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PSN and Online Features on without updating on FW 2.02: Charles Proxy.

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  1. mat says:

    Did you guys update it, It still worked after powering off. I don’t have to set the ver either, just loaded the file and works.

  2. Kilooli says:

    Thanks to this trick (Charles Proxy), i managed to connect and activate my own Vita’s account on the freshly bought Vita of my daughter (FW 2.01).

    Then, thanks to the tutorial on “Manually updating to another PS Vita Firmware” (thank you,The Z), i then managed to update it to 2.02.(without connecting to Sony servers , obviously)

    Same account,same firmware et voilà, i have been able to transfer my copy of Uno to my daughter’s Vita to enjoy the exploit.
    And now it works perfectly with ARK .

  3. cyberkevin says:

    works with fidle2 (or someghing like that…)) but no PSN download, and lag everytime…

  4. edradwfe says:

    my psvita is from taiwan but my account is US what xml do i use

  5. mat says:

    Charles shuts down after 30 minutes

  6. Blinx14 says:


  7. edradwfe says:

    does the xml base on the region of the device or the region of the account

  8. AsDraS says:

    lol i was about to start programing such a tool but everyone told me that it’s impossible.. seens like they were wrong^^

  9. Josh says:

    works great thanks

  10. InSoHaPo says:

    I was hoping that someone could help me. I am using Charles and am able to get on the PSN fine but when I try to get on Maden NFL 13 it logged in fine the first time and got invited to play someone but when I selected my team it would kick me out saying “could not connect to the game session” but now all of a sudden it will not connect to the EA servers at all.

    Is there a work around for this as well? Please let me know of any ideas that may HELP. Other may have the same problem or something similar with other games please don’t spam this post

  11. Phillip says:

    It just keeps adding new .xml lines to Charles and does not connect. What am i doing wrong?

  12. GothicIII says:

    Nothing, Sony fixed the proxy-trick. That happens when people shout that something works. This block is heaven and heck at the same time. It provides valuable things, but those are blocked very soon.

  13. naunau78 says:

    /!\ [fr]Doesn’t work for OFW 2.12 ! I can’t go to PSN “Vous devez mettre a jour le logiciel system” but I have done every steps … (sorry for bad english 😉 ! ) /!\

  14. naunau78 says:

    Does anybody can help me please ?

  15. Taro says:

    Can I use this to download an exploited game if I’m on 2.61 and don’t want to update to 3.01 or >?

  16. Lawgend says:

    I have tried… man! It’s not working… too sad. Now I can’t sign in with my ps haha

  17. piso says:

    Is this still working on 3.18?

    • YZ Rum says:

      I wanna lie so bad and say no, but I can’t. This method still works. Just don’t abuse it. I tested it myself and it works so smoothly. Almost like firmware 3.30 never existed. Themes here I come.

  18. Kyle says:

    Is this still working on 2.10? Or did sony patch it?

    • YZ Rum says:

      As of now, it temporarily works on 3.18. I’m not sure if it will still work on 2.10. Just to be sure I recommend you test it.

  19. Michael says:

    >> Right click on psp2-updatelist.xml again and select Edit.

    I don’t have EDIT on my version of Charles, is it COMPOSE the same?

    And, once we add the VAR value, what do we need to do? as if we try to connect again from the console it’s not picking that new VAR that we just added, I can just see VER?

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