Six Weeks and Six Free PSM Games from Sony: Week 2.

Last week Sony started giving away a free PSM game each week for six weeks which can be enjoyed on certified PlayStation Mobiles, Sony Tablets and the PlayStation Vita.

This week the game to be released is called Beats Slider. It’s a Rhythm/Puzzle game in which you match up the lines on a slider/grid…thing.

This is a bad explanation, I know. Think of it like those puzzle grids that you’d slide around to make an image, much like the image below. I was never very good at these things, but this game is rather enjoyable.







Here’s a video of some gameplay (Please note that I could not find a video of just Beats Slider, nor can I make a video right now, so skip to 6:34):


To download this game:

  • Open up PlayStation Store.
  • Go to the PlayStation Mobile section
  • Choose Games
  • Choose Puzzle
  • Download Beats Slider

The Vita is scheduled for an update very soon, so if you want this game then you’ll have to get it soon. As of the time of writing this (8pm GMT on Jan 23rd ) PSN is still available. However, the latest Firmware update is almost guaranteed to block the UNO Exploit, so if you miss this window then I highly recommend that you do not upgrade to get this game. It certainly isn’t worth losing CEF for a PSM game.

Note: PSM is available in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia. If you live outside of these areas, then you may be unable to download this game.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this game.


  1. jasonxbeast’s avatar

    Really enjoying these type of posts. keep em coming. This game really annoys me. It is fun but extremely hard for me


    1. rafael707’s avatar

      imho this game sucks… but its free xD


    2. Denis’s avatar

      It`s hard for everyone that has a life to live! XD
      But also, incridible enjoyable!

      I do recommend!


  2. compil3r’s avatar

    Downloading now, thanks for the update!


  3. Jd8531’s avatar

    Thanks for the update Tonakai


  4. chrisian’s avatar

    why i dont have PSM tab on my vita, im using US PSN


    1. TheZekku’s avatar

      its a seperate catagory at the top there will be games | Videos | mobile


  5. voltrom’s avatar

    Well, it’s free hah.


  6. Theredbaron’s avatar

    And it’s gone. No more free games for me I guess. Update is live.


  7. fingloi_x3’s avatar

    no PSM on Hongkong… no asian love…


  8. EJ’s avatar

    I enjoyed last weeks game more, not sure if I will keep this one.


  9. clicks’s avatar

    I’ve yet to see a game that’ll make me want to update. Hell, I STILL don’t play Super Collapse 3 and only keep it on since I paid $10 for it… Though I did get my money’s worth lol.


  10. Mars’s avatar

    Man, did I miss out on that old school looking FPS? Bummer.


  11. johnny’s avatar

    This sucks…WE NEED CFW!!!


  12. devilmax’s avatar

    at saudi region psn is not available so we are not udated for this fetures screw sony for not giving us like to the ither country well any ways ps vita are not that popular cuz of restrictions.


  13. devilmax’s avatar

    oops psm i mean


  14. weasal’s avatar

    i asume this includes new zealand as i get the file but no way to update



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