Vita 2.05 Mandatory update LIVE & Blocks UNO exploit


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143 Responses

  1. CC-Dragon


  2. compil3r

    Phew! Downloaded the free mobile games yesterday, so sadly, no more PSN for now :(

    • Jd8531

      At least we got an early warning :)

    • Someone Else

      Yeah no more PSN. Weird thing though.

      A post in the update topic informed me that the update was live, which sucked since I wanted to get a few things.

      Thankfully, I had left the store open and put the Vita on standby. After the update hit, I was able to turn the Vita on and buy things without updating. It’s a good thing too, because otherwise I’d have missed out on Parasite Eve and more. :)

      Right after the games downloaded, I tried leaving and re-entering the store. Sure enough, it wanted an update.

  3. knarlockk

    God I can’t wait for an actual vita crack.

    • lol9x10

      you shoudnt bought the vita in the first place, if you can’t buy games.

      • Electric Penis

        He never mentioned pirating games, you jaguar-felating dipshit.

      • Tonakai

        I also can’t wait for a full Vita hack. Mostly due to the fact that we won’t have to worry about Firmware updates and could eventually still have access to PSN. I also want to see emulators being made with the full capabilities of the Vita. Doesn’t mean that I want to pirate games.

        Also, thanks for the article and the headsup. Hardly surprising that it blocks UNO.

        • xoombie503

          and emulating is not pirating games…B-)

          • Inali

            Yes it is. Do you own all those ROMS you downloaded? I didn’t think so.

          • E

            @Inali, the Roms that are being used are for games that are no longer sold or made so it is not really pirating. Piracy: Use or reproduce (another’s work) for profit without permission, usually in contravention of patent or copyright. There is no profit gained here and since these are old games I am sure the companies who made them r just happy that they are still getting this much face time.

        • Wasabi

          This. I’ve been making eboots out of my PS1 games as a simple hobby to emulate on my PSP, and I can’t wait to do the same for the PS2 games that I own and enjoy (unfortunately, collecting dust on my shelf as we speak…) on the Vita. I don’t mind making purchases on the PSN for things that I want or are exclusive to the PS Vita, but why should I spend a couple of more dollars for games that I already own, can rip and play on my system?

      • Kenster240

        Well, at least we can buy physical games!



    Everyone knows sony actually have something under their sleeve… the update probably have more features but sony is pobably waiting for a good time to tell us or something if we would have to go through all dis

  5. Vitality

    Is it possible for eCFW to get update as well, so it will work with this new 2.05 FW update? What’s going to happen to UNO game if I update the FW?

  6. solidsnake

    Not being able to use PSN doesnt bother me because there is never anything good. Its like looking inside your refrigerator every half an hour expecting a sandwich to be in there. But what does bother me is not being able to use Netflix unless you are signed in to PSN!

  7. Alpmaster

    The best trick is take your psvita out of opencma 5 then plug right into PS3 to bypass firmware update. you can still get every PSP and PSX game you want=D In your face SONY!!!!!

    • dr3amcast3r

      just done that to get my 50% off Final Fantasy IX to my vita. double in your face sony!
      Just release a way to run psp ISO/CSO and homebrew’s natively on our vita and (not) likely the “cat and mouse game” of exploits will slow down

  8. Since my PS Vita 3G is finally coming in tomorrow, I missed a lot of good exploits. So I guess it’s good and safe for me to say that I’m going to update to the latest firmware (2.05) until further exploits are released.

    • Alpmaster

      it depends do you know what firmware it will be?
      if so you might be able to get the old exploit games by using opencma

      • I’m new to the Vita scene. But I do know the exploit was on 2.02. What You’re telling me if the firmware is on 2.02 or lower, then I can use old exploits by using opencma?

        • And is it true that UNO game on PSN was taken down already?

          • mlc

            As far as I’m aware, you’ll have to upgrade to the current PSN required firmware to be able to link the Vita to your account. I don’t think it’s possible to use a proxy to bypass that, so you’ll probably be required to update to 2.05 and then get VHBL or whatever when there is another exploit released.

    • k3nn

      @shay, if u got an ofw ps3, u can use it to buy&download gravitycrash/madblocker/etc. use opencma4.5 and transfer it to your vita 1.81 and voila!

  9. poec

    Keep calm and turn off WiFi

  10. dr_spikes

    dam u sony

  11. SonyFails

    I can’t wait until someone hacks the VITA fully since Sony keeps shoving these pointless Firmwares down out throat.

    • hgoel0974

      at this point, the console won’t be able to take a full hack (lv0 keys) because that would probably result in outright piracy 😉 Maybe native user mode hacks with most modules would be better 😉

      Also, given the security of the device, it is quite unlikely that we will see a “PSVita lv0 keys leaked” post any time soon.

  12. edward sedward

    I cant Wait Till a new 2.05 exploit is released i have managed to miss all the others.

  13. Brandonheat8

    The Proxy Method with Charles works at the moment if people want to download stuff.

  14. Noel

    can you still use ps vita ftp client?

  15. Blinx14

    Hey guys can u update your vita with a 1 Memory Card and then keep the other as the old version.

    Ex: Memory Card 1 = 2.05
    Memory Card 2 = 2.02
    Same Account

  16. Lawliet156

    I will continue to update until a working PSN bypasser is made.

  17. StanSmith

    Im guessing the virtual PSP has been updated thats probably why this update was so big and needed a reboot.
    I think the virtual emulators are updated. Im able to assign buttons in the PSX emulator. I didnt see much changed in the PSP emulator.

  18. blackforest