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[Rumor] New details on PS4’s controller (and Sony’s new console might be revealed sooner than expected)


I like beer.

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  1. musashiro says:

    why big NO for ps3 compatibility on AMD? i just cant think of a reason..

    but i agree with you on the other things, specially the second one.

    • Tim says:

      Because that’s another chipset structure.

    • Aristotle says:

      Don’t expect PS3 compatibility because the PSX and PS2 can be trivially emulated by hardware or software, the PS3 not so much.

      This is regarded as one of the reasons Nintendo have used basically the same architecture in the last three generations of console – to aid backward compatibility.

      • UE says:

        That is ***, sony can but won’t emulate the ps3 engine on a next gen, don’t assume the difficulties of working on a emulator as a reverse engineer is the same as someone who fully understands and has what is essentially a map to how it works from a hardware level.

        I am not saying it wouldn’t take time and money, but it could be done and it certainly would benefit sony.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          we would need at least 30Ghz on an intel or amd chip to emulate the ps3’s 3.2Ghz cell ship, not to mention the graphics card, so yeah, you’re the one talking ***

        • tom says:

          no it cant be done, its like trying to run OSX Mountain lion on an AMD , different chipsets. In order to run it they would need alot of power to emulate it.

          • nyrol says:

            I run Mountain Lion on AMD all day. AMD and Intel are very similar (both conform to x86-64 instruction sets) so there really is no differences. I have a $400 PC that runs Mountain Lion better than any iMac out there. Although, with the case of the PS4 being able to support the PS3, well they may just do the same thing that they did with the first gen PS3; include a whole other console in the case (PS3 had a PS2 in it). Anyway, you should check your facts before you post.

          • edward sedward says:

            mabbby they should stuff it being slim and release a moddle with all three different chips and all?

  2. Deagle275 says:

    No anti-used games ***. As you said Acid Snake , it needs that . I’m getting an xbox if sony does that.

  3. Dmaskell92 says:

    The new Xbox is planning to have anti-used games aswell. Personally I think it’s a good move, if they drop the prices, and make a sell feature. GameStop makes a *** ton of money that DEVS should be getting…

    • Deagle275 says:

      I don’t want to buy used games . I want to bring a game to a friend’s house and play there .
      Imagine if my PS4 Bricks and i buy a new one .
      I just lost a butload of games .

      • Jd8531 says:

        I’d hope Sony would be smart enough to incorporate a transfer feature.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        Well I know this may sound weird but, why would you lug a game to a friends house? Why not just play online? I don’t play single player games in front of my friends. Also I’m sure PS4 will have some features to re-download a “lost” game you have purchased. I can’t tell you how many disk games, I have ruined. They don’t offer replacement disks because of scratches.

        • Ukdna says:

          Personally I hate online, always seemed hollow (and sad – obviously just my opinion). The best times I ever had we’re playing co-op campaigns sharing some beer and chips and salsa. Everyone always comes to my house to play though, so not a big deal

          • DeadPixel99 says:

            You and e have the exact same opinion on video games my friend.

          • A-noon-e-mouse says:

            You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, what you have described is honestly, the only way to play games socially. Leave the online *** to the pc master race anyway, since they’re the only ones who can do the sh*t right XD

        • Aristotle says:

          In Ancient Greece we don’t have the internet so single player is our only option.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          you sir have no social life at all, enjoy your online, meanwhile, I’ll hang out with REAL friends xD

      • UE says:

        the anti used gamne thing ties the game to your account permanently not your console you dit

      • UE says:

        the anti used gamne thing ties the game to your account permanently not your console… I wish people had paid more attention to what the technology was.

    • IgnusArmagadan says:

      What, you mean getting paid multiple times for the same damn product? I don’t get that logic at all. There is nothing else in the world that gets that, why should Video Games be any different? Used books, CDs, movies, clothes, vehicles, ect ect. If all those were done the same way, WAY less people would buy anything at all. It’s *** logic; “Hey, guys, someone bought a copy of our game for $60 and returned it three times, now we are even richer!!” Terrible games would get top sold games and the best games that no one returns would get the lowest…

    • hammer says:

      you do realise that gamestop only makes $1 on every new game they sell right, and when they sell used games it actually helps the industry. Eg. I trade in used game and buy a new game = good for the industry, someone buys my used game and likes it = possible dlc sales and future sales witch also helps the industry.all this hate on gamestop for selling used games is absurd

  4. Chacal says:

    you dont need to buy physical copy anymore if this anti used does happen. just buy them from psn and done, but if the prices of the games are too expensive then i will see a big failure. but well it is still in the beta stage so nothing has been confirmed.

    • loketar says:

      That’s fine for you to say just download off PSN my download speed maxes at 500kb/s so PSN is unaccessible for me.

