New VHBL Exploit found by tomtomdu80


I like beer.

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  1. Darren says:

    You do realize, Sony has trained dogs to sniff out any game exploit if given one clue….. Because you didnt mute the Vita when exploiting… now they have something to go off of…. Chances are that sony will find it, Like they did the Mercury exploit on the psp (when only a corner of the game was actually shown) This one gives a whole (menu sound?) i guess…. i dont own a vita but i still check back from time to time :). Basically what i am saying!, Dont be surprised if sony takes your game out of PSN within a couple of days and patches it before you release the name of the title.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      That doesn’t sound like menu music in the beginning (although it does remind me of a game)

      I am pretty sure that sony wouldn’t try to guess the game using the sound and then take the risk of being wrong ;)

      They’d rather wait for the release, make some dough and remove it

  2. Ruwen says:

    when comes a cfw for vita games?

  3. tomtomdu80 says:

    Hello Guys,

    I won’t port my exploit to any CFW, stop ask for ISO/CSO.
    And I won’t send you the name of the game because you asked it.

    I’ll release the exploit when a new FW with some new features will be available.

    And Sony can’t guess what game it is, the sound at the beginning is just LiveArea sound ;)

  4. Jos1122 says:

    Hey guys…

    I,m pretty sure it is menu music.
    I guess its a patience problem…I check it now for a 100 times…
    Really don’t want to miss it this time!!!

  5. Jos1122 says:

    Oké… LiveArea sound..

    Still waiting…

  6. pSnDeaofly says:

    Time will tell what we will be able to uncover with all these findings :)

  7. wes says:

    Sold my vita pretty boring machine homebrew is a mess and users are being expoited, eg buy this game or that game to maker the “exploit” work. for those that still have a vita,,,,just use it the way it was meant to be used and stop trying to play 20 year old ripped off roms on new technology

    • Vita_User says:

      Homebrew works perfectly and you wouldn’t have sold your Vita if it was working well for you too. Why would I limit my Vita’s capabilities to what someone else intended it for?

      Given the choice between only playing the 3-4 good Vita titles I have or playing them and Snes, GBA, GBC, CPS1/2 and the Psp titles that aren’t avaliable on the Psn Network I know which choice I would take.

      • makak1984 says:

        He probably is too young to remember what some of games was damn good – playing on emulated versions on PSP and now Vita is great for fans like us – so good to have choice :)

        • hgoel0974 says:

          Or he just doesn’t know too much about homebrew ;)

          Either way a person would only be satisfied with a Vita when they know what they are buying.

          • Edzo says:

            im extremely satisfied with the vita and have yet to participate in any of these exploits. i leave the homebrew and emulation to my psps

    • Jd8531 says:

      Users are not being exploited, its completely optional to buy the exploitable game. There is no other way right now to do so any ways. If you’d like to release a way to do so without buying a game by all means go ahead :)

    • gunblade says:

      well i playing the psp more then my vita think i guess need more vita games probly get more games next month wipeout prety good n wana get like need for speed or assassins creeed but yea think i better to stink to how was the mad blocker relase n not get in the the vita sene

  8. John says:

    I want to run custom software to play OGM, MKV and other movie platforms, and custom software for other stuffs, and for games.

  9. says:

    is it sonic

  10. Mud says:

    I have the Monster Hunter exploit should I update to the next exploit or keep it “I don’t need to update my Vita firmware do to no good games coming out.”

  11. Dognar says:

    That’s funny because I’m sure Sony already knows of all the games that have exploit functionality why wouldn’t they they have teams of hackers that help them improve the vita that’s why the vita is different from the psp the thing is they probably don’t care if you use the ps vita for home brews and emulators because they wouldn’t have any games that you could find the exploit that and they
    made probably sh.t tones of money from the UNO download.

  12. Massimo says:

    We dream a Jailbreak for Vita..Something like Jailbreak for iPhone..We dream to install any Exploit without any game required..Yes, we dream..

  13. gunblade says:

    is it my computer or sumthing but the video tweking it plays good but the tittle area like flashing n poping up n faDING away

  14. whiteassassin97 says:

    what does that mean?? actually, i missed that uno exploit TOO!!! now i am half-dead to play all those awesome isos and csos on my BORING VITA!! can somebody explain this to me?will i be able to load isos and csos?

  15. Mitsurugi.san says:

    Just a question…
    VHBL load homebrews, right? Well, is there the possibilty that a special homebrew that read ISOs and CSOs will come out?

  16. Anonymouse says:

    OFW 2.05 is out

    LOL @ what’s new:
    New in 2.05
    System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

  17. Paul says:

    This is going to sound so dumb.

    But can someone tell me what the primary differences between VHBL and CEF is?

    • Aces says:

      the difference is the level of access.
      vHBL has a compatibility that is dependent on the game used to exploit it, simply, the game loads modules, the game loads the exploited save file and h.bin is activated, the modules that were loaded at the time that h.bin was loaded are the modules that can be used to run homebrew, this is known as usermode.

