasing any software exploits will not effect future hardware hacks.

        • Someone Else says:

          Unless you’re experienced with actually developing this kind of thing, SKFU knows better than you what it can affect. For example, maybe he’s seeking a way into the hardware, that will need the same exploit game to “get in”. If sony knew this exploit, they could possibly find and destroy that entry point before SKFU can release it.

          Please don’t just pull “facts” out of your ***, trying to contradict those who are actually doing the work and know what they’re talking about.

  25. alvin says:

    is this a full hack and not need to buy game to ps store to be exploite like uno?

  26. zoraktorok says:

    Well….. its nice to see some progress hit the light of day anyway….

  27. jake says:

    Please Just jailbreak (or whatever you want to call it) the still-virgin PS Vita altogether so we can drag and drop homebrew and PSP stuff onto it. Go big or go home.

  28. Blinx14 says:

    For those that want psn on ps vita 2.02 or older versions go HERE

  29. Blinx14 says:


  30. scousetomo says:

    this looks realy cool i dont mind buying vita games id just be happy to have a cfw that allows ps1 and 2 games to be emulated i bought a ps plus and that allows loads of good games free and i buy other titles 2nd hand say 20 quid for black opps at blockbusters ect i just hope if it does open the vita up it doesnt stop developers making new titles just my 2 cents

  31. Bscit says:

    I think there should be some sort of poll on whether to agree for the release of cfw on the Vita. Sure you get to play free games but it would also deter companies from releasing/porting games over to the Vita, ultimately killing the Vita, like the PSP. Sure, the PSP had some great games but I believe it could have been better if developers chose to develop more games for the PSP.

    • hammer says:

      I lol when people say the psp was a flop/dead system .with 70 million units sold over 1500 games and still new games being made 8 years into its life cycle. That’s one heck of a flop ,sony would be lucky to have the vita be as dead as the psp

      • silkyskeeter says:

        I wish ppl would stop saying that. Piracy DOES NOT hurt a console. Never has, never will. Just look at the Wii and the PsP (the most hacked and pirated consoles of recent). Those consoles did just fine, saleswise. You know why? Because majority of ppl that pirate either wouldnt have bought it anyway or end up buying the game anyway. heck PsP, even tho is pirated and hacked all to heck is STILL doing better than PsVita. Sony’s mismanagement insatiability, greed, and lack of 3rd AND first party support is what is killing the Vita (alot faster than piracy EVERY could).

  32. criticalmass says:

    I would like more solid evidence, but if we don’t get that because SKFU must preserve his exploit then so be it. I think this is legit, I could see him releasing it this year.

    As far as killing the Vita, please. I think Sony is going to actually make some sort of compelling interplay between the PS4 and Vita, (true remote play, I dream) so they will not give up on the console unless it keeps lagging after PS4’s release. As for developers, I think they all know that games will be pirated and they will lose some money.

    However, they also know there are millions of owners that will never even come to a Vita hacking site, and will buy a quality game. Plus, any developer that is thinking ahead will realize that the Vita does not have a “system selling” game really and that a true “must own” title will sell so much piracy would not affect its financial success.

  33. loverali says:

    Am i ready for it?oh,I’m dying for it.I rally can’t wait for it.I hope it would be out in at most 2 months(just hoping).

  34. musashiro says:

    In my opinion, he doesn’t sound so convincing and he doesn’t sound like a “pro”

    I dont think he will release anything.. Better wait for UVL

  35. johnny says:

    PS3 like security? man… i post this so i can look here again after 3-4years and say : hey PS Vita is still no hacked. YAY 2017!

  36. AyeGuy says:

    Full powered emulators here we come.

  37. Darton Staker says:

    I look forward to your hard work DEVS i look to a time where PS VITA is at the top of the market in terms of homebrew, features and exploits to enable further breaching into this great hardware. Thank you all, SKFU keep it up! BIG THUMBS UP

  38. jesus says:

    well i want to wait for this in a couple of years when a few good games of vita coming out

  39. Aneudi says:

    This is just a vita native user exploit. Imagine a vita native kernel exploit. It would give us more power for emulation than a user exploit

  40. Rasheem says:

    No system in history, that I know of, has “died” due to piracy as a result of hacking/unlocking In fact it’s my thoery that user-friendly hacks that allow someone to access thier purchased device without restrictions (as it should be) gives a lot of incentive for one to purchase said device. Also, someone mentioned in one of the comments that those who usually pirate games were never planning to purchase those games anyway which I think is true in most cases. I’ve never heard of anyone who wants and can afford games pirating them.

  41. Andy says:

    I’m afraid Dark_AleX has secured the PS Vita… It seems unpenetrateable!

  42. altorn says:

    I can donate to SKFU right?
    His comment about the cat&mouse is reassuring. I don’t want to keep downloading and reapplying hacks. i just want a fully hacked vita, playing vita games and psp games.

  43. Frank says:

    I completely agree with SKFU. If holding off on the firmware to determine its vulnerabilities, so be it. I personally can’t wait for the Vita to be hacked. I don’t want it for backup vita games, but for the homebrew. I bought my old PSP Slim with CFW in mind. I still bought UMDs of the games I wanted. Granted I usually spent most of my time playing emulators, but my point is, not all “pirates” are actually pirating. I really like my Vita, but once I can play some N64 on the go, I will love it.

  44. Jake says:

    ^ then r u pirating N64 games? Jks, but i would love a console that can emulate games from other consoles. It’s too bad tekken 4 is on ps2, i could’ve had the whole collection legall! 😉
    I’m wondering if these exploits are still left in the US store because then people will buy it for homebrew not piracy so in a way sony gets the big bucks for user exploits:D

  45. Omnitrix152 says:

    Its funny actually when wololo informed me a couple of years ago that davee hacked my PSP 3000 for a downgrade, i was literally over the moon, but now im going to get a vita in august and i don’t see why other people don’t understand this but personally i don’t want the vita to get hacked because Sony will get so *** off again and then just discontinue it just like they did with the GO in 2011, and what will happen? our money will have gone down the drain.

  46. squally2000 says:

    skfu is thinking intellegently, why “play” cat n mouse with sony… better play it safe

  47. psvitfreak says:

    cant wait for the native hack !! how long until it is released ? take a guess !!

  48. dEnSaSleW says:

    any news about the native exploit ? anything would be good

  49. rafael707 says:

    troll elsewere, you nobody..

  50. Someone Else says:

    LMAO. “Rimjob enthusiast”. I have to admit, that’s funny.

  51. Electric Penis says:

    Feed me more, rafael. My tummy is rumbling with hunger.

  52. dockotis says:

    @RedHawk02, I agree with you 100%. If a game is good, i definitely support it. Even with old systems. I still got legit psp games and I actually tried that sonic racing game and enjoyed it. I *could* pirate it, but why if I enjoyed it? Hence I’m gonna buy it instead. PoS games however should not cost the amount they try to sell them for, are a waste of money, and there is a good chance you would never want to play them again. Those games, even if pirated, would be deleted to free the much more valuable space.

    True story.

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