New VHBL Exploit found by tomtomdu80


I like beer.

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  1. Yuu

    Awesome work and it is good to see more wonderful people finding and sharing (with Wololo 😉 ) to confirm it for us.

    to the future and beyond….

    • musashiro

      uhm…. Acid_Snake is the one confirming it… ?

      • SuzieJoeBob

        You have a problem with that??? I would trust him with the exploit more than a person who just created an account 5 minutes ago, only to beg like a brat for said exploit. I’m not saying you are, but in general, most people only join for this and “Ninja Releases”. Bastards…..

        • Yes

          I think he just pointed out that it was Acid_Snake, not Wololo, as Yuu mentioned in his/her post.

          • Yuu

            Sorry about that, that would be Acid_Snake that was the one who confirmed it for us. Still lotsa <3 to Wololo as we always think of you when visiting the site 😛

            Am a guy @Yes ^_^

          • SuzieJoeBob

            Gotcha. I overreacted to his post.

  2. Xeeynamo

    Sonic CD 😀

  3. jhonny appleseeds


  4. atrumincendia

    So who do you ask for the exploit? if he is not going to post it anywhere?

    • Corey96

      You wait for the release. It will be released publically some time in the future. I am assuming that it will be released through the Ninja Release system, which works on a trusted members first basis so that everybody registered on the /talk forums will have access to the name of the game before the public release. When it is released the news will be posted here on the blog no doubt, so that everybody who hasn’t registered can find out the name of the game and buy it. Then you will have to wait as the files will be posted later. Anyway, the release could be a while off yet.

      • SuzieJoeBob

        Good luck with trying to explain simple concepts to simple-minded morons….

        • atrumincendia

          I’m sorry, but when did asking a simple question become cause for hateful responses? Just because you think yourself oh so high and mighty, and above the rest of us, it doesn’t mean you actually are. please don’t respond if all you can do is put people down

        • Rybro

          Mate, just because you modded your psvita before someone else and attended the scene first doesn’t make you a superior ‘scener’.

          If they are posting they are contributing which is a good thing.

          I modded my first console 19 years ago, I’m no better than anyone else here.

    • Mart

      Santa Claus yo

  5. Corey96

    Good work Tomtomdu! A new exploit is always great. The question now is whether this exploit gets released on the current firmware with a port of CEF or whether it gets saved until the next fimrware and VHBL is released for it (as seen in the video). I suppose it’ll depend on what Tomtomdu thinks, and a factor that may come into play in his decision is how much longer Sony leaves it before they release another firmware update. Maybe we’ll end up seeing what happened on 1.81 again, although I’m questioning the possibility that they’re working on a new firmware update with features like they were on 1.81 ( 😛 ), anything’s possible I guess.

    Sorry for the wall of text! 😛

  6. bruno

    i already saw this video on youtube, but how long this guys will be use a psn game to run the vhbl??? Its more efective if we found an exploit in a comercial game like uncharted that cant be remove from the market…

  7. GcBatman

    Always great to have new exploits loaded just in case of a patch.

  8. wartaf

    good, another exploits.

    btw, what is the different of VHBL & eCFW(CEF)

    • wartaf

      *difference 😀

      • SuzieJoeBob

        VHBL can only run homebrew (emulators, etc)

        eCFW can run anything a PSP can, specifically ISO/CSO files. It can play PSP games and now PSX games.

        • Aces

          eCFW has almost complete compatibility with homebrew due to kernel level module control.
          vHBL has limited compatibility with homebrew due to the limited amount of user level modules that can be controlled (basically, which ever modules the game has loaded at the time the exploit is triggered)
          If you took ISO and CSO loading out of the equation, eCFW would still be the preferred way to go for brews.

          • wartaf

            ok, thanks for reps 😀
            so eCFW can do everything that VHBL can but not vice versa. but this news still great 😀 because if i’m not mistaken, there’s an app/homebrew that can play ISO/CSO and PSX.

  9. tonyneyer

    since i already have the uno exploit when the game comes out if i download an iso of it and run it through the uno exploit would that allow the vhbl to open or is there a way to port any type of vhbl to the uno exploit. please help!!!! i really do not have the money to get any new games and i want to keep updated

    • Mart

      If you don’t have money to pay for some old PSP games to get new exploits while updating, stop gaming all together.

      Why did you buy a PSVita first place? It is expensive yo, especially when one doesn’t have the money…

    • hgoel0974

      If you already have the UNO exploit, you do not need VHBL 😉
      Just DON’T update when an update is released.

  10. Charles

    nice works guys!

