PSN and Online Features on without updating on FW 2.02: Charles Proxy.

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  1. proelio says:

    it works on 1.81?

  2. Youssef says:

    Hi i want to know if i buy uno using this proxy i can install ecfw please answer

    • xpblader20 says:

      No u can’t because the UNO on PSN now is updated to block the exploit.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, but I don’t know if UNO is back on the store yet

      • xpblader20 says:

        Even if UNO is back. It won’t work because Sony took it down to update it. The firmware update just blocks the the exploit for the previous version of UNO used for the ecfw.

        • Tonakai says:

          I’m almost certain that if you use this method (or another proxy) it will be possible to use the UNO exploit when it is replaced on the store.

          As far as I’m aware they do not patch/update games after they take them down. They release said patches through new Firmware.

        • HaYNigloo says:

          That is incorrect, $ony doesn’t own the games(not all anyway) therefore they have not right modifying/updating data/firmware in most of these games. Their patch lies with the V!ta firmware itself hence OFW 1.81;2.0;2.01;2.02;2.05… It’s V!ta’s OS firmware that does the patching.

        • wololo says:

          Sony does not patch games, they patch the firmwares. IF somebody can manage to get uno installed on 2.02 AND to copy the savedata files with openCMA, the exploit will work for them

          • Yukon says:

            “6. Open the Advanced Settings on your WiFi connection. Scroll down and select Use Proxy Server then enter your IP Address and the port “8888”.”

            Where do I go to open the advanced settings for my Wifi connection?

          • akilos says:

            so if i download uno at the moment on my vita 2.02 it will work with the uno exploit

          • Sebastian Torron says:

            I have a problem with the connection to the WIFI after you put on the proxy. It gives me an error when i try to connect with my WIFI. Its : C2-13935-1

        • VivaLaVita says:

          nope. only firmwares are patched. I wish people would learn this

          • leonalchemist says:

            so, why was there some games that was related to hacks andd removed to be put back later on without having a new update for the Vita?

          • Yukon says:

            So people won’t buy the game and use the hack until Sony gives an update.

      • Jd8531 says:

        UNO isn’t back I just checked. Probably wont be until next weeks update or later on.

  3. Luis E Alvarado says:

    What has worked for me every time was to make sure that I mapped the folder right above the xml file [in my case, ‘us’] to the folder containing my psp2-updatelist.xml, and to always edit all query strings present under that folder, making sure that all queries were mapped local to psp2-updatelist.xml.
    I also modified Charles to Auto Save Session so that when it is rerun, all is there waiting for you.

  4. Razzy says:

    It actually didn’t work for me, for some reason. Maybe because I’m missing something and the session ID string changes each time.

    However, using Fiddler 2 and its Autoresponder worked just fine.


  5. Sixx says:

    Thank you, It worked like a charm on my first try.

  6. hgoel0974 says:

    I can’t get this to work, I have followed everything step by step, but it just fails at Internet Connection, and I don’t get any kind of link on Charles :(

  7. Derpy says:

    This also works with the free program Fiddler2. Charles is not free and will prompt you to buy after a while.

  8. xelric says:

    everything is working excelent!! thanks! this method will not result in a bann??

    • Jd8531 says:

      While it does say in the software agreement that you’re not allowed to bypass PSN, they’ve never taken action against anyone on the Vita. However I’d say you should be fine.

  9. Shura says:

    Will this method stop working anytime soon?

    • Tonakai says:

      It may do in the future, and it has previously been blocked on certain Firmware as long as you remain on 2.02 it shouldn’t.

      • Dizzles says:

        If they DO patch it, its because people are now talking about it. This has been able to be done for a while, since 1.61 firmware if not lower. If this method gets patched, its news sites faults.

        • wololo says:

          People have been publicly talking about this technique as soon as Firmware 1.6 has been out. Sure, the blog main page has more visibility than the forums, but eventually, Sony also has networks and security engineers who don’t need news websites to tell them how to do their job. If they wanted to or could fix this permanently, they would have done it a long time ago.

  10. MRCHUNKS says:

    mine did not work by add name var and Value 02050000 but by changing the ver to var and the value from 02020000 to 02050000 worked great for me.

  11. be0ut says:

    im on a mac.. when i go to advanced settings there are a few options for proxy (auto proxy discovery, automatic proxy config, web proxy (HTTP), secure web proxy Https, ftp proxy, socks proxy, streaming proxy, gopher proxy), ive tried using the web proxy (http) put in my ip for the web proxy server, than 8888, still no luck. what am i doing wrong?! thanks in advance

  12. Draven says:

    I can confirm this works. I was surprised how easy it was. Last time, I had to reconfigure it, like Tonakai did, at least half a dozen times per session. This time, I set it up once using the same .xml file as I did when I was running Charles Proxy on OFW 1.81, and only had to change one var value.

    I even let my Vita go to sleep, then was able to sign right back in, without having to change or re-enter any settings at all.