      • alpmaster says:

        Wow lucky you im using Metropcs download speed which
        Is 15 to 16 Kb a second 🙁 i cant even access playstation store
        It says error occurred after 30. Min and gets to 89%
        Then does not finish? Tried 3 times already.

        • ReapersRage says:

          Sounds like some high tech ‘Get 100 hours free AOL’ stuff to me 😀 I thought they banished Dial-up 6 years ago????

    • hammer says:

      I learnt my lesson the hard way, never buy digital from sony.if they decide to ban you for using homebrew then you lose all the games that you purchased, the same thing would happen if sony goes bankrupt.

  5. gunblade says:

    yea hopeing the download wont be more then 50 gb but i wander on sony cloud game n steam how that would go save on local storage i would guess..storage solid state maybe think the xbox360 been getting it a bit…new controller sounds cool.. wander the range would be cool to play remote play like with the vita..

    • gunblade says:

      hope the controller is lot more hardware then the vita n i would guess the price would be atleast 70 but guessing way more heard the wii u tablet was i bit much… hope they keep to the four controller but would be hard i would think but would have to see if the system can handle four controllers with touch screen gussing the 8 gb ram is a nice touch.. hope they ant to big n its still light and like getting the 64 as to the psone i hoping on lots of button

  6. Frank says:

    Nintendo was not the first to make a controller with a screen into… Another example would be the PS Vita that was released before ! The Vita has all the power to be the PS3 controller but Sony don’t use it at full capacity. An example could be displaying the map on the Vita while playing to a game on the PS3. Or using augmented reality to shoot enemies with a snipper… Ps Vita with PS3 can all do that before the Wii U was out but Sony don’t use it… Only some crappy remote play on very little game titles.

  7. soad26 says:

    hands down, there will be a back touch on the new ps4 controller. im betting my *** on this.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      I’m getting my Vita soon, and I still don’t know if I’m going to enjoy the back touch panel. So I won’t be wishing for that feature yet…

    • hammer says:

      the back touch is the worst feature on the vita, I would be suprised if they made the same mistake twice. So please don’t bet your *** on it

  8. oO Flowzila Oo says:

    Sony said that they’re gonna let Microsoft reveal their next-gen console first.

  9. mangbhoy says:

    Game library > hardware

    Just make the hardware for gamers damn it!

  10. Eazon says:

    I really don’t think sony will make it ps 1,2 or 3 compatible. they simple make less money that way.

  11. Tonakai says:

    Interesting post, Acid. I’m looking forward to seeing how the PS4 is upon release, although I’m not sold by it at all. Apparently they’re going to include many security features not dissimilar to the Vita and some newer ones. This of course means that the likelihood of actually running homebrew on it (since Sony probably won’t include the capability) is incredibly far off. Furthermore; the console itself is going to be ridiculously priced and considering how they keep removing Backwards Compatibility from their Consoles and their “Anti-secondhand games” crusade; I really don’t see this being included other than through PSN which forces you to buy your games yet again (good old Sony).

  12. Kacex says:

    You must mean heart rate unless theres some new dating sim that can measure when you get your “heartbreak”

  13. Vitality says:

    I hope playing PS3 games on PS4 will have some performances boost, like frame rates changing from 30 to 60 fps for example. Although I really doubt about this, but that’s what I really hope for. Of course, I would love to see every games for PS4 run in smooth 60fps, just like a PC with powerful rigs.

    • darksmile says:

      PS3 can’t be emulated with software at the moment. It needs to much power.
      So if PS4 doesn’t use cell architecture+nvidia gpu(nvidia changed their cores but it is not big deal)it won’t be able to emulate PS3.
      PS2 emu probably already exist since they have “beta stage” emu in PS3 and they hired PS2 programmers few months ago

  14. svenn says:

    Ow your talking about that piece of hardware, that isn’t made to do anything besides gaming. I thought by now it would have been completely replaced by laptops. You really wane spend ~500 euro for a machine that only can play games, approved by Sony ?

    laptops :
    – keeps support for old games. (dosbox, wine,…)
    – has support for PS1/PS2/… games
    – homebrew, we have 99bottles of code languages available
    – we have IE9 ! (ow wait …)
    – Everyone needs this machine, so by default we have the biggest market.

    • VivaLaVita says:

      I understand peoples point with this. But I still prefer game consoles over PC’s. I just do. Consoles give me a certain feeling that computers don’t. I like gaming consoles personally. But one day I want a gaming computer too. (or a bad *** graphics computer)

      • spehssmahreen says:

        Connect controller to PC, connect to tv with an hdmi cable…………….

      • hammer says:

        the real appeal of consoles is that everyone is on the same playing field hardware wise. With pc’s you need to spend a fortune to keep up with everybody else…for me at least

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I understand if you talked about desktops, but laptops? the most powerful ones don’t even come close to what the ps3 can offer without overheating, plus they have a bigger failure rate, specially if you stress them out with new games

    • Deagle275 says:

      Well , on a console you don’t need to worry if your processor is potent enough to run the game .
      And the console has a default hardware , so everythin can be adapted to run smoother on it.