  11. Antonio Mascuñano

    Hello tomtomdu80 congratulations on your work, this new exploit, you can send me the name of the game and what files to my email? Laps I was given is vita for Magi and the exploit can not descargarme anterior.Me like to be like you, greetings.

  12. mecksg1

    nice work. im very imprested with the work you guys are doing here. hope this will work with later firmwares.

  13. Karma Kontrol

    Antonio, quit askin’ for files and name of game. I’m sure its gonna use the Ninja Release system, so just wait.

  14. clicks

    Well I think I’m finally ready for a new exploit, as I missed the UNO one from before…

  15. Link

    This awesome, dis the release I been waiting for. Thank u u nice ppl

  16. Link

    Oh wait… It’s vhbl and it went back to that ugly layout I hate…

  17. Link

    I would like VHBL to have the same layout as TNC or the cool one I have right now for Mad Blocker or whatever it’s called for 1.81 firmware.

  18. Unmolested Ex-Catholic

    Just because he found a new exploit, he’s asking for donations. Oh please give me break.

    Get a job…

    • wololo

      I bet you’d prefer if the Vita scene was selling dongles instead of giving away the work for free. Donations are one of the ways to offer people the choice to pay if they think it’s worth it, and still have the thing free for the majority of people.

      Just be thankful that the people with the skills to make these exploits haven’t started a massive commercial-only scheme like it’s the case on some other consoles.

      For the record I know you’re trolling so I’m not answering to you, but I’m just answering here in case other people might think “heck yeah, that dude is right”.

      • musashiro

        i really hate the idea behind dongles…

      • Unmolested Ex-Catholic

        You’re not answering me? Yet you just did idiot. Secondly I am right this asking for donations is very common on this website. Damn bums!

        • hgoel0974

          You try devoting your precious time for (some) ungrateful people, looking for exploits, finding them, porting them for VHBL 😉

          Oh, and after that, DON’T ask for donations 😉

          By the way, donations are your choice, you want to pay, then fine. We don’t care even if you don’t donate.

          This donation system just keeps the scene from becoming paid membership or exploits being sold.

          wololo never said that he didn’t answer your question, he said that normally he wouldn’t and that he just did it because others like you might read your comment and wonder the same thing 😉

        • gunblade

          well if people donate they can help the dev with thing like a vita to pratice on or funds to get game to pratice on so its alright

  19. Flash_Falcon

    It is indeed great to find and share such good news for others to acquire homebrew goodies. I purposely skipped out on UNO but I might jump on this one, if released to us, for some ROM goodies.

  20. SMOKE

    I’ve gotten comments like “Why are you still updating your VHBL thread on /talk?!?” or “There’s never going to be another VHBL exploit, what’s the point of this thread?”

    I say to those people this:

    TOLD YA!!!

    Lol, but nice work, looks promising :)

  21. Flash_Falcon

    VHBL is worth it while the dev’s work on getting the real deal for everyone.

    If there is a possibility of releasing this soon, can you tell us how much funds we should apply to our accounts?

    • Aces

      it doesnt make much sense to release the name of the game now.
      better to wait for a vita update and release the name for a new firmware.

      • Flash_Falcon

        I was only looking for a price range, not the name.

        • gunblade

          well idk on the price but if its a psp game most cost under 10 dallers unless its like one of the hit tittle then sum reason sony still selling them fo like realse date prices most games they used so far was under ten dallers monster unite was the most expensive i think… i got me a 20 daller psn card liying around if anything hope if they do reless a game it dosent go over… but iam on 1.81 fo now and i need a new memory card a 32 would be good..

  22. chingon

    nuthin beats a good ol fashon hombrew with a nice coffee brew after a good long while of the best psp classics on eCFW and ARK, change is good…err…limitations…

  23. peter

    i hope the is sound for psx games in this New VHBL

  24. Bambi


    Save it for big next FW updates.

  25. chingon

    no… sound would be great!

  26. anhtuan

    Good none stop progress for the scene!

  27. Anatoly

    Great news, looking forward to the name of the game!

  28. quetz

    in my opinion, rather than saving this for later waiting sony to patch fw2.02 exploit, in order to have vhbl in maybe fw2.03, i think is better to release this for users who couldn’t get UNO in time, or for other reasons, like europe that got out almost immediately. i was lucky getting it in time, but many users missed it. and i think many other exploit (user mode) will be available also in later fw for vhbl only, this is a good chance to spread the use of this kexploit to a larger target since the fw seems to no getting patched as now

    • gunblade

      thing is sony dosent rely add new feature to there firmware most of the update from release date was to cover expoits n they still dont even cover sum of the bug problems

  29. Rstxk


  30. Thrasea

    I missed the Next Exploit, i do not wanna miss this one, i have the money to buy a game, email the game pls