    I guess it’s just finicky like that.

  13. lolol says:

    nice!! now that this is posted in the main page sony will be block it more early than usual

  14. oreo says:

    Thanks man! helps a lot and now I’m for sure not updating.

  15. gameus says:

    Use Fiddler2 instead. It’s free and works just fine!

  16. Chuck Norris says:

    My PSVITA is Already Hacked by me. with my own custom firmware and my own games. with my own store. ChuckStation Vita :) With the ChuckFirmWare and the ChuckStore.

  17. anhtuan says:

    Can’t seem to hit the “OK” button as it’s grayed out after filling in the IP address and port 8888 in Advanced settings…anyone?

  18. owanef says:

    Since sony has been banning hackers on ps3, i suggest u guys watch out. cause my account was PERMANATLY BANNED even though i had many purchases. BE CAREFULL. DONT WANT A PAPER WEIGHT.

    • wololo says:

      This was different on the PS3, people where using hacked PS3s to run cheats in online games. Sony had to take action. I don’t think they have a good reason from banning people accessing the store to buy content, at this point.

      • xelric says:

        hope ur alright 😀 cause I dont wanna be banned :/ thanks for everything wololo

      • b2p1mp says:

        I concur that this method works great. Only downfall is that Charles proxy is trial based and not full-for-free. I may have to look into that fiddler thing people speak of.

      • owanef says:

        Yeah thats true. But if u think about it, there is a reason why people are using this proxy and thats only because there PS Vita is MODDED IN SOME WAY. And i last recall sony HATES that. THEY MIGHT TAKE A MORE BRUTAL STEP to try and stop homebrew and ISO users and we all know what that step is, BANNING.

  19. makak1984 says:

    For me it is not working, I am setting proper IP, for example and there is no sign on Charles when I hit test connection on Vita. Is it blocked again or I am doing sth wrong?

  20. stepenlu07 says:

    got it working! my region is asia and the given xml is not working so i edit the xml by replacing “sa” and now its working playing blackops online right now.. Thanks!

  21. bin_0717 says:

    Sir wololo, where I can find the advanced settings on my wifi? I’ve tried my best to search for it but I failed…pls. help…anyone?? :(

  22. nico says:

    a silly question . can I copy somebody’s UNO backup file to my VITA and get it work under my acct? will it ask for payment or just cant install/ launch it? did anyone try?

  23. Sunny-Tech-UK says:

    Hi guys.

    I have tried to do the steps given by wololo multiple times, but when i do, I get the error “C3-14978-9”

    What do I do now?

  24. StepS says:

    didn’t you get it still?
    the proxy story repeats over time because Sony takes a while to put a magistral firmware check, after which everything gets blocked as usual.
    And UNO will be back once such a force check is added…

    • makak1984 says:

      So Charles is still working for now or not… I do not know, someone tell that it is working, some one not.. I have error code on step with connection test… I don’t get it how It should work, I’ve installed Charles, turned off all firewalls that I’get. But still nothing.

  25. scrub7 says:

    fiddler 2 setup is similar. the differences are:
    1. once fiddler2 is installed, select view > fiddler options…
    2. In the Connections tab, check Allow remote computers to connect. This will prompt a program restart, so restart fiddler.
    3. In the AutoResponder tab, check Enable automatic responses, and Unmatched requests passthrough.
    4. press Add. for the rule, in the first (top) textbox place

    regex:(?insx).+psp2-updatelist\.xml.+$ #match psp2-updatelist.xml

    and in the second, point to your downloaded psp2-updatelist.xml file. Save, and your next psn connections should work.

    As a side note, my vita is using a JP account, and the machine is set ot japanese, but it still needed the US psp2-updatelist file to work.

  26. Nobody says:


  27. some1 says:

    So if I have Uno on my PS3 still, will this help at all to transfer it to my Vita???

  28. Death_489 says:

    This may make it easier ..

    1) PC:
    -Download (psp2-updatelist.xml) and charles proxy .
    -Know your PC ip
    -start charles

    -connect to the wireless > advance > use proxy server > put the pc ip adress > put port(8888) >ok
    -restart vita and start internet test

    -charles will ask you to accept vita . accept it

    -file will show up click on the little box in the left to show the files > right click on the last file that have long name > Select Map Local. Under Local Path select the file you downloaded in step 1 then save and close.

    -right click again in the same file then click edit > choose Query String and then Add > type in the small bar (var) and in the big bar (02020000) > excute

    • Death_489 says:

      02050000 didnt work for me . when i put 02020000 i get error in the internet test but i can enter the store ^^ ..

    • Death_489 says:

      One more thing, the first time you open charles it will ask you to let it automatic use proxy . let him. it will create a proxy or something like that by it self instead of doing it your self ..

      Note : using it on mac 😛

    • Death_489 says:

      it seems that i have to do every step again to make it work after my vita went to sleep mode ..

      any idea to make it work in a short way ?..