  15. zorrodood says:

    i doubt that games are ever going to be below 40$

  16. StanSmith says:

    I’m not sure what to do about the PS4. I think it will suck and I will boycott it for what they did to Geohot and others.

    BUT should you get the first model? It’ll be the one with everything then they will remove things for the next model and remove some more then release a slim version thats stripped then remove more features then when there is nothing left to strip out they find more to remove then release a superslim version.

    So if your going to get a PS4 get the first version. BUT, yea another but the first versions are usually unstable and overheat and crash then die. The first Xbox360’s did that and the first PS3s also did that. They were great consoles but died way to easy.

    And from what I’ve heard they are dropping the DualShock controller again and not bringing back shock. They tried to kill off shock with the PS3 but too many people complained so they put it back in.

  17. fatman01923 says:

    I predict it is going to look like a Vita but a hybrid of it. The screen will be a 3 inch OLED, L1,L2,R1,R2,L3,R3 will be on it in some shape or form. When they added cross controller features for certain games, they were making us test out the their prototype controller for PS4. 😀

  18. VivaLaVita says:

    “It is also suggested that the controller will not be like the DualShocks we’re used to that have been in our lives for 16 years.”

    That sounds like a stupid idea.

  19. koSiukaS says:

    Nintendo didn’t put a lcd screen on a controler. They used a tablet as a controler. NOW THAT IS A BIG DIFFERENCE, which means Nintendo just were too lazy and just connected a tablet to a console. PS3 has done that 7 years ago by allowing to use the PSP as a controler.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      this is the same thing as “half-empty/half-full”, it really depends on how you see it. I see it as a controller with a screen hooked up, you see it as a tablet with a controller hooked up, but in the end, it’s the same thing

  20. Link says:

    Sega Dreamcast will always be better than WII U, PS4, AND 720. Sega Dreamcast is the greatest Console ever created. It was like god himself made that Console with it’s awesome obscure Library.

  21. “…we received news that Sony had filed a patent to create biometric controllers that can measure some physical conditions such as >[heartbreak]<, and react by getting colder or warmer.

    That's one bada** controller if it can read my emotions. 😀

  22. alpmaster says:

    All this talk makes me want to buy ps2 again

  23. itfreedoe says:

    I am glad they are using the APU’s.

    Believe me it would be ALOT WORSE if they used normal parts than an APU.

  24. Electric Penis says:

    Tbe PS4 will rock.
    The Xbox 720, however, will not be able to compete with the slime under my testicles.

  25. alpmaster says:

    I love playing the classic games i prefer to play the old
    Games V.S the new. I am waiting tilll the wiiu drops the
    Price. Until then i will keep playing my soft modded Wii.

  26. bsanehi says:

    I hope Sony uses the same cell broadband engine, and add’s 16 SPE, and so it will have PS3 compatibility.

  27. Mutchako says:

    The PS4 almost one hundred percent will not be able to run physical PS3 discs, but i think that SONY will do something to make money with PS3 games. If it’s impossible to emulate, so recompile or rebuild for a different platform. Linux, and even Windows, with a complex structure can run over different hardware, from ARM to RISC! They will find a way. Maybe some kind of virtual machine can be used too.

  28. Edzo says:

    “Nintendo wasn’t the first to put an LCD screen on a controller, so they haven’t done any innovation either” come on those arent even similar. anyways why would anyone care about anything besides wind waker hd right now? just seems foolish

    • Electric Penis says:

      Wind Waker HD is a shameless cash-grab that morons like you buy.
      And it’s sad when Nintendo is so new to the current generation*, they actually think abusing the bloom effect to frightening levels in Wind Waker HD makes a game actually look next generation.

      * The Wii U is not a next generation console, not graphically or feature-wise. The Wii U is Nintendo FINALLY putting their own console out on the current generation market alongside the PS3 and 360.

      No, dipshit, the Wii wasn’t a part of this generation. It’s merely an expansion of the GameCube released in the generation of the PS2, Original Xbox and GameCube.

      Golly, you’re all *** dumb.

  29. suicidal_banana says:

    I mostly want full backwards compatibility (got a bunch of ps2 and psx games i cant even play, thanks again sony) and they better not be pulling out another handheld, or if they do, at the very least, make it able to play Vita games too (and preferably include the UMD drive)

  30. Uncharted lord22 says:

    I agree on all y’all gaming consoles are better and does the same thing as a Pc but we have to use homebrews run ALL EMULATORS on it. While pc’s don’t need to.

    And as for browsers I prefer the same flash that the Pc got with a GOOGLE CROME display because they faster.

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