      CEF or eCFW has almost full access to all modules in the PSP sandbox, it generally starts off the same as user mode, except 2 or more exploits are required, the first for usermode, and the following exploits to hike the privileges into the kernel level, at this level modules can be terminated and loaded at will giving an almost full compatibility with all PSP homebrews, this type of access is commonly called kernel mode.

  18. xTheReaperKingx says:

    I think that one thing people forget is that the Vita of hit in Feb of 2012, less then a year ago, right now yes we do need people like dark alex but we also need patience and persistence if we are to obtain what we really desire. Some people want to not pay for anything and still have every game at their fingertips, some people just want the freedom to do as they wish, but all in all we want the same thing. Complete use of the potential of a device that we have obtained regardless of the means. To finish off the reason they are stopping the homebrew exploits is because if they are allowed they won’t stay just homebrews very long and there will always be someone to find a way to unlock everything when given just a little access but just remember we haven’t even been working on it for a year while we have a company trying to stop us at every turn, it will take time but it can be done, just be patient.

  19. TOC says:

    Is the exploit working on 2.05?

  20. Jos1122 says:

    Wel now….2.05 is out, I’m curious how you get your Info to the “costumer” and not too Sony.

  21. tomtomdu80 says:

    Yes my exploit is still working on 2.05, but I’m waiting for a new FW (with some features) to release it.

  22. Antonio Mascuñano says:

    En España ya ha salido la actualizacion en 2.0,debo actualizar pues no me deja entrar en play store.

  23. Antonio Mascuñano says:

    En España ya ha salido la actualizacion en 2.05,debo actualizar pues no me deja entrar en play store?

  24. Jos1122 says:

    Something with World language…

  25. Jorgerix says:

    Un poco más de comprension de lectura, tomtomdu80, ha dicho que no piensa decir el nombre del juego hasta que no salga el proximo OFW, si no lo hiciste con el exploits de UNO, aún no hay opción para liberarla, lo que hay son exploits para ocupar HOMBREW, en el emulador, pero ninguno de estos te permite leer ISO´s.

  26. wololo says:

    I have lots of things to reply to that, that probably wouldn’t fit in a comment. The only thing I would say is that the GTA:LCS was nothing more, nothing less, than the exploits we’ve been continuously releasing here over the past months (we almost release one of such exploits per MONTH these days, while it was 1 a year in the era you mention). Usermode exploits are not a “mystery” anymore since tools like sgdeemer or SED exist, in collaboration with things such as VHBL. VHBL is basically an open source version of NoobZ eLoader. The scene was cheering whenever a new exploit was found in a game back then. Today, when somebody announces a new game exploit, most of the comments are in the form “hey, can’t you choose a less expensive game”, or “this is useless cat and mouse game”. Kernel exploits in the psp firmware are also more difficult to find and more rare than before.

    Bottom line: yes, those guys were great, but times have changed, Sony has adapted, the security of the PSP was a joke compared to the security of the Vita. The PSP was hacked because of dramatic mistake made by Sony in the first place. There is no guarantee they made similar mistakes on the Vita. Look at the PS3 scene, you’ll have a better idea of what you should expect for the Vita, and in the future for the PS4 as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, we all miss great guys such as Fanjita and Dark Alex. Those guys were good at exploring new ways and implementing them, and maybe that’s what we’re missing today. Personally, I still believe salvation would come from hardware hackers, but it’s not like I’m one of them, so I couldn’t help anyway.

  27. Roland says:

    I don’t post on here very often but I gotta take the time to just say that was very well said Wololo.
    And though this may seem obvious, there are those of us out there that remember what it was like back then. Personally I got into the psp scene right around 3.40, so I had just missed the HEN loader stages and was stepping into the CFW era, but even then there was like what 2 games maybe that were exploitable? (LCS and Loco Roco if I recall correctly)
    Things have really come a long way since then, for both devs and Sony.
    Personally I’m grateful that we can play homebrew at all on the Vita.
    And as I finish typing this I smile at the parallels. The current Vita stages are essentially the HEN loader stages I missed…

  28. Gangstamalu says:

    ur right on allot of points. Psp mod chip was a fail though and people won’t want to bc of warranties and the amount of work it requires and then feeling crappy when the software that does the same thing comes out, which ussally does happen. I feel like where gonna end up exactly like the ps3 scence. One hacker blows it up and dispears after the we have a few people slowing working on it. We need the next generation of dark_alexs to step up.
    Hate Sony for putting out the super slim ps3 with that slide top almost like there taunting hackers to do something similar to the hot swaps from even older gen systems

    Great answer not insulting and intelligent.
    All those the games to expensive comments are like the I acdendenltly updated my psp posts lol.

  29. gunblade says:

    well r4 would be nice

  30. Deagle275 says:

    You mean Resident Evil 4 ?Impossible. The PSVita can’t emulate ps2.

  31. Gangstamalu says:

    Lol good 1 he meant r4 for ds like a flash cart but that’ll prob end up like the ps3 USB dongle fixed with one patch

  1. January 22, 2013

    […] di avviare l'eCFW (TN o ARK) su firmware 2.02, nella giornata di oggi ecco spuntare nel blog di wololo l'annuncio della scoperta di un nuovo exploit da parte dell'utente tomtomdu80. Eccone la prova: […]

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