Vita 2.05 Mandatory update LIVE & Blocks UNO exploit

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  1. quincy says:

    uno is back on psn? can someone confirm so i can test if they actually patched it.

  2. FoxSevent says:

    And it doesn’t even now sya 2.05 on “Sony” site. 🙂

  3. quincy says:

    i mean patched it on 2.02 firmware, not 2.05 obviously its stated on the OP. corrected it i know some MISTAKE SHARKS linger in this forum

    • Moi says:

      For the zillionth time, GAMES ARE NOT PATCHED; FIRMWARE IS.

      TLDR: If you still have 2.02, Uno will ALWAYS WORK.

      • xoombie503 says:

        people will never learn

        • Yuu says:

          “people will never learn”

          Which is why we must do our best to educate them. Even if it takes me (or you) 100 times until it is understood, it must be done. 🙂

          We have many trolls but also many who want to learn but come from different cultures, together we can teach other while sifting out the annoying trolls.

          I look forward to hearing what else was pushed in this firmware update, as mentioned above that the emus were updated but what else…hmmmm…

          • Meshin says:

            With that in mind, the reply two above yours just confused me. I just got my Vita in December, and just started looking into the exploits and trying to understand them the day before UNO (registered for the forums and everything)

            So if I understand correctly the UNO exploit will still work as long as you are on the 2.02 FW, how ever the trouble falls with the fact that you cannot get the game from the market so you are unable to do that.

            How ever reading through this thread on this main page I’ve seen a few references that you can still get it on your Vita somehow. Can someone explain this, or is there a thread on the forums that someone can point me to that I read about it?

            Sorry for the wall of text.


  4. KULANGOT says:

    Main features in system software update version 2.05

    System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

    ***!!!!! dont still have PSM on my PS VITA!!

  5. walala says:

    nice SONY!

  6. razor says:

    This is f**king annoying that all Vita got nowadays is forced firmware updates. No new features, no good games, no new apps, nothing! F**K U SONY! X(

  7. QUICKSORT says:

    I like this exploits but Since they seems to get updated it’s really frustrating. It’s either loose your network capabilities or get to run a CFW.

    I personally am looking for exploits vita’s main apps, like video player, audio player, CMA, browser, etc.

    Only found one minor exploit for the homebrew through the browser, but that’s really easy patched. It’s really ahrd to corner Sony this time.

  8. EJ says:

    I left netflix signed on, I can still use it without updating, so I’m all set there at least.

    • HIMFan says:

      Yeah, I noticed that, it you had Netflix open and then pressed the Home button to go like browse the web or something on the Vita and an update comes out, as long as you leave Netflix open you’ll be okay.

      • HIMFan says:

        Adding onto that, if you start Charles Proxy, and then load Netflix and kill Charles Proxy, you can stay permaconnected to Netflix the same way. But you can’t let the Vita die.

  9. Rstxk says:

    use charles PROXY

  10. nukester says:

    to be honest i rather wait for a vita exploit psp games don’t bother me and i can wait for homebrew through vita mode

  11. jake says:

    What about fixing a version of UNO (for the PSP of course) that can be obtained online but not at PSN? I’ve seen it out there and available for download. If it were downloaded, and it can be shown to run on a PSP, can anything be done with it from there to get it onto a PS Vita intact, (ie not corrupted) so that the exploit can then be utilized?



  12. Voltrom says:

    I already know there’s exploits that execute under 2.05. When the time is right, they will be released to the public. Until then, I gotta use Netflix on my iPhone 5.

  13. E says:

    And that is not all, I was trying to access the Browser this morning and the page would not load. When i would try 2 refresh the update system FW window would pop up. When I would hit cancel my connection would disconnect. Sony is getting crafty. You can, in essence, not use any network features whatsoever in the midst of a forced update. Well at least I am not at any kind of loss by updating considering I already owned the UNO game prior to the exploit. Just sucks because I was liking ARK. till have not figured out how to get DLC content 2 work though… Oh well

  14. Yo guys! I got my Vita 3G today with 2.02 Firmware. I also got OpenCMA 5 (patched). Also, I got Uno (Full Game) on my PS3 and the Charles Proxy works on my Vita, I am able to bypass firmware upgrade. So can anyone please tell me the steps on transferring Uno to my Vita? I don’t want to make any mistakes on my own, as I am still a Nooby at this. Please, any methods available?

  15. Freyer says:

    Hey, sorry for a noob question, but this stuff doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve been avoiding bothering everyone, but I really need help.
    I want to transfer the dlc for Playstation All-Stars onto my Vita, but I don’t want to update. Is there a way to do that, or am I not getting Kat? I’ve got it on my PS3, but it wont let me transfer it without updating.

  16. Curiousme96 says:

    Man guess you can’t help it now. All we gotta do is just hope.

  17. anton says:

    how do I get him on that vhbl 1:12 I have on my ps vita are 2.60
    luk ge me not live I can not get him on that vhbl 1:12
    who knows it

    my system is 2.60