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s possible for Sony to block this proxy?

  30. IgnusArmagadan says:

    This Charles Proxy program isn’t working at all, wont even start up. Is there any other software that may work better? Or at all?

  31. ramenking says:

    An error has occurred.

    does that mean it got blocked :S

  32. yutosin says:

    I know the article tile says working on FW 2.02, but is there anyway using this method or any other one to access the PSN store on 1.81?

  33. mat says:

    Doesn’t work, Internet address is successful but internet connection failed.

  34. mat says:

    Got it working for those with errors. Don’t enter your IP Address, under the Charles Proxy help there is something called local IP address. Enter that instead.

  35. ApZzZ says:

    Use fiddler 2, works perfectly

  36. SONIC3D says:

    To avoid setting the filter every time you suspend or turn of your PSVita,just replace the request string with “*”(without quote) in Map Local setting dialog.

    Then when you meet the situation you cannot use PS Store.Just close it and suspend your PS Vita till the blue light of PS button is off.Then wake up your PS Vita and run PS Store again.

    That’s all.

  37. Voltrom says:

    This is good news for anybody who missed the UNO exploit. When UNO is back on PSN you will be able to download it within your proxy. This means you will be able to run exploits 😀 do in theory. Of you know what your doing. All hope is not lost. In the meantime I would transfer the UNO save and wait for UNO to be live.

    Again, if you missed the exploit. All hope is not lost. They cannot modify an original psp game. Just the simple black list within the firmware update.

  38. mat says: is null in US, Sony did something.

  39. owanef says:

    Yeah thats true. But if u think about it, there is a reason why people are using this proxy and thats only because there PS Vita is MODDED IN SOME WAY. And i last recall sony HATES that. THEY MIGHT TAKE A MORE BRUTAL STEP to try and stop homebrew and ISO users and we all know what that step is, BANNING.

  40. mat says:

    Did you guys update it, It still worked after powering off. I don’t have to set the ver either, just loaded the file and works.

  41. Kilooli says:

    Thanks to this trick (Charles Proxy), i managed to connect and activate my own Vita’s account on the freshly bought Vita of my daughter (FW 2.01).

    Then, thanks to the tutorial on “Manually updating to another PS Vita Firmware” (thank you,The Z), i then managed to update it to 2.02.(without connecting to Sony servers , obviously)

    Same account,same firmware et voilà, i have been able to transfer my copy of Uno to my daughter’s Vita to enjoy the exploit.
    And now it works perfectly with ARK .

  42. cyberkevin says:

    works with fidle2 (or someghing like that…)) but no PSN download, and lag everytime…

  43. edradwfe says:

    my psvita is from taiwan but my account is US what xml do i use

  44. mat says:

    Charles shuts down after 30 minutes

  45. Blinx14 says:


  46. edradwfe says:

    does the xml base on the region of the device or the region of the account

  47. AsDraS says:

    lol i was about to start programing such a tool but everyone told me that it’s impossible.. seens like they were wrong^^

  48. Josh says:

    works great thanks

  49. InSoHaPo says:

    I was hoping that someone could help me. I am using Charles and am able to get on the PSN fine but when I try to get on Maden NFL 13 it logged in fine the first time and got invited to play someone but when I selected my team it would kick me out saying “could not connect to the game session” but now all of a sudden it will not connect to the EA servers at all.

    Is there a work around for this as well? Please let me know of any ideas that may HELP. Other may have the same problem or something similar with other games please don’t spam this post

  50. Phillip says:

    It just keeps adding new .xml lines to Charles and does not connect. What am i doing wrong?

  51. GothicIII says:

    Nothing, Sony fixed the proxy-trick. That happens when people shout that something works. This block is heaven and heck at the same time. It provides valuable things, but those are blocked very soon.

  52. naunau78 says:

    /!\ [fr]Doesn’t work for OFW 2.12 ! I can’t go to PSN “Vous devez mettre a jour le logiciel system” but I have done every steps … (sorry for bad english 😉 ! ) /!\

  53. naunau78 says:

    Does anybody can help me please ?

  54. Taro says:

    Can I use this to download an exploited game if I’m on 2.61 and don’t want to update to 3.01 or >?

  55. Lawgend says:

    I have tried… man! It’s not working… too sad. Now I can’t sign in with my ps haha

  56. piso says:

    Is this still working on 3.18?

    • YZ Rum says:

      I wanna lie so bad and say no, but I can’t. This method still works. Just don’t abuse it. I tested it myself and it works so smoothly. Almost like firmware 3.30 never existed. Themes here I come.

  57. Kyle says:

    Is this still working on 2.10? Or did sony patch it?

    • YZ Rum says:

      As of now, it temporarily works on 3.18. I’m not sure if it will still work on 2.10. Just to be sure I recommend you test it.

  58. wololo says:

    Do electric penises dream of android vaginas?

  59. Electric Penis says:

    Yes, actually.

  60. Polsky says:

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