Open source handheld GCW Zero reaches its funding amount


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  1. pj says:

    Wololo if you need any info or stuff I have this device any questions just email me.

    • wololo says:

      Well for one I would like to know if the screen feels good enough. Because I have seen screenshots and that is still the one point that I think should have been improved.

      • pj says:

        Well the screen size is just fine for playing those retro style games not as good as the psvita but its good enogh.

        • Zimond says:

          The question is : Why not 640×480? Would that really make a big difference at the costs? You had still the exactly same look for all retro things but also the possibility for things like Super Eagle mode, Hires Modes for PS1 and N64 or ports of Doom and Duke.

          • Lorz says:

            I also think it’s a mystery why they didn’t go with a higher res screen…. some things to keep in mind though, 4:3 screens aren’t really common today, they may have been limited on the res/price options because of the poor availability of 4:3 screens in comparison with 16:9 screens.

            Another thing to consider, with 320×240, the hardware only has to drive 76800 pixels, with a 1ghz CPU, accelerated GPU, and 512mb of RAM, it should be able to do so blazingly fast, if they bumped the res up to 640×480, then they are driving 307200 pixels, that’s 4 times as many pixels with the same hardware…. see where I’m going with this? It would be impossible for performance not to suffer a bit….. the question is, how much? And would gamers find the performance decrease acceptable?

            Speaking for myself, I think I would rather performance suffer a little and I get to look at a nice crisp, sharp image.

  2. trecenters says:

    Sounds Sweet man! Can’t wait to buy one.

  3. chacal says:

    Games PSP and PSX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All

    Sorry… not good….

    PSP play games PSP , PSX and emulations..

  4. Kyu says:

    The only thing that kills it for me is the lack of second analog and the small screen.

    • Pal says:

      To be fair, not many classic games required one, so it’s understandable that it was omitted to keep costs (and design time) down.

  5. Pal says:

    The screen size and quality was a letdown for me initially, but after playing with the DS again, it didn’t bother me as much. While I’ve been spoiled with OLED screens on the Vita and my phones, it’s really a non-issue when I play the DS since the games were designed for that screen.

    Compared to the DSi’s screens, touch capability and dual-display advantages aside, the Zero is an improvement, as it sports a higher resolution (320×240 vs. 256×192) and screen size (3.5″ vs. 3.25″).

    I think that the decisions made by the GCW staff are justified, since many older games don’t need such high resolutions. I would love OLED, but I doubt anyone is making such low-resolution solutions. It’s a purpose-built machine.

  6. kagaelus says:

    I have supported the GCW-ZERO. Have you?

    • Dutt says:

      No its not good enough for me..
      I will not buy anything that Goes backwards in specs including screen size/resolution.. fair enough its for emulation of older systems but that’s all its for..
      I can do that with other devices and have better screen resolution for other things.

  7. Dovlek says:

    Im with wololo about the screen size but then again if their main goal was just emulating then its ok

  8. mindstate says:

    I think the project itself is really dope, and i’ll definitely be getting one. The screen res thing is definitely not a big deal to me, as long as i can see whats on the screen i’m good. I am not buying this expecting it to have super specs, its to run old school games all in one package. I think this is a dope project.

  9. Link1565 says:

    Every one is so damn concerned with the screen. Is it really that big a deal? Sure, my Vita and Galaxy S3 screens are nice to look at… But, does it really matter that this device’s screen isn’t as good? How about you judge actual performance of the device first and worry about the trivial *** later?

    • wololo says:

      My personal concern is not trivial though. There is not enough real estate on the screen to port games like Wagic to this device, without majorly re-thinking the UI.

      • Lorz says:

        very true…… I think the screen is by far the biggest letdown about this device, I can understand some of their reasoning behind the decision, but one thing that just doesn’t cut it for me is the whole “well emulators don’t need a better screen”…… maybe the oldest systems don’t, PS1 and N64 could definitely benefit from better screens though, and like you say, they’re completely forgetting about homebrews that need more screen/res

  10. n00neimp0rtant says:

    Considering the availability, affordability, portability, and hackability of the PSP Go…why would you ever purchase a handheld eternally cursed with far less developer support? The PSP scene is still pumping out homebrew updates every few days, but the likes of Pandora and GamePark are long dead.

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