Dust 514 Open Beta

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  1. regine03 says:

    I hope their is standalone on Vita

  2. hgoel0974 says:

    Number 1!

    As soon as it was posted!

    Anyhow, I really find the story quite cool but they shold allow gameplay on the Vita instead of just having it as a tool.

  3. Kyu says:

    Y u no make freemmos like this for the Vita >.>

  4. ricerrr says:

    nice this game looks great

  5. Quake says:

    I’ve also been playing it for a few months. Since the last merge of the Eve and Dust514 they wiped out the progress of any and all Char’s. As a result I have not been playing it as often as I once did. So take note to any and all new comers, THEY WILL WIPE YOUR CHARACTERS UPON FINAL RELEASE! Any and all stuff purchased while playing the beta will be refunded to your account. Stuff purchased and locked to A single Char’ will be refunded to your account. Remember, When a wipe is done, all char’s will be deleted. TAKE NOTE, IT”S STILL A BETA!

    See you there,
    SubZero DeZigns

    • Quake says:

      Ha ha ha ha I snipped your ***… 😛

    • Shupman says:

      There will be no more character resets, as recently stated here: http://www.ccpgames.com/en/public-relations/press-releases/article/en-US/10

      • Quake says:

        I believe that’s not entirely true. I’ve been an active member to the Dust514 forums and was told by a whole shizzzznit of ppl that when the FINAL release is released for the masses there will be a final wipe of all accounts. That’s for FINAL release. As for the beta updates and so forth, who knows. CCP can do what ever they want on beta test’s. If they so choose to wipe it on mere update they can so choose to. It’s a beta and you have to go with the flow when you’re beta testing something.

        If they did a wipe on a final release when they did an update. Wow, there would be a whole shizzzznit of ppl *** off then. It’s a beta, they can do what they want till it’s final.

  6. Quake says:

    BTW, Your HD is before the last update. Assault rifles no longer have scopes. Accept for 1 I believe. Major bummer. Over and under scope is what I was hoping for.

    • Quake says:

      Also the glitchiness was also updated for better game play.

    • Tonakai says:

      Really? that’s pretty upsetting. I’ve been unable to play for a little while as it kept asking me to validate my email even though I had already logged in. I did the resent updates and planned to play when I had some spare time but wanted to alert people that it was now open beta.

      Anyway, thanks for the useful information.


    The game looks great

  8. 3rdroyd says:

    @Tonakai thanks for the amazng update of DUST514 just 1 question, every thing you buy ex.armor can be lost right? so if i get killed whit that new armor is lost just one use? or how that works?

    • Tonakai says:

      When you win matches you gain the in game currency called ISK, and you also gain skillpoints. The skillpoints seem to have a fixed amount, but depending on your actions during a match you can gain more.

      When you go to the marketplace you then purchase the skills required to wear whatever new item you want (at first you’ll need ISK and Skillpoints for this, but after level 2/3 they seem to be Skillpoints only).

      Okay, so you’re now capable of wearing whatever item it is you wanted, so then you need to buy it, of course. When you purchase it you can buy up to 99 of that item.

      After fitting it on your character sheet you can then go into battle and use it. However, every time you die you lose 1 of that item. You can restock in battle, and things are relatively cheap (like my heavy gunner requires 26k to restock the entire set, but on average you get 100-300k ISK per win depending on your Kill/Death).

      • 3rdroyd says:

        Thanks for the response. Now i am seriously thinking on buying a PS3 just for this game. i just dont know what to do!!!

  9. Yukon says:

    Aww fck!! I thought this was for the Vita. Nothing interesting to me.

    • gunblade says:

      sony giving away free games they work on the vita used 3g vita r even under 200 dollers at gamestop.. think iam going get me anader vita soon…

  10. Unmolested Ex-Catholic says:

    Ehhh another cloned garbage Call of duty looking game.
    Not interested…

    • guy says:

      are trying to say Cod owns the fps genre? cuz thats exactly what it seems to me

    • n1nurt4 says:

      dude, I’ll agree that dust514 is an fps, but that’s just the genre. Play it, and you’ll get it. Saying that its a “cloned call of duty looking game” is not really accurate. It seems that the only comparison you’re drawing is that it’s an fps, which is hardly a sound argument.

    • Tonakai says:

      I’ve enjoyed the Call of Duty games since their incarnation and although I do agree that they have brought many innovations to the genre, they do not make the best games nor do they own the genre.

      Dust 514 is nothing like CoD… at all. It has better controls, much nicer graphics, vehicular gameplay which is incredibly fun and a heck of a lot of customization. What’s more? It’s COMPLETELY free. Why pay £50 for a FPS game that you know is going to be identical to the previous game in which you simply run around and gank people? It’s not fun and there’s nothing rewarding that comes from this. Dust 514 is free and actually the most fun I’ve had in years in the FPS genre; especially since everything is persistent AND you can use the PlayStation Move which makes me very happy because I do rather enjoy FPS games on the Wii/u.

      I would suggest you at least try it before making such large accusations as what you say is so very far from the truth it’s actually worthy of ridicule.

  11. Kefkiroth says:

    Would really love if the Vita could play Dust 514 matches too. It needs more good FPSs.

  12. Kuhark says:

    When i first heard about this it was told as an Vita only free FPS.I was so happy when i seen there is beta…BUT THE PS3

  13. gunblade says:

    so how does the item thing work u find sumthing u get shoot u have to find it again..?…

  14. StanSmith says:

    I’m in the closed beta and I’ve never really gotten into it. I should give it another go.

  15. wolframio says:

    so we are f*cked up, no DUST for vita???

  16. hmmm says:

    soy any one test dust 514 on CFW is works online?

  17. hmmm says:

    im gona hack my ps3 3k whin cobra team start sell there item

  18. shane mac says:

    Been playing dust since day one! They RUINED the game on the la st update! There were ladders to climb tall buildings and they added 8 foot walls on top now. Waste of time climbing up now. Also there are MORE bugs then ever. CRASH CRASH FREEZE. Don’t let me start on the cheaters who use lag switches to teleport right before you kill them. On ly reason I still play is because I spent real cash in the beginning. The game is EXACTLY like black ops 2 except your in space gear. U. Also use to be able to land a ship on top of the mother ships and tall buildings. They stopped that two. You have to crash into the tall buildings and lose a 300,000 ship to get up there. I always drop spawn drop links so snipers can teleport up there. No one would enjoy playing on a small vita screen. Must have a big flat screen. Snipers are everywhere, you would never see them on the vita.

  19. ivo says:

    hi, u can most certainly play dust on vita if
    u own a vita 1.67 and a ps3 3.55 cfw and register
    the vita as mobile device instead of vita or psp
    that way u can start multiman with remoteplay xor
    ps3 games on vita … just reconnect after launching the game
    i have tried this a half year ago in the summer
    with other ps3 games
    its only to bad u dont have R2 L2 on vita
    good luck tho tricking/hacking the uplink

  20. none says:

    delete me … bah public pc’s

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