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Vita firmware update 2.05 inbound today

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  1. azio says:

    html 5 and java support ? its mean can we watch the
    videos on web?

  2. Polsky says:

    Main features in system software update version 2.02
    PlayStation®Plus is now supported. > See details
    “near” has been redesigned to improve its usability.
    The display speed of Web pages has been improved.
    You can now use a pointer to open links. > See details
    Support for HTML5 and JavaScript has been enhanced.
    (Content Manager)
    Usability has been improved.
    You can now transfer data by connecting to a computer using Wi-Fi on the PS Vita system. > See details
    You can now copy an entire folder of photos and video to your PS Vita system from your PS3™ system or your computer. > See details
    You can now display weather information on the map for areas where it is available. > See details
    (Email) application has been added. You can start the application from the home screen. > See details
    You can now set how you will be notified separately for each application and feature. > See details
    The number of applications you can control using the buttons on the PS Vita system has been increased. > See details
    Other new or revised features in version 2.02
    [Assign Touchscreen] and [Assign Rear Touch Pad] have been added as features to [Controller Settings] in the PlayStation® format software menu.
    [Custom] has been added as an option under [Other Settings] > [Screen Mode] in the PlayStation® format software menu.
    You can now delete screenshots or songs created in PSP™Game software.> See details
    You can now display activities on the LiveArea™ screen for Friends.
    The LiveArea™ screen is displayed by flicking the screen up to let you communicate in real time with your friends.
    You can now write a comment to send with a friend request.> See details
    You can now report an inappropriate message when you receive one with a friend request. Tap (Options) > [Submit Grief Report] on the profile screen to report.
    (Group Messaging)
    More varieties of file formats (TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG and MPO) are now supported as attachments to messages.
    When trophy information is automatically synchronized with PlayStation®Network servers, it is now synchronized in the background. You can perform other operations during the synchronization.
    You can now tweet the currently displayed page. > See details
    You can now open the browser without pausing playing a game.
    You can now play a video with 1080 resolution.
    You can now play the video in slow motion.
    You can now skip chapters.
    Closed caption is now supported.
    [Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection Automatically] has been added as a feature under [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings].
    [Avatar], [Panel], [Online ID], [About Me] and [My Languages] under [PlayStation®Network] > [Account Information] have been moved to the newly added category [Profile].
    [Twitter] has been added as a feature under [PlayStation®Network].
    Turkish has been added as an option under [Language] > [System Language] and [Language] > [Input Languages] > [Keyboards / Add Terms].
    [PlayStation®Mobile] has been added as a feature under [System].
    New in 2.02

    System software stability during use of some features has been improved.
    New in 2.01

    An issue in a feature to connect to the Internet automatically and save data has been observed in the “Online Game Save” service for PlayStation®Plus members. This version of the system software addresses this issue.
    System software stability during use of some features has been improved.
    New for 2.00

    Screenshots are now saved in the background. You can perform other operations while saving the screenshot.
    In the lists under (Music) and (Videos), you can now scroll and display truncated title names to view the whole text. > See details

    For details about these and other features, refer to the PS Vita system user’s guide.

  3. Polsky says:

    ops i just saw thats is 2.02 forget about it sorry

  4. huz says:

    uno 2.02 ARK eCFW
    THAT PSPFILER can change REST
    NPEH00020DATA00″2″ multimenu


    WHO PEOPLE don’t recommend DO NOT UPDATE 2.05

  5. tonyneyer says:

    psn still online in us no required update yet hurry and download your games before its too late!

  6. vextype-0 says:

    finel fantasy type-0 crisis core finel fantasy qheens blade kingdom hearts bbs patapon 3 mhp3 peace walker metal gear acid 2 well later psn

  7. Voltrom says:

    Okay so Wololo it is confirmed that 2.05 does not prevent the UNO exploit from executing?

    • wololo says:

      I didn’t get any confirmation of anything yet, I am still confused as to the update even being out or not at this point

  8. Voltrom says:

    Meh, I see. I have to drive a block or two away from my house to get wifi to transfer my files (CMA on Mac) hopefully I’m not forced to update to use CMA. I’m hoping someone released an open CMA for Mac OSX. Isn’t there a way I can modify the XML file or something along those sorts to go use CMA without going online… People on here taking about how UNO still executes with 2.05 but troll is troll and I dunno. I’m going to give ARK eCFW a try tonight.

  9. eighthdayregret says:

    Update is live in the US and forced as of 8:28 pm MST

  10. DeadPixel99 says:



    Tried to go onto psn and it asked to update, i did not as im sure it kills the uno, let me know if it still works after updating who ever braves the update.

  11. psvita-freak says:

    Well… that means that i’ve got to wait… :\ Hope there will be an full CWF for the vita this time… 🙂

  12. vagner says:

    quandosai esse expolit alguem sabe 2.5

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