Vita 2.05 Mandatory update LIVE & Blocks UNO exploit


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141 Responses

  1. Freyer says:

    Hey, sorry for a noob question, but this stuff doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve been avoiding bothering everyone, but I really need help.
    I want to transfer the dlc for Playstation All-Stars onto my Vita, but I don’t want to update. Is there a way to do that, or am I not getting Kat? I’ve got it on my PS3, but it wont let me transfer it without updating.

  2. Curiousme96 says:

    Man guess you can’t help it now. All we gotta do is just hope.

  3. anton says:

    how do I get him on that vhbl 1:12 I have on my ps vita are 2.60
    luk ge me not live I can not get him on that vhbl 1:12
    who knows it

    my system is 2.60

  4. Luis E Alvarado says:

    And so, troll.
    I have my PSPGo (running ProCFW), PSP 2000 (also ProCFW) and my PS Vita (on 2.02 w/Proxy), still here, playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on my PS Vita.
    Can you do that?
    With the power that the PS Vita provides, why in the heck would I not play my games on it, specially the ones I want to play and not the slim selection that Sony has yet to expand.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >garanteed replys
    Here you want a reply? Have one right here.

  6. Electric Penis says:

    Feed me more, Luis. I’m hungry.

  7. Luis E Alvarado says:

    I know you like it, that’s why I replied lol.

  8. Electric Penis says:


  9. Electric Penis says:

    Mmmm, tasty. Feed me more, please.

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