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Vita firmware update 2.05 inbound today

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  1. Andalia says:

    Let’s keep the hunt for the rabbit going.

  2. Lai says:

    :'( no more PSN for me /sobs

  3. hgoel0974 says:

    Does this patch the kexploit though? Is the update out?

  4. rafael707 says:

    jd, the update also includes better html5 and javascript support, browser multi tasking, etc… according to psvitahub.com

  5. musashiro says:

    Oh ***!!!

    i still have trophies to accomplish on AC3:L

    f*cking multiplayer.. cant get max level!!!

  6. wartaf says:

    no additional features on this update?

    • Yes says:

      Not that we know of. Sometimes the firmware updates have small features/improvements that arent mentioned. I dont really expect it to happen with firmware 2.05, but i guess that it is not impossible.

  7. mat says:

    So close to finishing ragnarok odyssey, Damn you sony.

  8. Yes says:

    I’m updating 🙂 The previous “useless updates” (as someone call it) have not been useless to me. I’ve had some freezes earlier and this seems to have improved over time for me as firmwares have been updated.

  9. RiotDX says:

    Finally! I missed UNO when it was still up on PSN and I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Hopefully this means another kernel exploit will come soon with a different game.

  10. KingBlade300 says:

    this is good, nice update, psn access is better than any ecfw 😀

  11. RzmmDX says:


  12. Mr. MaGoo says:

    This could be positive like some of the other released ofw where they place uno back on the psn. If u have 2 vitas and missed tbe exploit, u could update one of them, download it on one card and swap it to the 2.02 vita and back it up via open cma. U have eCFW now 🙂

    • wololo says:

      That’s actualy a quite clever trick

      • makak1984 says:

        Only if the they release same Uno like was before on PSN.

      • traveller says:

        Don’t think it works. A least it did not when I tried to transfer UNO to a 1.81 PSV (I moved the backed up file data from OpenCMA 5 to 4.5 on a different PC). It copies the file and acts like it might work, but then at the end you get an error code on the PSV.

  13. datright says:

    And that’s why I have 2 vita’s.

  14. kuagelo says:

    (sorry for double posting! I thought the 1st one didn’t go through. >_<)

  15. AyeGuy says:

    How do i get a coustom picture?

  16. Qraze says:

    wait, all these features were 2.00 features and so, none are new.

    i can’t seem to find where anyone would assume a new update is coming based on one page that only says 2.02

    please, post the link to the real fw details or quit posting this useless nonsense.

  17. don17sch says:

    so long psn for me

  18. ssJon says:

    I’m new at this and this is probably a stupid question, but if i stay on the lower firmware with the uno exploit, would it block me from transfering vita purchases made on ps3 to vita?

  19. VivaLaVita says:

    I hope I can snag the new free psm game (tomorrows game I mean) before the update is out. It might already be out, haven’t checked yet. I’m definitely keeping the k exploit cause I am getting a 16gb card soon and I will have a lot more storage.

  20. BrooksBlood says:

    This may sound crazy, but what if sony purposely did this to have the new VHBL game name released and kill 2 birds with one stone (uno and new VHBL) on the next FW update? Just a theory

  21. RodPin says:

    Last chance to sync your trophies!

  22. Almax says:

    Hey new free game on the PSN! its a new playstation mobile game, its called Beats Slider! find it under the puzzle filter!

    • makak1984 says:

      Good to know only if PSM is avaliable on your country… On my not :/

      • Lai says:

        thanks for the info.. i got it now.. too bad these psm games are good if u turn your wifi on and not in airplane mode.. >.> sony is pretty fishy on these games.. (they want you to update if the new update is gonna come)

  23. TelgarDrakore says:

    There is actually till psn access for those that want to download apps or games. All you have to do is plug in your vita to a computer with open cma and wait for the vita to let you transfer, then unplug the vita from your pc and without touching anything on the vita plug it into a ps3. The Vita will give and error, then let you through to transfer with the ps3. Internet connection required bypassed. (Works on 1.81 MBA exploit and lets me purchase and use jetpack, a free app on psn)

  24. eighthdayregret says:

    So far, the new update isn’t mandatory. I logged into PSN to get the new free game, and it didn’t even mention updating.

  25. WolfRamiO says:

    now is show 2.02 lOl

  26. go1den3ye says:

    I’m still on 1.52 or something, haven’t had access to psn in a while.

  27. $ONYisNotYourFriend says:

    How are we suppose to play the latest games if Sony keeps $crewing us over? The new games require the newest firmware don’t they?

    • Corey96 says:

      Yeah… But that’s kind of what they’re trying to acheive. They want to make you see a need to update, whether it’s for new games or PSN access.

      They don’t want us using exploits, so of course they’re going to keep “$crewing us over”.

  28. Corey96 says:

    Not really a big deal to me… My PSN got banned thanks to using it on my 4.30 Rogero CFW PS3… well, the one I’m currently using, not that I’ve bought any games besides the exploited ones through it, but I’m not swapping until the next kernel exploit release, so probably not for a while. It’s kind of funny, they didn’t send me an email telling me to remove unofficial stuff or be banned, and they haven’t sent me an email saying that I was banned.

    Anyway, the cat and mouse game continues… XD

    • WolfRamiO says:

      why they have to sen you a notification about that? isn´t in the TOS that the use an unofficial software on your playstation if not allowed?

  29. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    WOW I just updated and my UNO/VHBL still works. ^_^
    How is that even possible? MAYBE Sony isn’t blocking it this time.

    Don’t say I’m trolling because I’m not. Only stupid people like Wololo will say that. Go see for yourself..

  30. tonyxct says:

    In europe still not inbound, it can allows to download new PSMobile game, beats slider.

  31. quetz says:


  32. psVitovic says:

    it shows 2.02 on both us and eu(it) sites

  33. hacker says:

    this was the worst

  34. pol says:

    maybe the new fw update will include flash for browser i hope so..

  35. Patty says:

    Trophies are stupid imo why do people care about that ***? Sony owes me a *** ton for ps1 and ps2 days

  36. Ant1206 says:

    Is it not possible to download Uno onto the PS3 and transer Uno to the Vita without updating?

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